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After a spell where our dogs seemd to be finishing either 2nd or meeting problems in running, things have at least gone right in the last couple of days. BULLSEYE (left) got the job away yesterday before KENAI dotted up by over 10 lengths to earn some of his Summer keep !

Shares are now selling in PANTHERS HAWK and she is marked up and awaiting a trial slot – hard to come by at present with the open meeting tomorrow and the festival of racing in 2 weeks time creating a lot of dogs needing trials. Hawk has won 3 races to date and looks a nice sort for Sunderland. If you are interested in taking up a share or would like further details please take a look on her own page or give me a ring. Most of her racing can be viewed free on the igb website. 10% share £170 inc. all registrations and transport.



Bluey had been very unlucky in running of late when recommended as a bet but put it all behind her today when the 6 bend race panned out as predicted. Her winning odds of 5/2 ensured the previous pocket damage when also fancied was at least replenished !


Jet has now had to be renamed PANTHERS HAWK due to being informed from London today that the registration has already been taken. Hopefully this registration will go through. Ownership details are on its own page and shares are being sold now in 10% units. She will be trialled in as soon as. 

FERNANDA has now retired. She won 10 from 42 was open grade and rated 120. Jim believed she had lost her way of late.


It’s coming as soon as I can get text up ! It will only be for Panther dogs with Yvonne at Sunderland.



Both look pretty much identical bar one having a little bit of white dash than the other. Took them both out for a walk and some pics yesterday and whilst they are both losing their coats at present (needs to fall out natural rather than groomed out) they were both also exactly the same nature wise. Even though less than 48 hours in the kennels from their journey over they were full of fun and play. Also, very keen on wanting to chase the small birds in the field. Their time will come soon for bigger quarry ! Getting trials at Sunderland at present isn’t easy as with the big open meeting coming up shortly, a lot of outside trainers are wanting to get trials on their dogs. Pippa is one of our dogs to be suffering at present as it would have been nice to have had a follow up trial last week to her sprint trial the week previous. 

The dogs have been named PANTHERS HAWK (pictured left) and PANTHERS RAVEN. Hawk has won 3 races already to date and Raven 1. Full details on both bitches will be up soon but I am hoping to post them on the new greyhound site. 


The 2 new dogs came over from Ireland yesterday and hopefully Alan will get some pics of them at kennels on Sat. Details on both dogs will be posted soon – first on this site before everything switches to the new site in the not too distant future. Tapes of the two new dogs can be seen on the website and again details soon. Working on the new site at present and Alan was given permission by the track management at Sunderland to take some photographs for the site yesterday when we went to watch PANTHERS BLUEY race – finished 2nd (again) but ran a good race. Below are a couple of pics of Bluey racing yesterday and if an owner would like a full file emailing through to print off, please just email me on







Still can’t believe the horses at Alan’s have all now gone. Only hits a bit later on I suppose and I feel for Sally plus the staff as well who have no jobs. I imagine it will shortly be on the market and it was a dream by Alan S. to have built the yard from scratch and he did so with great effect. Hopefully there will be many more winners coming out of the establishment in the years to come for a new trainer(s).

Meanwhile the dogs are keeping ourselves busy and there are 3 Panther dogs racing tonight live on RPGTV which if you can’t get to the track is a brilliant way to watch your dogs race from the comfort of your own home either via computer, SKY  TV or FREESAT. Shares have sold quite quick in each dog we have offered for sale and we have at present only PANTHERS DANCER who has shares available (£128 ALL IN COST) – see details on her own dog page. However, we have 2 new bitches coming over from Ireland in the next two weeks. Both are full sisters and unlike most of the dogs we have bought so far are actually racing and winning in Ireland. Details of each dog will be posted soon. 

The new website is in hand and will be for all the dogs Panther has at Yvonne’s kennels. I’m hoping everything comes together at the same time as the dogs come over.




It was a nostalgic day yesterday as the total dispersal sale of horses from Sally’s yard went under the hammer at Doncaster. Alan went while I was at SARA’S with Jimmy. Must admit I worried not being at the sales to ensure there was no getting carried away by Alan ! Fortunately not and Doc went through the ring for £5,000 to Barry Leavy. It would have been nice to have seen him chase during our ownership with him but it wasn’t to be but we had a lot of fun (and frustration) owning him. We were there for his 6 wins and he was a lovely natured horse. I really hope Barry and new connections have as much fun and enjoyment as we had.

Also of interest were the two new horses we were going to be involved with at the yard before a decision was made for the dispersal sale. Both were at opposite ends of the spectrum regarding bids but I believe the new trainer of the cheaper horse has got a winner in his yard AND A BARGAIN !

For now we have no horses but I’d like to think it’s not the end of the road for horse involvement within Panther and that something will pop up. At least Alan said some of the previous trainers within Panther were happy to chat to him yesterday !

Before news of yesterday’s double, news of the start of a new era.


Although to be still under the umbrella of Panther, it will be for the greyhound syndicates at Yvonne’s. They have expanded of late and need their own separate grouping, so we have asked Vicky at websonline to produce a new site for us. It will be a more modern site with capability of video footage plus social media presence. With all shares in the latest pup PANTHERS SHANIA now sold, it is as good a time to start the process. This site will also be running alongside for now as the dogs with Jim will still be located here. When the new site is up and running it will be announced here.

Now news on the double


Although not a lot on it was still a nice little earner ! Rum (right) was out quick enough this time but still found himself last at the first bend as he slipped back through the field, However, he is an out and out railer and gains ground at all bends if given the chance and plus his back straight pace, he was by the third bend looking all over the winner. This now makes it 21 wins and 21 2nd’s from 111 races. What a dog he’s been ! Whilst Bullseye isn’t the same class, or as prolific as Rum, a winner is a winner and he notched up his 5th by staying on having been crowded. 



SHAN annihilated the field last night live on RPGTV and received some very nice comments for doing so. Quick away in a race of fast starters she ran very strong to the line and also to pick up. Owners, who had only been involved for a couple of days, were advised to back and it was surprising to see her drift in the market – at one point touching 8/1 – to start at 6’s. Still, more money in owners pockets !




SHANI is being syndicated in 10% shares and full details on her own page. She is on the card tomorrow for her Sunderland debut live on RPGTV. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A SHARE PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. 

Great to see Yvonne notch an open race win last night at Nottingham with runaway winner ONEDIN PARADISE co-incidentally, the sire of PANTHERS STORM although a world of difference between them at present ! Live again on RPGTV.



Went to kennels today to see a new bitch we have taken with Yvonne. She is a very bouncy individual who has settled in really well and on the plus side isn’t fazed by Jimmy and was more than happy to challenge him in play mode. 

More details will be posted in next couple of days as she has already had 3 trials and expected to race possibly this week. She is a Sept ’16 pup. Awaiting a name change but it is likely she will race before it all goes through as it did with Danni. In fact she has a lot of similarity with Danni in that she holds her ears the same sometimes giving that mohican look.



The unfortunate news is that Doc is now entered for the Spring sales at Doncaster. A plan to turn him out at grass over the Summer and to take up with two new flat horses, which would also become dual purpose over the Winter with Sally, has fallen through. Whilst Sally was expecting the yard to have continued operating as a racing establishment it is now being sold and 34 of the horses previously part owned by Alan with other owners are now entered into a dispersal sale. Many have been trained up and ready for this flat season and we had also visited the yard less than 2 weeks ago and taken pics of the 2 new horses both ready to race on the turf, whom we had hoped would be the start of a new venture with Sally. A stable open day had also been planned. It is all out of Sally’s hands and it will be a sad end to see Alan S’s dream that he built now be sold and also some nice youngsters that he had acquired go under the hammer. Still, we had some brilliant times there and many magical moments at the races over the years with the horses and both Alan and Sally. It’s those memories that can’t be sold !



Kenai appears to have clicked finally as to what to do. He has won 3 from his last 7 races and 2nd twice. Before then he was 0 from 22 ! A remarkable turnaround.  Bullseye has been downgraded recently and took advantage even with a slow break to record another win. 

More following……… re DEEP RESOLVE / HORSES & STABLES







There’s been a lot going on this past week and I will get the latest news updated as soon as possible. It includes 3 winners as well as a possible 2 new horses to join Panther. Also looking for a date for a stable visit shortly. Meanwhile we have both PANTHERS DANCER & PANTHERS BLUEY racing live tonight on RPGTV available through sky and Free Sat as well as the Racing Post web site. While both dogs ideally would want further, hoping for best and safe returns. 



Another Spring Day and we went to see the dogs at Yvonne’s. All owners in Panther are welcome to walk their dogs on a weekend and are made very welcome by Yvonne’s family and staff. Even if you are not an owner in Panther but would like to see how a kennel operates and to get an insight into owning a greyhound, again you are more than welcome. There are always plenty of dogs to walk out ! Jimmy knows exactly where he is going and starts hollering in the back of the van when we are about 5 mins away. He loves meeting up with most of his fellow greys  (even if he dislikes other breed dogs), although still takes up a challenge if another grey ‘eyeballs’ him. 


Last Sunday Vicky – TOPSTAR VIXEN – was crowded at the first and lost her action and came in last but still managed to avoid capture at the pick up and do her party trick of doing a lap of honour. She can do 3 of these as well as leading the entire field around as well. She was scanned the following day and found to have a problem in her wrist. She is a May ’14 bitch and has done well for us but she was injured a year or so ago and has never been the same since. It was thought then she may have had to be retired but she did indeed return and has run to her best. She has always been a very game and honest bitch both on the track and off it. Seeing her at the kennels yesterday, she was in great form and you wouldn’t know she had an injury as she played about with Jimmy. Alan had always liked Vicky as she has a very kind nature and had thought we would retire her ourselves. She can totally ignore Jimmy’s constant demands and has a knack of putting him in his place but our own situation at present means we are unable to now do so and so she will be going through the local rehoming scheme. Alongside are pics taken on Saturday at the kennels of Vicky totally ignoring Jimmy’s invitation to ‘play’ and a quieter moment when Jimmy left her alone.

On track, Vicky won 12 from 58 and until injured was improving winning her last races at 5/1, 10/1, 14/1 and 8/1. A great bitch to have owned and unfortunately another who never saw out her true potential.

PANTHERS PIPPA is already into her second season and still only a pup ! Not the best of starts as she hasn’t been able to run. She is more than willing to play with Jimmy and even though Jimmy very happy with her attention for a while, even he gets to the point of wanting a bit of peace. Pippa needs to get some racing experience and ‘grow up’ a bit as she seems to think it’s all about play at the moment and nicking treats out of pockets. Can’t fault her nature though but there is a job to be done ! Getting a picture of Pippa isn’t easy as she is forever on the move and the one alongside left is the best we could muster.

PANTHERS DANCER (Danni), right, is, on the otherhand, the opposite to Pippa. She has grafted away from day 1 since winning on her debut and earning a lock down. She is a bitch with attitude, as Jimmy has experienced on more than one occasion. The last time being Saturday when having walked around the paddock in perfect harmony, Danni suddenly got fed up with Jimmy’s attention seeking and started growling – low pitched at first and then with menace. Jimmy was totally oblivious and all he wants to do is play but it was time for a parting of the ways. Danni is now kenneled on her own having also nipped her previous companion. She was our first 6 bend dog at Sunderland and is a real stayer but has been winning over the 4 bends recently.

PANTHERS BLUEY (Bluey), left, is another 6 bend pup bitch for the future but for now is staying at 4 bends while she gains experience in handicaps. She won nicely twice and then got a good write up in the Racing Post and has run disappointing the next couple of races since ! Still only a pup but she is looking a bitch with plenty of potential. She is very much a laid back sort and Saturday was the first time she had met up with Jimmy and took it all in her stride. In fact having walked around the paddock they both got on very well and having given Jimmy a good old fashioned licking, was content to follow him around and kept propping her head on his back whenever the opportunity arose. Jimmy in his element with now 2 bitch pups vying for his attention !

PANTHERS STORM (Storm), left, is the latest pup to join Panther and another we targeted to be a 6 bend stayer. He is already 33.5k and a big dog for Sunderland. He was impressive in Irish trials but left that form behind when ‘kipping’ in the traps at Sunderland ! Although we had intended to run him over 4 bends for a while, he is so much looking to be an out and out stayer he will be running 6 bends now. Hopefully his trapping improves with experience, as he has only run the one race and he could develop into a nice staying dog. He is handicapping now, even though he has very little race experience, so – touchwood – he gets the knack of weaving in and out of dogs as he will be starting off giving distance to other dogs and if he traps slow a lot more distance ! 

Nature wise he is a big softie and just accepted Jimmy and his attention as all a bit of fun. We were a bit apprehensive at first as Jimmy, although happy in the company of bitches, can throw down the gauntlet to some male dogs and Storm isn’t the smallest. Happily Storm saw it Jimmy’s way and both got along happily.


HAVANA BLACKBIRD (Ana), right at kennels Sat, is the oldest dog we have at the kennels and has been a brilliant bitch to have owned. Gives her all and probably holds the record for being the longest milk producer in history ! Presently she is in another season. Jimmy has always got on well with her and she is happy to go into play mode with him. She is anything but an old bitch and is full of energy and we are very much looking forward to seeing her return to the track after her present season is over which shouldn’t, this time, be very far off.




The dogs haven’t had the best of luck of late with Pippa going into season, Vicky being injured in her race and Danni also needs time off after her race – both last Sunday. Thank goodness for Andes ! Now 14 wins 48 races.


Just as well for previous days results ! 


Although unable to get message on yesterday, Alan again plumped for another big priced bumper runner in Al Dancer who landed the ew bet at 28/1 (came 4th and paid out in that place). Today is all about The Big One and whilst we have both picked a horse, Alan Warriors Tale (who incidentally was beaten by our own Fly Home Harry in a bumper on both their track debuts) and myself The Dutchman both are a bit of fun. The main bet has gone on Michael’s Mount in the 6.20 with 5/1 available at many firms at present. With the previous 2 days results, Aintree will be a profit regardless of today’s results. Not often I can say that !



Alan (again) defied my scepticism for today’s bet at Aintree, as the horse came a running on 2nd at 25/1 sp with Alan taking different prices at up to 33/1 and enhanced odds of 1/4 first 4. Can’t say all of the Aintree meeting covered but definitely going well at present ! Alan doesn’t tend to have many daily bets as most readers will be aware. 

Looking forward to tomorrow’s racing but this website is having some essential maintenance done from midnight tonight by the host firm, so next message is dependent upon when all is completed. Hopefully by racing tomorrow. If not will update whenever possible – hopefully tomorrow.


Again very poor trapping by Storm who came out very slow costing him any winning chance. Also, he only got wound up in the home straight and then ran strong to be first to the pick up ! Although not two as yet, Yvonne is to trial him over 6 bends now as he is obviously crying out for a stamina trip. Having said that, it is his trapping that is causing the problem and last night’s split of 5.58 is the worst of any dog we have owned at Sunderland ! Can only improve.

Good luck at Aintree for all your selections today and I think Alan will need it as he has gone for Midnightreferendum trading at 33’s !

We have left Jayne’s kennels for now (on good terms) as we are concentrating more with Yvonne at Sunderland. Getting to see the pups / dogs and watch them develop on a regular basis is important to be able to keep owners within Panther updated. As Yvonne’s kennels are less than an hour away and she welcomes all owners in Panther to  visit their dogs and walk them out, it gives everyone the chance to be fully involved in the kennels and to get to know other owners.


Storm makes his track debut tonight live on RPGTV at 8.07 His trapping hasn’t been brilliant in trials at Sunderland to date, hence 9/2 in an A7 at present but he is a big pup and will hopefully develop into a nice dog.

As all readers know, we have always taken a very keen interest at Aintree and had quite a few runners at this meeting including over the National fences. In fact Hurdy won for us and Sue Bramall. Hopefully our luck holds out this year !



It was nip and tuck but Rum deserved his short head victory after yet another slow break but stayed on strong to get up on the line. He is a remarkable dog and is now 20 from 106 and a great credit to Beryl and Jim.

Whilst Rum is our oldest dog, we now have 3 pups with Yvonne. Bluey a definite stayer in the making, has already won 2 to date but running in handicaps from mid to wide over the 4 bends for now, she is having problems coming in as she is a railer and inexperience telling, as she has hit the running rail coming in from wide. Panthers Storm and Panthers Pippa are both running trials in preparation for their track debuts. Only Storm has shares available and details can be seen on his own page.

Good news on the horse front is that Doc (Deep Resolve) is now back on the walker having met with a hairline fracture in his last race when travelling very well at Market Rasen and then stopping sharply on the home run. He is such a nice natured horse and took life as a patient very well on his 6 weeks of box rest. Shame he has missed the ground as it would have been right up his street these past few weeks but these things happen and new plans being formulated. 

Jimmy has received his winning rosettes for Best In Class and Best In Show and wore them proudly on his new coat prize on a Spring Day at the Gare. Mind you I imagine he would prefer being over the shrublands on the other side of the Gare on the lookout for anything that moves ! He has maintained a massive ‘prey drive’ since his racing days and loves nothing better than going racing to Sunderland and hear the tanoy and other dogs yelping. He knows exactly where he is about 5 mins from the track and starts hollering in the van and by the time he arrives he is shaking with excitement. I’m sure he would like nothing more than to chase the hare again – regardless of his new luxurious modelling career !



Still awaiting a pic from Jayne of Poppy but Poppy has run well for us so far in her 3 races. Had one run in Ireland almost a year ago before coming over and injured before could race ! However she came 2nd on her first run and then 2nd btn a short head next time up before winning her latest race. She is from a nice litter of pups and of the 5 running, they are rated 105 / 102 /98 /87 and Poppy been rated as A7 and 47. Hopefully plenty of room to improve. Understandably she wasn’t large odds for the win but 2/1 got the money back when she was btn a short head at 7/4 !



Called in Yvonne’s today to get pic of Storm and he looks a million dollars. Hopefully he races as good as he looks ! A 5% share  costs £225 but includes a rehoming fee returnable if not used and a training kitty deposit. Full details on Storm’s own page.  He is a big dog and very friendly. Touchwood, owners will have a lot of fun with him over the coming seasons, as he is presently unraced and still a pup. Own him from the start by getting in touch on 07775 743885.

Jimmy will soon be updating his own blog page as he has fallen in love – again !



It was another very determined run by Danni who was down by about 3 lengths down the back and round the top bend before staying on very strong to snatch the spoils on the line (far side). Owners taking the 11/4 which was readily available during the morning did well with sp down to 6/4.  This makes it 4 WINS from her last 5 races (again live on RPGTV) and 12 wins from only 40 races AND she is still only 2 years of age. Plus she stays the 6 bends well also. Lots of fun from owning a dog like this one and a share can be yours for only £128 ALL IN for full racing career. Full ownership details on Danni’s own page. Don’t miss out any longer. Just get in touch with myself – Anne – on 07775 743 885.

Rum only went down right on the line last night in his 106th race and a hard A1 to boot. He is showing a lot of guts and is our oldest racer now. Never makes things easy for himself and gives the opposition plenty of start on most occasions and then has to make up lots of ground. Plenty of enthusiasm in the old boy yet !


Well it’s over and the run of losers on the interest bets by myself just got a lot worse yesterday. Least said the better and Alan right again. Mind you Aintree coming up plus Ayr plus the Perth Festival so lots of possible interest bets to make amends ! Mind you might just follow Alan’s advice, as he has tended to do well at Aintree previous years. Having said that his betting is now more dog orientated these days. We’ll see.



Plenty of confidence from the kennels and also by Alan. Incredibly Rum went off 9/2. Before the first bend and a good 9 lengths down even 9/2 looked skinny, however, Rum ran to his strengths and stuck to his game-plan of giving the inside to no dog and he steadily made his ground from last to first to win going away. A brilliant race by this veteran who shows no sign of ageing. Poppy the new dog with Jayne just got pipped in the last stride to go down by a short head and scupper Alan’s dog double. Fortunately Rum won, as the way I look at it, if we combine my ‘interest’ bets from Cheltenham (losers) with Alan’s dog profits on the day minus the single and double with Poppy, we actually made a profit on the day ! Not sure Alan in total agreement though. Still a day left to get the interest bets back into profit for myself.




Bluey was off and away last night and WINNING never really looked in doubt and she stayed on very strong at 5/2. Strong at the bends she took the inside route and looks a very nice 6 bend pup in the making to follow in the pawprints of Danni. Unfortunately the multi bets didn’t come off ! Still, with a couple of more winners as singles plus 2 from 2 at Cheltenham it was a profitable day. Now have to do it all over again to prove Alan wrong and apart from RUM at Yarmouth, who continues into his century of runs and new dog with Jayne – GLORIOUS POPPY at Perry Barr – it is all or nothing at Cheltenham for myself and those ‘interest’ bets !


Alan wrong again ! You can win by having some fun bets ! Not a lot but enough to cover today’s racing – although this time mostly on the dogs on RPGTV at Sunderland. Hoping Yvonne has a good night as several of her dogs have featured ! Bluey being one but she does have a bit to do to beat the classy scratch dog. A clear run and she has a decent shout though (fingers crossed). Good luck with all your Cheltenham horses – by the look of the fields you will probably need it. I know I do with my 2 selections. 


Good luck to all for Cheltenham. Generally we have had anti post slips in the past but this year none. Have taped the racing and will watch it tonight along with a few ‘interest’ bets – guaranteed way of losing money as Alan has always maintained. Probably right but a bit of fun nonetheless ! This message will be up late as have been having problems with the site and being able to upload posts.



It was another very good run yesterday by Danni to record her 11th victory in 39 races. After a slight hesitation at the traps she was then quick into stride posting a level best split of 5.09 This is good for her, as she is a very strong staying bitch and better suited to 6 bends than her 4 bend win yesterday. She is brave at the bends and really the race was over after coming out of the second bend as it was hard to see a dog getting the better of her from such a prominent position. We had thought she may have to come through traffic in the race but a brave run at the first bend put her in a very good position. Honestly, if you were a dog and you saw Danni pictured above bearing down on you would you not be wary ? I would ! Jimmy, our own retired grey, who is himself a very dominant dog, was put in his place by Danni when he was only wanting to play with her. He now treats her with absolute caution whenever they meet up at the kennels. He is 33.5k and coming up 4 and she is 26.5k and still only 2. A very gutsy bitch ! 

Dont forget

you could own a share in Danni. Only £128 ALL IN inc all training & rehoming costs for a share equivalent to a 1% lease. Guaranteed nothing more to pay. Receive 1% all winning prize money won by Danni in your ownership and receive an owners pass with all ownership benefits from Sunderland racetrack. This is an excellent way to be involved in greyhound racing and an excellent way to dip your toe into greyhound racing if you have never been involved. 

To take up a share or if you have any queries please just text or call me on 07775 743 885




Owners just needed the right race to get that first win. She has had a lot of poor luck in running previous races but tonight’s race (PICTURED ABOVE COMING HOME IN TOTAL ISOLATION) had the look of a possible win and it all fell into place. She is a stamina pup and hopefully will progress into a 6 bend dog in time which is what she was purchased for. Broke away from the 3 dog and was never looking as if she would be caught by the top quality dogs coming from behind. Great result for all connections as she was available this morning at 7/2 before finishing evens. Well done all owners. HAPPY HANGOVERS !

Very pleased with Vicky’s comeback run on the same card before she tired at the end but unfortunately Ana had to be withdrawn from a race most thought she had a winning chance in – inc. R. Post – due to going into season. Still, can’t complain about tonight’s racing though !



With not a lot of racing happening at present, Jimmy has had time to put down some of his thoughts and his latest post can be seen on JIMMY’S BLOG

Anyone interested in taking up a share in a greyhound, there are shares available in PANTHERS DANCER and new unraced pup PANTHERS STORM who has now been marked up and would have trialed, if it hadn’t been for the weather, with races due soon. Just get in touch on 07775 743 885. Cost from an all inclusive price of £128, Danni has now won 10 from 37 races at Sunderland for Panther.



Great to see Sally run another debut bumper horse bought by Alan S. as a youngster. The magic lives on as it stayed on strong on its debut to win with what looked a bit in hand. There haven’t been a lot of yard runners over the Winter but there are plenty of horses in training and being prepared for the Spring whenever that may be. Doc meanwhile is on a rest period having suffered an injury which likely came in his race at Southwell, as he was travelling nicely and then folded quick. He has about 6 more weeks off and then can start back into work. Unfortunately it would seem likely that his preferred ground of heavy will have gone by then. No suitable races when you are fit and now when you want to run you can’t ! He’s been a frustrating horse as he has obvious ability and would so much liked to have seen him chase ! Ah well, that’s the horses.

On the dog front, the new pups are starting to race at Yvonne’s and Bluey just went down by a neck on her handicap debut today. The latest pup STORM has been marked up and is ready to start trials. Vicky has got the all clear to resume racing after a trial and it would be nice if she could emulate Danni coming back on the card with a nice win. Ana continues her fight with the R.M. as she is continuously overfaced in her races. At Jim’s our dogs haven’t exactly got the bookies running for cover, however, Rum continues running well even with an upgrade for his win.


Jayne has been sending some pics through of a litter from a previous dog in Panther  – BALLYMAC KITE. Lots of bundles of fluff if you can work them out ! Left to right towards end Nov / end Dec / and below mid Feb. Kite was a very good dog for us and hopefully some of her ability has been passed on to this new generation.






