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It has been decided that my talents will be better employed on the new greyhound website at 


I will be giving news on the Panther dogs from Yvonne’s as I walk them out and hopefully pick up some little whispers along the way that I can pass on. Thank you for your past interest on reading my blog in the past and hopefully you will follow me in the future at my new home.


3 months ! I’ve been kept quiet now for 3 months. Not even a pic of myself and my rosettes. However, things are about to change and I’m needed once again for the new website. A lot has happened with the dogs at Yvonne’s and I keep getting introduced to more and more pups. No fall outs on my part but still keep a wary eye on Danni. Also Bluey will now get a bit more attention from me as only 24 hours before this pic of myself with Bluey was taken, she had put two puncture wounds in the throat of her kennel companion. Why didn’t Alan tell me and I wouldn’t have stood happily allowing her to rest on my back. Incisors just inches from my own throat – or worse still ! Bit of mixed fortunes for my pals but those racing are doing quite well overall and Ana now running her 85th race today. Ok I only ran 7 but I was injured. Mind you must admit I’m having plenty of fun and games with A&A even though I still get carried away when going to the races. About 10 mins away I start hollering with excitement and love it when walking around the car park listening out for the hare, traps and tractor etc. Would love the chance to race again. Will have to put up with waking Alan at 5.30 and going up the Gare – over the grasslands, not the sea – on these light mornings. No other dogs around normally so it is MY patch ! Plenty of other animals to watch out for though especially the deer on occasions plus the rabbits, hedgehogs, grouse, pheasants etc. All worthy of a chase if I wasn’t on my long lead ! Then it’s back for breakfast and a chance to catch up on some lost sleep out is the sun under my brolly. It’s a hard life. My wishes go with Ana today – I will be watching !

My new job for the new website will be on reporting news on Panther dogs and hopefully there will be a couple of ‘whispers’ along the way as my reputation on tipping is quite good – well up to now it has been. 

Just thought I’d finish off with a pic of me and my Best in Class and Best in Show Rosettes. If I don’t get them up now I doubt if they will ever get put up. Not many dog shows I can enter (apart from online shows) as my affinity / tolerance for other breed dogs isn’t high. However, still meet up occasionally with Rosie at SARA when she returns with her new owner and we get along as great friends. See you on the new website shortly – I hope.

Just a reminder if you want to see an archive of all my Blog Posts, they can be viewed on the other site www.panther-racing.co.uk plus archived Blogs on horses and dogs for the past several years.



Can’t believe how quick time goes by but Alan not managed to drown me recently even though the mini beast from the East came in ! Bad enough at home with yet more snow but this time wasn’t taken to the end of the Gare. Settled for walks around the grasslands and a few zooms in the snow. Mind you, Alan & Anne owe me a favour as I was enlisted as ‘muscle’ on their trip to the accountants. As it was too cold for me to stay for a few hours in the van I was invited by A&A to accompany them into the accountants office to ensure all went well with the final years accounts. The receptionist seemed to take a shine to me – and I to her – before entering the office where Mike greeted me but it was very soon down to business. Not totally impressed with boring proceedings and I pretty well gave up hope of getting Mike to make much of a fuss of me and decided a few hours kip was the better option. As Alan never gave me a kick I presume all went ok with the accounts with no muscle needed and I was happy to leave the office to a bit more fuss from the lady at the desk.

Had a couple of trips to the races and Danni has been running very well – even if I have to say so – and Bluey has also done well although I can’t say I influenced proceedings having not met up recently. There hasn’t really been a lot to report in on until today when we went to Yvonne’s when A&A were to get some pics of the new pup Storm. He is BIG. In fact he is heavier than me and still looks unfurnished. A formidable looking dog and one I will definitely be keeping on the right side of when he grows up. Seemed happy to meet up with me today though and with him wagging his tail enthusiastically, I responded likewise. Didn’t want to upset him and gave him a few tips about getting out of the traps – ducking his head and not get stuck !

