I (Anne Cairns) became involved in racing when meeting husband Alan who had always been involved since his first memories, as the family were involved in bookmaking and greyhound racing. Having taken shares in horses ourselves, we found that we couldn’t at the time get the type of horses we really wanted – quality N. Hunt. So we started out syndicating a horse with ARTHUR STEPHENSON over 25 years ago. Arthur was a great influence on our racing future and although passing away many years ago his influence is still there now. We would visit the yard religiously every Sunday armed with the Racing Calendar and go through races (much different to today’s 5 day entry system) and explain why certain races would / wouldn’t suit the horses we had there. Doubt if we got much right but Arthur did at least point us in the right (his !) direction. Arthur must have had a lot to put up with looking back ! 

Since those days when horses were syndicated in twelfth shares, PANTHER RACING evolved in 1995 and 5% shares were then possible plus club and group owned horses. We have had horses throughout England, Scotland and Ireland with many trainers and many household names. From N. Hunt horses, we diversified into the flat as well – turf and now All Weather also. I suppose it was just a matter of time for greyhounds to become involved – and they have !

There have been and presently are some very good horses and greyhounds (and winners !) at major tracks and meetings and some very nice bets landed for owners and members within Panther Racing.

More details on our history can be found by clicking the ‘About’ heading.

Exciting Times !