Was the win expected  – no ! Even if the next-door trap did become vacant. However, she is a very gutsy bitch, as I’m sure readers of Jimmy’s blog will be well aware. She ran a very nice trial a couple of weeks ago but didn’t seem 100% after, so was given a full scan but with nothing showing up returned to the track last night and won very nicely. She won over the 4 bends but in reality is a 6 bend dog with loads of stamina. Anyone looking at a great way of becoming involved with the dogs – in a great bitch – at a price that will be very difficult to beat for a dog who has won 10 / 37 races – £128 ALL IN INC REHOMINGPLEASE GET IN TOUCH Anne  07775 743 885. Danni is still only 2 years old ! What more can I say except all athletes – dogs, horses or humans – DO pick up injuries and these setbacks have to be taken on the chin, regardless of age or quality of a dog ! Unfortunately, it does happen. If you are genuinely interested in taking up a share, please text or give a ring on the above number.


Haven’t yet been able to get up to see new pup STORM and get pics. Ran at 33.5K. for his trials but weighed in at 31.5 k on arrival at kennels and Yvonne said he looks underweight. Is being allowed to settle in and Yvonne said seems a nice natured dog but quiet as you would expect, with him getting accustomed to his new environment. He has been taken to the track and marked up last week and so will now await trials to start in the not too distant future once he has put a bit of weight on. If anyone is interested in taking up a share, now is the time to do so at the advertised cost of only £195 for a 5% share inc. a £50 deposit into the training kitty and a £50 deposit for rehoming at the end of Storm’s career – if not used would be returned. Remember, this pup was advertised only a couple of months ago for £2,750 when in Ireland. Can’t promise anything as Storm hasn’t been tried out here but he is from a very good sire and brood bitch. At the price we are able to offer 5% shares at present, he really could be a genuine bargain – or not as the case may be ! Yes he is a gamble but at the price ?  Only 6 shares now remain for purchase. Interested, please get in touch with Anne on 07775 743 885.



We have been going through that period of ” not being able to buy a winner / if it can go wrong it will ” of late. However, last night Rummy bounced out in a race that looked suitable on paper. When I say bounced out, he did but only as Rum can do bounces ! Still lost a few lengths but with not a lot of pace in the race relatively, he soon made ground and coming out of the 2nd bend took it up and stayed on well to win his 18th race. The 5/2 looked fine before the race, even better after the second bend and Alan got some of his recent losses back ! Goes to show what a drop in grade and a suitable looking race can produce. Rum is now 5 in Sept. but still running A2 last night and soon to be back to A1 no doubt but at least RM gave him a shot. Ana meanwhile continues running very well but without winning and RM not dropping her and she goes again on Sunday in another tough assignment. Shame she isn’t getting a break, as she is also in the twilight of her career and turns 5 in November. Hope sod’s law applies and she bolts up !



Latest pup to join Panther has his own page now updated on the site. Please take a look under the Dogs section. Sorry no pic as yet as we haven’t been to the kennels and Storm only arrived 3 days ago.





Also details of Panther’s latest pup will be posted on site shortly.


Bit since been posting but things could have been going better ! Only winner been Andes on Rum’s 100th run on 29th ! When things go wrong they tend to go wrong big time. Bruce met with a career ending injury and will be retired out of racing and is due to go for castration.  Captin has met with a long term problem needing about 4 months off. Danni ran a very nice trial back – time wise – but then needs to be checked over as wasn’t right after. Pippa is awaiting a scan to see where we are with her. She has now been put in with another dog and she seems very happy with company. On the horse front, we had found the perfect race for Doc –  or so we thought – and then on a fast gallop prior to entry he wasn’t right and John Patterson has been called in. John was a vet with Arthur Stephenson who we have always known and is now a very renowned manipulator of horses. Hopefully Doc’s problems will be sorted.

Apart from the bad news, Ana continues to run well but with not a lot of help from RM. Can understand why as such, as she is running well in defeat but to win needs a bit of a leg up, as all owners aware. Recent pup Bluey is back on the card and running well as such without winning though ! Rum has run again but his normal problem proves a hindrance regarding winning but he is a determined finisher. Said it before but what a dog he could have been if he didn’t give so much ground away at the start. Vicky returned to the track in her first race for 5 months off (last race was 5 months previous to that). Finished last but sound having backed off at the third last which she tended to do previous. However, she overcame that problem when winning at odds of 4, 8, 14, 10 & 5/1 in her last 11 races (finished last in last 2 races). Ignore her at your peril ! Touchwood ! Main thing is she always returns sound, as she is a very loving bitch who just wants to please.  Nothing running from Jayne’s kennels but Kite’s first litter of  pups are thriving. Well, as I said we haven’t a lot of good news of late ! 


Came out of Winter hibernation to enter into an online dog show last month and WON his class and BEST OF SHOW to boot ! Winners announced 2 days ago and I will post Jimmy’s own thoughts in next couple of days or so.  CAN’T KEEP A GOOD DOG DOWN – OR QUIET !


Latest news

on a new dog is that one could be coming over next week. He is from a very nice brood bitch who has bred open grade dogs and won his 3 trials in Ireland, two of which were by 8l and 10 lengths. Presently unraced. Intentions are to sell in 5% shares and full details will be posted when he comes over. However, if you would like to register an interest without obligation, please get in touch via text or phone on 07775 743 885. 



Sadly there was no fairytale at Yarmouth as Rummy tired on the soft inside ground but regardless it was a brilliant achievement to reach such a landmark race. Another to keep on going (touchwood) is ANA – HAVANA BLACKBIRD who ran her 77th race yesterday (76 for her present owners). 11 wins and 14 x 2nd is no mean achievement especially for a bitch who missed the track for quite a while due to a very long season. She has come back to form recently but is not having the easiest of tasks in her races with her consistent runs – 2 WINS 2 X 2ND from last 7 races . Shame as she gives everything and really does need a bit of a help from the RM !  Hopefully it will materialise and she will put another notch on the handle.

We are looking again for another dog to be in training at Sunderland with Yvonne. This time we have asked Yvonne to sound out some male dogs and when one is pinpointed he will be syndicated possibly in 5% units BUT WITH A MAX OF ONLY 10 SHARES SOLD LIKE THIS. If anyone is interested please do get in touch  07775 743 885. Price wise you would be looking at roughly £150 inc rehoming and so much to a kitty. However training fees would be from a kitty system as all our other dogs are. Winning prize money goes into the kitty but if a top up is needed, an owner would need to put a top up in (approx £50 for 6 months if the dog didn’t win). Hopefully that wouldn’t be the case ! Please do remember, however, that dogs are no different to all athletes either human or animal, in that injuries do occur and these have to be taken on the chin ! Every measure is and always has been the case, that ALL dogs are given the best care and attention throughout their career and at the end of their racing are found a sofa of their own in a loving environment. JUST ASK JIMMY !



Rum runs in his own sponsored race tonight at Yarmouth at 20.43 to celebrate his 100th race. He has been a great servant to his owners and has won 17 to date and 19 seconds in a distinguished career including many open events. He was trained by Jim but when he moved to Crayford from Yarmouth, Rum wasn’t an ideal dog for the track and ended up returning to Yarmouth for his owners to be trained by Beryl, Jim’s mother-in-law. Rum always had a lot of ability but his biggest flaw was his trapping and giving away 5 lengths at the start of a race was no surprise. What he had, however, was a great finish once the engines were fired up and a great railing instinct which saw him win his races mostly having turned for home. He was part of that amazing night at Yarmouth when Jim sent out the 4 trophy winners and the Yankee part of the Canadian lined many owners pockets. We were able to be there that night and would have loved to have been there once again tonight to see Rum win his own race but sadly unable to do so. Still, there will be plenty of supporters there and it will be brilliant if he does indeed win. Price now 10/3 from 9/2 but a lot depends upon how far back he gets. What he will be doing is running on. Come on Rummy !


Been trying to update site front page without a lot of success as you will be able to tell. Lost lot of pics and things not going as expected ! Alan determined not to call in  cavalry. My faith in him undiminished ? As things stand on the dog front, three have met with problems and others running getting beat short heads ! Nothing going smoothly. On the horse front, Doc ran another disappointing race at Rasen when travelling really well before folding. Was checked over by vet at track and got all clear. Ate up that night and on fine form this morning. Convinced he is better than this. Main thing he is well in himself albeit a mystery. More going on behind scenes re other horse possibilities.

Jimmy been quiet on his own blog but still full of beans when he wants to be. Just gone into hibernation in the cold weather. Likes his comforts ! Have Rum due to run his 100th race possibly this weekend and sponsored. Incredible achievement by Jim and mother in law Beryl. Brilliant if he could win it !



Elvis – left -made it 12 from 45 and Pixie -right – 6 from 22 (since Jim purchased her). Both dogs are going from strength to strength. Plus we are also getting the inevitable 2nds ! On the horse front, Doc was declared to run today but with some (a lot) of un-forecast rain the meeting was abandoned. Shame as the ground would have been ideal – well it would if racing had been on. The William Hill Betting shop tv prog is a boon to greyhound followers and is free and covers the bags. The new media packages came into force on the 1st and you don’t have to have a bet to watch in. Just google it and take a look. The second new pup with Yvonne missed the break on her next trial but when the penny dropped, she knuckled down and touchwood is another who will make the grade.


Great start to the New Year for PANTHERS BLUEY one of our 2 new pups with Yvonne. Didn’t win last night but was a staying on 0.5 length 2nd at 10/1 on her race debut at the track and caught a few people’s eyes in the process. Purchased to be a stayer she is only a May ’16 bitch and has an exciting future ahead – touchwood. 

Don’t forget, if you are interested in taking up a share in a greyhound with Yvonne please get in touch with Anne on 07775 743 885 as Yvonne is presently looking for another new pup for Panther. It is a cheaper alternative to a share in a horse and just as exciting. Indeed trainers Rebecca Menzies and Gay Kelleway have shares in Panther dogs as does former champion ladies jockey Lucy Horner who is also heavily involved in the racehorse breeding side now, as well as owning her own horses. 

DEEP RESOLVE has come out of his last race really well and with the lack of a suitable chase in the short term he could run in a hurdle at Newcastle on Sunday. 



Although I believe in living in the ‘NOW’ time, it is hard not to reflect on a year gone by. 12 months ago we had just posted a record 18 winners of dogs and horses for the month of December. However, the prophecy of that blog did indeed come to pass, as health issues took over for Alan. We had a good start to the year with horse trainers Alan Swinbank, Sam England and Gay Kelleway with Deep Resolve, My Renaissance and Vroom all winning but health issues finally meant we had to curtail our dog and horse interests. Alan Swinbank’s sudden death was a massive loss, as he wasn’t just a trainer for us but a friend and very good mentor. We had horses with Alan from the day he took up his licence and also before that with Bill Haigh while Alan was ‘learning’ the trade officially as his assistant trainer. Also we had known Alan for a lot of years before that and he was a great admirer of the late Arthur Stephenson (had pointers with him). Both trainers taught myself and Alan (husband) so much about horses and racing. There are many trainers out there but I doubt if many would be able to match the qualities of the two most astute horse dealers we have ever come across or ever likely to do so. Some of Alan’s stories he told were beyond belief as he wandered around the stables on a visit but then you realised that they were indeed true and the people’s names were also mostly in the public eye, trainers and owners alike. What a book it would make ! We have missed those stable visits enormously and his partner for many years SALLY HAYNES now holds the licence at Western House and it is where we still have Doc (Deep Resolve) whom I hope has a very big future ahead this year. The curtailing of the horses meant we had to give up Alfie with Sam and Vroom with Gay as we were unable to do our own job and it was a shame as both were very good horses for us and we got on well with the trainers. Also no new dogs were taken on and we let the numbers drop as retirements happened. We were made an offer in the horse world that a year previous we would have jumped at the chance of but unfortunately had to pass over and then an offer was made to buy the Panther Racing company. It was turned down as we still wanted to continue with the dogs we had. Well, so much for living in the NOW time ! However, it is still nice sometimes to reminisce also – over happy and sad times.

For the NOW time, we have decided to expand the dogs once again with Alan picking up. The two latest pups to be purchased are about to start their racing careers now at Sunderland with YVONNE BELL. All shares are sold in them but if anyone is interested in a 10% share in a new pup, Yvonne is looking for another dog for us. Please just get in touch with ourselves. You may also start to see horses from Becky’s (REBECCA MENZIES) yard running and carrying the Panther Racing company’s colours. Indeed PHOENIX LIGHTNING a 2 y. old by Lawman has already raced on the 22nd at Wolverhampton and holds another entry this coming week at Newcastle. More news will be forthcoming in the New Year.

Well again, myself, Alan and Jimmy would like to wish all readers a very Happy New Year and some good punts into the bargain !


Although touching 14’s Doc was then clipped back into 6/1 sp. There were plenty of negs but the trip was never considered to be one. Coming 3rd was a nice result and had he not got trapped in, then he could have been closer. However, he is a one pace horse and it is chasing that we really want. Previous it was thought 2m 4f would be the limit but the way he works and the way the race panned out yesterday, you wouldn’t say we wont see him as a 3 mile chaser one day. Has come out of the race bouncing and just need that right race / track / conditions to come together. Alan has always been convinced the horse has the ability to be a decent chase prospect and hopefully it will the case.


Doc in 1.50 Southwell today and been on drift since first prices out last night. Not surprising giving the negs as there are plenty. Now out to 14/1 unless it has slipped further in the time I am writing this. Main aim regardless of outcome today is for a chasing career.



Andes bounced out the traps and led all the way to win at 9/2 touching 5’s before the off. He was up against Fern in the same race but although a big dog he handles Cray well – as he did on the stamina track of Nottingham in an open competition race last time. He has now won 12 from 36 races and has improved for a step up to 6 bends. Fern was considered to need fitness returning yesterday after over 2 months off. She will improve for the run and has herself already won 10 from 35.

Doc returns to action on Friday at Southwell over a 2 mile trip for the first time before he embarks on a chasing career. Meant to have already started chasing but no suitable race / track / ground combination has been forthcoming.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and good luck in the Festive Punting.




On the horse front, Sally hit the jackpot yesterday with STAR OF LANKA. originally a £33,000 purchase before Alan Swinbank’s son Julian purchased the 3 y. old horse for just £800 out of Dermot Weld’s yard at The August Sales. Sent off at Newcastle on racecourse debut in a bumper he touched 25’s on the morning before coming in at the off to 14/1. Alan S. made his name doing exactly that when he set out training and it’s great to see the same pattern emerge once again. Also it didn’t do any harm to our own finances ! Brilliant result. Staying on the horse front, we have had a change of plan with Doc (Deep Resolve) who now holds an entry at Southwell on Friday. We had intended going for a chase now but a lack of a suitable race on a suitable track in the short term has meant a different route for now but chasing is still the aim.

Dogs will be trialed and also entered up this coming week. PIPPA has now been sold out but if anyone is keen on taking up a share in a new pup in the New Year, we have asked Yvonne to keep a look out for anything suitable that she is offered. Please get in touch if you are interested. A 10% share inc. travel costs and registrations would cost in the region of £250 which would include a kitty deposit (£75) from which training fees are paid plus a £70 charge for rehoming fees ( anything not used will be refunded at the end of the dog’s racing career). Please just phone or text  / email 07775 743 885 Two people are already on the list. No obligation to purchase by putting your name forward.



I’ll let Jimmy give his own CHRISTMAS MESSAGE on his own Blog page.



On a quick return to the track, Ana fairly flew the traps and put the race to bed early doors. She ran to the line and was never threatened winning by 2.75 lengths. This makes it now 11 career wins and she appears to be improving of late after a long season ! Along with Ana, it’s exciting times at Yvonne’s with our 2 new pups both starting to trial, Vicky given the go ahead to resume work and Danni having won her last race. 



Following on from Danni’s win a few days ago, Ana got in on the act on Friday night – and live on RPGTV which has been in the past, a bit of a jinx for our dogs. However, Ana put that ghost to rest when, although not breaking the quickest, she really knuckled down to the task in hand by making up lost ground and cutting across on the first bend to hit the front coming out of the second and never looked back to record her 10th career win. She acts like a teenager at the kennels and both her and Danni (front of pic left) were both fizzy at the kennels yesterday. Dannii had also run a trial over 6 bends on Friday and posted a nice 40.61 time. Both dogs have won 19 races between them. Also on the good news front was that Vicky (pictured right with Jimmy) can resume work once again. She is a lovely natured dog and came out to greet Jimmy yesterday with a dart and play bow. Normally she is startled by Jimmy’s full on play mode but this time she took the upper hand and both had a fun time. The field resembled an ice rink rather than an exercise paddock with a total ice covering but the dogs seemed to like it. Next out were the two new pups – BLUEY & PIPPA. Both are May ’16 pups and Bluey ran her first trial last week. She has been purchased to hopefully make up into a 6 bend dog. She is much more street wise than Pippa who was full of the joys of Spring as she played about wanting treat after treat. Acted more like a labrador puppy than a grey ready to do the biz. However, the serious side starts now as she runs her first trial this week. Unfortunately we had to hang fire on the introduction of Jimmy and the pups, as a full on Jimmy probably not what 2 ‘green’ pups really would want to come up against !

On the horse front, it has all been very quiet since we stopped the syndicates because of circumstances with Alan. However I’m hoping a suitable race will be coming up for Doc in the not too distant future. Getting itchy feet again for the horses !



Panthers Dancer (far side) landed the spoils last night when staying on very strong in the home straight to win on the line. She is a 6 bend bitch but this was only over 4 bends. She will next be trialed over the 6 before resuming handicaps over that trip once again. This race made it 9 wins from 36 races she has run for Panther and Yvonne. She is a July ’15 and giving her owners plenty to cheer. Considered to have a good chance yesterday she was priced at 5/2 earlier on before betting suspended with a reserve entering the equation. She went off 6/4 fav.



It was a good day all round yesterday when Bluey got the ball rolling with a win in her first 3 dog trial and first look at the track. She is considered to be another 6 bend bitch in time.

Our other new bitch PANTHERS PIPPA will trial very soon and only a couple of shares now remain available.  



We have 2 very nice bitches for racing at Sunderland in PANTHERS DANCER and PANTHERS PIPPA. A share costs from only £128 ALL IN FOR ENTIRE RACING CAREER (Dancer) and is a great way to start off in greyhound ownership.  PIPPA is a total unknown and has only had 2 sprint trials in Ireland but Yvonne has excelled for Panther in purchasing these type of dogs to go on with. Taking a share in any of Panthers dogs gives you access to come and visit the kennels on a Sunday to ‘walk the dogs’ and get to know fellow owners in the kennels over a cup of tea / coffee afterwards. Yvonne, family and staff are very friendly and it is a very relaxed environment and you will be made very welcome. Also the management at the track have offered special privilidge cards to anyone joining our syndicates for free entry plus discounts off meals and drinks etc. Even if you don’t live in the locality, you will be kept fully informed via text or email as to the well being of your dog and all racing news. We have owners all around the country and have also run many very successful horse racing syndicates over the last 30 years with 30 plus horse trainers – many household names. Due to circumstances we had to cut back on our horses but still have DEEP RESOLVE in training with SALLY HAYNES who has taken over the licence at Western House stables when partner ALAN SWINBANK died this Summer. He is a lovely horse who will soon be novice chasing. 

Work is also going on behind the scenes for a new racing venture being set up to run under the Panther banner and horses are expected to be in training with REBECCA MENZIES. Details will appear here when all is sorted.

So if its greyhounds or horses you are keen on taking an involvement in, please do get in touch with myself

Anne on 07775 743 885

Greyhounds are very popular amongst horse racing enthusiasts and horse trainers REBECCA MENZIES and GAY KELLEWAY have shares with Panther in the dogs as has former Ladies champion jockey LUCY HORNER who is now running a stud.





Called in to see PIP today and take some pics. She only arrived at the kennels a couple of days ago from Ireland and is still settling in, so again Jimmy had to miss out on any introduction. No point in scaring her with Jimmy in full vocal mode wanting to play. She was very affectionate and quiet but it wont take long for her nature to come through. Just a bit wary of her new surroundings at present. She is a very attractive red fawn bitch who will hopefully run as good as she looks ! Full details of breeding etc are on her own page on this site. If you are interested in a 10% share in PIPPA please get in touch as shares are being sold now and several have already gone.



Offered another new bitch pup with Yvonne. She is a fawn May ’16 unraced and had only 2 sprint trials at Youghal. She will be marked up this week at Sunderland and will be ready for her trials here very soon. She is to be syndicated in 10% units and if you are interested please get in touch 07775 743 885 for details. Hopefully will be able to put her full details on the site on her own page by tomorrow night. 



It all started with setting off for Sunderland in atrocious weather. Realised we may not get there in time with all the snow so turned back. Right decision with racing delayed by 90 mins or so – and all hands to the shovels at the track to clear it of snow ! Ana was racing in the first race and led most of the way until the last inch as she was deemed 2nd beaten a short head – Alan convinced otherwise at the time ! Pic as he saw it ! Ana black jacket closest. Cameras never lie ? The white obviously got up a split second after pic. Not speaking out of pocket as only small stakes recommended due to the negs as all owners informed about. Surprise were the odds. Still, it was a very good run by Ana.

People say things even themselves out and so it was with ANDES (right 2/1 sp) hanging on to win by a short head ! This makes it 11 from 33 races. The double came courtesy of  ELVIS (5/1) who notched up his 9th win from last 21 races at Cray.





Went to see new pup Bluey (who arrived over from Ireland on Thursday) at Yvonne’s yesterday. She is a very nice looking bitch and expected to be marked up shortly and then trialled in before her racing gets underway at Sunderland. Only a May ’16 pup she will hopefully give her new owners plenty to cheer during her forthcoming career at Sunderland. Full details of breeding etc will be on her own page shortly.



Please click on Jimmy’s Blog page for latest 



Looking forward to the racing at Sunderland tonight live on RPGTV and Sky 468 and Freesat 250, although not able to be there in person. Panther’s sponsored race is the 7.39 I have been urged by Jimmy to get his recommended bet on the blog now as it has already been 9/4 and is presently (11.15 am) 7/4 which could still be attractive odds. JIMMY’S STAKE (STEAK ?) is MILL HANK in the 10.35 He will have his own say later today on his own blog and there will be further news also on this blog a little later today.

Tonight’s meeting is all about raising awareness and funding for the Durham & District Retired Greyhound Trust. Yvonne, daughter Carolyn and grandson Lewis put a lot into helping Alison Waggott organise the event. The trust is based at Hollin Hall at Crook 07876 077 093. Anyone is welcome to visit the centre and see the dogs and ask as many questions about retiring a grey to your own home. All dogs are neutered and vaccinated and will have been tested as being suitable for rehoming. Our own Mandy was found her forever home and sofa via Hollin Hall. Without this sort of backup for rehoming and welfare of the ex racers, we would not be involved in the racing of the dogs. Many thanks to our dogs owners who have donated and sponsored dogs on tonight’s card and good luck to all.

All I can say is that WE CERTAINLY WOULDN’T BE WITHOUT JIMMY. He has been massively different to any other dog we have owned (all German Shepherds). Hadn’t realised how quirky a grey can be when in your own home. Alan’s family had trained greys and whippets many years ago now but in the house it was a German Shepherd from Alan being the age of 8. Whatever we were told about greys Jimmy just seems to be the opposite ! Great fun though !

Jimmy will be having his say now on his own Blog page.



Can be read on his own Blog Page. Plus a promised ‘tip’ on Friday’s card !



Fancied by the kennels and Alan, he returned to action after 7 weeks off having been ko’d in his last race. A big dog for Crayford (33.5k a kg higher than last race) he missed the break but got back up and stayed on to win by 2 heads ! Nail-biting stuff once again having been backed at 4’s earlier.

The shares in the new dog with Yvonne are now sold and I will post full details of PANTHERS BLUEY (proposed name) when we can get a photo – hopefully this weekend.



A new May ’16 blue bitch pup expected over from Ireland this week and will be syndicated in 10% shares. These will be sold on a first come basis. Please get in touch for further details. 07775 743 885



Alan had believed Ana would run a good race plus had been told of a double figure horse at Newcastle tonight expected to run well. Champers expected on the agenda but not to be ! However, although a very slow start by Ana pretty much cost her all chance, a slow start (normal) by Rum didn’t this time as he ran on strong to win at 3/1 at Yarmouth. Did Alan recoup losses from earlier – NO ! Still a Rum is as good as a flute ! 

Just back from another week at Pauline’s Thatchmire Stud. Brilliant place to stay but no winners whilst there. Jimmy loves the seclusion and loads of rabbits plus lots of new and old friends both human and horsey ! Pixie did indeed run a cracker since last win going down by half a length and a neck, even if massive price drift but Bruce having broke really well was sideswiped at the first and was never able to get back into the race. Danni ran a very good sprint trial last week and will now have a 4 bender trial this week whilst Vicky will be checked over before any trials. She has done very well to come back from her injury and I’m hoping all goes well for her as she was improving all the time. 

Spoke to Becky last week re the horses in the proposed Panther Horse Racing Club but have no further news re what will be happening in the short term. Will keep this blog updated with up to date news. 

Jimmy will be having his say on the hols in the near future. He fell in love !




Pixie has now won 5 from 14 races since coming over from Ireland and she won well enough today taking up the lead after the 4th bend over the 540m trip. She is a very game bitch.

We have been getting several enquiries regarding The Panther Racing Club. Unfortunately as we are not ‘hands on’ due to health reasons and I am unable to answer many of the questions. It has taken longer than I anticipated for the management team who are to run the club to have set up the specific website with full details of all horses and club conditions. For now I have taken down the few details we have had posted on this site until full details of the horses and club conditions are known. I will put full details up as soon as I know what the complete picture is.

The racing club is a separate entity from the greyhound side of Panther which I do continue to manage myself. Also Deep Resolve is separate from the club. Any questions re all greyhounds and Deep Resolve I can answer !




Elvis ran a very strong race last night to win at 4’s early and 7/2 sp. Kennel spot in in assessment with slow dogs on inside giving Elvis the chance to get in a challenging position. Arguably better over the 6 than the 4 and once coming alongside the leader it always looked job done. He now has an enviable almost 28% strike rate.

