Blog Archive June – Dec 2012

Mon 30/12/’12

Wishing all site visitors all the vey best for the New Year. Meanwhile, the ground continues to dominate matters with Harry not declared for Catterick. Boris has options at present of a hurdle at Ayr or top weight at Newcastle in a chase. Harry also options this week whilst BTP could go to Wolverhampton. All in the air at present !

Sun 30/12/’12

Pity about the two expected runners yesterday and today with BTP having to be withdrawn and Boris’s intended race being abandoned at Haydock with waterlogging. The latter was particularly disappointing, as the weights had risen by 6 pounds giving Boris a real chance of a Class 2 £22,000 added race with expected ideal conditions. Unfortunately not ideal as it turned out with too much rain ! Meals and tables had been booked for the day for 14 guests to have a get together. Still, no harm done and a decision on Boris now to be made for Ayr, although this is a hurdle race. Other options are also coming up. BTP is now entered again at Wolverhampton. Harry holds entries but a lot depends upon ground. Again other options are coming up. Frontier Boy is well but he does want decent ground and James is withholding entries until it changes. There is an unexpected 5% lease share available in the horse and if anyone is interested in it, please just get in touch now on 07775 743 885. You would be invoiced monthly and deal directly with James.

Horses in the Thatchmire Group are picking up again after ringworm went around Tina’s yard affecting the young horses. They were never off the gallops but never did any hard work as they were off their food a bit. Now hoping for the first runner in Jan.

Next runner (Harry) on New Year’s Day depending upon race and ground.

Frid 28/12/’12

Pictured is TOM’S TOYBOX winning at Aintree with Lucy (Horner) riding. It was Tommy’s, Lucy’s and Panther’s finest hour together, as he ran away to victory in fine style. It was an impressive performance and other wins and good runs came but then injuries took over. Lucy phoned this morning to say Tommy has had another injury just when he was ready to race in a point down South. He has slipped a tendon off a hock and a lot now depends upon how bad the injury is, as bone can also come away as well. Everything is being done to save him but his racing career is over regardless. He will have a scan in another week or so to try to establish the full extent of the injury. He is comfortable as such with a full bandage on his leg and described as pretty much a full splint. It is such a shame, as Tommy is very much a gentle giant – enormously built but no malice attached. Hopefully all goes well.

Meanwhile, Born To Perform runs at Wolverhampton tomorrow and Boris in The Final Fling Chase (Class 2) at Haydock on Sunday (if racing goes ahead). Harry has had to bypass Kelso due to the ground and other entries are made. It is this time of year when no plans can be made, as weather and ground plus abandonments throw everything into disarray. Touchwood, all other horses are doing fine including Dancing Dik whose legs are hardening off really well. He is at home with Lucy and turned out in a small paddock – although he is keen to be back in after a short spell in the weather. Horse walkers are a boon for horses like him. The BLACK CATS racing group’s horse FRONTIER BOY is just awaiting better ground for entries to be made. At Thatchmire, all the youngsters progress as expected.

Thurs 27/12/’12

Well if you followed Alan, you did have a shout, as Arch kept on running to the line but went down just over a length. Born To Perform has been declared to run on Sat at Wolverhampton but doubts still about Boris and Harry with a new entry now in for Harry at Catterick on New Year’s day. Other options also available for Boris.

Wed 26/12/’12

An abundance of opportunities to lose one’s money today. Alan has opted for the one horse – My Arch in the 2.20 at Wetherby, presently @8/1. Please note, if you are new to the site, Alan can tend to get longish losing runs picking longer priced horses and he has used up a fair slice of his luck of late having won on several big priced horses in the past few weeks. You have been warned. Again ! Regarding Panther’s own horses, there are doubts about taking up their engagements due to the ground and other races are also being planned. Still, what is bad for some is good news for others, as Boris will relish a real stamina test. Just need the right race. Kelso not thought to be his ideal track and he is having an entry made at Haydock but there are also other races coming up as well. Last minute decisions all round.

Mon 24/12/’12

Phoned Gay up to wish her all the best for Christmas and she tried her best to persuade me to become involved in two more horses. Had to turn down the opportunity of owning another winner in the near future until I have sold more shares in what we presently have. Don’t think I’ll phone Alan S. !

Wishing all Panther owners, members and site visitors all the very best for Christmas and good luck and good betting over the Festive period to all.

Sun 23/12/’12

It’s either hectic or quiet ! The van has taken centre stage of late with it running ok again having failed for getting to Newcastle races and the Donny sales. When there is a frost, it packs in. Repair costs were quoted as being upwards of £1500 and no guarantee it would cure the problem. As the van valued at less than £5000, it meant that a new one was a top priority. However, searching the internet, the same problem was cropping up with other similar vans and a quick fix costing £20 was advised. This has been done and now its fingers crossed we make it to our next destination when the next frost arrives.

Entries now coming thick and fast and more expected. Presently there are a selection for Boris / B.T.P. / Harry this next week but weather / ground will be deciding factors. This is the time when looking for easy option races with several cutting up – even if not all factors are in your favour – is a favourite tactic of many trainers. Unfortunately, it also means owners never know where they are going until last minute. All worth it, however, if a winner comes out of it.

The last small lease share and the last 10% share in Harry The Lemmon now remain. Please get in touch to secure either. Harry is a young horse with plenty of potential, as he has always been thought of as being a 3 mile plus chaser. His hurdle debut 2nd to a previous winner on the unsuitable Musselburgh track was a very good start.

Tues 18/12/’12

It has been a hectic last few days but it also meant having to miss out on Harry’s racecourse debut. James ensures me it was an excellent debut but from watching the race on footage, I need no convincing. He appeared a bit green, on his toes at the start and pulling for his head for the first 4 hurdles. Just enthusiasm and well being. He did look at one point in the home straight as if he would have a chance but the winner also stayed on well to the line. Considering Musselburgh is a sharp track and it was the one negative in everyone’s mind pre-race, Harry coped very well. This race will have done him the world of good and it was one of much potential. There is a small share left in Harry and if anyone is interested, please get in touch. Also if you would be interested in a 10 or 25% share. Harry remains a horse with loads of potential and his future is mapped out as a 3m plus chaser. Just need the luck to go with it. Noticed Paul Nicholls stating Big Buck’s and Al Ferof are out for the season due to injury. It happens to all horses / trainers / owners. It is one of those unfortunates that go hand in hand with racehorses and as an owner has to be taken on the chin. Not a sport for the weak minded !

Meanwhile, all is going to plan on the whole. Boris is bouncing at home and crying out for a race. Tina was convinced before Boris ran at Newcastle that he is a different horse this season than last and it proved so in his race. He has been noted in the past that he can sulk in races and drop himself out but Richie has done a good job in the last two races and hopefully in the near future. There is a choice of race for him over Christmas and New Year at several tracks inc. Kelso, Haydock and Newcastle but ground is the big deciding factor – plus his several dislikes for certain track characteristics !

Also at Tina’s the 3 youngsters, Hitman Harry, Manyshadesofblack and No Lady have had a bout of ringworm which has moved through the young horses in the yard but are now getting over it. Just one of those things that many youngsters get and a bit like measels. They have been off the food a bit but still kept on the gallops. It has delayed a racetrack apperance but that will hopefully be in Jan. Boris, has never been affected.

At Thatchmire, the foals are settled back into their boxes once again after their trip to the sales. Intentions now remain to be sold as stores or to race. At this rate of kept horses, Panther’s Thatchmire Stud’s Racing & Breeding group is going to have more horses than members ! Another 3 horses are due in training this coming year. Such a lot, (as we have said before), rests on a couple of good results on track for the valuations of the youngstock behind the scenes. Breeding is such a topsy turvy and high risk occupation. Full marks to Pauline for her determination in making Thatchmire a success.

Alan (Swinbank) has been making entries for Born To Perform. Intentions are for the all weather, prior to nov. hurdles and then the turf season as soon as it comes. Surely an ideal Chrissie Pressie for yourself / partner @ only £165 ALL IN until May 1st ? Just get in touch. Lexi continues to be prepared for an early season 2 y. old turf campaign. Dancing Dik continues in his progress without problem.

It has been a bit of a delayed start for the season to get cracking for Panther for one reason or another, (mostly because of many young and new horses) but it has been a good one so far, with a win, a 2nd and a 6th (not ideal conditions) from only 3 races. These next few weeks should hopefully see a step up in activity and hopefully another winner.

Mon 17/12/’12

Harry The Lemmon did his owners proud yesterday coming 2nd with a race full of future promise, full details will be posted tomorrow with a full run down of horses.

Sat 15/12/’12

Born To Perform has his first entry made for Panther – at Lingfield on Wed. and Harry makes his racecourse debut at Muss tomorrow with racing now having the green light.

Frid 14/12/’12

Frontier Boy bypasses Musselburgh on Sunday but Harry The Lemmon runs. Dan and Dominic both just failed to reach their reserves yesterday but Pauline uncompromising and would’t reduce the price. Dominic made it to the colt foal championship final. Plans now to keep at the stud until 3 y. olds, to sell as stores or to race (hopefully for the Racing & Breeding Group. Both well connected and if the immediate families do well in the short term, the valuations of Dan and Dminic will increase considerably. Pinhookers were keen on both foals for this reason.