THEN IT ALL HAPPENED IN A FLASH ! There SHE was, PIPPA. I was just stood there when suddenly Yvonne came out with Pip who flung herself on me. Honest ! Even Yvonne said Pip was testing her luck, as my reputation with other dogs isn’t brilliant, but there was no need for concern as it was love at first sight. Our walk around the field went in a haze as Pip continued sniffing and licking me throughout. She is now recovered from her injury and will soon be back on track for trials. Just as well I suppose as she is a total bundle of action – not that I mind.

Back home and we returned to find my rosettes for winning the BEST IN CLASS and BEST IN SHOW had arrived in the post. With more cold weather and snow forecast, I will proudly wear them with my newly won coat and get Alan to get a pic. Should have had them yesterday and then I could have really showed off to all staff and Pippa at the kennels. Still, always next week.



Forget what I said in my last post about love going up the Gare. You see, the snow arrived in Redcar which isn’t really normal and as of today is still here which apparently (thank goodness), is totally abnormal. Well on the first morning I was a bit reluctant to venture outside in the gales and all the new snow around but after a bit of ‘zooming’ around in it, it seemed to be fun after all, plus a breakfast of porridge afterwards made it even more fun. As the road to the Gare wasn’t ideal for travelling on, my walks had until yesterday, focused on a pretty much deserted park which was fun at first but bitterly cold even though I’m fully rugged up as you will see. However, yesterday Alan asked if I wanted to go up the Gare in the van and without thinking I was jumping about and yelping away. However, alarm bells started as soon as we reached the house door. Anne wasn’t coming and the wind was howling with a flurry of snow to boot. Armed with his camera and wellies Alan was by now dragging me over the threshold and I had the option of jumping into the van or being frozen to the driveway where I stood. Reluctantly, it was into the van I went. As a precaution, (what was the point when HE was going’up the Gare’ regardless ?), we went down the beach first to see what the Gare looked like from a distance. Let me tell you it didn’t look good to me from a distance (adjacent pic as you must agree) and I had an awful feeling it wouldn’t look good close up either. It didn’t. The van was buffeted about on the Gare road (not really a road as such) and on the Gare itself lots of froth off the waves was blowing across the windscreen. It was ominous. Parked up and the van door opened and this was a grey’s worst nightmare. Seriously, if I had the option of swapping with Ana and going racing, I would have done so there and then. Looking at Alan’s face in the faint hope he wasn’t serious about getting out told me otherwise and only a lot of persuasion got me to move. I’ve never experienced winds like it but they were the least of my worries as the noise of waves crashing around intermingled with the howling wind was what hell must surely be like. AND we were here for fun ! It was very difficult to maintain a footing even where Alan allowed me to take shelter behind the remains of a wartime battery. All I could think was the lighthouse there one minute and gone the next under a wall of water. That is where only a month or so ago I was stood proudly in my new coat posing for pics for the dog show. Never again. Have you seen those waves ? Crazy ! Thankfully Alan was by now soaked through and decided to call it a day and I needed no encouragement to get back into the sanctuary of my van. Next time he says ”Let’s go up the Gare” I’ll pause before jumping around yelping for fun.

Poor Ana has still been racing but without success as the RM hasn’t relented in putting her into a realistic race with a winning opportunity. Bluey, having been knocked about recently in level races, was put into a handicap as requested by Yvonne. The idea being to give her some racing room but with one dog a length ahead and another alongside there was no racing room at all and Bluey was meat in the sandwich before staying on very strong at the line and just went down by a neck. Yvonne made her thoughts known to the RM !

Presently there is very little in the way of racing at present. See, they wont race the dogs or horses but I’m taken up the Gare ! Justice for retired greys is what we need.