It hasn’t been a bad couple of days re betting (no bets today) as Red taken ew (unusually for Alan) but he couldn’t see it being out of the 3 at 1/4 odds. He could during the race though ! Fortune on his side I think !



One of our fav. meetings of the N. Hunt season and always brings back some brilliant memories. It was the weekend we used to put on a Racing Weekend for several years, staying in a large York Hotel (different each year) with our own racing themed entertainment on the Friday, coach to the races Sat, halloween entertainment when applicable, plus stable visit on the Sunday. All our trainers were also invited along and it was always a very busy fun packed occasion – even though nobody got much sleep ! Nobody cared !

Unfortunately, increased hotel costs put it all out of bounds as a week abroad became cheaper ! Still, can’t take away memories. Alan still very keen on the betting side of the meeting however, and today produced 4 winners from the 6. Plus we then went to Sunderland on RPGTV and from 7 races, obtained a void race (selection would have been beaten) and another 4 winners. Can’t complain. So far Alan’s bet of tomorrow’s card is in the big one itself in DEFINITILY RED  sitting at 8/1 at present. No doubt scuppered its chances now !

Several have enquired re the PANTHER RACING CLUB regarding more info on the horses but unfortunately I’m awaiting details myself coming through regarding individual horses from the management group. As I am not  hands on at this present time, I am awaiting further info  from the management team and will post as soon as possible. Meanwhile you may like to take a peek at our own ‘flyer’ on the greyhound side which we do manage personally. With no flyer through regarding the horses, it is on the PANTHER RACING CLUB PAGE ! If you are interested in either a greyhound or would want further info on the horse side, please do get in touch on 07775 743 885 via phone, text or email




Alan had a lot of confidence going into the race – even though R. Post were totally opposite with tissue at 10/1. Owners told expected odds if marking up as 4/1 so even though no 10’s, she was given as 7/1 with sp of 6/1. Ana (far side in race) broke well and led util home run when she was in a nod to nod to the line. Unfortunately wrong nod ! Still this is her only 3rd race back from a long season and she is improving but it is her make-up to just not stay that extra couple of yards. Such a shame but she did all owners proud. So close – but far enough !




Downgraded and considered well capable of winning this type of event given a clear run. Captin missed the kick and was also bumped but the downgrade probably helped, as he stayed on to take up the lead after the last over a trip which is probably short of his best. 5/1 covers some previous losses ! Mind you still 6 wins 29 races ! Not all bad news !

Mentioning bad news, Queen and Kissy are both now set to be rehomed having been tried to get back unsuccessfully from problems. Shendus Star was sent to th e rehoming centre also and was only there for 10 days before getting his sofa for life ! Great work carried out by the greyhound trusts and individual rehoming centres. Don’t forget, you can help by sponsoring a dog(s) at Sunderland on Friday 24th to help the cause. See it run on RPGTV. Only a fiver – please see previous post on 28th




anajim291017Called at Yvonne’s yesterday as it has been a while since we have been able to go. The 3 dogs are all back in trainingvicky291017 and whilst Ana (left with Jimmy doing a bit of a photo bomb and getting tangled up in the process) is the only one on the card, both Vicky (right) and Danni (above) looked pretty fit. Both are expected to have 3 more gallops this week at home and take it from there re trialing in again. 

More news on the PANTHER RACING CLUB will soon be on its own page. Club horses will be on their own pages also. However, the club will not be managed by ourselves but a management team. I will still be managing all the greyhounds within Panther as well as horse DEEP RESOLVE with Sally.


28/10/’17 – LATE !







It is organised by ‘Durham and District retired greyhounds’ and the meeting is televised live on RPGTV. Last year Panther Racing sponsored a race and this year will be doing so again. Never know, we may have one of our 3 runners with Yvonne on the card. Sponsoring a race costs only £60 and all the greyhounds racing can be sponsored also at a cost of £5 per dog. Each dog sponsor will receive 10 free tickets for admission / pie & peas / 2 drinks. The winning greyhound sponsor will also receive a commemorative RGT mug. If you would like to sponsor a race or individual dogs for such a good cause, please send a cheque payable to ‘DURHAM & DISTRICT RETIRED GREYHOUNDS’ and send to PATSY WILKINSON, SUNDERLAND GREYHOUND STADIUM, NEWCASTLE ROAD, SUNDERLAND SR5 1RP. Alternatively, you can hand cheques or cash to Yvonne (daughter Carolyn or grandson Lewis) at the track.

The welfare of greyhounds is so important and all dogs when their careers are over need to be found good loving homes and a sofa to call their own. I can certainly vouch that greyhounds are not your normal dog as they have their own unique quirks that only a grey has. If you have owned one then you know exactly what I mean ! Please do support the evening. We will hope to be there but if not a rep will be needed to present the winning trophy to connections of Panther’s sponsored race.


More news on the Panther Racing Club is that a list of 6 horses has been issued. We are not in the position (due to Alan’s present health problems) of being able to be ‘hands on’ in the venture but the club is being run by a management team. All horses will be trained by Becky (Menzies) and will run under the very successful Black and Yellow colours of Panther – synonymous with many successes both flat and N. Hunt and I will list horses and details of membership when given them by the management team. One horse of note is former AP O’BRIEN  3 y. old PEACE ENVOY rated 112 and with earnings of £119,480 to date. Placed at Group 1 level, he will be aimed at Listed races in November at Doncaster and Lingfield. You could be there as an owner !




DANNI is a July’15 bitch and full details are on her own dog page. Please take a look. The cost is very cheap @ £128 ALL IN for her entire racing career (1% share) and includes costs to rehome after her racing is over. She is a winner of 8 races already – a very young dog – and A1 grade. Genuine fun dog to own. Come racing with her (free) or watch on RPGTV or BAGS (Sat not on BAGS at present).  Danni is trained by top Sunderland trainer YVONNE BELL and you are welcome on a Sunday to the kennels to ‘walk the dogs’. Great way to become involved in a greyhound – family more than welcome to join in the fun – knowing your full commitment. Just get in touch if you are interested in a share on 07775 743 885  /

Other dog shares (10%) will be shortly available in a new aquisition to be trained by Yvonne. Details as soon as.

  • We have been getting several enquiries regarding ‘Panther Racing Club’ which has been said on twitter to be in the process of being formed. As far as things stand, nothing has been finalised but I will post any new news as soon as I know anything definite. 




On Tuesday, Ana (running at Sunderland) was given no chance by the bookies and odds were 10’s but Alan had believed there would be crowding at the first and Ana is just the type of dog to take advantage. However, she had no chance to prove it when she herself was side swiped out of the race at the first bend when the predicted crowding occurred ! Bookies 1 Alan £0 ! However, different story at Cray when Pixie took an early lead, was outpaced mid race and dropped back before staying on very strong at the finish to get up and win on the line by a short head at 5/2. Not for the faint hearted ! Hopefully this is a turning point as our dogs with Jim haven’t been running as hoped and indeed the kennel has been out of sorts. Hopefully it is a turning point as open races possibly on agenda soon.

dannib271116cpReally good news is that Danni (left) and Vicky have both been given a clean bill of health to resume training. Vicky was VICKYTONGUEthought previous to have suffered a career ending injury but scans showed otherwise. Danni suffered an injury in her last race when coming a close 2nd. Just one of those things that many dogs get. Both dogs are starting back by free running in a field to build up muscle and fitness levels.

Can’t keep good dogs down ! Really looking forward to both these dogs being back on track.


Doc bypasses Sedge as the ground wouldn’t be in his favour. Was couple very decent sorts there but ground is the main factor. Shame really as he is so well in himself.

22/10/’17 – 16.00




Called up to Sally’s yard today to see Doc. Haven’t seen him for many months and couldn’t believe how well he DOC&JIM221017cplooked. Sure he has grown ? Certainly has filled out and looks a real chaser. Looks ‘rib-fit’ and had a real shine in his coat – although with Autumn well underway, he has just started to put on his coat. If you could only go on looks, he would certainly add to his race record of 6 WINS from 34 races. As it is, he has to do it on track and his race on Wed certainly looks far from easy with realistic Cheltenham horses being aimed there. Heavier the ground the better for his chasing debut but will see how things pan out before a decision is made. Jimmy is totally unfazed with horses and just as well as Doc took a healthy attitude to Jimmy, wanting to get his head down to him – although Jimmy happier when there was a bit of space ! Not sure what Jimmy’s thoughts would have been if he had heard Sally mention using Jimmy as a raceday travelling companion seeing as they both got on so well on their first introduction ! As well as being a very good horse, Doc is also such a laid back and ‘happy to please’ horse.



Although no longer involved with Alfie, I really do wish all owners and Sam all the very best today at Southwell.

Several dogs have been running this past week but Jim’s kennels appear to be ‘out of sorts’ and our dogs have been also. Ana ran a cracking post season race last time out just going down by 2 necks and she is on the card again on Tuesday.


Kenai and Bullseye have run but neither could be recommended in their races. Next week looks as if it may be a different story ? Doc holds an entry at Sedg on Wed but it looks an incredibly difficult race with lots of top rated hurdlers in the beginners chase. Looks like a Cheltenham final !


Rum ran yesterday but his slow start again made the difference as he ran on strong to be 2nd once again. Such a pity as he is such a game dog. Unfortunately just doesn’t trap on most occasions.

Elvis failed to add to his very good record of wins today but he is a much better dog over the 6 bends as opposed to the 4. Couldn’t back today.

14/10/’17   22.00

Fern ok but got behind early and not her style of running. Dogs from kennel running below par today. See how how things are over next few days. Fav won !! no challenge. Rum none runner.


Fern is one of the best bitches at Cray over 540 m and goes tonight in the 9.06 in a £500 race. It looks a match on paper, (is there any such thing ?), between herself and the 6 dog and a fast break could put her in the driving seat. She had a trial last time out at Harlow but was slow away and touchwood a return to Cray will see her fly the traps. Presently 7/2 against the even money fav in 6 so plenty fingers crossed ! Rum also runs at Yarmouth and as always he tends to break on the slow side which has made the difference between him being a good dog and a very good dog. Giving such a lot away at a start and then flying at the finish is not good for the heart or betting !



ELVIS (left) did indeed break well and was bang there winning by a neck at 4/1. Hopefully readers went along with ana301016cpAlan, even though a bit heart in the mouth at the finish. He is now 7 WINS from his last 13 racesANA (right) ran out of her skin and just went down by a neck and a neck – although not recommended as a bet ! Loved to have had egg on the face though ! This was an excellent post season debut race and touchwood plenty more to come.


Ana returns to the track today after a long season. She just kept producing milk. She has been off over 4 months and she will come on fitness wise as well as race rustiness and not forgetting improvement most bitches make when returning from a season over several weeks. The main thing is that Ana returns sound and she will come on for the run regardless of where she finishes today. 

Elvis also running today at Cray and he has won 6 of his last 12 races but is, however, pretty hit and miss as well. A good break though would see him bang there.




Not fancied by most as kennel mate looked on paper to be the one but Alan convinced a fast break would seal the job and it did,  although price drifted markedly ! Still, nice to see for supporters if backing at guaranteed. Makes it 3 from 9 since Panther involvement.

At Yvonne’s, Ana trialed on Thurs and could be ( expected ?) on the card this week and Vicky not as bad as first thought and likely will start back in training rather than retirement. Needs more time off however until trials.  

Incredibly, having cut back for reasons you will be fully aware of, we have been approached in the last few days by several people new and old giving support to ourselves and willing to take shares in both horses and dogs if not now but in the future. It’s very good of people to show their support in this way and very much appreciated. However, in the short term we still have to keep things low key for now but again many thanks.




Plenty of probs of late,  inc. being able (i.e. not able) to update site ! Appear we are back on line once again ! On the horse front, Alfie (pictured above coming into winners enclosure led by Sam and ridden by Jonny when winning at Sedg recently, has run his last race under the Panther banner. He is a cracking looking horse and superbly purchased by Sam for £600 before winning 5 times in Panther’s colours in 10 months – flat / hurdles & fences.. He ran at Beverley last week and ran a good race to be 5th. of 16 having had the negs of a poor draw and ground. Couldn’t recommend him to owners as a bet that day but he did run well just fading at the finish when looking as if he would come through. This was, however, Alfie’s last race for Panther, as we have had to make the decision to leave the horse. It’s not something we wanted to do but Alan’s continued problems has meant everything has had to be cut back. We haven’t fallen out with Sam or owners in Alfie, nor lost faith in the horse. Quite the opposite but it was a decision that had to be taken. All owners were informed what would be happening before the Beverley race. We really do wish Sam and Jonny all the very best for their futures and that of the yard and horses. I will be following their success (and definitely not forgetting Alfie) with great enthusiasm.  This now leaves Panther having only one horse in DEEP RESOLVE – DOC- with Sally who has been having a bit of a purple patch with her latest runners. Great to see and fully deserved. Regarding the dogs, all continue in their ownership groups but we are not replacing at present as dogs are retired.

We have had a lot of success over the many years of syndicating the horses and of late with the dogs and it is a heart wrench to cut back on the syndication side having started with Maurice Avison and Musical Mystery many years ago in our own name and then with Arthur Stephenson. Success on success quickly followed and there have been many good horses along he way and many good trainers. Plus many good gambles ! However, the decision has been made pretty much of it’s own accord, as Alan’s health took over of late and I would like to thank all who followed this website / blog and everyone who put their faith in ourselves, trainers and horses / dogs plus decisions that were taken by ourselves and on our behalf. I will continue to keep the blog updated and hopefully report on Panther’s continued many successes !! Jimmy meanwhile continues to keep us both on our toes and whatever you here about the nature of a greyhound DON’T BELIEVE IT ! Jimmy is the total opposite – but incredibly intelligent and fun to own – well most of the time !


Ah Well – again ! Almost there yesterday when getting a ping break and then disaster when badly baulked at the first and second which put Fern out of contention. Back to the dreaming for now but she is a classy bitch and there will be more competitions for her as she is still very young. Alfie expected to run at Beverley on Tues depending upon the ground.


FERNANDA runs today at Cray in the 3rd heat of THE GOLDEN COLLAR. To get through to the final, she has to be in the first two. She can break quick (mostly !) and really does need to today. If she does, she has every chance of making the final. However, it looks between 3 dogs on paper, the 2 and 3 dogs who are vying for fav. and ourselves in 6. Present odds 3/1. Fern is an Aug ’15 bitch and has to date won 10 from 30 and rated 120. Shout her home – please !



SHENDUS STAR has been a brilliant dog to have been involved with and has been in Panther since the day we joined Jayne’s kennel. He is now 5 years of age and a decision has been made to retire him. He has slowed down a bit and instead of winning, he has come 2nd in his last 10 races. Not too bad at his age ! However, after 117 races, 22 wins and 33 seconds he certainly deserves his own sofa. Sad it had to finish but happy he will be found a loving home to go to and his own sofa !





Fern took another well deserved victory in her Open competition race for THE LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET. Last heat when she won was described as  ”AWSOME” and whilst not as fast at breaking this time, she won with a clever run. She has certainly improved as she has been racing and is now 10 wins from 30 races and rated 114. The main thing tonight was that she qualified and she has done so in fine fashion. Looking forward – touchwood  – to next run this week. Interesting to see what opposition she will be up against – and trap !




KENNEL F cp 250617After several trials Vicky made her race debut after her season. Not expected to do anything special, she ran as VICKYTONGUEexpected and did her usual ‘lap of honour’ on her own after the race was over. She returned sound but this morning was found to be lame. It looks likely to be a career ending injury but she will be saved and brought back to soundness and then be rehomed. Only turned 3 in May, she had just been coming into herself fully from last December until going into season in April. She won 7 from 18 races in that period and we really had expected her to carry on where she left off but it was a long season for her. As the litter was decent with open and rated dogs of 90 / 94 / 101 and 103 there, more improvement with Vicky was definitely on the cards. Sadly no longer and the main thing now is to find a good ‘forever home’.





Since Alfie landed the spoils on Thursday, Alan’s betting took a downward spiral over the weekend with dogs backed coming unplaced and he allowed Fern to go unbacked and it flew home by 5 lengths. Such is betting ! Two dogs on the comeback trail are Ana and Vicky who have both had extra long seasons carrying milk and will consequently need a bit of time to get back in the swing. Vicky has had a trial and Ana will do soon. On the horse front, Alfie came out of his race really well and had a rest in the paddocks but he is such a versatile horse it wont be long before he is back on track. Doc is expected to be schooled over fences again this week and his next race could be his debut over fences. Best news of all is that an owner in both Alfie and Doc had a serious car accident a couple of weeks ago when going under the front of a car and coming out the back. He was in intensive care but today we spoke to him and he is another on the comeback trail. Still in hospital for the foreseeable future, it is none the less good news to hear his voice ! Not so sure how Alan’s suggestion of spending all the compo money on a new horse went though ! 



ALFIE070917cpAlfie has been a brilliant horse to have been involved with since Sam bought him for only £600 from the Ascot sales.ALFIE070917Acp His first run for us was only 10 months ago when he landed the ew bets at 66/1 and he has continued to put money into owners pockets ever since ! He has run 14 races since purchase and won 5 including over hurdles, on the flat and yesterday landed his first chase on only his second race over the fences. What more could any owner wish for ? In Alfie’s case, a share can be purchased for only a cost of approx £50 per month all in including all racing and training and vet costs etc. As an owner you will receive an owner badge when Alfie races and you are welcome to visit Sam’s yard to see Alfie when you would like to go – as long as it doesn’t clash with Sam being off site. Sam and husband Jonny who rides the yard horses are young and ambitious and have a real future in racing. Their yard at Guiseley is self contained and you can see the horses on the gallops. If you are interested in a share in Alfie, please just get in touch on 07775 743 885 for more details. 10% shares are also available.


Doc fine after yesterday’s none exertions ! New plans afoot. Alfie declared tomorrow at Sedgefield. 

Greyhound_Lurriga_Precious - cropped

Lurriga Precious ran her last race for us as she damaged a shoulder again and is now to be retired. Not long turning 3, she won 10 of her 40 races at Perry Barr for Jayne and was 8 times 2nd. A good record and she is the sort to give a give a lot of loving to a new family.

It isn’t all pessimistic news as Vicky returns to trials now and Ana will start next week.



Not entirely expected though but he won nicely and he is coming along really well. Nice price for those who took a more positive outlook !

Tomorrow sees Doc return to action in a hot looking contest at Hamilton and his price reflects the fact ! Hoping for plenty of rain. Mind you Sally has been making hay with a 66/1 winner and a 12/1 2nd in last week so hopefully Doc pops up as well !


Ah well ! At least we made double figures for August as a slow break sealed Captin’s fate. Danni has been sidelined for the next 4 to 6 weeks until another full scan is done to see whether she can re trial in or need more time off. Suppose now would be the best time for Danni to go into season but sods law and all that !



rum orig

Rum did his backers proud when staying on strong to win in the home straight. He has never been the quickest of dogs out of the blocks, in fact it is safe to say of all the dogs we have been involved with he has been the slowest on most runs ! However, what he lacks in trapping he makes up in guts and determination.  This was his 16th win from 82 races and he is an Open dog and has reached a rating of 110. Not bad for a dog who gives in general 4 to 5 lengths at the start ! He has clocked up our 10th win this month which is excellent, considering the number of dogs we presently have running. Star almost added to the score when just getting beaten by a short head also. There is still a chance of the dogs making it 11 wins as Captin runs in the 14.57 today. 

On the horse front, now only the two under Panther and both entered up for races next week with Doc heading to Hamilton in search of some soft ground and Alfie off to Sedgefield. 

Sad note on the dog front was to hear of the death of Sunderland stalwart TOM TOM CHARLIE who was a staple diet on Friday night’s RPGTV racing. He was reigning RPGTV Champion Greyhound of the year and he was a much followed dog due to his style of racing when weaving his way through dogs as if on sat nav. He will be sadly missed by his connections and many fans.


It was a very good run last night by Danni to be a close 2nd but without being able to overtake the fav. who Danni gave 4 lengths to but unfortunately she was lame at the pick up. She didn’t run as she normally does by sticking to the rail which is obviously explained. She will be fully scanned as soon as possible to see what the damage is. Such a shame.




Andy continued the great run by the dogs when doing a ‘Not coming back’ sort of race as he went over the line well in command. Now we just need Danni to add to the winners list of late by following up tonight at Sunderland live on RPGTV. Problem is, we don’t have a lot of luck when our dogs have been on the programme. Last week Danni’s race was voided – mind you it did help as we looked booked for 2nd when the hare broke down even if Danni did ‘win’ the race. No monies lost. Need a quicker break than last week and I’m expecting her to be running on strong at the finish out of trap 5 (21.16). Hoping for a clear run up the rails. 





The pups are progressing nicely and Captin ran out a ready winner by 11.25 lengths. It has been a good month to date with the dogs, as you will be well aware we are down considerably in numbers to previous, as we haven’t bought any more or replaced as dogs have been rehomed. Add to that both Ana and Vicky at Yvonne’s are still carrying milk long after their seasons began, then it makes for a very good month the number of winners – and its not over yet ! Danni returns to RPGTV tomorrow night at Sunderland having had her last race voided when the hare stopped on the home straight. Must admit, we have never had a lot of luck with dogs when televised with something tending to go amiss, so hopefully we are due a turn of luck. Hopefully tomorrow.




Brilliant track return even though not carrying a lot of kennel confidence ! Only 1 run in almost last 5 months but who cares. Brilliant to see him bounce back at a track that always looked suited better than Cray. All needs saying now is NICE ONE BERYL –  LET’S ‘AVE ANOTHER WON !

Beryl is Yarmouth trainer Beryl Perkins (Jim’s mother – in – law) who took over the training of Rum when he wasn’t ideal to Cray. 



It was some very good info from kennels to put owners in the picture with Bullseye who was thought to be improving along the lines of Elvis. Bully shot out and stayed on well to lead all the way and really never looked likely to be beaten even though he had drifted from 5’s.

Danni continues to run well but last night she looked destined for 2nd spot and finishing very strong against the 2 dog who was thought to be a possible improver (and was !). However the hare failed on the home run and the race was made void but not before the 2 dog stopped and Danni flew past to be across the line first. Forget the hare, Danni knows where the winning sticks are !


Alfie ran a nice debut chase yesterday when coming a pleasing 4th having disputed the lead until tiring on the home run. Plans for his next race had already been made prior to yesterday’s race and this is now the aim.

KITE 1crop

Sad news regarding KITE (pictured) who has damaged a hock in her last race and will now be retired. She did brilliant for us and landed some nice bets inc on her first run for Panther at 6/1. 2 or 4 bends they all came the same and she was a very gutsy bitch. On a career total she won 21 from 85, was 2nd 18 times – an almost 46% 1st or second strike rate. She was rated 110 and open class. On the good news front, she is to be retired at Jaynes own home and so a good home is guaranteed. Mind you, we will still miss watching and shouting home  The Little White Flash !



It’s become a one dog show with Elvis continuing his storming run as he delivered once again yesterday. However, today, attention falls on Alfie who makes his chasing debut at Bangor this evening. Price on the drift from 7’s to now 12’s so hoping he knows better than the bookies ! 



On Tuesday it was a case of seconditis yet again with 2 runners and two seconds. However, it was a very pleasing run by Danni who is taking well to handicapping over the 6 bends. This time, from scratch position,  she rounded one dog and then came inside another but was just giving away too much start to the winner. Yesterday, however, saw Elvis notch up his third win on the bounce as he went back to 6 bends and ran a dominating race and never looked likely to lose the race.

No dogs out today but love watching the racing on RPGTV at Sunderland. On the horse front, we have Alfie preparing for his debut in novice chases and a first entry is in at Bangor next week – although it does at first glance at the entries look a stern test !



Greyhound_Lurriga_Precious - cropped

All eyes probably on Doc yesterday but Precious landed the 5/2 odds with a very good run from behind. Nice to have 3 wins from only 8 days at present with numbers of dogs and horses now well down from previous. Doc ran exactly as expected, coming 8th and staying on past beaten horses. He always breaks out slow and yesterday was no exception and with a fast pace it was always going to happen guaranteeing he was well behind quite quickly. However, he made headway turning for home but he does need either heavy ground or further in order to catch up. Main thing as always is that a dog or horse returns without problem and Doc did so and will run as soon as a race coincides with the ground. 




FERNANDA obliged on Sat and was very impressive. Meanwhile on the horse front, Doc makes his debut appearance for Sally since she took over the licence at Western House after Alan’s sudden death. There are 42 horses in training but one of the problems is that many need the softer ground – inc Doc. The ground is g/s but he is a heavy ground horse who has previously won impressively over hurdles at the stiff Hexham track. There are plenty of negs to today’s race which is summed up by the 25’s available and to help overcome them, he needs a sharp break from the stalls which he doesn’t tend to do. Still, there is a big plus with the jockey – Jane Elliott – who has done very well previously for Panther. Come on Doc, best feet forward !


Again seconds for Aug so far inc. Danni who ran a really good race to be beaten by an improving ‘Dark dog’ recently new to the track. Danni gave it 2 and we got beat by 2 ! However, Elvis (pictured above) notched the first winner for the month by running a strong race at Cray tonight to make it two on the trot. All eyes on the weather for Doc at Carlisle on the horse front. 