Mon 10/12/’12 (18.00)

Ted ran a sound enough race at Musselburgh today on his seasonal return to the track. Ideally he does need 3m plus and a galloping track and fences (hence his price going from 9’s to 20/1). With no suitable races at present, the next best option is a race at Musselburgh again next weekend. He has been entered for both a hurdle and chase. Hopefully, some followed Alan with Uncut Stone, as his price drifted again to an s.p.of 16/1 and came 2nd. Alan (not noted for e.w. backing) has now had 66/1 and 33/1 winning bets on the horse. If only it had won !

Harry The Lemmon also holds entries next weekend at Doncaster and Musselburgh.

Bookings for Alan’s stable visit are being taken and places in the Thatchmire Racing & Breeding Group and The Black Cats Group are available. Plus shares in individual horses Lexi, Boris, Harry and Born To Perform. Please just get in touch.

Mon 10/12/’12

It has only been a few days since Frontier Boy rejoined Panther and he runs today. The quickest we have ever taken a horse and then seeing him on track. So quick in fact, I haven’t been able to rearrange plans made in order to attend ! Ted (as he is known), will be part of Panther’s new group – THE BLACK CATS – which will have involvements in several horses. Regarding his run today, it is a very open race but all who have read his horse page will know the score. However, he is a big strapping horse who (it could be argued), would really be better suited to fences and big galloping tracks. Having said that, he has decent form at Sedgefield ! This race starts his season off and he is back over hurdles today so fingers crossed. The gambled on horse in the race – Uncut Stone – is a favourite of Alan’s (having been his 66/1 ‘steal’ a couple of runs ago) and this track / trip looks suited. However, the 33’s is now b.p. @ 11’s.

All other horses in Panther are coming along well but two of the youngsters have been delayed a race due to a skin problem but there are races around Christmas. Born To Perform and Boris should also be out around Christmas. Harry could be out next week as well, so everything now hotting up in what has been a bit of a slow start to the season for no particular reason. Hopefully, the weather doesn’t have too much of an impact on race plans.

At Thatchmire, the two foals are ready to sell at Doncaster this week but wont go cheap. Unless they reach their reserves, they will be returning to the stud to continue their progress. Although it is necessary for some foals to be sold, it is also sad to see them go after seeing them being brought through and taking photographs from the very early days.

Bookings can still be made for Alan’s stable visit a week tomorrow – please just get in touch.

Frid 7/12/’12

Details now posted on the new horse and racing group. The horse is FRONTIER BOY (pictured) and is in training with James Ewart. ”Ted” to his friends, he has won and been placed 2nd x 2 (inc. btn a nose) and 3rd from only 13 runs. He is a big scopey type who has needed a lot of time. Panther did own him for a couple of seasons previously from before he ran but left when most owners didn’t want to continue. He since proved himself ! The opportunity to become involved again presented itself a couple of days ago and it was taken. You can now be a part of his future. Over the Summer, he has had corrective surgery for his wind along with several of James’s horses inc. Civil Unrest who won first time up and Wilde Pastures 2nd first time up this season. Frontier Boy is expected to run on Monday at Musselburgh. In an ideal world, he would run on g/s ground and a galloping track but you can’t always have ideal conditions. With the weather as it is, the opportunity for decent ground has to be taken, even if Musselburgh is sharp. Big park tracks and the likes of Doncaster would be probably more ideal, as he is such a big horse. At least no problems with weight carrying. One problem is that he has never produced on track, the amount of ability he shows at home – even though he still has good winning form. Hopefully this will now change. He is only 8 and has needed a lot of time.

The new ownership group has been called ”THE BLACK CATS” and hopefully we have some luck ! The object is to have involvement on both N. Hunt and flat with stakes in horses and a selection of trainers. Basically, if any opportunity arises to become involved in a horse considered to be ideal for the Black Cats, it will be taken. Horses will be on a lease basis. The cost is a membership fee plus monthly fee. Presently £150 plus £30 per month. See relevant pages for Horse, Trainer, Black Cats.

Everything has happened fast with Frontier Boy being offered only a couple of days ago but if you would like to be involved now in the group, just get in touch and you will have FRONTIER BOY when he races on Monday. You could even be at the races with him with an owners badge but please get in touch ASAP.

Well, I’ve managed to get this info on sooner than expected – midnight oil and all that – and no problems along the way ! Also, please don’t forget to get in touch if you would like to come to Alan’s stable visit a week on Tuesday as a deadline will have to be set shortly.

Meanwhile, all horses are progressing as expected (although weather not helping the cause) and more entries planned.

Please just get in touch if you would like to become a BLACK CAT !

Thurs 6/12/’12

Looking at forming a new racing group within Panther – THE BLACK CATS – to involve several horses / trainers. The number will depend upon membership but the first is the new N. Hunt horse mentioned below and trained by James Ewart. The horse is entered at Kelso and Musselburgh and the intention is that he will race on Monday at Musselburgh. Anyone joining the BLACK CATS can go on Monday to the races as an owner. Everything has happened very quickly but hopefully all details will be available and posted by tomorrow evening. The cost to join The BLACK CATS is £150 membership fee plus £30 per month. These fees could alter but once you have joined, the monthly cost is guaranteed for 12 months. It will be an all in cost and intentions are to cover N. Hunt and flat (turf). If you are interested in joining, please get in touch.

Mon 3/12/’12 17.30

Just agreed to taking a share in a new N. Hunt horse a few minutes ago.



Sun 2/12/’12

It has been quite an eventful couple of days. First, Harry The Lemmon was to have made his debut for Panther at Musselburgh on Friday. Race conditions weren’t ideal with the sharp Musselburgh track and the trip. However, he was ready for a run and with the weather it was thought he might as well take his chance even with stable hotpot Lord Wishes in the race. At least the race would have given him experience over hurdles and a run under the belt. Unfortunately, the frost just never came out of the track and even though management tried by putting racing back an hour and cancelling the bumper the meeting was finally called off. Although there weren’t many withdrawls at the time, had racing got the green light, there would have been mass withdrawls, as the trainers we talked to said they wouldn’t be running their horses including James. Round trip of 340 miles – the joys of Winter racing. Next Newcastle hold an inspection yesterday morning and getting the go ahead. Yipee ! Unfortunately, our van met up with engine problems on the way to the track and we limped into the car park. Delayed phoning breakdown until after Boris’s race. Then delayed phoning until after the complimentary champagne re-watching the race. However, it still felt as if we were leaving the party early but felt it prudent to do so as we set off for home – everything crossed we made it without calling in help. Fortunately we did make it – but just, with engine warning lights looking as if they were Christmas decorations. Should have taken the hint of the winner’s name of the race following Boris’s – GREEN FLAG – the name of our breakdown firm ! What a tip. However, Alan’s luck was still riding high as he looked up the result of the 1.45 and saw MCMURROUGH had won (took 16’s on the morning). Just as well as the van sounds like it is going to be expensive.

Tina reported Boris very fresh but a bit grumpy this morning as she couldn’t turn him out in the field which he loves due to it being very hard frosted. Not worth the risk. Boris really did run a gutsy race yesterday and Richie just let Boris do his own thing. They both had a vociferous new fan club of lady Santas when they were in the parade ring and set off to post. Newcastle got a reputation for being a track with a cold atmosphere with horses saddled behind the stand and the track itself quite a distance from the stands but the crowds at these meetings are always fun loving and good natured.

Of the other horses in Panther, all continues as planned and two from Thatchmire Stud Racing & Breeding group should be ready around Christmas. Joining fee is £299 all in cost. The foal sales are next on the agenda on the 13th when Dan & Dominic go through the ring. Bitter sweet occasion, as the need to sell clashes with the desire to keep ! James has his horses well but Lord Wishes disappointed a bit yesterday but he may have been beaten by a decent prospect. Still remains a horse with excellent prospects. Shares remain in HARRY THE LEMMON (£625 all in) – new plans being made, BORIS (£600 all in) who should be out over Christmas time but long term aim THE EIDER at Newcastle again – 4th last year. Also, BORN TO PERFORM is available @ £165 all in but plans could change regarding an all weather run, as Southwell is now off the agenda due to flooding. If you are interested in any of the shares, please just get in touch. Lexi continues to be brought along and shares are available as 10% units and names taken for the small lease shares.


Sat 1/12/’12 – 17.00

Season’s first runner produces first winner. Congrats to all who did the work – Tina / Pauline / Richie – not forgetting Boris, now renamed BORIS THE BRAVE who led almost pillar to post in heavy ground under top weight at Newcastle today. Well done his owners and followers who took the 16’s to 12’s. Fuller details of the last two eventful days plus pics tomorrow, as it is time for celebrating now. Awful feeling a hangover is due !

Thurs 29/11/’12 – later !