Bit late now I know but had a great Christmas and New Year and hope everyone else did as well. I got my Turkey Christmas plus plenty of pressies and then it was back to work. Haven’t been up to see the pups as yet and give them some advice – especially Bluey who is really just a bit of luck off winning. My tip ? Don’t miss her shortly just hasn’t had my advice ! Stopping racing after only 7 races wasn’t such a bad thing for me as I had imagined. Alan had always had this idea of me promoting PANTHER RACING as I love meeting up with people (sorry not other breed dogs as I am a bit elitist) and I was a bit disconcerting of his plans. However, I was put to work in January by Alan as a model firstly for an online dog show in January – MILGI COATS – GOOGLE FOR WEBSITE AND YOU WILL SEE ME ! Feel a bit sorry for Ana who is running at Sunderland as a 4 y. old + and approaching her 80th race and although running very well is getting no leeway from the R.M. In fact she was being asked to run almost twice a week recently but Yvonne put her foot down. Certainly wouldn’t go against Yvonne. Hard lady and heavy foot  believe me ! Nowadays all I have to do is stand there looking a diva ! Gets loads of ‘good boys’ and treats to boot. I still love the thought of the thrill of a chase, as I get carried away when seeing other dogs running but in reality prefer my luxury lifestyle. Now getting a full wardrobe of coats and waterproofs plus another on its way for WINNING the Long Tailed Lovelies section for the pics above as well as the BEST IN SHOW. The prize also included a £60 donation from MILGI COATS to a sighthound trust of choice which I nominated as Durham Retired Greyhound Trust who rehomed good friend Mandy. At least I am doing something right ! Haven’t received my new coat or Rosettes and treats as yet but no doubt Alan will have them on the site as soon as !

Love going out ‘Up The Gare’ (where pics taken) and I am constantly on the alert for any rabbits or dogs within a mile, (at least), on MY TURF over the grassland. I know most retired greys are content to laze around and ‘roach’ on their new found sofas ( I’m not allowed on A & A’s – would you believe it) but I love keeping Alan up to his work ! 

Have been going to Sunderland dogs to watch Bluey, Ana and Vicky recently and start hollering in the back of the van when we turn off the motorway which is 7 mins from the track. Know exactly where I am and on arrival get totally excited and shake when hearing the loudspeakers, dogs yelping, traps and hare running. Brilliant but know which side of the bread is buttered !

Another new pup to enter Panther – due to be named PANTHERS STORM – has just arrived 2 days ago and is soon to be syndicated. This time it is a dog so I don’t have another bitch. May need to dominate from the start this time, as Danni has proven to be a real handful and this bugger is 33.5 kilos already and comes with a bit of a reputation on breeding and trials. However, will have his work cut out to beat this TOP DAWG !  





11 days without checking in but it’s not that I haven’t been busy. Ok it might look a bit as if I haven’t been from above pic but a grey deserves his rest now and again. Still haven’t met up with the two new pups as yet but hope to be doing so shortly and get them into racing mode. Bit of my howling and full on vocals whilst in ‘play mode’ should stimulate a lasting memory. Been getting a bit excited what with Christmas coming up and also went a lot over the top when Ana won on RPGTV a week or so back. The two A’s were hollering away (they complain about me) during the race and I lost the plot as well, as I started off in full vocals whilst zooming around the room not quite knowing what I was doing. Just as well a race doesn’t last too long as I was worn out and panting as if I’d run the race and not Ana. Great to see her follow up again 5 days later but I kept myself more in control that time- although not A & A.

Been getting a few ‘bad boy’s’ of late, notably when Alan was looking all over for his bowl of chicken. I kept my head down whilst the search continued but the the penny dropped for Alan and I was blamed for eating it and licking the bowl so clean he had thought he hadn’t put any chicken in it. Ok I was guilty but it was worth the scolding. Next up was stealing the loaf of bread. I plead not guilty on this one, as my intention was only to help Anne prepare the stuffing for Christmas Day. I was going to tear it in pieces ready for Anne to take over. Nobody believed me and after the pic I received another ticking off. Still who cares IT’S CHRISTMAS ! and I would like to wish all my friends, fans and readers who follow my blog all the very best and I will sniff out another winner for you all soon.




Hadn’t seen Rosie for several weeks when suddenly there she was at our house ! Dived out of the door to greet her which put her into zoom mode. The last time she visited was a bit of a calamity, as whilst we were both zooming around the lounge we managed to knock Anne over fracturing her ankle ! Both kept on leads this time. Still great to see her as we get on so well except I keep an eye on my fluffy toys as she continues to steal them before destroying them super fast. The snowman had a very lucky escape when dragged off his perch in the corner by his hat. All too soon she had to leave but at least it isn’t back to SARA as she has settled in really well at her new permanent home.