BRUCE - 1ST PICSince the last update, 4 winners were added to the board in July bringing the total to 9 but it was more noticeable for the glut of seconds. Literally loads ! Even


Alfie joined in with seconditis. However, there have been some very good runs amongst them. It is great to see Bruce back in a bit of consistent form and included a winner following on from a very close second previous and Captin (pictured right) notched up a double. Elvis had 3 seconds on the trot and then notched up a win. At Yvonne’s, things have been a bit slow as both Ana and Vicky remain off track following their seasons but should soon be back trialling once again. Danni remains our only runner from the kennel with Mandy having been rehomed. Danni has done very well since stepping up to 6 bends even though just turned 2 last month. She is the winner of 8 from 30 races for us but 3 from 7 over the 6 bends and has been unlucky in running in the other races. However, in handicaps a dog has to make its own luck. I’m keeping everything crossed Danni develops the good ‘handicapper’s trait’ of making those split second decisions in running of going inside or outside of dogs as she is still very young. Hopefully, the best is yet to come – and she hasn’t done too bad so far !


Above is a previous pic of Jane Elliot coming into the winners enclosure after winning on Alfie and hopefully the feat will be repeated at Carlisle on Monday only this time on board Doc for Sally. It has been relatively quiet for Sally who has 42 horses in training but with many needing the softer ground (inc Doc) it has been a time for patience.

Our cut backs have also continued and this time Vroom has had to make way. He did brilliant for Panther (who could forget that pic of ‘VROOM FROM THE GLOOM’ taken by the racecourse photographer at Southwell when winning out of the fog) but as he will soon be back from a break, now seems the best time to call it a day for now. This leaves us with no horses with Gay but I would like to think we may again have horses with her. There is no falling out or anything, just Alan’s health problems leaving us with very little time at present.




KITE 1crop

KITE150717Kite (making ground fast left to snatch a win right) has been a brilliant bitch for Panther (still is !) but Jayne was just wondering if she was becoming a bit jaded KITE150717Bracing at Perry all the time and was contemplating looking for an open somewhere to give her a change of scenery. However, on Tuesday she ran anything but jaded ! She really flew out of the traps and got about 4 lengths up but when Alan’s thoughts were of £ signs (7/2 but sp 4/1 – again thank goodness for guaranteed prices), the other white dog in the race closed her down and then that one went 4 lengths up. Turning for home, Kite never looked like winning but suddenly she took off again and snatched victory on the line. It was a very exciting race to watch and must admit there was lots of screaming at the screen ! As Alan said it was one on the most exciting races he has seen. Me too ! 





DES120815cpFern ran a cracking race on Sat to make it 6 from 22 and 2 from 2 over the 540 at Cray. In the process she also broke the 100 MAS&DESTcprating on greyhound data with a 102 figure. However, it hasn’t all been good news with Ruby Rebel having a bad hock injury and Destiny received a career ending injury in his last race also. Both dogs are for rehoming. Destiny was our first dog we had an involvement with Jim and he gave a lot of pleasure. He was a big dog but also one who was eager to please and the proverbial gentle giant. Great on the lead when we took Maso and him out. A proud dog when racing. So sad when these dogs get injured but hopefully both he and Reb will find good retirement homes to live out their lives. As all will know we have stopped replacing horses and dogs at present due to health problems which have severely restricted our ability to keep on top of the job. However, I’m optimistic that in time we will be able to resume where we left off. Alan meanwhile hasn’t been restricted in his betting activities ! 



Bit of a deja vu race for Alfie yesterday as he tried to dominate but another also wanted the lead and both cut one another’s throats. Same as last week. Alfie none the worse and mixed thoughts as to where to go next / tactics. Doc wasn’t declared as going report was good g/f places and dry sunny Wed with showers today and tomorrow.

Unusually we haven’t had any dogs running over the weekend but with the decision not to replace most dogs and horses as they retire for now, the numbers are getting less. However,  once time becomes available to spend on horses and dogs I will be taking on more once again. This website has been a big sufferer for a while now as regards being able to spend time on it and my apologies for intermittent reports. 




With a good break and showing good pace, Fern was always challenging for the lead and when 1 & 2 dogs bumped, she took fullFERN070717 advantage to win easily by 6.25 lengths. At odds of 4/1 it was a pleasing result as she put some monies back into the coffers which ended the day depleted by losses on other dogs ! 

No runners today but expect plenty of chances of more wins / losses tomorrow inc ALFIE who runs in a ladies race at Rasen. 



 KENNEL E cp 250617 DANNI

Danni ran another fine race yesterday when living up to Alan’s expectations. He was very confident having looked at her race on Wed then had doubts of his own thoughts having read the Racing Post yesterday morning pre race. Also as her price drifted to 6/1. Too late, instructions were out ! Thankfully he was spot on with the reading of the race to owners and betting instructions, as Danni was blocked at the third by the dog predicted but she bravely went inside and although the one dog was still well ahead it was pretty much race over in Alan’s mind. So it proved with Danni taking up the lead on the run in to win going away. This now makes it 3 from 4 races over the 6 bends (3/1 , 3/1, 6/1) since stepping up in trip and she only had her 2nd birthday a few days ago. Also has now won a career to date 8 from 27 (almost 30% winning strike rate). Great effort by Danni and trainer Yvonne. Not too late to join her success story at only £128 for entire career. Plus receive owners priviledge card from track and come to kennels on a Sunday morning and meet up with all kennel owners and their dogs while you walk Danni out. Lots of enjoyment for such a small outlay. Great way to become involved on a personal basis in the dogs. Even if you live too far away to visit, you are kept fully informed on Danni and detailed race reports before and after races with full betting info. Interested, just get in touch 

On the horse front :


DOC entered Wed Catterick




These last 10 days or so have seen ourselves ‘off radar” due to probs. However, it didn’t stop Pixie notching up her 2nd win in three outings for us. Couldn’t not back being a present from Alan to me. Must admit I never looked too closely at odds as Alan would, so was happy to receive message saying my bet at 4/1 had in fact come under the guaranteed odds rule and was paid out at 7/1. Unfortunately no rule to say the double with Destiny (finished 2nd) would be upgraded ! Still a nice win but I think I’ll leave pricings to Alan.

Other dogs have been running but not winning of late – It will change ! On the horse front, Vroom on a short break, Doc awaiting right race on right ground to come along and Alfie came 4th at Cartmel latest when taking on another for the lead and both horses setting it up for others behind. Still, Alfie fine and on course for a race at Market Rasen this Sunday.

Jimmy doing what he is excellent at and causing mayhem at every opportunity ! Seems to be the exact opposite to what you read a retired greyhound is like. Still, keeps us on our toes. Hopefully, we are back on radar once again and will be able top keep site updated more regular. Meanwhile back to accounts – making every effort now to get up to date. Apologies if you have left messages on our phone and we have not got back, I have been informed there has been a ‘system problem’. What is a ‘system problem’ ?



KENNEL A cp 250617Jimmy had another return trip to Yvonne’s kennels yesterday and was quite excited to be there. In fact only a smallKENNEL B cp 250617 squeal on getting his manicure by Caroline. Can bring the house down ! Abi (Caroline’s daughter) was on hand to welcome him back to the kennels and he definitely remembers her well as he made such a fuss. Mind you with no biscuits in the dog box Abi offered Jimmy a few crumbs out of the bottom – which he promptly refused to eat. Only when Abi went off and came back with the box refilled did he happily take the offerings of whole biscuits etc. Spoilt dog ? Definitely. 

Although Jimmy remembered Abi well, he also remembered Danni. Last time they met in the field, Jimmy tried to make friends with her but she soon put him in his place. This time it was Danni who came over to make friends with Jimmy but it was he who took a dislike to her approach and promptly started barking and grumbling at her. No doubt remembering KENNEL E cp 250617Danni’s welcome previous. Danni (left) is a bitch who has a forceful presence and hence shares her kennel with no other dog as most of the others do. Mind you, can be as she likes as long as she keeps up the winning sequence !

Vicky (right), who has just been off track having been in season looked really well and was very pleased to meet up with Jimmy and ourselves. She looks a very nice bitch (indeed she is a very nice bitch !) and has just had a trial last week. KENNEL F cp 250617Couple of more and she will be back on the card again. She did a remarkable job for us regards betting, as readers will be aware, since Christmas, when landing 7 wins from 17 races – a 41% strike rate. Even more remarkable were the prices … 5/4, 4/1, 4/1, 8/1, 14/1, 10/1, & 5/1 . Shame she went into season at the height of her form.

Ana (below left) – another of Jimmy’s harem was also full of herself and she has only recently gone into season herself. Jimmy (although castrated on KENNEL G cp 250617retiring) still had plenty of ‘bounce in his step’ as they walked around the paddock together ! 

Only Mandy was missing as she has retired due to an injury which she couldn’t get over. She went into the rehoming process and hopefully has a new forever home as she was a very friendly dog to be involved with. So much so we had discussed taking her home when the day came – but Jimmy jumped the queue ! 

Circumstances have meant we haven’t been able to get to the kennels as much as we normally do but it was great to ‘walk the dogs on a lovely morning’. Can only recommend it to anyone. Yvonne, family and other owners are all very friendly and you will certainly be made very welcome. All you need now is the dog ! Don’t worry, shares are available, just get in touch !




LATEST DOG – FAST PIXIE  won yesterday and recommended by Alan and myself to myself ! We haven’t been looking of late for a new horse or dog (although offered a couple) but Alan bought me a small share in Pixie when Jim bought it privately, having not been sold at Pelaw sales. It coincided with my birthday and was Alan’s present to me – so here we are with a new addition ! She is only 24k and purchased for Crayford and had raced 17 times in Ireland winning 1 and although her trial times here hadn’t been great, her first race she was forced wide losing any chance. However, yesterday she won nicely and looks to have scope to progress. At least 3/1 monies back in coffers after yesterday !




Probably only Alan is capable ! Running In Heels representing Lucy Horner who has the horse with Becky (as well as a couple with another trainer) set off at a good pace in a not so good a race and having run in points and with the jockey booking, Alan (in that confused brain of his)  put 2 and 2 together and for once came up with the right answer ! Result a winner at 20/1 earlier price and a 14/1 winner sp. Not often Alan’s sums add up correctly ! However, not all good things last neither and it didn’t take long (only a few hours in fact) for things to go pear shaped, as Alan decided this was his day and had several bets on the Sunderland dogs last night – the wrong ones ! Result a loss on the day. ”The ups and downs of betting – all part of the fun” he lied ! Always tomorrow I suppose. 





BRUCE - 1ST PICdannib271116cpDanni made a quick return to the track following her WIN last Sat and ran a very nice race over 6 bends taking the lead at the 3rd and never looked back. Bruce has been having a rough time of things of late but as Alan quoted to owners ” This is a great opportunity for Bruce to bounce back” 6/1 tissue and with a trap vacant was 9/2 into 9/4 fav. Danni meanwhile went off at 3/1 keeping all happy !




Owners have always been aware that Danni has needed a stiffer test of stamina than the 4 bends at Sunderland but as she is still only a pup, Yvonne didn’t want to overface her with 6 bends previous. However, after a trial last week it was decided to try her in a competitive race last night over the 6 and she won nicely. Recommended to owners as a bet (WON 3/1)  – but not to go overboard as Danni is still young and will strengthen up further given time. THIS NOW MAKES IT 6 WINS FROM 24 RUNS FOR HER OWNERSHIP GROUP. At only a one off payment of £128 ALL IN for her entire racing career which includes her rehoming costs at the end of that career, Danni  has been a very shrewd purchase by Yvonne – AGAIN ! AND A GREAT DEAL FOR OWNERS !It’s not too late to be involved in Danni as there are still shares available and they offer a great insight into greyhound ownership and you are welcome to visit and ‘walk the dogs’ at Yvonne’s on a Sunday morning plus you will get an owners card for the track. Just get in touch – 07775 743 885




Vroom never got away from his bad draw and had no chance from traps opening. Seems better suited to Southwell because of race pace ? Still, main thing Vroom fine and ready to run again soon. Likewise Alfie who will now miss Uttox in preference to going straight to Cartmel. Last race just too soon after his previous win. Doc ready to race but need right race and ground to coincide.

On the dog front DESTINY (pictured) clocked up victory no. 12 last Friday from 57 races (as well as 13 x 2nd places). He is a big dog and although now racing off 34k  at approx 1.5 k less than previous isn’t a dog that looks at home at the sharp Crayford – although happily keeps popping in there ! Just he always tends to miss the break and give himself too much to do – hence 13 times 2nd. 

Staying with the dogs, RUBY REBEL (trainer Jayne Meek) made a comeback after 3 months off on Sunday and ran as can be described as expected. Over 2k heavier than previous, he is the winner of 7 from 24 (an excellent 29% strike rate). He will improve for the run and is a very nice dog to be involved with. A dog to follow ! On the same day, kennel mate PRECIOUS tried hard on the run in but couldn’t peg back the leader and went down by half a length.

Ana  was due to race today but was found to be in season and joins Vicky in the same situation. 



Alan Swinbank’s funeral took place yesterday followed by a very large gathering of friends at Middleton Lodge not far from the stable complex that Alan had built ‘brick by brick’. All his ideas were put into the large complex of stable blocks, paddocks and gallops. Sadly his legacy of bloodstock remains there without The Boss but all will not be forgotten. The yard will continue to function as a racing establishment with Alan’s partner and former assistant trainer Sally Haynes now at the helm. She has a temporary licence for now which hopefully will become permanent with Alan’s family wishing to see through their father’s dreams. I’m sure more news will be forthcoming from the yard but I’m also sure you will see more entries now being made and runners at the tracks once again. Alan had believed he had some very nice individuals coming through and it would have been awful to see the yard and horses dispersed. With Sally’s determination and the backing of family, hopefully those dreams will become reality. DEEP RESOLVE our horse at the yard, has been kept in full work with flat or N. Hunt races ‘on the menu’. He will run when the right race crops up. 

VROOM meanwhile runs at Wolv today – from the worst possible draw !


A flat run by Alfie yesterday put down the the quick return and also the rain had got into the ground which wouldn’t have helped. Main thing is that he is well and will be ready to go shortly. There is a race next week but have to see how he is closer to the time. He is a ‘bull of a horse’ and remains an exciting prospect when he does go chasing.


Alfie takes his chance again today this time on the turf at Thirsk. Last Wed he won at Cartmel with a front running performance in hot weather but he has come out of the race well. Today’s race is made up of some horses in form (inc. Alfie) and is quite open looking but Alfie’s 12/1 mark up in a place last night didn’t last long ! The forecast is for some heavy rain which isn’t thought to be ideal but Alfie continues to impress all connected with his attitude. Intentions had always been for chasing over the Summer from the day he was purchased and the idea of having a bit of fun on the flat with him over the Winter on the all weather was great foresight. He now has the form figures in both N.Hunt and flat of 4,2,1,2,1,1,5,1 since Sam purchased him – AND the chasing part is still to come !



Wins by 7.75 lengths ! She has been proving to be very hard to predict at coming out of the boxes – proving to be a major problem at the moment for quite a few of our dogs with all 3 trainers – in her 7 races to date but always believed if she could sort herself out in that department she could be decent. Only an Aug ’15 pup she is learning and last night she pinged and led from start to finish winning as she pleased. Hopefully she will start breaking like this regular as if she doesn’t she will have a lot on her plate now as harder races will be the order of the day. Now winner 2 from 8.

On the horse front Alfie makes a quick track return after Cartmel on Wed and races tomorrow at Thirsk. Brilliant horse to be involved in – give a ring, it’s not too late to be an owner cheering on Alfie tomorrow at either the races or watching at home on the t.v. Vroom holds an entry at Wolv on Wed and has a secret weapon now ! Doc remains in full work but needs the ground to be softer for a race. 




After the mix up last year had to mention it this year. Officially it is June 1st and Jimmy had a normal sort of day –ROSIE010617 very much pampered as usual. Loves his Kong. Rosie called round previous and she likes nothing better than to laze by the pond – Jimmy asleep in the shade. 


Meanwhile back to the real dog world. Thought it was bad the other day when we had 2 runners in the same race – tonight it is 3. Mind you Alan said he has got the job cracked though !





Alfie was out and gone faster than our dogs that ran last night ! He soon had a 25 length leading gap and really never looked as if he would give it up. Jonny rode a very enterprising race by booting Alfie clear from the off and Sam had felt the horse was fairly well straight after his break even though he had put a bit on. The only neg that could be forseen was the ground and it was a big worry. 15/8 early doors out to 17/2 told its own story but whilst he should never have been 15/8 neither should he have been 17/2 – (bigger I’m told by one who got 10’s and 12’s on the exchanges). Sam also believed the Cartmel track would be suitable and he was certainly buzzed from the start. He had to be pushed out at the end as he had worked none stop within the race and on a hot day on ground that also wouldn’t have been ideal. However, he still looked comfortable towards the end – although a lot of yelling to Jonny and Alfie (not that they could hear) to keep on going with the 2nd making ground wont have come amiss ! Alfie does hold an entry at Thirsk on Monday but need to see how he is by then. He has been an incredible fairy tale horse to have owned to date and Sam only bought him for £600 ! Not too late to be part of the fairytale with a very few intro shares available plus a 10% share. Don’t wait any longer, he may just pop in again ! Great horse who is genuine dual purpose with chasing still very much on the agenda and the intention to run throughout the Summer. Just get in touch on 07775 743 885 to secure your share.


Alfie returns to the fray after a short Spring break. Had been intended for a flat race first but was handicapped out – too high in the weights ! – for his intended race. A lot of thought has gone into this run as the ground is thought a possible negative. His price of 15/8 and at best 9/4 with no non runners was always on the low side and he is on the slide as was expected. He is also entered at Hexham Sat but other races on both the flat and N. Hunt are also coming up so it was decided to let him take his chance today. Owners informed last night of full race news and future plans. 

Also have Danni and Ana out at Sunderland tonight – both in the same race ! Suppose it cuts the odds of a winner a bit but not ideal. 


Plenty going on with horses and dogs but not always the best of times to be updating. Dogs have been running with winners and horses withdrawn due to ground issues. However, Alfie for Sam takes his chance tomorrow at Cartmel and more news tomorrow. I will be trying to get the site updated more regular and to bring things back up to date once again. 24 hours a day never enough – as I believe I have said many times before ! 



No doubt with lots of relief and emotion, Brecon Hill became Sally’s first winner under her name after Alan’s sudden death last week. So much going on and having a large training establishment to continue running with many peoples livelihoods at stake and no Boss to run things, is a hell of a job. So pleased that the horse did its part as a full member of the team.


Wishing Sally (granted a 3 month temporary licence) and team all the best with their first 2 runners at Rasen today. Love to see a winner.

The Panther website has suffered due to lack of time over the past few weeks due to problems of our own and no time to keep on top of the job with horses and dogs needing to be updated daily if not more regular. The numbers of dogs have decreased as we have temporarily stopped taking on more new ones and concentrated on running the groups already formed with horses and dogs on a personal basis with owners. That has always been the case anyhow with all our groups. Importantly, the dogs we are running are in general doing well with Ana now winning her last 2 races – both live on RPGTV the last 2 Fridays. Lurriga Precious also added to her win tally during that week as well. 

Hopefully, things will start to pick up again soon and the horses are due to start running again as well. Onwards and upwards as the saying goes !


Still hard news to take in. We had known Alan well before he became a trainer and when he was taking his trainer’s courses took horses with Alan with Bill Haigh until he was granted his ticket. Even gave letters stating would have horses in training there on Alan being granted his licence. And so started a magical period with horses under different racing groups / clubs / companies formed and managed by ourselves. Alan certainly hit the ground running and the winners flew in – many nicely backed. Alan made a name with Collier Hill but it was his bumper horses that grabbed the attention of many and a very good horse we owned was Dark Character – always said was named after Alan – who ran in the Aintree bumper and was a close 2nd on debut to Monets Garden. Alan always said he would win The Ebor for us with the horse but owners had bought him as a future chaser and so he went down the N. Hunt route and straight into injury. Hindsight a great thing and always left wondering if the horse would have done as Alan said. I don’t doubt it. It wasn’t just about the good horses. A horse called Blair was written off by most jockeys and owners also left us as the horse ran poor. However, Alan said to stick with him as Blair just needed to strengthen. We did, although not many left in his racing group by then ! However, monies were recouped plus more, as he put his wins together inc 3 on the bounce. However, no sooner had the dreams started than Alan said it was time to sell on – he had a better horse – always had ! The one thing you did was listen to Alan and he was a brilliant buyer and seller of horses. We have been very fortunate in that we had owned and syndicated horses with the late Arthur Stephenson who was another brilliant buyer and seller and it was no surprise looking back, that Alan, who had his pointers with Arthur, also developed the same traits. Alan had a lot of respect for Arthur. We had a lot of respect for both trainers who were more like mentors for our own career within racing. Could carry on writing all day and night but apart from the horses Alan was always happy to put on stable visits for us at both his yards, where he would show his horses with pride to all part owners and club members and recounted many a story as each and every horse in the yard were shown. No names were ever covered over to hide any embarrassment ! Many a deal was also recounted and some stories / amounts of money mentioned were so incredible that you would wonder if they were correct – but I can assure all who were present on the visits that all amounts mentioned and names mentioned that they were ! Husband Alan always said he would write a book but there is too much info for one. Alan would have been a great after dinner speaker if not a trainer. Mind you whatever he turned his hand to it would have been a success as he was a very determined person who always got a job done.  So sad there will be no more great days at the races or at the stables and Deep Resolve became our last winner with Alan only a couple of races ago. Typically the horse is only 6 and had already won 6 races on the turf, AW and hurdles. Alan was a trainer for all seasons. Alan (husband who has had a few health problems of late) had only talked to Alan a couple of evenings ago and poignantly at the end, Alan S. told him to look after himself and to put himself first. Mind you, he also asked when he was going to find him a new millionaire owner !

It was a great experience being an owner in Alan’s yard from before he trained until his last day. A privilege to have known and owned horses with a such a great trainer and all our thoughts with Sally and family and staff.



Great friend / mentor for many years. 

(More Friday)


Very few runners of late and Star almost pulled off another win when just going down on the line. Still can’t believe he actually got caught every time I watch a re-run ! On the horse front, Doc ran a couple of days ago and without blinkers. Never got away and never went pace and plugged on at one pace to come a well backed in 2/1 fav. To win he does need to be in contention during a race as he never quickens. No sleight on jockey as Doc himself just not able to go the pace of the race. Ground too firm for him on turf at present but hurdles also still a possible if right track / race / ground appears. At least he is well after the run. Vroom is back after a short break and now holds an entry at Ascot.


Alfie has had his short break now and has had his first entry made at Wetherby on Monday – although likely he wont get in as rated 61 in a 0-60 event and there are 58 entries. Other plans afoot also inc jumps. 





AND Sam welcomes all owners when they would like to visit.

These shares are very limited but 10% shares are also available 




SHENDUS 030517

Star was in a handicap (his first for quite a while) and ran a very good race to win running on strong from the 5 trap. A welcome change of luck and 5/1, making Star’s 22nd career win.


Lots happening but not all good. VIOLET DANCER died at the track yesterday having suffered a very bad break from which the vets could do nothing. Jayne like ourselves, have the stipulation that all dogs are saved regardless of  cost and to be re-homed out of racing but in Violet’s case it was advised by the vets at the track that the only course of action was that she was put to sleep. It is very sad for all concerned – none more so than the people most hands on whom we feel very sad for.

DROOPYS SCION  has also suffered a very serious muscle tear in her last race and her racing career is now over. Fortunately she is a bitch destined for the paddocks. She is from an excellent litter that includes DROOPYS BUICK who is a serious contender for this years ENGLISH DERBY. Her offspring will be much sought after regardless of Buick’s position in the Derby and I would like to think we have a future pup coming up !

Lots of problems ongoing at present regarding website updates and phone voicemail but hopefully will be able to get pages updated in the not too distant future and the phone sorted out ! Meanwhile entries going in for horses and dogs and all owners will be kept updated as normal via email / text as normal for race entries / race expectations.

On a positive note, the rice does seem to have worked ! Many thanks for all who suggested the idea. Saved a lot of hassle !!! Wished all our present probs were as easy ! 




Tentatively trying to recover info 

2 winners since i.e. PANTHERS DANCER & KISSY

News as soon as I can !

Plus updates as regards horses / dogs / etc  ASAP 


Please Note

Presently our phone is sitting in a bag of rice to see if it dries out ! Consequently we have no mob phone for texting / calls or picking up / sending emails so any messages emailed through will depend upon when I can access the web regarding picking them up. Progress on phone on website as it will be Frid earliest before a new phone is up and running if all else fails. Plus no back up of contacts etc as is par for the course for Alan ! 

Harry didn’t trouble the judge yesterday but Lucy’s other runner ran a very nice race to be 3rd. 


KITE NOW 20 WINS 76 RACES !!!!!!!!!!

KITE 1crop

Kite has been getting plenty of interference in her races of late but made no mistake yesterday when getting her chance and got clear at the first. She then went on to win by 4.25 lengths @ 7/2. Kite has been a brilliant bitch at 29k and has lots of pace to be a 275 dog as well as 480. Unfortunately Alan also fancied the chances of our other 2 runners which didn’t fare as well ! Still, slight profit better than a loss.

On the horse front, a horse many in Panther will remember is HARRY THE LEMMON who returns to the track tomorrow at Hexham and now trained for Hunter Chasing by Lucy (Horner) whom we had some very good horses and times with previous. Nothing to do with Panther now as he was sold on a couple of years ago out of James Ewart’s yard but he was a very good looker whom we never saw the best of.




Although it is thought he isn’t a 380 dog, he won well yesterday(2/1 fav) by 6.25 lengths ! He is improving all the time but it is thought the biggest improvement will come when stepped up in trip. Plenty of more to come from this Aug ’15 pup.




Vicky is running full of confidence and again led from start to finish but needed no luck in running on this occasion. She was out and gone powering through the 3rd bend and landed the spoils at 5/1. Now 5 wins from last 9 runs.