Boris is an intended runner at Newcastle on Saturday – although at this point, I don’t know the decs. Heavy ground and near top weight isn’t ideal but Boris does handle the conditions and track and it just needs Richie to conjure his magic as he did on Boris in the last race (watch a replay) and he is in with a shout. No runners, then two in two days ! James has 9 declared at Donny & Muss and includes 3 in the 1.45 at Muss. tomorrow inc our own Harry The Lemmon – who has a job on. He is a galloping type of horse who really wants 3 miles / fences / galloping track and tomorrow’s race doesn’t exactly fit the bill. Plus coming up against one of the yard’s hotpots (LORD WISHES) isn’t exactly ideal. However, he is ready to have a run and with the weather as it is, he will have a crack. Better betting opportunities will come along. Full and more detailed info of all horses to owners. Perhaps I will resurrect the tipping arm of Panther – THE YARD LINE – which was very successful regarding both selections and as a business – until the telecom firm did a bunk with our monies ! Would you be interested ? Anyhow, it’s fingers crossed for our horses and good luck to Lord Wishes.

Advertising is now taking place for The THATCHMIRE STUD RACING & BREEDING GROUP with runners expected December. Only £299 fully inc until Aug it offers excellent value for money – and a free recovery from flood water thrown in at stud visits ! Also a share in BORN TO PERFORM with Alan Swinbank can be purchased for £165 all in until May. Don’t forget the stable visit takes place at Alan’s on Dec 18th to see horses on the gallops as well as a trip around the yard. Bookings (free to those who book now) can be made on 07775 743 885. Catterick takes place at Catterick on the afternoon.

Thurs 29/11/’12

James made a very last minute decision to run Harry at Musselburgh tomorrow – right on deadline itself. The reason was that he had a lot of horses entered at Musselburgh and Doncaster and he was deciding which horse would go where and trying to fit the puzzle together. More news tomorrow.

Mon 26/11/’12

The weather is now taking its toll on meetings but Musselburgh on Friday should be ok for water but there is now a cold snap predicted. Harry has 2 entries on the card. Boris meanwhile would go to Newcastle on Saturday all being well but again although another inch of rain is forecast over the next 24 hours or so, it is the frosts that are also threatening. Boris handles heavy ground well so its fingers crossed. No Lady and Manyshadesofblack are also near the point of having entries made but for their first racetrack appearances, the intention is not to put them under conditions which would make it a slog. The latter two horses are part of the Thatchmire Racing & Breeding Group which can be joined for a one off payment of £299 until Aug 1st. All ownership benefits.

The next stable visit has been arranged at Alan Swinbank’s on Tuesday 18th Dec. It has been arranged midweek in order to be able to see the horses on the gallops inc. our own Born To Perform. Following the gallops, there will be a tour of the yard and for those who wish, Catterick (about 5 miles away) stage racing on the afternoon. Alan’s visits are always interesting and Alan – one of racing’s ‘colourful characters’ always has many tales to tell. Bookings can be made now by phoning myself on 07775 743 885

Screenings are now being shown of James’s gallop press day on RUK. There are no set times.

Sun 25/11/’12

Well, I did warn you previous that following Alan’s choice of larger priced horses can have its drawbacks i.e. namely, they don’t win very often. Still, he is nicely in profit this season – so far. Miss the next one at your peril !

Today saw the first of the double header stud and stable visits at Pauline’s Thatchmire Stud and Tina’s training yard. Torrential rain overnight set the scene as we headed out in even more torrential rain and promptly met up with floods – have never seen them in our local area before. Water pouring off the fields. Still it was onwards and upwards onto the moors and a chance meeting with a ‘lost’ Whitby tour bus stranded on the moors – which seemed to fit well into the day’s events. Next a call from Pauline alerted us to there being a flood blocking Tina’s yard but that if we all met up at the stud we would be able to get all ferried across in landrovers (tractors in reserve). Tina then phoned, also alerting us to the problem. Next followed a call from the first member to have arrived, saying he was in his car stuck in the flood water. Pauline and the 4 x 4 now on scene and wading in with ropes – Alan with camera but didn’t dare take the shot ! as he gave encouragement from dry land. Car extracted and towed to a slope to allow water to drain out and all occupants transferred to Tina’s. In the meantime another guest arrived in the water. Fortunately managed to get out under own steam and then transferred by 4×4.

Finally all arrived safely at Tina’s for coffee etc and a tour of the yard’s horses. Continuous heavy rain meant that no horses could be paraded on this occasion but all horses were looking very well. Tina explained she has mostly young untried horses this year including the 3 Thatchmire Stud horses – NO LADY / MANYSHADESOFBLACK & HITMAN HARRY. One if not two could be out before / around Christmas. Of her own, some will need more time as they are out and out N. Hunt bred. Boris looked in fine fettle and has an entry for Newcastle on Fighting Fifth day.

Next it was a transfer of guests back over the flood and to the stud which went without mishap. Pauline then gave a tour of all the horses at the stud – she presently has 21 to look after and there are some cracking looking youngsters inc. a ‘crowd-puller’ by Act One. The foals are entered at Donny sales on Dec 12th and will be sold if reaching their reserve. Members of the Breeding Group are welcome to come along and join us on the day (Tina looking to purchase a foal as well). With so many of Tina’s and Pauline’s horses being half brothers / sisters and ranging from foals to 4 y. olds such a lot depends upon the the runners this season as to the value of the horses coming through. It is a great time for anyone to be involved now in the breeding group as such a lot is going on and it is intended to be a long term group which people can belong to through thick and thin.

After the tour, and the holiday cottage vacant, all guests were treat to a roast beef joint cooked by Pauline and plenty of wine. I know I’ve mentioned it before but it deserves another mention. The cottage really is a brilliant place to rent being right on the stud and you get a close involvement with the horses. Plus the views are brilliant across the moors towards the sea and Whitby itself is only a few miles away – just don’t take the tour bus !

Well it was certainly a stable visit with a different slant today but all guests did fortunately get away in one piece. Anyone fancy another visit ? Well we are going to Alan’s on Tuesday 18th Dec. Normally we put visits on a Sunday but thought it would be different to have a mid-week visit when we could watch horses galloping inc. our own BORN TO PERFORM, before seeing the yard and horses and then Catterick races about 5 miles away have a meeting on the afternoon. Bookings are being taken now. What could possibly go wrong ??

Due to the weather, no photographs were possible so no gallery for this visit. More updates tomorrow.

Sat 24/11/’12

More entries now planned and all horses coming along well. No doubt frosts / bad weather will now start putting a stop on proceedings before we have had lift off ! One of Alan’s favourite horses (having been told about it before it ran in this country) Saphir River, goes to Haydock today on the back of a win. He steps up in trip from that win but has already been 2nd at Auteuil on heavy before coming to this country for a substantial amount of money. The ground will hold no fears and although drifting slightly, the 8/1 present odds – Alan waiting for a point more (?) – looks inviting.

The double header stud and stable visit goes ahead as planned tomorrow at Pauline’s and Tina’s, just hope the weather isn’t too unkind. Looking at arranging the next visit shortly at Alan’s yard and will have a date soon. Due to ground conditions, James has delayed runs from several yard horses. It has been a relatively quiet period from yards where Panther are now involved but Alan is having more all weather forays this season than he has had previous.

Tues 20/11’12

First of the entries for Panther horses now starting and more expected. James also has his very good Lord Wishes entered at Haydock and the yard will shortly be in top gear. Touchwood, all Panther horses are well and coming to hand as expected. Just need a few winners. Went to Wetherby last Sat andAlan believes a horse to take out of the meeting is Easter Dancer for mares nov races. Outpaced in the final part of a fast pace race, she ran on very well. Stable & stud visit goes ahead as planned on Sunday. Hopefully, will get the gallery page posted this week on James’s official gallop opening.

Thurs 15/11/’12

Yesterday’s visit to James Ewart’s yard for the official opening of the new Tapeta gallop was very interesting. Michael Dickinson was present and gave a speech plus answered many questions fired at him. There was a T.V. crew from RUK present with Gordon Brown and there will be a showing of the visit on their Racing Channel shortly (not sure about the date at present). The whole reason for the new gallop being laid can be seen from the pictures. There was torrential rain on the Tuesday night, leaving the previous gallop waterlogged. However, all the horses worked this morning on the new Tapeta gallop and the rainfall had no affect on proceedings. The new surface is very fibrous and when patted, flattens out but obviously has plenty of cushion underneath with no kickback. Since James had it commissioned, it has played a very useful role in this very wet part of the country.

A group of horses worked for the crowd and it was again very interesting with Scorpion Sting – a 3 y. old – being ridden by Dan Brown spooking near to where the photographers were and jumping over the running rail. No damage done and it was a brilliant piece of riding to keep the combination intact.

Our own Harry The Lemmon looked outstanding and has an incredible Summer shine to his coat. He is almost ready for entries now and a race has been picked out for the first entry.


Tues 13/11/’12

Details of LEXI the new horse in training with Gay and by Lucky Story are now posted on the horse page. Please get in touch if you would be interested in any of the shares available. Of the small lease shares, the number of these will be very limited, less than we have had in other previous horses. All other horses continue in work as planned and Lucy (Horner) said that Dancing Dik continues to do well. Please remember, if you are coming to the double header stud and stable visit, bookings need to be made before Sunday.