Great to see Danni get up to win yesterday. Can’t say I didn’t tell you she will stop any dog in it’s tracks. She is a formidable bitch who is becoming more formidable each time I see her. The mohican appearance (below) seems to be working !

Also looking forward to going back to the kennels soon to meet up with BLUEY & PIPPA. Will pass on my winning techniques – although Bluey already gone and won her first trial without my help. Must surely improve once I’ve had a say.



Had really looked forward to meeting up with new bitch BLUEY and kicked off big time in the back of the van when about 5 mins from the kennels. However, it was Vicky that came out with Anne at first and being a bit over the top excited at that point, my play mode stance once again put VICKY into self preservation mode ! I was only being friendly but she is a very soft natured bitch and I must learn to control my excitement. However our walk around the paddocks went well. Next out was DANNI. Must admit, I go into self preservation mode myself on seeing her, as she is quite a formidable bitch. This time she went into play mode herself as we met up face to face but I didn’t trust fully and held back before responding. Fortunately it was the right decision, because as soon as I did give her the benefit of the doubt and play bowed, she gave that low growl that stopped me in my tracks. What is wrong with her ? She has even took to a mohican style profile as you will be able to see on one of Alan’s pics. Its not her hair but the position she puts her ears when wanting to look hard. It works ! Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver – eat your heart out. You would have met your match – guaranteed ! Not surprisingly she still lives on her own having nipped other dogs introduced to her. Mind you we did get along ok as we walked around the paddock together. In fact it was me (or my own bravado ?) that drew the comment from Yvonne’s sister Gail ”Still thinks he’s Cock of the walk” as she passed by with 5 dogs in hand. I was doing my aggressive ‘take’ or showing off a little to Gail’s dogs. My excuse was that I was eyeballed by one of the dogs Gail was leading up and in the presence of Danni thought I had better put on some sort of show. Couldn’t have her fighting my corner could I ? Never have lived it down. Slightly relieved to see Danni return to her kennel block and Ana come out. Bit like Vicky really except not so quiet and game for a bit of mucking about. Then just when I thought I would be meeting up with Bluey, I was escorted back to the van. Couldn’t believe it, the dog I had come to see ! Apparently she had come over 2 days previous and was just acclimatising (although already settled in with Toby in a double kennel and both apparently get on brilliant). A&A thought it prudent not to introduce me and Bluey this week as the last thing a quiet bitch needed was me in full excitable mode for our first meet up. Will have to wait for another weekend but told she is a very good looker so really looking forward to that first meeting.

Went to Sunderland track today to watch Danni race after being off track for a while having been injured. Really she ran a blinder having been slow away and needing 6 bends and not the 4 she ran. She met lots of problems in running but it never stopped her from trying to get through on the rails at the third bend before having to switch to the outside and was then cannoned into another dog on her outside. She then ran strong down the home straight to get up to be 2nd (dead heat) and was first to the pick up. Nothing seems to put her off and she is definitely not for giving up if any dog gets in her way. Just needs her 6 bends again and we will see her in her element. 





Well it has to be said I AM THE BEST ! Can’t say I didn’t tell you so. My mate Hank (well he is now) did the biz for all my followers. Don’t forget he was 9/4 when I chose him to represent The Jimmy Stake tonight but he was 7/4 by the time Anne got the message out on the main blog ! Still proved good odds as he ended up 4/5 with plenty of support by my friends and followers. Must admit, the pressure was on after Anne’s Nap (SEASONS HIGH) went in from her backed price of 5/2 to 6/4 and Alan’s Nap (HAVANA NIKON) duly obliged at 7/4. Had been 5/2 but Alan took the 9/4 !! That’s a lot of bonios lost ! Didn’t mention it to Alan at the time just incase Hank dropped me in it. I like my racing but waiting until the last after seeing both A & A’s naps going in was a bit nail biting. No need for Carolyn to give me a manicure this Sunday ! Great results tonight really with all 3 dogs going in – no Alan didn’t combine them ! Forget the bonios, that’s a lot of steaks lost ! However, the way I look at things, with Hank being 9/4 into 4/5 I must be the top Dawg in the household and I await my Tomahawk steak shortly ! 