To fill in a bit for days we haven’t been able to update, new pup KELVA QUEEN ran against sister KELVA BELLE. The latter was the j. favourite at 6/4 but news given was that Queen was the most favoured. So it proved as she made it 1 win on her debut. Both pups will have their pages updated shortly. 

Details on new pup DROOPYS KENAI are now updated and shares are available. Details on own page.


QUITE A FEW DAYS ! Lots unfortunately happening away from racing making regular website updates impossible at present. However, 3 new pups are now in Panther and there have been 2 dog winners in the last couple of days and VROOM also ran well yesterday in quite an open looking race to come 2nd at early odds of 11/1. He is next an intended runner at Chester’s May meeting. I will try to get details up in next few days of winners etc.

Also I have taken all 3 horses profiles down as their ownership groups are due for renewal within Panther and new deals are in the process of being prepared. The new groups will be from May 1st and if anyone would like to take a share in either of the horses please get in touch when the profiles are re-introduced. All present owners will be contacted shortly if we haven’t already done so. ALFIE is well and back in full canter work after a short Spring break following a very successful and busy Winter and it will be full steam ahead for a Summer jumping campaign. VROOM as mentioned is off next to Chester and DEEP RESOLVE will probably run again before his group is renewed.


VICKY’S M’ GAL @ 10/1  !!!!!


Vicky becoming a dab hand at winning these ‘impossible-to-win on paper’ races. Trotted in yesterday – although must be said she was massively helped by having the run of the race. Clever girl stuck to the rails, avoided all the 1st bend probs and even negotiated her bogey 3rd bend without any hesitation. A2 GRADE BUT SURELY CAN’T BE RAISED FOR THIS ? Even if it is now 4 WINS from last 8 races at 4/1, 8/1, 14/1 & 10/1. Hadn’t been able to go racing ourselves (horses or dogs since Southwell when Doc won) but yesterday’s drive up with Jimmy & Rosie in the back of the van for plenty of vocal support by Jimmy was worth it, even though the visit was fleeting, lasting only the 1 race ! 



Not having had a clear run in the last 2 races, Jemma gave confident news that if avoiding a bump from the 5 dog early she could go well. She did and she did @ 3/1 ! Leading from the second the traps opened, there was never any chance of a bump and specs of sand was all the other dogs would have seen.


Probably the least number of runners we have had for a long time this month to date. However, one dog, Vicky runs again today but she has run only once in the last 11 races at odds of less than 5/1. Today will make it 12 races ! Mind you she has won 3 races from last 7 at odds of 4/1, 8/1 & 14/1 so can’t really complain. More than happy if she goes off at double odds again today – as long as she wins ! Still only 2 and now 10 wins from 48 races. 



SHENDUS 090417

SHENDUS STAR might not be getting any younger (5 in August) but on her 105th race she notched up another success by staying on strong. She went down by a neck in her previous race but this time after a good break then losing the lead close home, she got back up again. Real guts and determination for a bitch who has been around the block a few times. Expect the number of winners to be down this month as not as many runners. However, I keep saying this and ………..  Hopefully I’m wrong again !



Well Jimmy lost his bonios but great to see Lucinda land the National. Many congrats to all connections. Nice to keep reminding Alan about the result. Maybe he should listen to my ‘tips’ more often. Not a fortune on but at 18/1 it has bought Jimmy a small steak – I kid you not ! and Alan something to quench his thirst. Now what shall I buy myself ?


Fernanda can be classed as very unlucky or very lucky last night as she met with bad interference which cost any chance but was, on the other hand, very lucky not to come down as 2 others did in the melee. However, luck was definitely not  on Danni’s side as the traps failed to open twice. This meant the race was declared void without any dog getting a run. Not ideal for the dogs themselves who can injure themselves when this occurs and a publicity neg for the track itself being televised on RPGTV. 

Today is National Day and the time when all have a bet in the BIG ONE – even Alan gives in to fun betting sometimes ! Well here are our selections – please don’t follow ! Myself ONE FOR ARTHUR (would love to see Lucinda land the Big one as she has had a remarkable career from when we first had a horse in the yard many moons ago when Lucinda started off and had only 9). DEFINITLY RED has the burden of carrying Alan’s faith and Jimmy managed to pick out his own 2 selections with his paw having covered 2 numbers – BLAKLION & MORE OF THAT. Can be such a greedy dog. Well good luck to all horses, jockeys & connections and to all readers with their selections.





VROOM landed another win for Panther yesterday (3rd win, last 8 races inc 3 x 3rd and a 2nd !) when getting home under a very confident ride by Rhiain Ingram. Coolness personified ! Not cool by ourselves who yelled the house down. 10/3 sp but touched 13/2 with 6’s readily available to owners a bit earlier. Staying on the horse front, Doc was 3rd of 15 the other day but the ground at Donny was too quick for him as he does need plenty of cut but he did at least cover the ew bets. Alfie is back in work again after his short break and it looks exciting times coming up as he tackles fences over the Summer. All 3 horses have shares available – just get in touch. Hopefully all enjoying Aintree and it is a meeting we have always done quite well at with horses we have run there. None this year and attention also focused on dogs this year. 

VIOLET DANCER popped up with a win the other day and she was part of a (losing !) multi bet for Alan. 2 2nds and a 3rd made up the remainder of the bet. Ah well it was nice looking at how much we (he) might have won ! Not many dogs out of late and Ganya had a very lucky escape after chasing a pheasant through a wire fence. Lucky in some respects but plenty of superficial (if there are any) injuries and she is off the card for a bit. Fernanda and Danni out tonight – the latter live on RPGTV as she takes on a dog who has won 28 of 62 handicaps and a top dog at Sunderland. Danni young and sadly lacking in handicap knowhow compared to Tom Tom. Brilliant if she could run well against these sort of dogs even if getting 6 lengths but a big ask nevertheless at her age. However, she is gaining valuable racing experience all the time and she is a lovely staying bitch in the making. AND SHE CAN BE YOURS ! Only £128 ALL IN for entire racing career and rehoming expenses when her racing days are over. Danni wont be 2 until July. 

Website will be updated as and when time allows as miss a day and everything gets so far behind. Jimmy’s blog has been well behind but Jimmy is happily causing mayhem as opportunities arise. 




Had nothing but problems these past few days with changes in broadband and associated bits ‘n bobs. Still not completed as still with original computer operating system. No doubt the best is still to come ! Apologies for message delays before they happen. Wont bore all with the probs but suffice top say computer screen lucky to survive.

Anyhow, no winners past couple of days but today sees Doc at Doncaster and back on the turf. Last night’s 6/1 gone and now best 3/1 at present. Whilst it could be a good day for Alan S. I’m not so sure 3/1 is good odds in such a big field – especially on drying ground. Simon excellent amateur jockey and has won on Doc previous and with Doc winning well last race can understand support for him but 3/1 on drying ground ? Keeping everything crossed.




VICKY100317Quite a day yesterday as Vicky (pictured left and below) once again licked the opposition. Even have a new pic taken at kennels last week asCAPTIN250317 Vicky showed her tongue getting bigger whilst taking some advice from Jimmy. Bigger the tongue, bigger the licking of the opposition. This time an incredible 14/1 licking ! Would be great to say it was all part of the gambling plan but whilst a smallish bet was struck, her price continued drifting faster than Alan could press his finger on the button to take a latest price. Thank goodness for guaranteed odds ! Vicky seems to have been around a long time now but is still only 2. She came over with full brother Topstar Fox and both did brilliant at the start of their careers winning and going through the grades. However, Vicky seemed to then go backwards in coat and performance and progress was halted. We even stopped selling shares in her as it was thought she was maybe starting to go into season.


However, she didn’t but her racing was still very low key in general. Presently, she has come to herself once again winning 3 of her last 5 and it was felt not with help by management as she has started at odds of 4,6,8,14 &14/1. Alan especially has always believed in Vicky and thought she would emulate her brother but Fox went away from her. However, always remembered Yvonne’s daughter Caroline saying with some bitches she has known, they do very well at the beginning then drop away before suddenly putting on another spurt. It has special significance to those following Danni’s career. She also seems to be following the same pathway ? Alan also convinced Danni a very nice bitch in the making – not 2 until July.

Starting the day off was the Captin (pictured prior to race by owner Don) who showed increased ability once again as he powered away at the finish at advanced odds of 10/3. Whilst it was a remarkable day overall, Des proved that Cray just not his track once again. As much as Andy loves it, Dessie hates it. Rum was another who hated it and yesterday on his only 2nd race back at Yarmouth he went down by only a head at 6/1. Quite a day !

If you do get any pics of any of the dogs or horses at the track, would love to put them on the site. Just email any through. Rob an owner in Danni has some spectacular pics of his own dogs with another trainer. Hopefully he gets a similar one of Danni racing. Really are professional action quality. Well, time to enjoy some Spring sunshine as no runners today. 





A dozen winners on the board for the month – so far ! Not many runners of late but 2 last night and Andy back from running 2 opens soon found Cray to his liking once again when coming home the winner of an A1 at 6/4. Incredible winning tally of 8 from only 15 races and a real money spinner. A few dogs out and about tonight with varying chances from strongly fancied to the snowball ! Main thing is all return sound and well as some horror k.o.’s of late on box.




Staying on the football theme with the international tonight, Precious returned from 2 wins in last 2 races (handicaps) to be in a tempting looking A6. So it proved as she was out and gone to land the 7/4 sp. Since her 2 runs in Ireland before coming to Jayne’s kennels, Precious has now won 8 from 18 races to date – a remarkable 44% WINNING strike rate. Batton down hatches !


Doc non runner today – pulled shoe off pricking foot.





”…..break as she can and she has been presented with a penalty kick ……. races wont come a lot easier than tonight so fingers crossed”. Words from Alan to owners of Ana on the morning of her race. She was 9/4 at the time with only 1 bookie showing, moved to 3/1 with the next two bookies showing pre race and then dropped to 4/5 fav. From messages received, owners took full advantage of the early news and prices ! In fact Racehorse trainer Rebecca Menzies had her own double being an owner in Ana and her own Halcyon Days also winning. A nice double for Becky !

Yesterday we went to Yvonne’s kennels and due to circumstances, it was the first visit in a couple of months. Jimmy, who has normally been a bit wary of ABInJIMa190317revisiting – no doubt preferring being King of The Household at Redcar than being housed in a training kennel – was full of himself on arrival this time. Still hasn’t got his head around other breed dogs but loves the companionship of greys. On entering the kennels, he was met by his NO 1 fan Abi (grand daughter of Yvonne) and she never left his side ! Jimmy loved the attention and fuss. Although loving meeting up with Ana, Vicky and Mandy, he was a bit wary of Danni. The latter was full of herself and was very keen on having a play with Jimmy but I suspect Jimmy remembered a few months back when he wanted to play and Danni growled and put him well and truly in his place. Caroline (Abi’s ABInJIM190317pawmother) came across to Jimmy brandishing a pair of nail clippers and a muzzle and it was down to business. Now Jimmy puts on a very good show of being brave but when it comes to having nails clipped he really can yelp the house down. Did so again and afterwards showed Abi his newly manicured feet and how brave he had been ! Abi had held his head throughout the procedure. Jimmy is a real con artist.

ABInMANDY190317Mandy is still awaiting a place in the rehoming scheme and will remain with Yvonne until her turn comes. It’s a shame she has to wait as she has so much love and friendship to offer to someone. When in full training and racing, she was a strong puller around the fields but yesterday she was very happy in herself and easy to walk. Loved the ear rubbing from Abi – who had promised to sneak a Yorkshire pud off her plate at dinner time and take it back out later on in the afternoon for Mandy as she was no longer racing. My lips are sealed ! If any reader would be interested in offering Mandy her forever home, please do get in touch with myself – Anne 07775 743 885.

Vicky and Ana who had both raced well on the night previous ( Ana winning and Vicky 3rd but well overfaced atDANNI190317a 14/1) were playful as they walked around with Jimmy but Danni looked incredible in coat and stature. Although always a strong bitch on the front, she really is starting to fill out on her rear end. She went fast through the grades and won levels up to and including A2 but has stuck for the past few races there. However, she is only a July ’15 pup and is going through a lot of development of late.  Danni will be an out and out stayer in a bit more time and has a tremendous amount of potential. There have been offers for Danni to be sold on but she was purchased to remain at Yvonne’s kennels for her entire racing career. Hence we are able to sell shares for a one off payment – presently at £128 ALL IN – for her entire racing career. An owner receives 1% of all prize money won, gets an owners card from the track giving special discounts plus free entry and can visit the kennels on a Sunday morning to walk Danni, plus as many dogs as they want ! Pictured right is Rob an owner in Danni enjoying the fun of ownership. It’s all great fun and for a cost of £128 for Danni’s entire racing career MUST be one – IF NOT THE BEST – deal in greyhound ownership anywhere. Interested ? again just get in touch email or text / phone 07775 743 885. Full betting details are given regarding Danni pre race and owners have informed us they have already won their costs many times over ! Don’t wait any longer, Danni has already won 4 races from 14 races and THE BEST IS YET TO COME !


2 RUNNERS – 2 MORE WINNERS !!!!!!!!!

DROOPYS FERNANDAFERNANDA & DESTINY (5/2 & 3/1) both landed the spoils for Alan last night ! My moment of Cheltenham glory overshadowed as DES120815cpSIZING JOHN got me off the mark at long last and then THOMAS CAMPBELL got me the ew for 5th spot. Like these enhanced odds. Tom Segal just starting to look over his shoulder at my tipping prowess when suddenly  Cheltenham all over for another year. Still, some great racing and ‘fun?’ betting along the way – thankfully nicely backed up with Alan’s doggy winners !

Several of the dogs out and about today, unfortunately most with plenty to do. Fingers crossed all return sound and one dog especially (owners informed) takes this opportunity as it has been overfaced quite a lot in recent times. 



BULLSEYE !!!!!!!

Hate to say it but Alan being proven to be right ! I watched as 7 ‘fun’ bets at Cheltenham went down race by race. Must admit, although we do like watching Cheltenham (any racing come to that) the ‘fun’ wained as each race went by. No wonder Alan prefers watching Chelt rather than backing. Salt in wounds was also at the fore as Alan’s only bet once again duly obliged on the dogs ! Hopefully readers again followed the advice given yesterday on the blog. Kelva Bullseye who was 7/2 ended up being 6/4 fav so looks as if some did. A slow break didn’t help but it always looked as if he would play catch up which he did.

Had enough of the ribbing now re how my bets are being covered by Alan, so have had another 7 ‘fun’ bets again today. Can’t believe I can have another whitewash so hopes are riding high. No bets at Chelt again today by Alan and he is still looking through the dogs now. Fortunately blog has to go on earlier than yesterday as Jimmy going swimming. Couldn’t face a whitewash plus another winning bet from Alan broadcast. Obviously I want his bets to win, just not at my expense ! 


Alan again bypassed Chelt today so up to myself to land those ‘fun’ bets. Unfortunately no fun yesterday as all went down bar one – Might Bite – whose win looked as though my luck must surely be in for the day. However, all luck used in that one race ! Alan has gone for Kelva Bullseye in the 2.28 at Cray today. 7/2 still showing. Regardless of betting, still love Cheltenham and hoping Alzammaar runs a good race for Sam with her first Festival runner here. Sam has had a brilliant start to her training career and a place here would be the icing on the cake. All to do but 50’s available with one firm although we dont have an account there !

Deep Resolve entered up at Southwell next Tuesday.



Greyhound_Lurriga_Precious - cropped

Only the 1 winner yesterday of dogs owned by Panther but a nice one regardless as she shot out and led all the way in a handicap at 7/2. Although a bet by Alan his main bet yesterday was Droopys Jude as mentioned on yesterdays write up, who, after a slow start, did the job. Carrying plenty of money as the odds contracted from the 7/4 to 4/6. Might not be a Cheltenham winner but a profitable winner never the less. Vroom ran a decent race and wasn’t knocked about but he never traveled as he can on the deep surface so wont be running again today and will now be probably saved for the turf with Gay eyeing a race at Chester. Dancer ran a decent race also when coming 3rd at 14/1 and another win wont be far away on this form. Just need management to help a little. She has been overfaced badly recently. The right race will come though ! Regarding a bet today, Alan has no strong fancies so I’m having a few ‘fun’ bets at Cheltenham. Not Alan’s style so hopefully they pop in !


It’s been one of those weeks when it doesn’t just snow but an avalanche arrives ! Headless chicken springs to mind as don’t know what to tackle first. However, Cheltenham already here and we also have dogs at Perry Barr, Sunderland and Alan’s nap of the day at Crayford – Droopys Jude. Although Panther not involved in this dog, it is well capable of winning a race like this. Has missed similar opportunities of late but 7/4 at present seems fine especially if taken to guaranteed odds. Might not be Cheltenham but a winner (hopefully !) is a winner regardless. Alan’s luck at Cheltenham hasn’t been the best over the years and this year he bypassed the urge to have a single ante post bet. Wont tell you his bet there today as I will get the blame when it goes down. Panther also has VROOM at Southwell and intentions are for him to run today and tomorrow. Worth it as the races are of guaranteed prize money of £8000 and £12000. Gay could never been accused of not trying different things and today Vroom has ew claims in a fairly open event which also sees another of Gay’s horses take its place. Gay also has a share in PANTHERS DANCER who runs at Sunderland so it would be a cracking double ! However, Danni not in the easiest of races. Meanwhile if that isn’t enough, Sam England also has chances at Sedgefield. So good luck to all trainers, owners & readers whether you have a share in one of the dogs or horses out today or just chancing their hand with the betting. 

8/3/’17 – late !



Well things did click back to winning ways at Yvonne’s as TOPSTAR VIXEN (VICKY) again licked the opposition. Love saying that ! Now batten down hatches as an upgrade got to come ! Regards the betting, she was in an open looking race but not without a chance and the 8/1 odds couldn’t be resisted by Alan and owners ! Great to win another trophy race with Vicky – especially at the odds. However, Alan’s most realistic chance of a winner was Ana earlier on in the card and recommended strongly to owners. 11/4 available (possibly more if Alan missed out again !) but backed in to 5/4 before drifting to 6/4. However, Ana fell out of the traps (she can normally trap well), got into all sorts of running problems during the race, still got into a winning position at the last bend and then ran out of stamina due to exertions to get into that winning position. She is a very gutsy bitch and compensation surely awaits. Shame the double never came off, would have made the coffers look good. Mind you, keep saying it, shouldn’t be greedy ! Just great to see horses and dogs doing so well. Touchwood it continues, as all involved in racing ownership – dogs or horses – know that Lady Luck plays her part and that disappointment is never far away. Enjoy the good times.




DEEP RESOLVE (DOC) landed the bets of owners yesterday without much to worry about. He was a strongly recommended bet by Alan to all owners. Unfortunately, they took all the odds and in the process beating Alan (never even saw them !) to the 8’s. Alan only got his money on at 13/2 & 6’s. Still can’t be greedy and Alan even recommended one owner to take his wheelbarrow down to the bookies before the race to get his winnings home ! Doc was running in blinkers for the first time and had worked well in them at home, sparking him up. At the track as Alan said, it was the first time he has taken a pic of Doc without his head down. Throughout the race Joe (Fanning) was travelling well on Doc, who always comes out slow and on taking the lead up at the top of the straight, the win never looked in doubt – even though the second was closing. We have been involved in Doc since he came to the yard as a yearling and he has done really well for us. There is still bags of potential in the horse but many will say to see what happens next time in blinkers but I’m sure this is what has been needed. Will have to wait and see. 

To make it a real winning day, SHENDUS STAR 5/2  and VIOLET DANCER 3/1 also both won (Ganya coming 4th). Jayne’s dogs are really flying, none more so than those which Panther are involved. Touchwood it continues, as it all gets harder – with wins comes the inevitable upgrades ! Just need our dogs with Yvonne to click back into winning ways. Tonight ?


Doc back after a short break away and blinkers on. Still intending chasing later though. 13/2 so hoping things pan out.



Greyhound_Lurriga_Precious - cropped

Several dogs out yesterday but just the one winner – LURRIGA PRECIOUS. Jayne signed us off with 2 winners on the last day of Feb and signed us back into March with another winner. Precious was injured in Sept last year and had 5 months off before returning last week in 3rd spot. However, she upped the anti last night when winning by 5 lengths well backed by Alan at 9/4 fav out of trap 1 in a handicap. We had several dogs with chances but just the one winner, hence we (i.e. Alan) needed that ! Another good result was Danni coming back unscathed having had her back legs taken from underneath her last night at the first bend. Another dog not getting much luck in running. So much so, Yvonne now looking to have Danni in a handicap – ”At least she will get a chance to run her own race”.

Doc -Deep Resolve – returns to the fray again at Southwell  on Tuesday after a short break since a disappointing run at Newcastle and although chasing was to be the aim, it makes sense to have a run on the flat first.


Lots going on behind scenes as they say – bar runners these last few days ! Only Des ran at Crayford against that track’s fastest dog. Des doesn’t handle the track very well being such a big dog and the outcome was totally as expected ! Today sees several dogs out each with varying chances. On the horse front, Doc holds 2 entries at Southwell on Tuesday as he comes back after a short break. It’s handy as he replaces Alfie who now goes on his short break. We had been offered a new horse to be involved with for the turf. It is a well bred winning mare destined for the paddocks but who will have this Summer racing beforehand. It would have been very popular for the intro type of shares which Panther manage, as the horse’s connections – owners and trainer – are people we have had a lot of success with previous. Unfortunately, the timing and other commitments with present trainers has made it impractical. Still, we will be watching and wish connections all the very best. It is nice for Panther to have been thought of as a way of syndicating a horse. 




GANYA280217It’s been a month noticeable by the doubles achieved by both horses and dogs. 6 doubles made for great viewing – VIOLET280217although not always profitable as Alan managed to turn doubles into loss makers on these final two. As I said previous, not a lot but a loss nevertheless ! Yesterday was due to him believing Ana had a decent shout at notching another win with a downgrade and out of trap 5. However, the 4 dog ruined the party by persistently hindering Ana by forcing her wide from the traps opening and round the first 2 bends. By the time Ana could throw off her shackles, her chance had gone. She still ran well to finish 2nd however and VIOLET280217Btouchwood, should be on the scorecard this month all things being equal, as she just hasn’t been given any chance in some of her races by management. Don’t miss her ! Back to yesterday’s winners and Ganya (left) ran on strong when dropped back to sprinting to win close home and Violet Dancer (right) ran a very good race when she stayed on very strong to win going away. You could see how pleased she was when bounding away to the pick up, tail upright and perplexed look when no bunny !

It’s been a cracking month (17 winners in 28 days) looking back and Vroom and Alfie have done their owners proud. Doc should soon be back after his short spell off track and Alfie will take his place on a break in order to freshen for a N. Hunt campaign. It is exciting for his owners as novice chasing is on the agenda and it’s a bit like starting off with a clean slate when a horse takes up a new discipline. Don’t forget you can be part of the action with Alfie for a relatively very small cost. Since going to Sam’s he has done a remarkable job as her only flat horse but Jonny wants only one thing as he has popped Alfie over fences almost every day after Alfie had been worked. Not because Alfie neded it but because he loved it. Get in touch if you want to be a part of the action over the Summer with a N. Hunt horse. 

Feb is a month that haunts me with accounts desperately being put together to make deadlines and keep Mike the accountant happy. Unfortunately Panther is Mike’s worst nightmare. Every year after the accounts are finally in, I promise myself (and Mike) it will all be different next year. Got to make it happen next time, as it was a great relief on driving to Mike’s yesterday and handing over the bundles of paperwork. Can now concentrate on the dogs and horses a bit more and get a bit more racing in than has been the case this last month.

17 winners was an excellent tally last month and one that will definitely be difficult to beat as the dogs are being upgraded and the track management teams getting the measure of the dogs. Whilst Jim has been doing very well at Crayford, some of the dogs – noticeably Destiny, Rum and Bruce are just not handling the track at all. It has been decided to send 2 unraced new pups who are also struggling, to be sent to Jim’s father (also Jim) to be trained at Harlow and Rum has been dispatched to mother-in-law Beryl who trains at Yarmouth. Rum liked the big straights at Yarmouth and hopefully -although his very slow trapping trait will still persist I’m sure – he will get his act back together again. 

Will save some latest news on a new horse that has been offered to Panther for the flat until tomorrow as I can hear readers nodding off now ! However, just before I go quick mention that Alan left the dogs alone today (so far !) and plumped for Ca Le Ferra at Muss. 

Ah well, should stick to the dogs. 4/1 into 5/2 fav and last of 11 ! Hope horse ok.

Sun 26/2/’17



Droopys Fernanda (top) – an Aug ’15 pup – notched up her 2nd win. She had been slow away at the start of her races but these last 2FERN250217 wins she has shown lots of early. It would be nice to think she could emulate Andes (as well as most of our pups !) by going nicely through the grades. Kelva Elvis (below) – another youngster and Aug ’15 pup, made it 2 from 4. It would be nice to say Alan mopped up with the prices of 5/2 & 5/1 sp’s but it wasn’t the case, as he managed to turn wins into losers with a couple of Panther’s other runners. Not a lot but a loss nevertheless ! 

Wed 22/2/’17



More focus was probably on the horses yesterday but it was the dogs who took the honours. Vicky (pictured top) hasn’t had the best of races to beVICKY210217 running in and has been given no favours by the management. However, it was a case of Vicky ‘cocking a snoop’ to her ratings position and once again licking the opposition with a strong running performance. Mind you, Alan may have been uncomplimentary towards the race management re his own biased opinions. As always, everyone is entitled to Alan’s opinion !


                                                                    THIS COULD SO EASILY BE YOU !