Sun 11/11/’12

No problems with Panther’s horses all progressing and we are looking forward to having the first runners shortly. The stable visit to James Ewart’s for the opening of the new Tapeta gallop takes place this week and Michael Dickinson will be present as it has been laid under his supervision. As mentioned previous, there are only 4 in this country, Godolphin having two and Mark Johnson the other. To date, James is very pleased with it and there has been no lying water which has always been a problem previous, with the area being one of the highest rainfalls in Britain.

Alan Swinbank has asked if anyone would like to come up to see the yard and horses inc. our own Born To Perform who is in faster work now. BTP would be able to be seen on the gallops. Interested ? Please give me a ring on 07775 743 885. On the subject of Alan’s horses, the very promising CHEVALGRIS who ran at Redacr’s last meeting is being kept on the go for now and could run on the all weather. First of the all weather entries is at Wolv. This is a very nice horse for the future as it matures and strengthens – no mistake !!

On the subject of stable visits, our double header of the Thatchmire Stud and Tina Jackson’s stable visits takes place on Sunday 25th but the dealine to book is next Sunday – 18th. SORRY BUT NO BOOKINGS CAN BE TAKEN AFTER THAT DATE. Membership to THE THATCHMIRE STUD RACING & BREEDING GROUP is open @ £299 fully inc. until Aug. and three new horses to race this season are HITMAN HARRY / MANYSHADESOFBLACK & NO LADY. The first to race should be late Nov / Dec. Also, there is full involvement with all the horses at the stud and the first foals are booked in the Doncaster sales in Dec. Why not get involved, it offers enjoyment for all the family from following the foals from the day they are born, to coming racing as an owner with the stud horses. Come to the visits in a fortnight to see what it is all about first hand. Last year several made a weekend of the visit, staying in one of the many local hotels / B & B’s in the area. The thriving and popular (even in Winter) fishing town of Whitby is only 8 miles away. Don’t forget though, you do need to book before next Sunday for the visit.

I will post details this week of the new horse (pictured) in training with Gay (Kelleway).

Frid 9/11/’12

Well, everything correct yesterday bar the fact we watched the horse win ! Still as Alan has always maintained never worry about missing a winner as you haven’t lost money. However, hopefully, some took the wind op advice regardless. Well today another of James’s horses also returns from a wind op – VOSGES. He is considered a horse to follow and although his form didn’t really dip off as such last year, it is hoped the wind correction procedure will help. The other runner from the yard SHARIVARRY is considered a very good bumper prospect. Hopefully both go well.

DETAILS OF NEW HORSE TO BE POSTED NEXT WEEK. Meanwhile all continues as expected with all other horses and entries / runners this month.

Thurs 8/11/’12

James has very few entered up at present or in the forthcoming week but Civil Unrest runs at Musselburgh today. Track / trip and ground would suit and he tries chasing now (been schooled with Yogi Breisner supervising). He is one of several of the yard horses who will be returning after a corrective wind op over the Summer and as the saying goes, the first run is catchy time. However, present odds of 4/1 look a bit skinny (probably wont after 2.30) and can only watch today.

Been looking towards a yearling for a while and Gay has been active at the sales of late and I have agreed to take a share in one of the latest additions to the yard. Details and pedigree will be posted shortly. Yearlings to make 2 y. olds are always the great unknown and we have had mixed luck with yearlings over the last two years with the well bred RED CENTRE by RED SOCKS dying of cancer and the also very well bred horse by HENNY HUGHES collapsing on the gallops. On the plus side, JUDAS JO (probably the least impressive bred and cheapest) hacked the first race (well backed) and was then sold on for substantial profit to go to Royal Ascot. Sums up the job but it is a market where you just never know and valuations can fluctuate wildly. You do need to be a bit of a gambler to enter this market but as Judas Jo showed, you don’t have to pay a fortune to get a good horse. Horse details shortly.

Tues 6/11/’12

Redcar’s last meeting of the season took place today and Gay (Kelleway), whom we had horses with last year came up with four from Newmarket – inc. one we had for a brief period last year – Uphold. Had spoken to Gay last night (she had brought the horses up overnight) and the ground was going to be a problem – and so it proved. Barathea Dancer won here last meeting when able to quicken in the heavy but couldn’t on this ground today and faded. However, the one expected to do well did, as Uphold (16/1 to 12/1) led and only went down at the finish when staying on at one pace. He likes this type of ground and Gay who rides him at home said he was very very well. Unfortunately, Alan had gone for the win only option !Layline is a very good horse but needs better ground to be at his best. He will be schooled and go hurdling this Winter. It was good to meet up with Gay again and her forthright views and opinions certainly haven’t diminished. Wont ever be accused of being a shrinking violet !

Also it was a very promising run from Alan Swinbank’s Chevalgris who came from way off the pace to be 3rd. It looks a very nice future prospect and certainly one to note.

Mon 5/11/’12

It was an enjoyable 2 day meeting at Wetherby and Alan believes he has seen the winner of the King George in Silviniaco Conti. He was reminded of Ollie Magern when he won in 2007. Although Ollie won from the front and Conti was held up, it was the low effortless fast jumping that was most impressive. Alan’s belief is that Conti can only improve again and that the Kempton track should suit. Must say though, the price isn’t exactly a give away with the present best price at 7/1 and the opposition not exactly a walkover either.

Of our own horses, all are doing well in their work and Tina is quite taken with Manyshadesofblack, who although green on the gallops at first is picking the job up well. Entries for our horses will start and there should be runners this month.

Wed 31/10/’12

Wetherby’s Charlie Hall meeting coming up and a meeting we have attended for many years. In fact we always used to put on a racing weekend by staying at an hotel in York with entertainment arranged with a guest racing speaker / trainers in attendance / racing at Wetherby’s 2 days plus a stable visit on the Sunday. They were very well attended affairs and some brilliant times were had with one trainer on the Friday night being carried back to transport and a very well known guest speaker singing and playing the piano until 3 a.m. – along with many guests. ‘Old MacDonald has a farm’ still brings back memories ! No, the person will remain nameless ! Not too sure about libel laws, even if you do tell the truth. Unfortunately, the cost of putting on such a weekend these days is prohibitive. It is cheaper to have a week’s holiday abroad in the sun than a racing weekend (albeit full blown) here. Mind you the 33/1 ‘bit of info’ given by a trainer on the Friday night for their own horse running at another meeting the following day still paid for quite a few guests whole weekend on one occasion. The horse duly won ! Unfortunately, the info was only given late on after several + drinks later by the trainer and not all guests were around at the late hour. Still there were plenty of pats on the back when the trainer returned late on the Sat. so word had seemed to have spread amongst guests.

Enough of the reminiscing, this years meeting has the look of a good one from the entries. If anyone would like to meet up with us to discuss anything about Panther’s horses, (and don’t know what we look like), just tell Jane on the GO RACING IN YORKSHIRE stand in the main enclosure and she will do the introductions. We will be going to Wetherby both days. Would be happy to meet up with any readers from Racing Ahead who are following ‘ Panther’s Progress ‘ the monthly racing diary column.

Of our own horses, entries and runners are expected for the all weather and jumps in November.

Tues 30/10/’12

A combined stud and stable visit has been arranged at The Thatchmire Sud & Tina Jackson’s training yard. It will take place on Sun 25th Nov. and will be followed by Sunday lunch at the Water Wheel. Anyone not involved with Panther at present but who would like to come along and see what we are all about, please get in touch by phoning me on 07775 743 885. Last year’s visit to Tina’s was enjoyed by many and the lunch afterwards also highly recommended. This year, there will be all the horses shown at Pauline’s stud and also all the horses in training at Tina’s. There are many new horses to see this year and there will be about 40 in total. The two places are only about half a mile apart and are easy to find, being just off the main Guisborough to Whitby moors road. Views are brilliant and quite a few people made a weekend of the visit by staying around the Whitby area. This fishing town is well worth a visit Summer or Winter.

Great to see Gay Kelleway (who trained several horses for Panther last year) have another winner at Redcar yesterday. It is always worth a look at a horse Gay send to Redcar and they invariably do well. Unfortunately ours last year had a problem in the race !

Sat 27/10/’12

Sacre Toi – Gamble landed – 13/2 morning price (Bet 365) to 11/8 fav. Change of scenery worked ! Time out also ran as expected – better on different ground and fav tracks Catterick / Donny. All bodes well for HARRY THE LEMMON ! Don’t forget there is still a share @ only £625 FULLY INC. training / racing etc. available in him for the full N. Hunt season. Ideal horse to own in this top training yard that is going to get even bigger. Give me a ring on 077757 43 885 to secure the share.