Had to chivvy Anne along to get my bet out on the main blog earlier as after much sniffing around, I’ve come up with a cracker ! MILL HANK from the powerful Kelly Macari kennels is the one. 9/4 early doors and coming in all the time – no doubt my sniffing around having an impact. Mind you, you will have to be up late as in the last race. We have each picked our own naps tonight (call mine The Jimmy’s Stake, as in steak which I fully expect out of tonight’s winnings). 

Anne has plumped for SEASONS HIGH in the 7.54 and Alan HAVANA NIKON in the 8.27 

The whole meeting is geared up to helping ex racers like myself get their own sofa in a loving home. Not that I’m allowed on the sofa at all ! Kept trying at first but even my grey’s resolve and dedication to mischief was defeated on that one. I wish all who have donated and sponsored the meeting all the very best with their sponsored dogs. 

Might not be the major thing of the meeting but PLEASE LET HANK WIN. Couldn’t bear it if Alan’s Nikon won and Hank didn’t ! Would never here the last of it. So here’s dreaming of steak – with paws crossed. 



Following my hols, it was back to the training ground when it was discovered there had been a 0.8k rise in the weights for indulgement on the break. Can’t understand how, when I have patrolled the streets of Whitby, Scarborough and Brid plus all the lanes around Pauline’s ? Faulty scales I put it down to at the pool ! Didn’t get much support from A & A or Chris on that theory, as I set out on my 28 circuits of the pool which is thought to consume my exercise expenditure if it was a race. Totally disagree. I’m a 4 bend dog not a 6 ! Mind you I still have plenty of energy in reserve at the finish to play with my squeaky doughnut in the water until I kill the squeak. Might not want it at that point but in true ‘grey’ fashion fiercely protect it until offered a tit bit when my will power suddenly disappears and its time for a shower and back to the van.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting up with Bluey, my latest ‘harem member’ on Sunday. For her new owners, don’t worry I will put her right re how to race over the coming weeks. I didn’t win 2 from my first 3 races for nothing and will still be remembered by my ‘loyalist’ supporters who took the bookies at 4/1 on my debut ! Nice to think back but really don’t miss the kennels that much come to think of it. An ability to manipulate and be a ‘mummy’s boy’ to Anne gets plenty of life’s luxuries. Alan a bit harder work and it still needs a few grumbles to keep him in check now and again, although no victor in the domination stakes at present. The nip on his a**e several months ago has never been forgotten by him – nor the consequences for me. Needless to say there hasn’t been a repetition and a bit of a grumble and a ‘slink’ away in true grey fashion is proving the safest option for myself at present when I need to make a point. Life as a retired grey is no bad thing really. Good Luck to Ana, Danni, Vicky & Bluey – I’ll be shouting you on !

Which really brings me round to thanking all who have supported this Friday’s race card at Sunderland for the benefit of rehoming racing greys. I hope you all do well with your sponsored dogs and hoping those going (including all my friends from SARA) skin the bookies. In fact JUST FOR MY READERS, I’ll do a bit of nosing around and give my own special tip on Friday. Got to do better than Alan ! Panther have sponsored a race on the card also, so it should be a fun night. It is a televised meeting on RPGTV and more news on Friday ! 



Sorry not been in touch for a while but no time as been staying with Pauline at the Thatchmire Stud for the past week or so. At least 1.5 miles away from any civilization bar two of Pauline’s dogs who I rarely see but can hear replying to my hollering at the resident rabbits. The horses and hens are all friendly but the deer can fairly fly along across the fields between the woodlands. Doubt if I could catch one. Thankfully I was out when the Hunt called in last Sunday with a full entourage of horses and hounds. Might have been a bit too much to take on a full set of hounds in ‘hunt’ mode. Mind you I would have given it my best shot ! Been on daily trips out to Whitby, Scarborough (right) and Brid (left) and met loads of new friends (human) as well as some not so welcome doggy intruders. Just can’t seem to accept other breed dogs. However, the more I come into close contact with them the better A & A say I am getting. At least my antics seem to amuse loads of people (including other dog’s owners). Must admit, I am pretty vocal and just want to have a bit of fun. Becoming well recognized around Whitby apparently ! Even a cafe owner came out and gave me a treat !