However, even Vicky’s performance was eclipsed later on when Andes did a smash break and won his 7th race from only 11 starts. He has gone through the grades from being A6 in his first race to now an Open Trophy race worth £500 to the winner. Only a May ’15 pup he has such a lot more potential. It goes to prove you don’t need to part with a lot of money to be a greyhound owner, as a share in Andy cost only £160 ALL IN for its entire racing career. This was an Open race and Andy is proving to be a good showcaser for Jim Daly and the Team. Jim is trying to break into the big time with the greyhounds as regards travelling Open  / competition dogs and hopefully Panther will be there as well. Last night’s pic of owners with Andy getting presented with the trophy was sent through by Don who was present at Crayford and an owner in Panther dogs at Sunderland plus several with Jim as well.

If you fancy a similar price structured dog at Sunderland i.e. a one off payment for a dogs entire racing career, we offer DANNI – an August’15 pup who has herself already won 4 races for owners and is in A1 grade at present. She is in training with top Sunderland trainer Yvonne Bell. Cost for a share in Danni is only £128 ALL IN for her entire racing career and rehoming.

At Southwell, Vroom ran a very good race to be second but front running 7f just finds him out. However, it was an excellent try and his good run continues having been in the first 3 on 6 occasions on his last 6 races (inc winning twice). Alfie, however, had a bad draw to overcome and he didn’t. He needs stoking up when getting out normally to gain a position but yesterday he was stoked up but was then always running too free. It told, as he faded at the finish having used up all his energy. However, he has done his owners proud since Sam bought him and Panther became involved. Plans remain as previous, to turn him out for a couple of weeks or so to have a relax in the paddocks and then return for a late Spring / Summer campaign over jumps. Really can’t wait to see him over those fences ! If you would like to be involved in his ownership for his next campaign, please just get in touch or 07775 743 885.  

Tues 21/2/’17

Today sees Vroom & Alfie return to Southwell – venue of both their latest wins. However, it all gets harder ! Alfie has been a brilliant purchase by Sam for only £600 and he has never been out of the winners enclosure for Panther in all his races inc when 4th on his initial race at 66/1 paying the ew odds. Owners have had some very good bets and he owes nobody anything. Today he is presently fav but while his weight has risen, so others in the race have dropped ! Also his draw isn’t kind but the one big attribute he has is his gameness and willingness to dig deep – very deep. However, he was 11/4 last night before dropping but will probably drift again today. Whatever happens today, it is likely he will be given a short break before taking up with N. Hunt once again – hurdles as well as novice chasing. He is popped over fences and obstacles at home most days after work by Jonny, as Alfie loves to jump for the fun of it. He is totally natural and wants genuine good jumping ground. He will give his owners lots of enjoyment in the Summer plus he is well in on his N. Hunt rating if his flat exploits of recent are anything to go by. Don’t forget, it is still not too late to be involved in Alfie as either a 10% shareholder or by taking up one of the introductory shares available. A one of cost will be available shortly. Please give a ring 07775 743 885 if you want N.Hunt action over the Summer. How good can this horse be ? Also you will be part of a brilliant new partnership in racing with Sam and Jonny who have had a brilliant start to their new venture. You are welcome to the stables as well as going racing and an intro share certainly doesn’t break the bank and gives all the chance to become an owner with very little outlay. 

There are also introductory shares available in Vroom and he has also been a money-spinner for his owners. His is a very open race and he has had different jockeys aboard of late and another takes over today. Vroom is certainly showcasing their abilities !  As well as the horses, the dogs are also out again this week and I’m hoping the management teams at some tracks are a bit more lenient ! Some dogs, notably Ana, Vicky and Danni haven’t been given the best of chances in their last races. 

Sat 18/2/’17



Rum (left) RUMhas never been at his best at Cray but he is a very big dog. However, opportunities always crop up with Greyhound_Shendus_Starthe right race coming along and last night it did and he obliged @7/2 (sp 3/1). Shendus Star completed a double for Panther when staying on strong to lead at the 4th (9/4 sp) in the lucky last. However, the one Alan had thought could upset the applecart (and bookies) was Ana who was 14/1 early doors. Unfortunately…………………  Still better luck in running next time ! Decision time tomorrow re all the horses and hoping our luck continues tonight with the dogs.

Wed 15/2/’17



Fern had been running green but her trapping was improving each race. She is another of the young pups Panther has gone in for recently and is only an Aug ’15 bitch. This was the type of race she always looked to be well capable of winning and so it was yesterday – although the odds reflected her chances. However, we also had Ruby Rebel racing at Perry Barr against Ganya and Alan really fancied his chances but Reb having led was just touched off on the line by a neck. He has won 7 from 22 which is a good % but how many could he have won ? The 480 m at Perry is just a shade too far and the 450 of Sunderland would be spot on. Bit like Ana who also just gets beaten for those few extra metres at Sunderland. Frustrating but that is racing ! Try telling that to Alan yesterday though ! 

Our pups really are having a great time of things (touchwood) and have been keeping apace of management and landing some good bets at big odds in the process. Danni (PANTHERS DANCER) is another who has done very well (4 from 10 for us) but there is talk of her being upgraded again and up to A1 (ANDY also A1). 

Back on the horse front, All 3 – DEEP RESOLVE / MY RENAISSANCE & VROOM hold entries on Tuesday at Southwell. Doc also at Carlisle on Mon.

Busy times with dogs and horses and loads of problems with vans & cars at present ! Head buzzing. Not unusual for Alan though – has had lots of practice over the years with probs / creating them ! Jimmy’s Blog again unfortunately had to take a back seat for a while but he is continuing as normal – well as normal as Jimmy can be ! Quick update on Rosie who had found a home a couple of weeks ago but had to be returned to SARA. Not that Jimmy has complained, as he once again has his companion in crime to go out with. A rabbit shot across both of them yesterday whilst ‘out on manoeuvres’. Both acted instinctively in a split second with both myself and Alan almost dragged headlong through the rotting ferns and nettles. Rest of walk spent with both dogs on high alert (very) trying to find that b****y rabbit. 

Sun 12/2/’17




Up against Destiny in the same race, Andes showed he is still improving and has now made it 6 wins from only 10 races. He is a May’15 pup and done nothing but improve. We have been having a very good start with the new pups coming through as both Andy and Danni are multiple winners and also youngsters with a good future ahead. Both are for sale in 1% shares for a fixed ‘all career’ fee. Great fun for owners and only £128 and £165 each dog (Danni / Andy). Destiny in Andy’s race was beaten into 3rd by 3.5 lengths but he is a special dog. He was the first dog we got involved with at Jim’s before it had raced and he has given us quite a few sore throats and hangovers over his 44 races and 10 wins. Although winning at Crayford, he isn’t a natural here and falls into the same category as Bruce and Rum who also struggle with the track. All are big dogs but so is Andy at 35k and it doesn’t bother him, although his career races have all been here and he is a young dog just starting out – adjusting and improving.  

Nothing racing today which is a pity, as all dogs seem to be (touchwood !) running well and if not winning, on the whole, doing well. Mind you, main thing as always is that all dogs and horses stay sound and in one piece.

Sat 11/2/’17


Bullseye fell out of the traps last night but ran an eyecatching race WINNING @ 4/1. On his first race he ran 5th in an A6 again with a slow start but was dropped to A7 last night. He made no mistake when winning nicely and shaving almost 0.9 of a second off his previous time. Double upgrade on agenda ? He is a big dog @ 33.25 k for Crayford but seems to handle the track well. Only a July’15 pup – like DANNI – and looks another with a future.

Thurs 9/2/’17

OH DANNI GIRL !!!!!! ADVISED BET (8/1 available)


PANTHERS DANCER (Danni) really did get her running shoes on again last night when railing brilliant at the first and second bends in an A2 event and then once hitting the front, never gave in to repel all comers. It was a dominant display from such a young pup. There is a lot of improvement still to come and so much potential. She had’t been getting away very fast and whilst she was out the boxes quick last night she still never really got into stride. However, it was her guts and determination to power through on the first two bends that set the race up for her. Although not having been running well since graduating to A2 class, owners were advised last night to back her even though she touched 8/1 before coming in to 6’s sp. It was a brilliant result for all owners and DANNI. A share in Danni costs only £128 ALL IN for her entire racing career including all retirement costs plus owners receive their share of her prize money. A bet of only £15 would have bought you that share  ! AND she has won 4 (recommended bets) from only 10 races for us. 



Tues 7/2/’17



Not many dogs racing at present but 2 dogs running today at Perry Barr – VIOLET DANCER & RUBY REBEL (pictured) – both won and Alan landed the up and down and double (3/1 & 7/2 sp’s). Just when I’d been googling a holiday cottage to rent in September. Just need Jimmy’s approval now ! Plus Alan doesn’t lose the winnings – which he is more than capable of on evidence of his last couple of week’s backing in handicaps at Sunderland. Ban all handicaps I’d say, except the one that Alan is awaiting that will suit Ana. The last one way off the mark by management. Hopefully there will be some relax on Ana who has had a rough deal of late in the format of her races, which is why a handicap was requested in the first place. The right race and Ana will do the rest – as Alan has happily informed owners ! Hope he is right. Hopefully Ana’s kennel mates will do tomorrow as Violet Dancer & Ruby Rebel did today for Jayne. Mind you would happily settle for one winner and all dogs return safely.

On the retirement front, Mandy is still awaiting a new home but will remain at Yvonne’s until a place is available for rehoming in the Retired Greyhound Trust at Hollin Hall. Lewis, Yvonne’s grandson, has collected a lot of funds for the trust over the years and we have sponsored races at Sunderland in aid of the trust along with Becky (Menzies) and SARA. We have been asked about our dogs that have been injured and I can assure all that EVERY SINGLE DOG retired has either been rehomed via Panther or the trainers to syndicate members or via the greyhound homefinders groups. All are kept and paid for until a home is found or taken into a retirement trust. NO GREYHOUND IS EVER PUT DOWN. In the future it maybe that (as in racehorses) a dog may have to be humanely destroyed if severely injured but so far with the dogs not a single one we have been connected to has had to be. This includes those with a fractured hock.They have had immediate surgery, the cost of which can be up to £2000, returned to the kennels and then found a home when recuperated. I intend setting up a new page on this site as to what has happened to dogs we are involved in and where they have retired. Also, we are also happy for a syndicate member of any dog to apply to retire a dog when its racing career is over. Becky has always said she would like to retire Ana when her racing days are over. It is a great way for any dog to go out of racing. You will no doubt have read about Jimmy’s exploits since we retired him to our own home and whilst he has been one of the very few greyhounds to have had all the traits of an irate guard dog he also has given a lot of love. Mind you, there are dogs, then there are greyhounds and then there is Jimmy ! Please do a lot of homework reading before taking on an ex greyhound racer. However, if you would like to retire one of our dogs to a good (very) home, you don’t need to be a member or owner in Panther. Please just give myself Anne a ring on 07775 743 885 and I’ll discuss any issues you may have.

Sun 5/2/’17


Elvis was the dog unable to make a qualifying time at Crayford and returned to his breeder T. Tungatt who also trains at Wimbledon so that he could school Elvis on and race him until the track closes. Elvis will then return to Jim and race at Crayford where he will hopefully be able to qualify this time. Should be no problem hopefully, as he made it a win last night on only his 2nd ever race. He is green but improving and only a young pup being Aug ’15. 



Frid 3/2/’17




ALFIE020217AcpQuite a day at Southwell for the ladies with the Sam trained Alfie (MY RENAISSANCE – left) running an incredible race VROOM020217Acp(ably assisted by Jane). It was a very long straight to shout Alfie home from hitting the front off the last bend. Alfie kept digging deeper and deeper and he is an incredible horse. Even more so as his future will be N. Hunt and he schools almost daily for fun (by Jonny – leading him in) over fences. Just awaiting the genuine good ground to come. However, his second career as a flat horse has really taken off – not a bad 2nd career which was really a stop gap while he awaits the ground. Don’t forget there are 2 introductory shares available and 10% shares. Details on Alfie’s own page. VROOM was also apprentice ridden and another very good ALFIE020217cpride by Rhiain. Again it proved a long straight as he also hit the front VROOM020217cpcoming off the final bend and a lot more shouting from the stands was the order of the day. Throats will be a little sore this morning although soothed by Southwell’s hospitality post races !  

On the prices front, Alfie was always around his sp mark but the biggest surprise was Vroom drifting markedly overnight from almost fav to 8/1 sp. No reason why he should have done so but very much appreciated by his owners. There will have been a few happy hangovers this morning !

Just need Doc – DEEP RESOLVE – to continue the good work now. Will soon be back from a short break and entries expected shortly. Presently only have the 3 horses in training and they are doing very well. It’s great having the dogs as well, as when the horses are recuperating between races, the dogs are racing. However, the horses are running as regular as the dogs at present !



It’s animal cruelty. Great when travelling to Southwell where I once again walked out through Rufford Country Park. Still can’t get my head around those squirrels though. One minute there right in front of me, tails a wagging, just tempting me into a chase scenario and a very good attempt by myself at strangulation on the lead – then gone up a tree ? At least the bunnies play fair and stay on the ground. Couldn’t believe it, Alan hadn’t fixed the radio and same CD stuck in hole from last week. Not one winner but two yesterday and more amplified playing of same tracks over and over, plus Alan’s wailing for two and a half hours on the way home. Call the RSPCA ! 

Thurs 2/2/’17

Case of hoping Alfie continues his progress and the race not too soon. Also Vroom at Southwell and hoping 7f suits. No reason to think it wont though. Here’s keeping fingers crossed for both.

Wed 1/2/’17

Busy couple of days with dogs at Sunderland and horses at Southwell tomorrow. Just need some (good) luck !

Mon 30/1/’17



Mandy last raced in July when she went into season. Another race she won ! She is a black bitch weighing 26k and is very honest and friendly. On track she was a consistently fast trapper and was an A1 dog at Sunderand. She won 9 and was 2nd x 9 in her lifetime 49 races. After her season, she injured a shoulder muscle but MANDY120316cpit had been hard to detect and then felt it again in trial a few weeks ago. She seemed fine the next day and was then mandy2cpgiven several more weeks off for it to settle. She was fine after her next trial on return to the track but then last Wed in another trial she again pulled the same muscle. It has been decided that we will call it a day as she owes no owner anything having won some nice bets and her owners have only had to top up a kitty once (recently) as she has covered her own racing expenses since purchase from Ireland. Nobody wants to see her suffer a serious injury. She hadn’t won at all in Irelend in 12 races, so really it was a very good purchase by Yvonne and training feat, as Mandy has won 9 races from 37 races for Panther’s ownership group with Yvonne. A 24% winning strike rate. It’s possible we could rest her again and try again but we didn’t with Jimmy and he is having the time of his life in retirement with ourselves. What we would like to find is a very good retirement home for Mandy. She loves life and is very friendly with people but hasn’t been tried regarding cat / other dog friendly. She is friendly with other greys but some dogs take naturally to other breed dogs whilst others (inc Jimmy who is a work in progress) just don’t know how to interact with other dogs. They have never played with toys etc and everything is new to them. Having said that Jimmy came home and took to everything like a natural around the home. Even told us when he wanted to relieve himself. Not once has he done business in the house bar marking his territory the first couple of days. However, he has that quirk of not accepting other breed dogs which we are continuously working on. I am assured bitches are better in general at accepting retirement. Greyhounds I can assure you are full of tricks and quirks and if offering one a home in your family, I guarantee you will be in for a lot of love – and surprises ! Mandy is now fine again and you wouldn’t know she had pulled a muscle. Another 10 days and she will be ready for all types of exercise. Greys don’t need a lot of exercise (although Jimmy has been kept very fit since retirement with weekly swims and lots of walking) and they tend to fit into your own regime.

Mandy is only 3 years and 4 months of age and has (touchwood) a lot of time to spend with her new family. If you are keen on giving Mandy a loving new home or would like more details, please just give me a ring on 07775 743 885. We are in the process of getting Mandy speyed so she will be ready to go to the greyhound trust for re-homing if no home can be found beforehand.

Sat 28/1/’17 



Another 2 winners added to this month’s tally with this month’s previous winners KISSY & REB (right) again winning last night. It now takes Kissy’s total to 11 from 34 races and Reb’s 6 from 20. Two really nice grading dogs to own at Crayford and Perry Barr. We do like Open racing / Competition dogs but the cut and thrust of grading is also great fun – especially in Alan’s case from a betting point of view. Patience is definitely required and with dogs running weekly, races need to be well scrutinised as no dog wins every race ! ‘Better miss a winner than back a loser’ has always been Alan’s method of backing, as many will know.

Starting to update the dogs, as we now have more runners coming onto the scene as others have been retired. Still continuing the search for more dogs also.

Although down on numbers of horses than a couple of years ago, we are still very keen on syndicating them. We have had a brilliant time really with the horses we have had and My Renaissance and Vroom have been providing plenty of action during the Winter months. Both have been very competitive winning horses. Deep Resolve has been disappointing of late but will shortly be back in action again. 

Frid 27/1/’17


P.S. Not forgetting Sam & Brilliant ride by Jane !

ALFIE260117 AcpThis was a very good performance all round. Alfie was always in the right place at the right time and stayed on ALFIE260117 Dcpstrongly to win well. His mark continues to increase but so do his performances. This time he had the assistance of JANE ELLIOTT who was very confident pre race and is a 7 pound claimer who is definitely going places. It was a very polished performance – take a look at the race if you haven’t seen it. There were understandable doubts re the fibresand surface but Jonny (England – N. Hunt jockey and husband of Sam) was confident pre race in the paddock that Alfie would run well on it. So it proved. In fact any surface, sharp tracks or galloping tracks, they all come the same to Alfie ! He has been a brilliant purchase by Sam and a brilliant horse for owners in Panther who took a share in him. He started the show coming 4th @ 66/1 (4th place paid to ew stakers) 2nd @ 33/1, WINNER @ 7/2, 2nd 7/4 and now WINNER 6/1. Plus larger odds have been available ! For only £55 per month all in what more can any owner want. PLUS there is the added bonus that Alfie is a N. Hunt horse ! He is schooled most days by Jonny at home as Alfie loves jumping. When the ground is genuine good he will be taking up the N. Hunt game once again with chasing now on the agenda. There are 10% shares available in Alfie plus a couple of introductory shares at only £55 per month all in. I woyuld just like to say that the pic on the podium of myself and Terry (only Panther owner there on the day) is not what it may seem. No, I wasn’t trying to glug the champers. Other pic of a jubilant Jane and Alfie returning to winners enclosure led in by Sam. If you are interested in a share in Alfie, please get in touch on 07775 743 885

Footnote from Jimmy – Southwell is one of my fav. tracks as I get to go to Rufford Country Park on the way to the races where I can happily try to throttle myself on the lead whilst trying to chase the squirrels. Only downside is when we have a winner or good run as it takes 2 and a half hours to return home and Alan’s singing is unbearable. Yesterday’s more so as the CD jammed inside and initially thought that would be good but it resulted in the same music over and over and over …… Head down and paws over the ears job ! Hope for Sedgefield next – much closer even if no squirrels.

Tues 24/1/’17

New pup Kelva Elvis couldn’t race the other day with Wimbledon off but today sees BULLSEYE make his debut at Crayford. Everything coming fast now as changes with the dogs happening now and more still to come. For those who noted FERNANDA in the other day’s write up it wasn’t just Alan who noticed the potential of the pup as today’s Racing Post also give him a write up. We are also still looking for a suitable dog with Yvonne but as many will have noted on RPGTV last Friday, Steve Anderson stated that dogs at present are very expensive for what they are and Yvonne has been looking for us since well before Christmas. However, a new group will be set up as sonn as the dog is purchased. 5 people have already noted their interest in what will be a 10% share group and you can add your name for details without obligatin by phoning or texting 07775 743 885. 

Tomorrow, Alfie does in fact get the run Thursday when it looked unlikely. Will get the website up to date with new dogs and those who have suffered injuries. One of these is PUMPKIN who is to be retired now. Such a shame as she won over 2,4,6,8 &10 bends. Considered as a potential brood bitch but the kennels are full of brood bitches at present so a good home is wanted. Would you like a new addition to your family ? Please get in touch if you would.

Sun 22/1/’17



It was a great night on RPGTV for Jim Daly and his dogs inc. our own KELVA DESTINY (right)and DROOPYS ANDES (left). TheDES210117 former was our first dog at Jim’s. We took up with him as a pup before he ran and he has given a lot of fun and enjoyment for the past 40 races. Has made Open class and a rating of 105. The switch to the tight Crayford track hasn’t been ideal, as he is a big dog racing off 36.5k (now down to 34k) but he retains his ability well. Last night saw him in the right race (plus a track bias for the inside) and he duly obliged from 5/2 (Alan managed 2’s !) to 4/5 fav. The result was never in doubt after coming away slightly behind but then showed pace to lead up. Great to see one of our favourite dogs still racing and doing the biz ! He is a really lovely natured dog. Andy (DROOPYS ANDES) was voted dog of the month at Cray for December when winning his first 4 races on the trot and ran in his own sponsored race last night – and winning again. Interesting to note that after his 4 wins he started missing the break (bit like our other dog Dancer at Sunderland) but then pinged last night. Although Kissy went down last night with a poor break, Jim’s fortune continued. However, the eye-catcher was DROOPYS FERNANDA who is surely a winner waiting to happen. Totally green last night but will line pockets shortly – although bookies will also have taken note I’m sure ! Still, one not to be missed.

Sat 21/1/’17



RUBY REBEL  was downgraded for his race last night and made no mistake. He is normally a good trapper and shows plenty of pace but last night had crowding at the start and never led up but then took up the running by the 2nd and stayed on to win. Normally he is a bit like Ana at Sunderland, where he looks to have a race won but just fails to see out the trip (480m) fully. The race looked a nice one to have a good chance in and he obliged at 3/1. He is a nice dog of 32.5k who has now won 5 from 19 at Perry Barr. I’m sure he would be an ideal Sunderland dog with the trip 30m less. Bit too far for Jayne to travel though ! 



We have been looking for a while now but are seriously looking for the right dog at the right price. If you would like to be part of the new group / dog or want more details when the dog has been chosen ( NO OBLIGATION) please just forward your name via phone / text or email. Usual contact no. / email address.

Frid 20/1/’17



Up another 3 pounds for not winning, Alfie (MY RENAISSANCE) now entered up at Southwell next Thurs. He has proven to be an excellent purchase by Sam and touchwood the best is yet to come ! He has been brilliant for Panther and his owners and very profitable as well from a betting point of view. Alfie is a very versatile horse so hopefully also takes well to the fibresand. He is racing on the flat over the Winter as he wants genuine good ground for N. Hunt and intentions are for chasing. Alfie offers owners a lot of enjoyment in all forms of racing and Sam invites all to the yard when they would like to see their horse. Shares are available in  10% units (P.O.A.) and although he has done very well so far, we still believe there is a lot more to come. As well as the 10% shares there are also three introductory shares at a cost of £55 all in per month. For a share in Alfie and to be in the winners enclosure with your own horse please just give myself (Anne) a ring on 07775 743 885.

Thurs 19/1/’17



Waited quite a while for that caption ! However, with Ana getting no run whatsoever, the road was clear for Vicky to go ahead and win. I had thought Ana had the better chance of the two on this occasion (although owners also told Vicky had the most ability) but with her out of the race, Vicky ran an excellent railer’s race to win. She even did 2 laps of honour after the race was over and was, on the night, not for catching by man nor beast !

Wed 18/1/’17

Interest today focuses on the 7.11 at Sunderland with both Vicky and Ana in the same race. Full race reports have been sent to owners but no betting out as yet. Personally, we have never backed against one of our own dogs or horses since the day we started owning and so wont be backing in the race and just hope both come home sound.

Mon 16/1/’17

Nothing so far re-new dogs but in no rush. Haste and repent and all that ! The right dog / horse will always come. Been relatively quiet these past few days, not exactly feet up time as Jimmy makes sure of that. Whoever said greys just want to sleep all the time – liars ! Staff members at SARA have continued to be brilliant with ourselves and Jimmy. Meanwhile, Rosie has now left for her new home permanently after 14 months there and another long term resident of over a year (Sadie) went out yesterday, having been selected to be Jimmy’s next walk out partner (they never got to be introduced). Jimmy is worth his weight in gold for SARA as he is the best rehomer they have. One mention of walking out with Jimmy and the dogs request a transfer ! Next up at SARA’S dating agency is Billy whom Jimmy has just been introduced to. Jimmy being Jimmy hasn’t as yet got to close quarters with Billy (lovely dog and totally unreactive to Jimmy’s antics bar a slight cocking of his head and bewildered expression) but hopefully he will before Billy also puts in his transfer request.

Of the dogs that have run for Panther, (not many as kennel sickness not helping), there have been no winners but it was never likely we would have a result like last month for winners, as upgrades mean everything gets tougher. However, lots of interest in the 7.11 at Sunderland on Wed as Ana takes on Vicky and both downgraded. Interesting race to say the least.

On the horse front no entries at the moment.

Thurs 12/1/’17

3 horses have run and we had a race too bad to be true plus a 3rd and a 2nd. Should be really pleased, however, can’t help but feel it could have been 2 wins !

We have been asked about the new dog with Yvonne but she said presently the dogs she wants, the prices are too high so we are waiting. However, other irons in the fire for new dogs also at other kennels for open grade dogs. Includes one who has run and come 2nd in Ireland and is very well bred. He will be out again soon and cost will no doubt rise if he wins well. Will keep all up to date as and when anything happens. Those who have already stated they would like details sending as soon as we know what new dogs are available I will send them through. If you would like to register your interest without any obligation, please just get in touch phone  / text or email. 07775 743 885 /

Tues 10/1/’17

Alfie beaten a head yesterday but advice to owners on the previous night was although he had every chance, at the price (was opening up at 2’s), we wouldn’t be backing. Whilst obviously disappointing he was mugged by a head, no money lost. Staying with the horses, it’s over to Vroom today at Southwell. Dogs will continue racing this week.