Frid 26/10/’12

James has his first runners of the season today at Newcastle and they will give him an idea of where the yard is as a whole. Sacre Toi is owned and previously trained by Anna Bramall whom we knew when having horses with her mother Sue when she trained in Ireland and Thirsk. The gamble is taking place and with it, the expectation that the horse will have improved for the change of scenery. Sacre Toi has a very good pedigree and is well related and also has reasonable form. The form, however, does not warrant the present price on its own. Time Out, the second of the two runners is probably high enough in the weights due to winning 4 last year but if he does well here, it gives a boost to the yard. Good luck to all !

Tues 23/10/’12

We are working on looking at a date for a stud and stable visit at Tina’s & Pauline’s for next month. Setting a date is always difficult at this time of year with racing commitments and staffing but details will be announced / posted as soon as possible. We would be looking at putting on a pub lunch afterwards. Meanwhile, the horses continue as expected and James will be having his first runners at the backend of the week. These will give him an idea where he is with the yard. Yogi Breisner has been up and organised some schooling sessions and Harry has pleased all with his jumping. He should be ready in a couple of weeks and is expected to start off on a galloping track and decent ground when a suitable race can be found. Manyshadesofblack went to Tina’s and there was a change of plan again with No Lady joining her as well. Freddy will go down later after more prep work.

Frid 19/10/’12

The start of the N. Hunt season is now here ! Long considered Wetherby’s 1st meeting in Oct. being just that. Don’t really know why, as there are some good meetings previous e.g. Kelso. Anyhow, we went to Wetherby and Alan had his first bet in weeks on Uncut Stone in the first at 66/1 and landed the e.w. bet. His only bet, let’s hope it is the start of things to come ! Alan’s tendency to back long odds horses does mean there can be long losing runs but averaged over time, they have been successful.

All horses continue to progress as expected and advertising is now taking place for Born To Perform. The price is held presently @ £135 ALL IN but will increase to cover advertising costs. It was a very low initial price but just cannot be held with advertising costs as they are. James has invited owners in his yard to a press day at the yard on Nov 14th when Michael Dickinson will be present to officially open the new (Tapeta) gallop. It was completed a week or so ago and horses are working on it now. There are only 4 in the country, with Godolphin having two and Mark Johnson the other. It is hoped it will prove its worth in an area that has one of the highest rainfall levels in the country. Laying the gallop has meant about a 2 week delay in having the yard’s first runners but they are now imminent.

Wed 17/10/’12

By the time we arrived at the stud yesterday, the rain was torrential but fortunately, Pauline had taken the precaution of taking some early morning photographs for us. The horses out in the field must be hardy sorts in such wild conditions on the moors. However, in sharp contrast were HITMAN HARRY, MANYSHADESOFBLACK & NO LADY who had amazing shines in their coats. Hitman Harry (stable name Freddy and pictured yesterday) is behind the other two and plans have been changed slightly. Manyshadesofblack (Bridgett) goes to stay at Tina’s today for full gallop work now but No Lady (the most forward of the three) is staying on the stud in order to help bring Freddy along by having someone to work with. A mare’s bumper has been earmarked for Bridgett. All ownership forms completed with Pauline yesterday and now forwarded to Weatherbys. She really did look the part yesterday and is a very strong looking mare. Such a lot rests on her shoulders for the stud’s future and it is hoped after a racing career, she could be another addition to the broodmares. Exciting, (if not nervous for Pauline) times coming up this season.

Behind Freddy is the cottage on the stud that is available as a holiday let – highly recommended !


Tues 16/10/’12


£135 for a share in BORN TO PERFORM and includes ALL ownership benefits up until May 1st. This covers all costs. This price offers everyone the opportunity to be involved in a top racing yard (if you have never been to Alan’s new yard before don’t miss our next members stable visit – you will be impressed) and in a potential top class horse. He has had his problems (hence the present price) but he is a horse Alan S. knew never got anywhere near fullfilling the potential. Panther has never before had the chance to offer such a combination at such a price. Yes, it is a bit of a gamble, as it is with any horse returning from injury but the rewards are very much realistically possible. Anyone who knows Alan, knows he wouldn’t keep a horse over 2 years for the fun of it. Are you up for the gamble ? Details on Born To Perform’s horse page.

Going to Pauline’s now and hopefully Alan will get some photographs ( ? ) of NO LADY & MANYSHADESOFBLACK before they go to Tina’s gallops.

Frid 12/10/’12

Called in at Alan’s yard yesterday and came away with another horse – who doesn’t ? Was made an offer that couldn’t be refused once seeing the horse and the new horse for Panther is called BORN TO PERFORM. He is a big, very good looking son of Theatrical and dual bumper winner who then went to the flat as a high class prospect. However, he was a horse who needs good ground or with a cut (2nd btn hd at Redcar in a 16 runner race on soft). Unfortunately, he then went to Catterick on the firm and suffered a breakdown. That was May ’10. With the then owners now having left the horse, Alan has kept it knowing how good the horse was capable of becoming. He has given the horse all the time in the world and hopefully the patience can reap dividends. Yes, it is a gamble to take on a share in the horse (we are syndicating him) but all the hard work and patience has been done and Born To Perform has stood the test well. He will be going novice hurdling but will also be nicely handicapped on the flat as well. We are still working on the syndication details at present but will post them on Born To Perform’s own page on Tuesday. I am trying to make it an offer / gamble you also can’t refuse !

Sat 6/10/’12

Today should have seen the first advert in the Racing Post for the Thatchmire Stud’s Racing & Breeding Group, unfortunately non-existant ! Copy sent through and requests for confirmation of receiving it resulted in ‘will pass message on’. Brilliant ! It is an interesting time now in looking for horses entered / going to the H.I.T. sales at Newmarket & Donny. Oneofapear is one such horse and runs today for Alan S. at Redcar. Form not spectacular of late but a horse who is capable of winning races and one that has always looked to be the type for hurdles. At the time of writing, however, doesn’t appear very popular for this flat race and out to 25 ‘s.

Tues 2/10/’12

Been on a busman’s to Keith Reveley’s yard and it was a very relaxing morning seeing horses work and a very interesting in depth rundown given by Keith on the horses. Many thanks to all at the yard. Hopefully they are rewarded with a winner at Sedgefield this afternoon – unfortunately we were unable to go to the races. It was very interesting to note Keith saying he now breeds his own horses from good mares that they used to race due to the cost of purchasing decent N. Hunt horses. Their operation involves 4 mares and the offspring coming through. It is the same scenario as Pauline has undertook at Thatchmire and for the same reasons. Let’s hope Pauline has as much success as Keith is having.

Sun 30/9/’12

Talked to Tina last night and Boris coming along fine. Although the N. Hunt season has been underway for a while now, it is also stop start with the 2 week breaks now part of the process. Can’t see how it really helps anyone. Anyhow, with October coming in tomorrow and what Alan calls the real start to the season only 17 days away (Wetherby’s first meeting), it is time once again for dreams to start becoming reality (or nightmares). We don’t have as many horses than this time last year as we don’t have an all weather interest (at present). Not sure what to do on that front, as although many don’t like it, we have always found it to be enjoyable – plus it has always been a very good betting medium for Alan. It always helps ! Just such a pity nothing ever bacame of the idea for an all weather track in the North. All trainers we know and whom we speak to would support such a venture. I bet even James (Ewart) would allow his arm to be twisted !

Don’t forget to have a look on the Thatchmire page for details of the new Racing & Breeding Group. 3 horses for £300 plus all the breeding interest. What more do you want. Get those cheques sent off ! Also, still the small shares available in Boris and Harry – details on the horse pages.

Frid 28/9/12

At Last ! Details of the Thatchmire Stud Racing & Breeding Group are completed and posted under Thatchmire on the home page. To join, please let me know – email / phone 07775 743885 – you are sending off a cheque (so nothing goes astray in the post) and then post cheque payable to PANTHER RACING LTD. to PANTHER RACING LTD. PO BOX 165, REDCAR, TS10 4WW. Membership pack will be posted to you on cheque clearance.

Got a shock this morning after opening the latest RACING AHEAD magazine (a monthly mag for racing and betting) to see a full spread on Panther ! A few weeks ago it had been muted that I run a monthly ‘ diary ‘ column about the ‘ goings on ‘ of Panther – warts and all approach in the magazine. The idea was that a three month trial would take place and if the editor liked the idea, it would then start to be published. The first trial write up was sent in a couple of weeks ago – and it has gone straight to press in this month’s mag !

Harry The Lemmon reportedly doing well.

Wed 26/9/’12

Racing & Breeding Group details have started to be posted and should be completed this weekend. The three horses in training to race this season are now all named, with Freddy now to be called HITMAN HARRY & Bridgett MANYSHADESOFBLACK.

Mon 24/9/’12

Final details on The Thatchmire Racing & Breeding Group being worked on and once sorted, they will be posted under the main ‘ Thatchmire ‘ heading on the home page. As stated previous, it will involve three horses to race for the group and all 3 will be in training with Tina. Plus there will be a full involvement with all the stud horses. Also, stable visits and stud visits for members. The introductory cost will be £299 all in until Aug. 1st which represents less than £100 per horse in training. A brochures will be ready in the near future and if anyone would like a copy, please just get in touch.