Well it could have been but (at Brid a week ago today) I was on a lead 20 foot above my true love as she walked along the prom beneath me. A truely beautiful labradoodle, very big and blonde. My normal reaction to other dogs is pretty vocal as you will have gathered but I surprised A & A by purring constantly.  They said I have never done it before. Don’t believe I have. When she stopped with her owners a bit further up the prom, my purring got louder and even got lots of comments from customers at the cafe where we were sitting. Comments were about a film K9 where I should be let loose and have a bit of fun. Never seen the film but know of all the pics Alan takes he never took one of my true love ! Ship in the night apparently. Mind you Rosie would have definitely been jealous. 

Well back home now and a knackered central heating instead of the log burner in Pauline’s lounge – so a grey has to do what a grey has to do. Whilst the bed being made I took my chance and dived onto  A & A’s bed just before the duvet came across. Pretty smart timing I thought on my part but as soon as Alan took pic I was unceremoniously evicted ! At least heating system now repaired.

Life aint easy for a grey named Jimmy !




Nothing more peaceful than a trip to the GRINKLE PARK HOTEL. Loads of pheasants and squirrels but I’m quite happy watching them stroll across the lawns in front of me. Well I am, knowing there is a full metal barrier in the way to keep me in check. Still miss Rosie coming with me though, as she has identical instincts as myself and nabbing a couple of those colourful birds would have been lots of fun ! However, nowadays content to let them wander by. Get lots of attention from staff plus special bickies and there are no other breed dogs around. 

What is peaceful here is not for many dogs at home at this time of year. S.A.R.A. posting news of dogs going missing and Jayne also doing the same with dogs being frightened with the fireworks. Friends of Anne also have a problem with their own German Shepherd who shakes at the sounds and runs into the bathroom. Awful when its not just for one day but that single instant in time on any day that affects many dogs and horses. At least Ayr racetrack cancelled their display tonight before racing tomorrow. So many dogs and horses affected around the country. Personally, I’m not a dog affected by any bangs but I do feel for those who are and their owners. The situation really does need addressing whereby damage can be limited whilst not affecting the enjoyment for others. Owners in a horse in Panther a few years ago lost their very good brood bitch due to fireworks. Frightened at the noises, she died of a heart attack when trying to escape her kennel. So sad. So unnecessary.




jimmy smile CROP

Forget the dracs. It’s me you need to be afraid of – VERY !!

GRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!




Went to the kennels again yesterday and I’m always guaranteed a great welcome by my No 1 fan Abby. Also great to meet up with walk-out companions DANNI, ANA & VICKY. Gave Vicky a bit of a turn when we first met up as I went down in my ‘play’ mode ( to some it may look like an attack mode especially when I do a bit of yelping). Unfortunately, Vicky is a quiet type of bitch who just enjoys life without problems. She saw my play invite as a bit too over the top and backed off and according to Alan never put her ears up again. Didn’t try it on with Danni – still don’t really trust her from before when she had a right go at me. Hard as any bitch I’ve come across. Ana is just Ana. A bitch who has never grown up and noted by staff as a real teenager even though she turns 4 shortly. It has been all swop around with Ana’s kennel boyfriend whom she shared with now ensconced with Vicky ! Ana on her own but very happy apparently not having to share a bed. Don’t blame her I wouldn’t share my bed either. Worst nightmare would have been matched up with Danni ! Goodness me.

Forgot to mention the other day when we visited a stud. Loads of horses and I was as good as gold. There were also about 30 foals in an indoor barn who took a real interest in me. Mostly out of Listed plus mares. What’s a foal from a Listed plus mare ? Bloody expensive ! 