Mon 9/1/’17

Alfie out at Wolv and up 5 for his latest win. Considering he had no luck at all in running last time and won quite well in the end, it is a fair rise. Had 2 shoes torn off last time but drawn wider this time. Hopefully he goes with every chance again today but the ew 66/1 and 33/1 races are now long gone ! 

Sun 8/1/’17




It has been a wait to get off the mark this month but then 3 winners yesterday. All three smart away and won well. 2scion070117cp on RPGTV ! Kissy left and Scion right. Plus seconds as well ! Just a bit of a disappointing run by Doc but possible excuse. Main thing he is well and has 2 entries this week. At least Alan backed the 3 winners as it covered his losers as well ! Scion is getting the hang of this track with a very fast break yesterday. Rum just seems to be floundering there.


Danni back out on Tues and been getting some mentoring from Jimmy today as they both bonded (cautiously !) in the paddock. Hope she learns from Scion how to ping the lids. What a decent dog she will become. Still shares available in this progressive bitch pup just give a call. She’s not quite as small as Alan’s pic seems to show. Well at least Jimmy not a 50k dog. 

On the horse front, Alfie back to Wolv tomorrow and Vroom back to Southwell Tues.


Frid 6/1/’17

Plenty happening these next 5 days. 

Back to RPGTV tonight with 2 runners – Ana & Vicky – but all will be aware of our luck on the prog ! Would be nice if it changes. Also good to see Vicky regain confidence at that 3rd bend. Gets into winning position only to back off if a dog anywhere near her at that point. It’s a major prob for her and I believe she would be in higher grade still if it wasn’t for this problem. In A3 tonight from win last time in A4. Bruce also out at Cray. 

On the horse front, Doc runs Newcastle tomorrow and Alfie Wolv Mon & Vroom Tues Southwell. It’s all go !

Tues 3/1/’17

Well no Panther winners so far for Jan ! However, plenty of good news from Sam’s yard as she has now made it 4 winners from last 5 runners since 22nd Dec. Really is a young trainer who is progressing fast. You can be involved in the yard as there is a share available as either a 10% or as an introductory share @ only £55 per month all in. The horse is My Renaissance (Alfie) and he has now come 4th of 16 @ 66/1  /  2nd @ 33/1   &   WON 7/2 sp (5/1 ad) since coming into Panther. He is a dual purpose prospect and chasing on agenda. Get involved now ! get in touch 07775 743 885 or via email Be there as an owner next time he races. Could be Monday. Deep Resolve holds an entry on Sat and some dogs should be out and about shortly. However, couple have run but lacklustre and other pulled off card due to kennel sickness at Jayne’s 



The end of a year is normally time for reflection for most but there is no time ! Instead, it is Onwards and Upwards as they say. More dogs to be introduced shortly and new ideas being worked on. Gay (Kelleway) very keen on upping her greyhound involvement and we are looking at further increasing our own. The dogs have been especially profitable from a betting angle all year and it is something we cannot ignore. On the horse front, all 3 trainers have given us winners in DEEP RESOLVE, VROOM & MY RENAISSANCE and all 3 will be continuing to race in the New Year. I know from much past experience that you make the most of the good times, as it never takes long to get bitten on the arse one way or another – as Alan found out when Jimmy gave him a ‘playful nip’ for attention the other day ! Owners in Panther have had a great year overall but at the end of the day, racing is a numbers game also. The more you own the more winners you will have and that is the same for trainers and owners. In general we have never kept records of numbers of winners and haven’t totted up this years either but I know it has been a very good year – although inevitably injuries have cost dogs and horses. All have been found homes and none suffered life ending injuries. Today’s welfare for horses and dogs is the best it has ever been.  My resolution ? To find more time to keep this website updated fully. Impossible ! 

Ana managed to come 2nd last night and we had no luck in running with a couple of others. Roll on January and hopefully more profits !


Frid 30/12/’16





dannib271116cpran in an A3 yesterday and won from start to finish staying on strong. It was another improved performance and on slow / loose ground this time. A very young pup who looks very green pre race as she watches the tv monitors showing greyhound races ! Must be picking up some good tips. Talking of which, owners of Danni were again given her to be a recommended bet. This is now 3 wins and a 2nd from only 4 races at Sunderland (inc Sup Grainne before name change registered). All 3 wins Danni was given to owners as a recommended bet in the pre race assessments and she won at 4/1  7/2  and 9/4 sp’s with larger being available earlier. For now the price remains at £128 all in for her entire racing career and rehoming afterwards. Interested, please give a call on 07775 743 885 


Although 10/1 could be obtained, it was no surprise to see him win ! However, he just hadn’t been trapping at all of late BRUCE - 1ST PICexcept in his latest trial and kennel news was that he had a massive chance if he trapped as he had in his trial. He did and it was job over !  Bruce’s win makes it now 18 for the month and it would be great to see the 20 up but time really is running out. However, we have enough runners to make it happen so ???????

Wed 28/12/’16

No more winners as yet ! Pumpkin couldn’t make it a big competition win but she has done so much to date having won at 2,4,6,8 & 10 bends. Incredible really. Will let her off ! Today sees Deep Resolve run his first novice chase. He is a horse Alan (husband) has liked from day 1 as a yearling and although it has been an up and down career he is only young and the winner of 5 from 28. He is a lovely horse to have anything to do with and excelled in his first 2 hurdles. The one thing he hasn’t really been is consistent but it has been felt it was to do with him growing and strengthening. He is still growing and strengthening now ! Racing Post say it correct as he isn’t bred for chasing. Came from the prestigious Orby sales which aren’t frequented by many N. Hunt trainers. Just hope he takes to the fences. Desert Orchid wasn’t exactly bred for Gold Cup glory either ! Regards today, I will be happy to see him jump round safely. He is a horse whose preference has been shown to be for heavy ground and a stiff track, so today’s conditions are far from ideal and whatever he does today he will improve upon. Just want to see him get his eye in over these nice fences and just down the road. Several dogs also out and about until New Year so it would be nice to see the record monthly tally of winners broken. Better still if it was by Doc but can’t really see it.

The very good news I was hoping to tell is that Rosie has her ‘Forever Home’ lined up. Hoping I’m not jumping the gun but a family have been coming to S-A-R-A to see her and walk her out and have introduced her to their own 2 dogs. The vets also still believe she is going into remission with her diabetes. Again I would like to thank all businesses in a wide area who have promoted Rosie for us with posters etc and also to horse trainers Lucy Egerton (good luck today !), Sam England, Rebecca Menzies and Gay Kelleway who promoted Rosie via facebook and twitter. As I said hope I haven’t jumped the gun as it is expected she will be leaving for her new home in early New Year. It really is brilliant news as she is a very loving dog and one who has helped us enormously with Jimmy. He will no doubt have his say on the subject in his next Blog update. Unfortunately, he is too busy at present sticking his nose and teeth into any box or anything wrapped up. His bed is a treasure trove of stolen goods ! 

Inspection Catterick with temps down to -4

Sun 25/12/’16




Andy (white jacket) made it 16 winners to date for Dec, as he just got to the line in front and this, if memory serves me right, equals our best total of winners for a single month. Will Pumpkin break the record as she attempts to win the Marathon tomorrow – a competition race worth £2500 to the winner ? Andy has now won his 4th race from only 4 races to date and it goes to show the importance of getting young dogs well graded in. Jim did an excellent job.  Dogs like Andy and Danni are progressive sorts, only young,  continuously strengthening, while also gaining valuable race experience, giving them the chance to outrun the inevitable upgrades.  

Owning dogs or horses is a risky business and for all the many successes we have had, there are also disappointments and upsets along the way. In racing, it is unavoidable. However, we have always maintained everyone should enjoy the good times while they happen and I’m sure all owners of the horses and dogs that are presently on top of their game will have made it a very profitable December. It’s a numbers game so get buying ! That’s the last plug for selling – for today anyhow, so


Anne, Alan & not forgetting Jimmy the grey.

Sat 24/12/’16


KISSY (right) made it 2 wins in Dec last night with plenty of early pace. This now takes her tally to 8 wins from 28 races and seems to be happy at Crayford. I KISSY PICdanni231216thought it might be a double at one point and 3 wins on the spin from 3 races at Sunderland for DANNI (left). She fought down the back to get into a great position to win from by the third bend but was cut off by the dog which finished 3rd and all chance went from then. This left the winner in the clear but Danni – 2nd in pic on left – did run strong to the line gaining on the winner but never able to make up the ground lost. It was, however, another very good run. Don’t miss out any longer if you want to watch your own dog in action at only £128 ALL IN FOR CAREER COST. Just get in touch. Danni is a very young pup (July’15), definitely improving and winner twice and 2nd from her 3 runs at Sunderland. Give a call now (07775 743 885) and you will own her for her next race. She has been a recommended bet to owners for each race she has run and at sp’s of 7/2 / 4/1 /3/1 owners have already said they have more than covered their share and more already. Our luck in not having a winner on RPGTV continues !! Hopefully it changes in competition races when Pumpkin races on Boxing Day in the final of The Marathon.

On the horse front, Alfie and Doc both hold entries at Catterick on Wed and others also expected. 

Frid 23/12/’16


alfiea221216FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – EASY !!

MY RENAISSANCE (Alfie – black / yellow colours) showed lots of guts yesterday to come from a very much losingalfieb221216 position to battle on strong having been knocked about all over the place and losing 2 shoes in the process. He was boxed in throughout and (along with Andrew) had to sit and suffer but when a gap appeared on the turn for home, he railed better than a grey and showed plenty of speed to put a winning distance between him and the remainder. FROM 3RD LAST AT ONE POINT TO WINNER – BRILLIANT ! Touched 11/2 in a place early morning and finished 7/2 j Owners advised ……had very good chance of winning.

Don’t forget there are 10% shares available to purchase in Alfie AND it is thought he will be a better chaser than hurdler or flat horse. Also, there are still 3 shares remaining as introductory shares offering all ownership benefits at a cost of only £55 per month ALL IN. Alfie is only a young horse who is definitely improving for the change of scenery to Sam’s yard. It is an ideal opportunity for anyone to join a young and very much progressive dual purpose trainer (and wife to jockey Jonny England) in this new training project. DON’T MISS OUT !! Just get in touch now on 07775 743 885

Tonight one of the dogs running is Panthers Dancer and live on RPGTV at Sunderland. She is a progressive dog but only young and has so far made it 2 wins from 2 races here. Problem is I can’t recollect ever having a winner yet when dogs have raced live on RPGTV ! Also on a negative, Pumpkin races in the £2500 Marathon on Boxing Day and it seems that when we have a dog make it to a competition final it breaks slow, meets trouble in running etc. Let’s hope things change !!

Thurs 22/12/’16



Everything went well last night (albeit after a slow start to get the heart rate soaring !) as Vicky landed the spoils and from the text messages and emails sent through, quite a few took the blog advice and backed her ! She was 7/2 earlier on but ended up at 5/4 sp. MANY CONGRATS TO ALL ! 

Today Alfie takes his chance at Wolverhampton and touchwood he is as good here as he was on the larger Newcastle track last time. 

Wed 21/12/’16

VROOM came 3rd yesterday but never got the run of the race and he has to be on a mark that he can win off. Easy to see where improvement can come from. ANA ran a very good race to come 2nd. It was a thrilling race with Ana and the 3 dog going head to head until right on the line when Ana got the better of that one but to be denied by the flying 4 dog ! Incredible high’s and low’s of emotions in just a few seconds. GIVE IT A TRY AND OWN A DOG FOR CHRISTMAS. Only £128 for a share in PANTHERS DANCER – already winner of 2 from only 2 races at Sunderland.  One off all in cost for entire racing career. The track is a top graded racing payer and RACES LIVE AT BOOKIES PLUS RPGTV & LIVE STREAM FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME. Just give me a call on 07775 743 885 to own a share today.

Today we have TOPSTAR VIXEN running at Sunderland and she is a dog ready to win with BUT has the habit of dropping back at the third bend if challenged for a position. If she goes into the bend 1st, she wins ! Other dogs out tomorrow and Alfie at Wolverhampton. 

Tues 20/12/’16



Just watched Ganya pop in this morning at 5/2 sp. Hoping it could be another good day with also having VROOM in the 1.30 at Southwell and Ana this evening at Sunderland. Full details and expectations given to all owners of individual dogs and horse.

Sun 18/12/’16

3 DOGS 3 WINNERS !!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas just came early

dan181216ccpIt was meant to be 4 runners but Scion was pulled out due to being off colour and so it left PANTHERS DANCERPUMP150615cp (pic left at kennels this am) PUMPKIN (right) and ANDES (bottom left) to be matched up in a treble and 3 doubles by Alan (rather than the yankee)  – all of which won. It made a very good week even better ! DANNI was a recommended bet to owners last night at Sunderland and the biggest surprise was the price as 4’s had been available and she was 7/2 sp. She missed the kick a bit but for a July ’15 bitch with very little experience, she certainly used her noddle at the bends and came from several lengths down on the back straight to take the lead on the run in and win by 1.75 lengths. It was a very pleasing run. That makes it 2 from 2 at Sunderland. She is a very young dog who can only improve with racing and andy181216shares are still available at £128 all in. Just get in touch on 07775 743 885

Next up was Pumpkin (3/1)  at Crayford and she has now gone into the history books as a dog who has now won over 2, 4 , 6 , 8 , and now 10 bends. It’s a remarkable achievement and she runs in the final of The Marathon on Boxing Day. 7/4 earlier in the day when backed, Andes proved what a nice improving pup (and well graded in) he is by powering home in the last on the card at Crayford to land the bets. That now makes it 3 from 3 races. 

It all gets harder now with the pups going upward through the grades but both are well capable of pulling out a fair bit more of improvement.

Sat 17/12/’16

3 DOGS 2 WINNERS !!!!!!!!


It was a good night yesterday when we had 3 runners. KISSY (left) won and was a recommended bet @5/2. DESTINY (right) won his race also andDES120815cp although he was 6/4 fav I still thought our other dog in the same race – BRUCE @ 7/1 could spring a big surprise (wrong !) Still, more than happy to see two more winners on the board.

Time for investing more of the recent winnings as more dogs out tonight and Alan going for the multis ! Fortune favours the brave hopefully ! Now what do I want for Christmas ? – apart from Jimmy not trying to help me mix the Christmas cake. He got in the kitchen and helped himself to all ingredients but found the bag of flour the best as he had dragged it all though the kitchen and lounge before taking it to bed with him. Flour all over the place and over Jimmy who looked like he had changed colour to all white. Loved to have taken pic but too busy cleaning up Jimmy and house.

Hopefully have some brilliant news on Rosie very soon – fingers crossed.


Frid 16/12/’16


alfie-151216cpOn Tuesday Vroom (pictured right) was upped in class but ran a very sound race again to be beaten a short head into vroom1212163rd spot @9/1. Almost 2nd but a drift across the track saw jockey Gabriele earn a caution. Wouldn’t knock the lad as he rode another very good race on Vroom. He looks to be a jockey to be going places. Vroom is again entered up for Southwell on Tuesday coming and like many of Gay’s horses is running as many races as our dogs ! Gay will be telling me to run her dog (Panthers Dancer) more regular ! Incidentally why don’t you join Gay in PANTHERS DANCER at only a one off cost of £128 for entire racing career. Call myself Anne on 07775 743 885

Yesterday saw Alfie (My Renaissance – left) run his second race for Panther and Sam, this time on the flat at Newcastle. This followed on from his close (hurdle race) 4th of 16 @66/1 which payed his ew supporters handsomely. This time Alfie came 2nd of 12 to Alan Swinbank’s well handicapped Go George Go and given as a recommended ew bet at 33/1 again paid a very nice pick up for his owners. In fact, owners have picked up profits of 22.75 points to date in just 2 races ! Just a tenner ew on both races would have covered you from now until May 1st in his ownership group – and that’s without winning a race ! Also you get share of the horse’s prize money. Now if he had won …….! It’s not too late though, as you could be there as a winning owner next time he runs – hurdle or flat or over a fence (he was schooled only on Monday as prep for the flat race and jumps brill). At only 6 years of age this is a great opportunity to become involved in racehorse ownership with a young upwardly mobile trainer. 

Neither horse is resting on it’s laurels and Deep Resolve also has plans being made to run soon.

Meanwhile in the short term, several of the dogs are running over the next few days so hopefully another winner or two ? Vicky ran on Wed but again blew her lines when she broke very quick and then threw the race at the 1st 2nd and 3rd bends. Not content of fluffing her chances at the first two bends she ran very strong down the back to get into a brilliant winning position at the third but put the brakes on going into it which cost all chance. This is now the third time she has done it. Guaranteed winner when she gets her confidence back at that point of a race. Can’t remember anything obvious happening here but something must have and she seems to remember it. 


Tues 13/12/’16

Vroom returns to Southwell in another open looking handicap and carries the 6 penalty for his win last week. Another ride like he was given last week would see him have every chance again from a No 1 draw. 13/2 presently. 

Mon 12/12/’16

Thought we might have had 2 winners over the weekend but two seconds was the best. Main thing all dogs returned fit and well. Tomorrow sees Vroom return to the same venue (Southwell) where he won last week and more news tomorrow. 

Sat 10/12/’16



DROOPYS ANDES made it 2 from 2 yesterday and always looked the winner. Jim has a very nice improving pup on his hands. Shares are available in this pup and you never know, a discount may just be possible ! Details on his own page.

More dogs out again tonight – ANA who made a brilliant comeback from injury to win last week, KITE who has been one of our most prolific winners, SCION who has made it 2 from 2 since her injury comeback and DESTINY who has been running solid without winning.  HERE’S HOPING !

Following PANTHERS DANCER having a solo trial on Thursday, she should be out again in a race this week. SHARES REMAIN AT £128 ALL IN FOR HER ENTIRE RACING CAREER. Don’t miss shouting her home !

On the horse front, VROOM expected to run at Southwell on Tuesday with a 6 pound penalty. You could be there in the winners enclosure. Nobody there last time and had to pick up presentation trophy myself ! MY RENAISSANCE entered and expected to run at Newcastle on Thursday.

Thurs 8/12/’16



For new readers, Jimmy is a greyhound who was retired after injury and only 7 races to our home – now his home !

Believe it or not but this is one of those rare moments when (shy & retiring)  Jimmy is actually asleep.

Wed 7/12/’16



Was how racecourse photographer described it. He was right, travelled down to Southwell and back and saw about 10 seconds of action. Mind you, it was worth it as Vroom really did come out of the fog in isolation towards the line. It was a brilliant result as owners backed him. Alan missed the best odds though – 25’s showing on track  and taken by one lad before board wiped. Satchell emptied apparently ! Vroom was given a very good ride by Gabriele from a wide draw and had the horse well positioned from what could be seen in momentary glimpses through the fog. Vroom ran a decent race last time having missed the break, so it couldn’t be seen as a major surprise as it was thought the track would suit. Gay has always been confident about Vroom since she bought him and he proved her right. He is a young horse and there are 3 introductory shares remaining in him with Panther. See individual horse page. He is only a 3 year old. 10% share also available p.o.a. Please just get in touch on 07775 743 885. doc061216cp

For an hour, Alan’s hopes of a monster double were all there but unfortunately Doc (right) didn’t read the script and came 4th. In reality, as we have always thought, Doc isn’t a natural a.w. horse – although he has won twice here – he is a N. Hunt prospect. Won 2 from 3 hurdles and rated 118. Novice chasing now on agenda over Christmas period. Intro shares also available in Doc plus a 25% share.

On the dog front, there were 2 x 2nds inc. Vicky who finally held her own at the third bend and was in with a winning shout but just went down by a short head on the line. New pup PANTHERS DANCER will trial again tomorrow as she was in ‘lock down’ following her remarkable run the other night when she clocked 27.53 on her first race. This was an exceptional time and even more so for a pup not 2 until July ! She is the fastest dog we have ever raced at Sunderland. Best career times of Ana, Mandy and Vicky to date are 27.81, 27.78 and 27.60 and those dogs have been in A1 or A2 races. Shares are available at £128 ALL IN FOR ‘DANNI‘ for entire racing career and rehoming. Great Chrissie pressie for someone or just treat yourself !


Tues 6/12/’16 – later

Just back from Southwell and it’s been another day to savour ! FULL NEWS TOMORROW.

Tues 6/12/’16

VROOM & DEEP RESOLVE both out at Southwell today and although both big prices (presently 14’s & 12’s) they both also have positives to their chances (and negs as I’m sure you will know). Still, hoping our luck still in and horses and dogs all run well today and come back safe.

Sun 4/12/’16


jim271116It was brilliant to see ANA return to the track for the first time for over 6 months. She hadn’t run very good trials but back onpump031216 track in the atmosphere, she flew the traps and led up and stayed there well. Probably heard the shouting from the steps as we were immersed in our own world ! Apologies to anyone deafened. Sp of 6’s but at least one lucky owner got 10’s on track. Alan’s advice to owners was not to let her go unbacked. Another great training performance by Yvonne following on from Panthers Dancer on Wed. Although Jimmy (left with Ana) has said the win was down to his words of wisdom as they walked the field last Sunday !

It was then over to Crayford and their RPGTV covered meeting where we had 3 winners from 4 runners. PUMPKIN (above right) was the first of the winners with her breaking well and dominating the 714m race to come home staying on strong and in total isolation. Next to take centre stage was another newpup – DROOPYS ANDES (below left). He was well graded in an A6 and trapped well showing early pace to win staying on strong by 4.5 lengths. Full detailsscion031216 on this pup can be seen on his own page. Great to see the 2 new pups race this week, both putting up impressive performances. andy31216

SCION (bottom right) was last up and followed up her impressive win last week with another sound victory last night. She is a very classy bitch who has a future as a brood bitch at the end of her racing career. She cost £10,000 and was well bred herself. Last night she trapped fast and stayed on strong. Scion had been off track injured for almost 6 months before running her first race back last week when winning impressively. She seems well suited to Crayford and now has a 12 win from 35 record (34%) strike rate and is rated by greyhound data @ 116. The two dogs that don’t seem suited to the Crayford track seem to be Rum and Destiny, the latter who came 3rd last night. 

Wished I could have added that it was a night of the acca, as the dogs won at odds of 6/1 * 2/1 * 4/1 * 4/1. What a yankee that would have been ! Still, more than happy that Alan backed all 4 to varying amounts. The one good thing about having an insomniac greyhound at home means that hangovers are now a thing of the past ! 

Sat 3/12/’16 – late !




Sat 3/12/’16

Great to see CABRAGH win for Sam yesterday, showing the yard is now coming back to form after problems over the Summer and Autumn. Plenty of quality racing today with the horses and several of our dogs are out as well, inc Havana Blackbird (Sunderland) who has been off since June 1st. Trouble is, some dogs just don’t seem happy at Crayford, although Jim has a good strike rate there. 

Don’t forget, a share in PANTHERS DANCER (Danni) can be yours for just £128 ALL IN. It covers the share and all training /vet & racing costs for the entire racing career. Don’t miss out as Danni is only a July ’15 pup with plenty of improvement in her following an eye catching debut WIN. IF YOU KNOW OF A BETTER VALUE OFFER IN A DOG – TAKE IT !


Frid 2/12/’16

Deep Resolve has bypassed both his Sunday engagements but now has entries at Southwell on the all weather on Tuesday (same card as Vroom) and Hexham on Wed in a nov h’cap chase.

Wed 30/11/’16






Everything has happened so fast these last couple of days and although not due to run under the name of PANTHERS DANCER until after this race, it was the same dog that won ! The name SUP GRAINNE was officially the name of the dog tonight in the 8.47 at Sunderland but hopefully the name change will go through by the next race. Just look up the results to see how impressive this win was, as don’t forget she is only a JULY ’15 bitch pup, with touchwood, plenty more improvement to come and a full racing career. She has had 3 races at Drumbo Park and 2 trials at Sunderland before tonight’s debut race. If you are wanting to have some fun racing a nice dog at Sunderland, (who have some excellent facilities for racegoers), or if you are happy watching your dog race on RPGTV or the BAGS then ‘DANNI’ IS THE ONE FOR YOU. Cost remains at £128 fully inc. (for now !) of all costs for her entire racing career. You receive 1% of prize money (Sunderland are one  of the top payers in grading company), kennel visiting to walk the dogs on a Sunday morning plus many other benefits inc. info on your dog via direct email or text. Danni offers a great way to become involved in your own dog in a top racing kennel at Sunderland. Tonight’s win makes it 10 for the month.

On the horse front, both DEEP RESOLVE and VROOM are entered up on Sunday and Tuesday next week with possibly more entries also imminent.


Mon 28/11/’16

£128 one off payment – PANTHERS DANCER


Details on new dog PANTHERS DANCER are now posted on own page. Not 2 years of age until July ’17 ! She has already been graded in and is expected to race very soon. Please get in touch with myself Anne 07775 743 885 if you would like to purchase a share. Money can be made by transfer direct to our account or by cheque. 

Sun 27/11/’16



Saw Panther’s new dog at the kennels today and she is to be called PANTHERS DANCER. In order not to confuse with Violet Dancer, we will call this Dancer DANNI. She isn’t happy at sharing her space with another dog just yet, so Jimmy left in van. Will introduce Jimmy to his latest harem member at a later date ! We had wanted a young dog who will hopefully be progressive and Danni is a strong looking 27k bitch who is only a youngster being a July ’15 pup. Has had only 3 races in Ireland proving she chases and hasn’t bitten and has been graded in at Sunderland in the last 2 weeks and is NOW READY TO RACE. Be there as an owner when she does, or watch on many of the greyhound racing viewing outlets. Danni was very friendly and playful today and touchwood should give her new owners plenty of enjoyment throughout her career. The price will be a one off costing, whenever you join, to cover everything for the share in Danni plus all career training fees and rehoming costs. FULL DETAILS / PRICE OF DANNI WILL BE POSTED ON HER OWN PAGE TOMORROW. 