Pictured is ‘Freddy’ who needs to be named shortly. A 4 y. old by Sir Harry Lewis, he is the apple of Pauline’s eye. It helped with the compliments given by the Doncaster sales rep who has inspected the foals and also looked at the stores inc. Freddy and wanted Pauline to sell them through the ring. It was believed Freddy would have sold well but it is important from the stud’s point of view that he runs for the stud and a lot depends upon him – and Tina ! No pressure there then. Freddy will be one of the horses in the Racing & Breeding Group.

I have finally completed the owners day gallery at James’s yard and hopefully the new group’s details will be posted by the end of the week.


Sun 16/9/’12

Have just returned from spending a week’s holiday at the cottage on the Thatchmire stud (highly recommended !) Amazing to be looking out of the bedroom window and seeing 60 foot away, Boris wide awake and hollering for his breakfast. Boris was always first up – except for the alarm call from the resident cockerel. The free eggs were worth it ! Who wants to lie in when surrounded by the sun coming up over the vast North Yorks. moorland ? Boris was having his last week at the stud before going to Tina’s. He is very much full of life and we were treat to an incredible display of well being in the indoor school, as he was lunged on the long rein firstly then he was allowed to run free. He loved every second of it and the sheer power and speed that he achieved in a confined area (although a very large indoor school / area) was an incredible sight – as the blurred photographs show ! Alan’s photography knows no bounds but hopefully photoshop may come to the rescue. As Pauline said, Boris was now at the stage where he needed the gallops of Tina’s to let off steam. Pauline believes he is much straighter this time around than at the same stage last season (having had to miss the previous season when falling over backwards due to his antics) and it all bodes well. The handicapper has also done his part and so all Boris needs to do now is stay sweet and full of life as he is at the moment.

A new group is also being worked on and it will be the THATCHMIRE STUD RACING & BREEDING GROUP. Apart from Boris who will be separate with shares available in him, 3 other horses a 5 y. old and 2 x 4 y.olds will also be going to Tina’s to race this season. Not only will members of the group have all the interest of following and being involved in all the stud horses from foals, yearlings, 2 y. olds & 3 y.olds but also in the 3 horses that will race this N. Hunt season. Final details of the group are being worked on and details will be posted in about a week or so. It will provide a lot of interest to people who love horses and racing.

I will also be hopefully getting the gallery page of James’s owners day updated.

Tues 4/9/’12

James, Briony and the whole team put on an excellent owners day on Sunday and the weather also played along – albeit after 2 of the gazebos had given in to the winds the previous night. There was champagne on arrival and then the horses were paraded and given a full rundown by James on what is expected of them this season. Next on the agenda was lunch – roast pork / beef cooked on the lawn + as much salads & roasties, all prepared by a local farm. I guarantee you will never eat a meal with such fantastic views across the valley.

time for lunch

There was as much champagne and drinks as you would only dream about. Needless to say, the whole day was enjoyed by all. Owners who couldn’t make it certainly missed a treat !

Regarding the horses, all were looking well and most of James’s horses are of the same big chasing stamp. Even the horses being aimed for bumpers have that same big chasing frame. James has a lot of younger horses this season and although down on numbers from last year there are going to be some good winners coming through if looks are anything to go by. There are some of the older horses from last year but unfortunately, classy horses Aikman and Quicuyo are among those missing due to injury (nobody can escape the problems). James explained he has had the horses ”MOT’D” at the start of the season in order to try to eliminate problems forming. This has resulted in several having had corrective surgery for wind problems over the Summer. I’m sure all readers will know what to do with those horses first time up !

Harry pictured front (& rear for some reason by Alan) certainly caught peoples attention with his looks and James said several people had made serious enquiries regarding taking up a large share in the horse. Our 2 ”All in” shares remain but again, we have received further interest. However, as I mentioned there was plenty of champagne in full flow ! I will endeavour over the next couple of weeks to put up a gallery of the visit and meanwhile, we are also still on the lookout to increase the number of horses. Also, still debating how to syndicate them when we do get them !

As stated, more pics will follow on a gallery page in about 2 weeks.

Mon 3/9/’12

Just back from the owners day at James’s yard – brilliant. Made a couple of days of it. Full details and pics tomorrow. Harry looked in immaculate order. 10% shares available plus the 2 remaining ‘ALL IN’ shares @ ONLY £625 FOR THE SEASON.

Sat 1/9/’12

James Ewart’s owners day takes place tomorrow and if the previous years events are anything to go by, it should be a very enjoyable occasion for owners and members in Panther who can make it.

Tues 28/8/’12

Tina phoned last night saying she was riding in a race at Catterick tomorrow (Wed) and needed sponsors – for the ”House That Jack Built” . Bit late I know to drum up support but anyone who would like to sponsor her please get in touch. Also, Gay (Kelleway) has asked for sponsors for her to ride in the legends race at Doncaster on Wed Sept 12th. It is in aid of the injured jockeys fund and The Northern Racing College. Donations can be made for Gay to Good luck to both. Please just click on the gap to take you to Gay’s donation page. Alternatively, just get in touch with Gay direct on 01638 577778, if like me you don’t feel at ease internet banking !

Mon 27/8/’12

Went to the Malton open day yesterday and with 4 hours it was never going to be possible to visit all the yards, so opted from the outset to stick to the ‘Norton Route’. Even then, had to miss some yards on that route. Although some reports say ‘thousands flocked to Malton’, where we were visiting, there was a steady flow at best (pictured one of John Quinn’s yards at 9.30) but it made for a very relaxing time and plenty of space with everyone very friendly. It has been reported of teething problems for the first open day in 10 years but the only real problem we noticed was many asking which stable the bus was dropping off at and no driver seemed to know. Also, towards the end, there seemed no pre-set bus to take people back to Malton market square where the buses started from and on the route we chose, people were just going on a ‘circular route’ by staying on the bus until the drivers got together and decided one bus would break away from the circle and include Malton on the schedule. This seemed to do the trick as people switched buses and finally got the chance to return to their cars parked in Malton ! Still it was all taken in a good natured way and all seemed to have had a good day. We didn’t visit the outlying stables but those we did visit ranged from the 4 horse Suzzanne France yard – proclaiming to be a small friendly yard with personal time and attention given to all horses and visitors. All I can say is that this is absolutely true and no one would deserve success more than Suzanne who has had to endure a great amount of hardship to reach this stage, as most readers will be aware. At the other end of the scale was the bustling yard of Brian Ellison, the grandeur of John Quinn’s and the impeccable yard of Malcolm Jefferson’s. There were also many others in between. If you weren’t there you should go next year, as everyone put a lot into the day to make it a success. Our visit was a bit 2 fold, in that we also had our eyes out for another suitable horse for Panther. With most yards offering horses for sale, there is a wide choice. Returning for home, we stopped off at a cafe and met up with a mother and baby Llama (not sure of the technical terms). It made for a change to looking at horses and they happily posed for photographs. Baby was very cute but looks to have a bit of a dodgy knee conformation. Good job not a racehorse !

Talking of racehorses, news from Thatchmire is that Boris is in rude health and still bouncing around on the walker. Harry remains in steady light work. Don’t forget, shares are available in both these horses and Harry also has a 25% share available. It is James’s owners day next Sunday and hopefully the weather is kind for those who can make it. Pauline (from Thatchmire Stud) received a very complimentary letter / report from Doncaster sales who had been out to inspect her foals as they are entered up for the breeding sale later in the year. Also, they have been trying again to get Pauline to enter some of the store horses as they were also taken with them but Pauline intends running them first before selling on. The 3 year olds are in learning work and the 4 year olds on the walker before heading off to Tina’s.

Lucy (Horner) has also been in touch yesterday and Dik continues to come along without problem and is in increasing work on the walker and Tommy (Tom’s Toybox) has settled in again down at Davey Phelan’s yard) and getting prepared for his Southern points. Intentions are for him to return North after Christmas. No army call up as yet.

Wed 22/8/’12

James reported that Harry coming along well physically but he, along with the 30 other horses in work, are only in ‘steady away’ work. James believes that although down a few on numbers from last year he has some very good youngsters this time around. It should be an exciting season coming up for Panther and James’s yard. Great to see Robert Boyd, who has been with Panther for several years now, score again with his own horse Vallani at Perth yesterday. It is his second win with the horse since purchasing it recently. Hope some of the luck rubs off on Harry The Lemmon whom Robert has a share in with Panther.

Sun 19/8/’12

Boris and Harry coming along. Have been juggling around with a new ownership idea but seem to be more negatives cropping up than positives, so its been consigned to the back burner for a while at least ! Tina has another flat horse out tomorrow and the yard is starting earlier than last year with the flat runners. The jumpers are coming along in early work plus a foal by Alflora has also arrived. Touchwood but it could be a good N. Hunt season coming up with several new horses already in. Lucy been in touch and Dik remains on the up and increasing in his daily walking regime. With only the 3 horses for now and Dik really out of the equation, it seems unusual not having loads of things to do – feel as if something is missing !

Tues 14/8/’12

Getting there at last ! More work on site tomorrow. If you are interested in either a share in Boris or Harry, please get in touch.

Mon 13/8/’12

Apologies, need somebody to invent 36 hour days and no need for sleep. Site nubmber one priority tomorrow !

Sun 12/8/’12 – 8.30 am

Details of the new horse HARRY THE LEMMON will be on his own page hopefully a bit later today. He is trained at Langholm by James Ewart and again, details of James will be posted shortly. Likewise an update on the Thatchmire stud. Busy time ahead and hopefully things go to plan ! Regarding the sales last week, nothing materialised but no rush to jump into a new horse. I do want to increase numbers but also want to cover N. Hunt (possibly with a pointing interest), as well as the flat ( possibly with an A.W. interest). Main thing is to get the right horses / trainers – plus of course owners for the horses ! Although the trainers pages for Chris, Gay and Alan have been removed as we no longer have a horse with them at present, it does not mean we wont have in the short or long term future. A horse / trainer will join Panther if everything is right.

Sun 5/8/’12

With the changes in horses now completed, it basically leaves only Boris and Dancing Dik of the dozen or so horses we had 12 months ago. It has been necessary in order to make way for new additions. The first horse has arrived and is with James Ewart whom we have been with previously. James is a young and very enthusiastic trainer with ‘the eye of the tiger’. I will update the site hopefully by next weekend with details of horse and trainer. HOWEVER, IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN JOINING THE NEW OWNERSHIP GROUP, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. There are only 2 shares remaining (plus a 25% share) in the horse. The shares have been taken up by people who registered an interest in the last few weeks as being interested in any new horses we had coming up. The horse is a well bred N.Hunt gelding and will hurdle this season but is a future distance chaser. He offers owners a great chance to be involved in a progressive yard in a type of horse which James excels.

We are also going to the sales this week and will see what transpires.

Over at Thatchmire Stud, Pauline has brought the horses in and Boris had his first morning on the walker last Monday – very enthusiastically ! Pictured is Boris in one of his quieter moments. A full briefing from all the stud’s inmates will be posted next weekend also

Tues 31/7/’12

Lucky left our ownership today at Ascot and we are also making a clean sweep. Tom’s Toybox is to be leased out for the Southern point season and as such has to be out of training now. He may return North after Christmas but as of now, our interest will cease. It has been caused by Lucy (Horner) having received a letter regarding possibly being called up for army duty again. This has thrown Lucy’s racing plans into the air and we had ideas afoot with Lucy for this N. Hunt season. These are now also on hold, although Dancing Dik will remain at Lucy’s during his rehabilitation. Conducting also leaves our ownership. He is a decent horse and again ran well yesterday finishing 3rd. The problem is that members of Panther are now mostly based in the North and with the horse running mainly in the South, travelling is an issue, especially with 48 hour decs. It is a shame he leaves in many ways, as Gay has been very good with us and also the horse has done well by us. However, with wholesale changes being made at present, we need to make way for new horses to come in for the N. Hunt season. The first new horse is almost onboard with a new trainer and details will be posted as soon as everything is confirmed. The horse is with a trainer based in the North and will run possibly a bumper before hurdles this season. However, he is a big chasing sort who will have a future as a chaser. If you would be interested in such a horse, please get in touch if you haven’t already registered an interest previous.

Changes will be made on the site over the next couple of weeks as things change. Presently, the site is a bit out of date but I will catch up as soon as possible.

Mon 30/7/’12

It has been decided to retire Shayla. She has a lot more ability than she showed yesterday and there is no point in continuing with her racing as she is. On her day she is a decent enough horse but has had a lot of niggling problems that have stopped her racing career. No real plan with her as yet, possibly the paddocks or retired out of racing. Meanwhile will hopefully take up another horse with Alan Swinbank – probably in a couple of weeks or so for N. Hunt. Lucky goes to the sales tomorrow as another part of our almost total clear out.

Conducting runs at Yarmouth today but is back over a mile again. Brighton main aim in a week or so but happy if we could get a place today.

Sun 29/7/’12

Nothing happened as expected today, with Shayla breaking slow and never really travelling until she met the rising ground and then staying on past beaten horses – albeit too late – giving the impression she needs further. Have always thought she would get 10f when fully wound up but on this evidence it could be further still ? Today’s race was disappointing for no apparent reason. She still holds the dec at Ayr on Tuesday.

Sun 29/7/’12

Shayla runs at Carlisle today and holds a very good chance (12/1 at present) – PROVIDED SHE DOESN’T BLOW UP. She had a hard blow after the Southwell race early this week. The Carlisle hill will be a test.

Frid 27/7/’12

Shayla runs at Carlisle on Sunday and is in to be claimed for the lowest claim of £4,000. Also entered at Ayr on Tues. as back up. Still plenty going on behind the scenes regarding Panther’s new groups and all will be revealed next month !!! Still uncertainty regarding long term prospects of some horses with, Shayla running in sellers / claimers, Lucky Decision ( entered in sales), Conducting running in sellers / claimers and an offer having been for Tommy to be leased out for a pointing season. Plenty going on and I’m sure all will be resolved soon. Meanwhile owners of Shayla and Conducting can enjoy going racing with horses who are both very capable on their day.

Wed 25/7/’12

Conducting bypasses Newmarket Frid. Other entries being made.

Tues 24/7/’12

Shayla ran as expected. She did hit third spot turning for home but was always wide to avoid as much kick back as possible. She then weakened out of contention. Back in 0ne piece we can build upon the run and she is entered at Carlisle on Sunday.

Mon 23/7/’12

This was never the plan but a combination of waterlogged tracks, and firmness in the ground at others has meant Shayla hasn’t had a race and ground combination to suit , so when this fixture was put on as an additional meeting, the opportunity has been taken. There are plenty of negatives, mainly the unknowns of how she will handle the surface, and from the poor draw, how she will handle the expected kick-back. However, it is good to see her back on the racecourse once again. Cannot be too enthusiastic about her chances under the circumstances and really it is a case of hoping for the best and that she returns in good heart. At least we will know how she takes to the Southwell surface (only other a.w. run at Wolverhampton and well beaten but don’t believe it was just the surface that day) for the future but at present the turf is still expected to be the next follow up race. Mind you, a run better than expected today could sway that decision ! Touchwood, Shayla runs well enough and returns in good heart.

Sun 22/7/’12

As stated yesterday, it looked a close race on paper and so it proved with 2 necks separating the first three. Unfortunately, Conducting was the one to come 2nd. The step back up in trip did help and a case could be said for a further step up if racing from off the pace, as he was staying on but couldn’t quicken past the winner. He is a winner waiting to happen in similar races. Holds an entry at Newmarket on Friday but no decision made re-running.

With the ground being either waterlogged or too dry, Plan B now turned to. She goes to Southwell tomorrow on the all weather ! More news tomorrow.

Sat 21/7/’12

Conducting runs tonight at Lingfield and in a seller has every chance, as he handles the track and surface well. A case can be made for 3 others in the race on their better form and it makes it a tight race on paper between 4 horses but with Conducting going back up in trip it should suit. A negative if looking for one is that Conducting has always been thought to be a better horse when coming off a strong pace and there looks to be no obvious strong pace horses in the race. Still, Conducting does have good claims tonight.

Meanwhile, back with Shayla, Redcar was abandoned tomorrow due to waterlogging and Beverley on Monday look as though they will be watering if the forecast remains as it is. However, she is now declared for Southwell on Monday instead.

Thurs 19/7/’12

Have been away and failed to be able to get the blog updated via laptop. Shayla was again declared to run but was withdrawn. Heavy ground every time she has a suitable race. She also is entered at Redcar on Sun but inspection due and ground already waterlogged. Not looking promising, except we are back from hols in Lake District – poor weather / excellent fishing ! – so weather bound to pick up now. Just hope it is in time for Sunday. Beverley also entered for. Meanwhile, Conducting is declared to run at Lingfield on Saturday and hopefully can add to Gay’s winner yesterday.

Sun 8/7/’12

Everything still remaining quiet. Shayla, having again managed to have to miss another race (ground), will be entered up again when the ground improves and the right races crop up. It has been a long hard last 12 months for Panther and in reality, one of our worst periods in all the years we have syndicated horses regarding injuries and problems with the horses. The latest decision has now been made to sell Lucky Decision. She is presently on Summer grass but she is now seven and has only run the once for Panther. We need runners and whilst we are making substantial changes to the bloodstock within Panther (some forced due to problems, some not), it is now time that Lucky also leaves. Chris’s yard has expanded rapidly of late and boxes are at a premium and they need filling with runners. Lucky has been entered at the Ascot sales at the end of this month. She is now our only horse remaining at Chris’s yard but I would like to think we will have another at least, as we have had horses with Chris almost from the beginning of Chris’s training career. Also, Shayla is our only horse at present with Alan Swinbank and we have always had a horse with Alan since the day he started training and have known him many years previous to that. Hopefully, we will always have horses with Chris and Alan (plus Gay and Tina whom we have had horses with this last year or so), however, times and circumstances change and we would look at other training options if necessary. Racehorse ownership in whichever capacity (large / small) you are in will be full of ups and downs and we have always said to make the most of those ups. Also, celebrate the night before a race, incase things don’t go to plan. It is nice to celebrate two nights on the trot if they do ! However, it is those good times that keep all owners going and that undiminished thrill of the winners. The next horse may just be THE ONE . Hopefully, he / she is just around the corner for Panther and we are actively looking for that horse ! It is the N. Hunt horses we are looking for at present.