As well as syndicating Danni, we have also asked Yvonne to look for another new dog (not bitch) for us to syndicate in 10% units. I am expecting the dog to be with us before Christmas but there is no mad rush and Yvonne will take her time to get the right dog.

Sat 26/11/’16



It was a very impressive comeback after almost 6 months off due to injury at Crayford last night by Scion. She broke well and the race was never in doubt to her backers. Rum also ran a nice race  to come a staying on 2nd to Scion. Although Alan never backed Scion who was a very tasty 4’s for many during the afternoon, it was a very pleasing result none the less. Just as well Alan never backed any at Sunderland as his recommendations went down ! The PANTHER RACING AND FOXRUSH FARM TROPHY race was won by SLANEYSIDE JUNO with Nat from Foxrush presenting the winning owner / trainer (A. McNicholas) with the trophy. In fact it was a few trips to the podium, as owners in Panther, Keith Chitty and Don Thompson, both had sponsored dogs to win and both who live in the South couldn’t be there. In fact Keith had 3 out of 4 so Nat and Abi had a busy time collecting the RGT mugs ! Not a bad night for Keith who also has a share in Scion and wisely paid no attention to Alan’s caution. Jimmy was also on top form as his raffle tickets marked as Jimmy The  Grey and handed to Yvonne when we left early to see to Jim, won him trips to the cinema as well as restaurant meals for 4. Think Rosie and Jimmy would enjoy their restaurant prize – if only they could get in ! 

Easy to say so now but Doc looked to have a good opportunity at Carlisle tomorrow but the meeting is now abandoned due to a frozen track. 

Going to Yvonne’s tomorrow to view a potential new pup for syndication. Taking Jimmy along to make sure he approves ! Should have details of the new group in next couple of days.


Frid 25/11/’16


For those who watched Reb’s race the other day when he had a very bad fall the result was good. He got up and ran to the pick up and as Jayne said he was unperturbed with tail wagging ! Tonight we have sponsored the PANTHER RACING AND FOXRUSH FARM TROPHY race live on RPGTV @ Sunderland – 7.39 The trophy will be presented by staff from Foxrush. It is the pie and peas night with 2 free drinks etc. It will be packed and I will meet those coming near the William Hill shop on the ground floor. Just ask for Yvonne Bell if you don’t see me, as most in the area will know her. Again many thanks to all who have sponsored dogs on the night and I shall send their dogs names out tonight when we know from the racecard  which dog has been allotted to each person. Have asked Alan to give a dog who cannot get beat but as he isn’t having a bet tonight (most will know Alan’s betting method by now) he has offered up the following info.

In our sponsored race he has chosen Mill Maximo (6). It is a tight betting heat with a 3/1, 2 x 7/2 (inc M.M.) and 3 x 4/1 

El Clasico (7.54) has now won 19 from 55 and is open grade but it has been the handicaps that have been the making of him. He is in a handicap tonight off scratch giving up to 15 lengths to the one dog but his price is only 6/4 which doesn’t appeal to Alan. 

At Crayford, we have Rum and Scion taking each other on. The former Alan believes is finding the track very hard to master whilst Scion is coming back from injury. She has run quite a few trials of late but this race should also bring her on regardless of where she finishes (first hopefully !) Alan watching with interest only.

On the horse front, Vroom finished well the other day and was doing all its work at the finish having broke very slow. Alfie has bypassed Leicester on Sun as it was thought the race was coming too soon for him since the last race. Deep Resolve has been declared for Carlisle on Sunday in his first N. Hunt race for a while. However, fitness wise there is no prob as he has been on the all weather.

Tues 22/11/’16 – 7.30 am

Southwell abandoned and so new entries for Doc will be forthcoming.

Mon 21/11/’16



Alan had let Star go unbacked at 4’s on Sat but made amends when backing VIOLET DANCER yesterday. From an early price of 4/1 it obviously wasn’t just Alan who fancied the chances of Dancer. She is a black bitch who has a common enough problem as a couple of our other dogs, in that she is left in the station when the train pulls out ! Rum a typical example and is a dog who you wonder how far he could have gone bar for the trait. However, Dancer’s split times in general are improving overall but possibly her actual trapping may not be. It is her strength and ability that is improving. Yesterday though, she trapped very slow and Alan watching the screen (and myself), thought the game was over when she was then boxed in behind and had about 8 (more ?) lengths to find down the back straight. However, she showed a lot of pace into the last 2 bends and in the home straight powered home to win close home. It was a very exciting race to watch (ok, especially with the pennies on and thinking they had been lost) and plenty of shouting at the screen ! It doesn’t matter what grade a race, it’s all about winning ! Bit like the horses, if you own a Gold Cup winner (not talking from first hand experience unfortunately), couldn’t shout any louder than encouraging your horse over the line in a seller. Dancer has more ability than her grading but is hampered by poor trapping but she in only young and has had no racing really, so hoping things come together and she will continue to improve.

HAVE JUST TAKEN A NEW DOG WITH JAYNE. How can you not when the kennel has produced 5 winners for Panther from 4 individual dogs in Nov to date ?Details of the dog soon but has had only 2 races in July and has been trialing now for Jayne. Happy with times and happy he can improve hopefully. Will be on track soon but no definite plans re syndication.


On the horse front, DEEP RESOLVE runs tomorrow and VROOM on Wed.

It’s RPGTV night on Friday at Sunderland with all races sponsored for the Greyhound rehoming programe which is a very worthy cause. The sponsored races have spilled over into another night’s racing as more races were offered to be sponsored by people than actual races on the night. Plus all the individual dogs racing have been individually sponsored at a fiver a dog by owners and public with all monies going towards rehoming. Many thanks for members and owners in Panther for their support. Our sponsored race in conjunction with Foxrush Farm Animal Rescue Centre is expected to be on Friday’s card and news of the meeting and races on Friday. MIGHT EVEN GET ALAN TO GIVE A DOG THAT CANT GET BEAT ! It should be a great night and there are still some free tickets available for FREE entry plus racecard + pie and peas + 2 drinks etc. Give myself a ring on 07775 743 885.

Sun 20/11/’16




Although born Aug ’12. Shendus Star remains a great performer for Jayne and Panther has had a lot of fun and wins with her. Last night she notched up her 17th win from 84 races and 22 x 2nd. Not bad stats ! Awful pic !

DOC has been declared for Southwell on Tuesday.

Frid 18/11/’16

Entries in for Deep Resolve at Southwell and Sedgefield next week as well as Vroom at Kempton. 

Yvonne is actively looking for a new dog for Panther now. Anyone interested in becoming involved (no obligation in putting your name forward for more info), please get in touch on 07775 743 885.

Alfie (My Renaissance) has come out of his race very well and spent the following day wallowing in the mud in the fields ! Another race will be looked for shortly. You could be there as a WINNING OWNER !  


Tues 15/11/’16

WHAT A DAY !!!!!!


Reb was a bit slow away today but made steady progress throughout the race to lead and was always in command. He just stays the trip and was again starting to slow but was never in danger. 

MY RENAISSANCE – 4TH OF 16 @ 66/1 !

Alfie, on his debut for Sam gave a great performance over the hurdles at Southwell today. Ridden prominent, he was always travelling well and in the home straight he looked to have every winning chance but just ran out of steam a little to drop back to 4th. Although he couldn’t be recommended as a strong bet today, he did give his e.w. owners and supporters a nice pay day !  Level stakers will be well in hand for the future.


There are several intro shares available in Alfie @ still only £425 for the season and full details can be seen on Alfie’s own page but advertising will shortly be taking place. He should be a very nice horse to take his owners racing over the jumps (hurdles and chasing) plus the flat as well ! A real all rounder. What more could an owner ask for ? A competitive horse for all codes. There are also 10% shares available in Alfie. Please just get in touch 07775 743 885

Mon 14/11/’16



Ganya was slowish away yesterday and 4th down the straight but then quickly passed dogs on the first and second bends before taking the lead close home to win her 2nd sprint on the trot @ 2/1 fav sp. It takes Nov winners to 5 in total. Kennel mate Violet Dancer in a previous race had no luck in running at all when she came 2nd after being crowded and baulked throughout the race after a slow start. However, she was staying on very strong at the finish. Run the race another 100 times and she would win it 100 times !! Don’t worry, just Alan talking through his pocket !  

Quite a bit going on once again and Yvonne is actively looking for another dog for us in Ireland. It will be offered for syndication so if you are interested, please get in touch. 

On the horse front, Alfie with Sam is set to make his debut for Sam and Panther at Southwell tomorrow. Also, Hexham are having an inspection in the morning re their meeting going ahead on Wed. Track still waterlogged in places. Doc entered in a handicap hurdle. If he does run at least he will have his ground.

Thurs 10/11/’16

Hopefully our latest ‘nice run’ continues after quite a few weeks of some bad luck with dogs and horses. Happens to all unfortunately and is all part of racing. Today sees Doc return to Southwell in a typical competitive 12f handicap. Although chasing very much still on the agenda for him, the race is worth almost £4,000 to the winner and it makes plenty of sense to compete for that, as opposed to taking extra risks over hurdles or fences for probably less money. However, still convinced Doc will turn out to be a much better N. Hunt horse than flat. Exciting times hopefully ahead. There is a 25% share available for purchase in the horse. 

Anyone wanting a small share equivalent to a lease to dip their toe in the water, we have a very limited number available on the flat this Winter with Gay in VROOM and for the N. Hunt (hurdles and chasing) with Sam in MY RENAISSANCE (Alfie) who holds an hurdle entry at Southwell next Tuesday. If you are interested, please just get in touch 07775 743 885.



Early doors 11/2 into 3/1 co fav of 3 and no monies of Alan ! Bruce hadn’t been running well with some tardy starts and Jim had the dog well checked out and no physical prob showed. Thought it was a case of needing racing experience at the new track to help Bruce settle in and get back to quicker starts which he was previously well capable of doing. Today it was a case of a bit of a drop in class and breaking ok and really he had the race well in control throughout. Great to see him getting his head in front again after a very promising start to his career with Jim. In fact decent day for our other runner Kite who came 2nd btn length @ 6/1 and stepped up in grade as she continues to improve on her comeback from injury.

On the horse front, Doc runs at Southwell on Thursday and on the back of a winner from the yard at Sedgefield today.

Sun 6/11/’16



Little bit of a purple patch happening ? Dogs running well in general and Ganya who returned from a 5 month lay off a week ago won nicely today when coming late and wide in a sprint. This makes it 22 wins from 82 races and an excellent almost 27% winning strike rate. She will be 4 years of age in a months time and has been a very good dog for Jayne – and ourselves since becoming involved. Alan’s betting accounts in the ascendancy these past few days and he even had the Nov H’cap (a race he has always taken a keen interest in) winner yesterday ! Just no stopping him – unless me singing his praises just has !

Doc bypassed Newcastle but holds the entry at Southwell on Thurs.

Only 3 of the small intro shares remaining in MY RENAISSANCE (ALFIE) if you are interested in taking up a share. Others still available in Doc & Vroom. 10% shares also available. Just get in touch 07775 743 885   /

Frid 4/11/’16



Happily avoided all those ‘what a cracker result headline’ puns. Ah well I’ve just said it anyway ! However, advice from kennels to owners today was ”Kissy got confidence boost last time despite missing break. With a good break tonight she will be hard to beat”. She did break level rather than fast and was very brave at the first to get in front and never looked in any danger of losing owners their bets @ 3/1. This makes her WINNING STRIKE RATE almost 32%. Great for the pocket ! In fact the whole litter (6) 150 races  winning 38 races giving almost a 25% winning strike rate.

Decision tomorrow re DEEP RESOLVE.

Thurs 3/11/’16



3 runners at Crayford today (Des, Rum & Pumps) and Alan unconvinced Cray would suit any so no bets for him. However, Des ran first and broke slow which was more of a problem than the track but he was brave at the first and forced his way through. It was an ideal draw in 2 with trap 1 vacant and Des the only railer in the field. However, he never looked likely after the second bend and faded in the straight backed from 10/3 into 6/4 fav. Next up was the 6 bender with Pumps and Rum up against each other. Pumps was away fast and looked as if she would always stay there until the run in when the slower starting Rum looked a bigger danger as he was making ground fast but then seemed to fail to stay. As it was, Pumps held on to win by three quarters with the 6 dog flying. 9/4 sp and 3’s earlier. A winner missed by Alan but he isn’t sure about the track. However, it looked as if they handled it better today with more racing experience giving improvement.

If you are interested in one of the small lease shares in new horse Alfie, please get in touch as plans are being made for his first race soon and shares are selling. There are only a limited number of these shares available as an introduction to the yard but other shares available at 10% + (POA)

Tues 1/11/’16



ALFIE to friends and in training with Sam, is pictured above. I promise he will look better in the winners enclosure – with you alongside ! Full details on ALFIE can be viewed on his own page. A fully inc cost until May 1st 2017 is only £425 but the number of these shares are very limited and the remainder of the horse is available as 10% + units.

We have made another change to the bloodstock and Phantom Dancer has also left our ownership. It’s a shame but she has ability and finished 3rd and 2nd for us from only 3 races. We still have DEEP RESOLVE for the N. Hunt with Alan and shares are available in the horse. Likewise VROOM for the Winter flat with Gay. Details on both horses are on their own pages.  PLEASE GET IN TOUCH – ANNE – 07775 743 885 if you are interested.



Mon 31/10/’16



Kissy bounced back on Sat in what on paper had looked her ideal race – and so it proved. Beaten in her last 10 races, she won nicely here to make it 6 wins from 21 races which, given that long losing sequence, makes it a very good % win / run ratio. She was 7/4 most of the day (excellent price for the race) but the price was gone shortly before the off as she dropped fast to odds on before settling at evens. Great result. It’s hard to back some of the larger dogs though at Cray (37 k) as following close on the heels of Bruce, Rum and Destiny both looked at a loss on the track. Pumpkin, although winning here, also looks lost with never being able to get going. She looks much more comfortable on the long straights of Yarmouth. Hopefully with more track experience they will improve.

ana301016cpCalled at Yvonne’s yesterday and our dogs (ANA left, MANDY right and VICKY centre) were very fit – especially Mandy who wanted to be everywhere all at the same time. Bit excited to say the leamandy301016cpst. Mind you, the other two weren’t far behind her and Jimmy was happy giving them a wide berth, trotting on a slack lead behind them. Vicky was very fresh after her race and is a reserve on Wed night whilst the other two are due to have sprint trials in a few days after their seasons. It had been thought Vicky may have been going to go into season a couple of weeks or so ago but it wasn’t to be and she is running better now but the last race she ducked the issue when a big dog came in on her. Hopefully she learns next time. Ana and Mandy had previously been in kennels on their own but Ana has now been introduced to a dog to share with and she is totally dominating him vicky301016cpat present.

I will endeavour to update the new horse ”ALFIE” by late afternoon tomorrow. Hopefully it will be worth waiting for.




Sat 29/10/’16

More bad office days – even with Jimmy and Rosie on the job as they came with us to Sunderland to watch Vicky race. Vicky did everything right but when in winning positions during the race, she backed off twice when a dog came to challenge her at bends and threw the race away. This was Vicky the timid, the self same dog who had to be moved to a kennel on her own for being aggressive ! Our luck well out. Vroom was also running well but faded at the end and finished sore. Thankfully nothing serious. Next up last night was Bruce who had a major chance – and finished last. Thankfully he is totally sound but appears not to be handling Crayford at present. Thankfully Alan had a bigger bet than normal on a 7/2 dog not in Panther that romped it so losses for the week not as bad as they might have been but bad enough. Still 5 runners tonight inc on RPGTV so is it a Super Yankee ? Personally will settle for a winner (any).

doc251016cpOn the horse front, will get details up of new horse when pic through. Charlie Hall meeting in full swing and a meeting we have always attended but have to miss this year. Mind you what a brilliant competitive card at Sedgefield the other day. Winter still seems to be held at bay and it was a lovely day at Catterick races the other day when Doc (left) looked a picture. He has come out of the race well and we are looking forward to seeing him over obstacles this Winter.


Wed 26/10/’16

Bad day at the office yesterday – although all dogs and Doc finished without problem. Just results could have been better ! Doc, however, ran well enough on a return after a Summer break and will now probably go over obstacles for his next run. Better result for Alan at the sales yesterday (only just made it back to Catterick from Newmarket for Doc’s race, having missed his first two runners), when he sold a horse for £260,000 at the sales. As opposed to ourselves, this was a pretty nice day at the office and I can understand why he prefers the Flat nowadays. Think I could be persuaded to change my preference !

Still, another day and hopefully another winner tomorrow as VROOM runs at Chelmsford and with Jimmy and Rosie giving their support to Vicky tomorrow, how can she fail ?

Tues 25/10/’16

4 dogs out today plus DEEP RESOLVE in the 4.00 at Catt. Back after Summer break and seems fine in himself but yard had bad time over the Summer months. First winner in long time last week so hoping things picking up. Doc’s main aim is for nov chasing this season but a run on the turf, especially as the yard not fully firing, isn’t a bad thing. Don’t want a prob over fences on first race. Doc has never really run well at Catt. so needs to improve on that, as his style of racing wouldn’t suit the track. Ground ok and at least the price is right – 28’s and on the drift ! Never know ?

Mon 24/10/’16


KITE 1crop

One of our most successful dogs Ballymac Kite won again yesterday when just getting up on the line following a missed break in a sprint. Backed in from 7/2 to 2/1 fav, it was a bit nerve wracking but plenty of screaming at the screen seemed to do the trick ! She has now won 11 races from 31 races for us (almost 36%) and been 2nd x 6 reaching a form fig of 110. Total races are 18 wins 61 races. She was injured in June and came back on track last week when coming 4th but she missed the break that day as well. More should (touchwood) still come as she is a dog who normally shows a lot of early.

On the horse front, DEEP RESOLVE runs at Catterick tomorrow and there is a change of bloodstock also in the offing. Details will be posted shortly on a new horse ready to race in about 2 weeks. Cheque books at the ready !

Thurs 20/10/’16

From the other day, Vicky was a bit unlucky to lose having looked the winner all the way until the home straight. She moved off the rail slightly allowing a dog (a middle runner) to get up her inside. It thenm proceeded to carry Vicky out after the 4 bend. Still it wasn’t a poor run and having thought she was getting ready to come into season, it may not now be the case. Bruce ran disappointing and is being checked over. Watch out for Scion ! – she’s on her way back with very good trial time.


Great to see Alan’s yard have its first winner yesterday for a long time since all the problems over the Summer. Deep Resolve now holds an entry at Catterick on Tues.

Tues 18/10/’16



RUBY REBEL went down right on the line today and it’s been one of those days. Took Jimmy & Rosie out to the reservoir early this morning and Alan lost the van keys on the walk through the woods – MORE ABOUT WHY ON JIMMY’S BLOG PAGE ONCE HE GETS AROUND TO IT – then he broke his glasses and Rosie decided she was having such a great time out and about she decided to ‘plant’ and point blank refused to get back in the van when we miraculously found the keys on the woodland path in amongst the ferns. Suppose that used up our good luck, as we just got back home in time to see Rebel get mugged on the line at 11/2.

Still, time for a change of luck again as both Vicky and Bruce racing at tea time – Sunderland and Crayford.

vroom-161016cpOn the horse front, VROOM is well after his race but it was a little bit disappointing, even though he had been off track a while following his gelding. He is a very flashy individual and Dougie (Costello) who rode is sure he knows why the race wasn’t right so next time ? Let’s hope. There are a couple of intro shares available in Vroom who will be racing on the all weather tracks this Winter and I’m sure he will give owners plenty of enjoyment over the coming months. A small intro share costs only £485 FULLY INC until May 1st. If he doesn’t (no chance !) I’m sure Gay’s repartee will keep you amused !

An excuse for WILLOW ISLAND’S poor race last time comes in the form of the yard horses have now mostly been coughing – hence no runners. It happens and the good news is that it is now clearing and the next target is a race at Wetherby’s Charlie Hall meeting. Be there as an owner in Willow – still couple of intro shares left. See Willow’s own page. This was a meeting we religiously went to year after year and a meeting we put on many of the Racing Weekends before hotel prices meant you could literally have 10 days abroad in the sunshine or 2 nights in the Wetherby (mostly York) area for the same price (albeit with plenty of entertainment). Mind you, the weekends were great fun to be part of and there are many happy memories and stories (some still untold !) Which brings me to the next trainer’s horses !  DEEP RESOLVE & PHANTOM DANCER will have more entries shortly. The yard has had one or two better results in the last couple of weeks and hopefully things are picking up once again.

Sun 16/10/’16

Deep Resolve will be declared a non runner today although he should be racing soon. Alan’s double with Vroom now at well over 300/1 wont now be landed ! Still, would happily settle for the one winner today.



Both dogs ran last Thursday and it was a nice win double with both missing the break but both hitting the front at the RUMthird bend and then going away to win. Rum (pictured right) by 6 lengths and Vicky by 3.25 lengths. Would have been better still if Alan had backed them but where we were staying it was a bad signal and unable to get the internet connection. Still nice to see Vicky bounce back to form. Hope it continues, although a grade rise now likely.

Sat 15/10/’16

Just back from a week away with Jimmy ! 2 winners whilst away and 2 runners DEEP RESOLVE & VROOM at Newcastle tomorrow. Incredible how much work builds up in 7 days. Lots of catching up to do and will update blog page soon. No doubt Jimmy will also be having his tuppence worth also !

Sat 8/10/’16

More entries going in and races depend upon ground as much as anything. Rum Destiny and Kissy all ran last night but only Dessie threatened and he came a close 2nd. He didn’t break as fast as his last race and it probably cost him but never the less he has made a remarkable comeback after such a long time on the sidelines to be competing in Opens. Great training and a very patient approach by Jim. Interesting to watch Alan’s horses as they start raxcing again and following a 3rd the other day hopefully it is a sign that things are taking a turn for the better.

THURS 6/10/’16


OK been here a while now but the first meeting at Wetherby has for a long time now, been considered  by ourselves as the ‘proper season’. No doubt few feathers ruffled there but many will also understand ! Willow back schooling today and has an entry at Wetherby next Wed. If you want to see a clip of Willow in action schooling, take a look on Sam’s (England – not Drake anymore) twitter account. More blood testing for our horses with Alan this week and hopefully a green light? Doc has always seemed ok but just not worth the risk in running with the yard totally out of sorts over the Summer.  Yard runners starting again tomorrow. Vroom has entries for Chelmsford and Musselburgh next week. Can’t say Gay doesn’t leave an opportunity of a winner pass her by !

On the dog front, Vicky ran again today and was backed in from early doors 11/4 to 5/4 fav on the back of a downgrade but anyone following this blog will have saved their money ! When she clicks again (but not before), she will improve to the dog we expect her to become.

MON 3/10/’16

Disappointing start for Will, Sam & Panther yesterday as things went rapidly downhill when a horse close to Will took a bad fall at the first and Will seemed to lose his confidence, backing off from the 2nd and 3rd hurdles and dropping himself out the back. For his 1st race back after a long lay off, he sulked. He has returned with no physical effects thankfully, so it is a case of sweetening him up for a couple of days and looking for another race. At least he is physically sound. Another day, another race !

SUN 2/10/’16



Dessie (left) got the month away in fine style when absolutely spreadeagling the field on his first race in 9 and a half pump011016cpmonths. Plenty of shouting at the screen, although in reality he didn’t need the support, as he ran from the traps and the result was never in doubt as he won by 5.25 lengths. Although Alan had thought Rum would have a chance to reverse latest form of Pumpkin and Rum, it was not to be, as Pumpkin (right) was away and gone and never looked back with Rum last away and always playing catch up. This he did to come 2nd to Pumps by 3.5 lengths. No money gambled by Alan but who cares with these sort of results. It was an emotional time at Crayford with Jim’s family there as I contacted him after Dessie’s win. Wished we could have been there.

Today sees WILLOW make his debut for Panther and Sam in the 5.10 at Uttoxeter. Although this season will see him go novice chasing, he sets off in a hurdle after 467 days off track. He is a stuffy sort so expected to improve on what he does today. Owners have been given a full race preview and what is expected. Only 7 runners now and odds drifted to 33/1. Apologies for delay in the blog today as had problem in uploading.

SAT 1/10/’16

Today sees the return to the track of KELVA DESTINY in the 8.02 at Crayford live on RPGTV. He was a nice progressive dog but suffered a bad injury in mid December and has been absent ever since. Nine and a half months is a long time to have been off and I’m just hoping he comes off sound tonight regardless of where he finishes. He is a dog who will get further than this trip. Also on the same card is RUM & PUMPKIN again in the same race. Pumpkin has been getting the better of Rum in their clashes but tonight over this trip and track Alan believes fortunes can change – provided Rum doesn’t get too far adrift at the start. He is very prone at doing so – as many will know at their cost ! Alan not betting any dog tonight as he would love to see (myself included) Dessie return with a win but most importantly be sound. Regarding Rum and Pumps wont back against his own dog or horse ever.

Betting account details have been coming in for last month and they really do make for depressing reading ! Hopefully this month brings a change of fortune on that side also. Several dogs on their way back after injuries and seasons so they should also be out this month to bolster numbers. Also, WILLOW makes his debut tomorrow and further news in the morning.

Jimmy’s blog has re-started on its own page.