Meanwhile, of the horses we have retained for this coming season, Boris The Blade continues to enjoy his Summer break dodging the rain on the North Yorkshire Moors on 24/7 turnout. He returns to work on August 1st. Tom’s Toybox is also on a Summer break at Lucy’s but with the weather as it is, Lucy is considering bringing him in early. It was meant to be a few weeks of pleasure for him after his good pointing runs and time needed to get over a corn problem but he is a horse who dislikes this wet weather (who doesn’t) and he must be thinking he is being punished. Lucy will train Tommy up to the point of going into a training yard in the North. Conducting is another to remain as the only horse now with Gay. He has been schooled in the past by Yogi Breisner and did very well. He is a young horse and could go hurdling this season. However, in the short term, entries are expected shortly on the turf once again.

Well, as you have gathered, not a lot going to plan at present but as ‘they’ say, every problem has a solution. However, ‘they’ also said ”Cheer up, problems could be worse” – so I did and the problems did !

Frid 6/7/’12

Shayla withdrawn this morning with changing of ground. Thoughts of many owners and members in Panther past and present will be with Campbell’s family and friends today on such a sad occasion.

Thurs 5/7/’12

Shayla holds her place in the 2.30 at Donny tomorrow withAndrew Elliott taking the ride. Ground probably ok at present but a lot more rain forecast – up to 10mm today and 20mm tomorrow. Looks ideal conditions for 3 of the field but Shayla’s form has been on good and faster ground. However, she has been entered on a very realistic weight and hopefully the ground doesn’t become a major issue. Update tomorrow am after more news re-ground.

Frid 30/06/’12

Shayla has returned to the fold and holds an entry at Doncaster on Friday. Another suprise this week was the news that Gay is looking towards selling her yard in Newmarket. She has for a while been wanting to have more horses running in France and has had problems (along with many trainers) this season. The news, however, does have an impact on Panther with Conducting and shares in the horse and in Panther’s ‘Gay Kelleway Racing Group’ are now on hold until more information is known. Gay has been brilliant with Panther since becoming an owner in the yard and she has helped us considerably. Whatever the future holds I hope Gay makes all the right decisions. Prize money is well known to be better in France but the reality is probably that owners who hold a small share in a horse actually going to see a horse they own run abroad is small. Arranging time off work and knowing a horse is definitely going to be a runner on the mainland is hard enough (48 hour decs. etc) and I know how difficult it sometimes is for syndicate owners to make arrangements.

Wed 27/6/’12

Have been without internet access for a few days but looking ok again now. Today’s Racing Post headline was a shock. Campbell who has ridden for us in the past – notably on Spook and Dik has died in an accident whilst on holiday. Although attached to Lucinda’s yard, he rode many horses and winners for Chris. He was always courteous to Panther’s owners in the ring and after a race and all our thoughts are for his family and friends.

Conducting missed his intended race at Newmarket last week due to the ground but was an intended runner this Friday coming, however, a routine scope showed some muck, so he will bypass this race. Possible entry at next Newmarket meeting a week on Frid. (13th). No real change with most of the other horses at rest and no new horses at present.

Wed 20/6/’12

Conducting returns to the track at Newmarket on Fridayafter a short break. The latter races were over a mile, although it had been thought previous to that, that a step up to 12f would suit. The ground had been heavy and not thought suitable. Friday’s race is an apprentice race and Nicole Nordblad rides and she has ridden him into second place previous. This is a big field race and with the ground possibly to go softer by Friday with rain and showers forecast, there are plenty of negatives for Conducting to contend with. Really, just hoping for a good showing with fingers crossed. At the time of writing, Alan’s yard is starting to get amongst the winners on a regular basis and today sees racing at Hamilton which has often been a happy hunting ground previous. I am having a problem updating the blog on a more regular basis of late but things should be back to normal in a week or so.

Sun 17/06/’12

Conducting bypasses Brighton in favour of possibly going to Newmarket on Friday. Shayla is once again ‘getting there’ with a gallop yesterday going well. Chris meanwhile continues getting more horses, this time from the Land Rover sales in Ireland. Although several of the newcomers are 3 y. olds and probably need another year before seeing the tracks, the yard should be larger in numbers this season. At present, we don’t have another horse with Chris lined up but the spending spree hasn’t finished yet ! Lucky, Tommy, Dik & Boris continue on their breaks without problem.

Frid 15/6/’12

Things have been slow of late with the jumpers out at grass and only 2 flat horses at present, but Conducting returns from his short break and holds an entry at Brighton on Tuesday. No new horses at present but a new way of joining Panther via a Racing & Social group is coming together. It is anticipated to start around the beginning of August and full details will be posted once everything is finalised.

Sun 10/6/’12

Great news regarding Tommy, is that the latest scan has shown his foot to be now clear of the corn problem. It has been decided that with Tommy not having had a proper break for quite a while now, to turn him out for a month of Summer grass while it is at its best. He has been kept on the go in light work while having his problem, so it wont take long to get him back in shape after his break. Lucy will get him back to almost race fitness before he goes into a training yard.

Frid 8/6/’12

Pictured is a photo of the latest addition to Thatchmire stud. Pictured at 3 weeks old, he was 4 weeks overdue. The dam Madam Jol;ie is very well bred and ‘DAN’ is her first foal. A new way of joining Panther continues to be worked on and it should be set up over the Summer. Also being worked on is to have at least one more horse for N. Hunt this season. A very good offer was made to us regarding a horse running on the flat at present and doing well. A 4 y. old gelding, intentions were to have gone hurdling for Panther but he came out last week and won again very nicely on the turf and even Alan (hubby who would send a Derby winner chasing) had to admit that it would be more prudent for the horse to continue on the flat. Less risk and also see how far the horse progresses. For now, the hurdle option is on the back burner ! Anyone interested in a share in a new horse for the N. Hunt and haven’t registered an interest with ourselves, please just get in touch. All in cost for the season would be up to £1,000 all in, depending upon the horse chosen.

Sat 2/6/’12

Seem to have come away from the sales at Donny this week with more choices than before going but nothing acted upon at present. It was interesting listening to trainers whom we have had horses with in the past and their thoughts on how things are presently going (or not going) in racing from their point of view. It is probably easier at present for groups like Panther to get good horses but the price for a good potential horse still remains high. Basically, there is still good money for quality, even in today’s economic climate. Getting owners in numbers is the underlying problem for ownership groups and trainers alike. Shortage of money in general and spiralling costs continue to play a massive part within racing from all I talked to. However, one trainer who continues to buck the trend is Chris who had bought 5 more at the Cheltenham sale just before Donny, and when I spoke to him after the first Day at Donny, he had a further 3 on board. He was buying again and by the end he seemed to have at least another three. All are the untried N. Hunt types. As he said, as soon as a horse goes out for Summer grass, the box is occupied immediately. This coming season will see the yard having, (all being well), a lot more horses running than last season. Last season saw Chris have his best to date and this one (without wishing to tempt fate) should again set the record if fire power realtes to winners and normally racing is a numbers game. In fact, Chris’s biggest problem may well be that his 43 boxes wont be sufficient. We had pencilled in a visit at Chris’s in June but with Chris deciding to give Lucky a Summer break, we will put the visit back to when she comes back into training with the other yard horses – many forming an orderly line for a box no doubt. The yard still continues getting the winners with Muwalla popping in a couple of days ago.

Meanwhile, Tina continues to increase her horses and the 4th purchase of the Spring was King’s Realm out of Alison Thorpe’s yard dispersal. Boris has left the yard for a few weeks of Summer grass at Pauline’s stud. Gay has also been busy, purchasing 3 new horses from Ireland and the well being of the yard was shown with The New Black winning a couple of days ago. Conducting is just having a short break after running flat in his last couple of races on heavy ground and will soon be back a more refreshed horse. Over at Lucy’s, Tommy and Dik are doing fine but Tommy is still to have another treatment on his foot before he will be off to the beach for a paddle. At Alan’s, all the 2 y. olds (about 16) have owners. Alan has said we can always put on a visit at the yard for Panther members and a date will be arranged. Shayla is once again getting ready for the track but with her ability to pull a niggly problem out of thin air and her accident prone nature, it presently pays not to make too many plans ! Her saving grace, is that she has shown sufficient ability to Alan to make him persevere with her. Not many horses like Shayla would last as long in the yard under achieving. She may have her problems but she is good on her day. Hopefully, she will repay her owners faith in the not too distant future.

I am at present looking into forming 2 new groups within Panther but want everything as right as I can make it before releasing full details. If anyone is interested in owning a share in a horse please get in touch and I shall keep all who do informed on new developments.