Can’t believe Alan has kept my mouth shut for this long. Still, I’ve been promised a bit of a free leash so here goes. You will have to read my book re the past 10 months (definitely going to write one as everyone seems to be doing it nowadays). Rosie did indeed find her ‘forever home’ although not with the home she went to in the last report. She was returned to SARA but was rehomed by a volunteer at the centre when her own dog sadly passed away. Although I do miss Rosie, I still see her on occasions when she returns to the centre when her owner is working there. Unfortunately on our last meet up, I showed myself up a bit when getting stung by a wasp. Bit of over the top yelping and screaming on my part, resulted in ‘mother Rosie’ whacking me in the face (not that I noticed), before I was bundled into the van and dispatched to the vets, as I had suddenly gone quiet. Not normal for me. Vets expecting an emergency case and 15 mins later on arrival at the vets, I popped out of the van tail wagging and happy to meet up with my new friends at the vets. Should have put on the screams a bit longer, as the only reaction I got was – ”typical bloody greyhound”. Who Me ? Anyhow, I was then given an injection which sent me into more screaming and was then dispatched home in disgrace.

We haven’t been going to the races a lot since Feb due to probs but on the plus side, I don’t have to put up with Alan’s singing. Went on hols a month ago to The Thatchmire Stud which is run by Pauline (very friendly and even keeps her own dogs away from me). As you may guess, I still haven’t mastered the technique of getting along with other breed dogs, although both Anne and Alan pleased with the progress being made – albeit gradual. We keep visiting Whitby where there are masses of dogs and loads going on. Tend to forget about the dogs. Indeed the last visit I was blown away by the statue of a man on a push bike who suddenly came to life when someone put a coin in his hat on the floor. Playing music and peddling the bike was quite amazing and really got me screaching at high pitch. Loads of people seemed to like my performance rather than his judging by the laughter and I was quickly dragged away by Alan.  I diverse from my hols. They were brill ! Loads of rabbits on the isolated stud only 20 mins from home plus bats (queer things swooping over my head faster than I can move). Loved the horses and foals and a really relaxing break – bar the visits to Whitby. If anyone wants a hol on the Yorkshire moors then look no further than Pauline’s cottage on the stud. Really is isolated yet only 20 mins from Whitby and moor villages, pubs etc. 

As you will have seen from the main Panther Blog, we have been to see Sally and I got loads of fuss. Also met up with Doc. Kept my distance a bit as he was quite curious about me and a shower from him snorting wasn’t what I really needed. Still, A & A happy I got on so well with Doc as I had previously with other foals – about 30 !! at another local stud. 

There really is loads I could write about with my adventures but it’s time for my Kong, so good night and I hope (Alan permitting !) to be keeping you updated on a more regular basis.




jim241216cpThis is my first Christmas at home and it beats the hell out of racing for a living and living in kennels I can tell you. Time is just flying by and we have been travelling regular now to the dogs and horses and return visits to the kennels. Don’t mind visiting and walking out with Ana, Mandy, Vicky and new bitch Danni but happy to pull my way back to the van at the finish – just incase. Bit (quite a lot actually) of a surprise to see a tree appear in the lounge – no I haven’t as yet, mainly due to the fact it is perched on a table. However, I have managed to pull it off  when getting tangled in all the wires of lights. Have been working out how to catch the bunny that criss crosses the ceiling but unless I take a leap of faith onto the sofa as a springboard and into the air as it passes I think I will have to let it escape. Better safe than dare to put a paw on the sofa. From past experiences just not worth it. Paper boxes appearing around the tree and having tried to investigate and got scolded several times I’m just awaiting the right opportunity. Any dog that calls himself a grey would agree. There has been lots of Alan singing in the van of late asrosjim291216ccropcp we return from the dogs and horses. Plenty of winners, so plenty of Chrissie pressies for Jimmy.

rosjim291216bcpOn a more serious note, the buzz this past week is that Rosie has found a new home. Bit (lot) sad to see her go as she is my only doggy friend at SARA the rescue centre. Just can’t get my head around those other dogs – although I am being prepared for a meeting up with one of them to walk out with. Rather go out with Rosie who has so much in common with me. Loads of scrubland and sand dunes to look for the bunnies. However, she is off to her new home with 2 Bassett hounds for company. She has had a rough time of it and has been in the centre for over a year now (longest resident) and so it is great she will have a home she can call her own. Another big plus is that her diabetes, caused by neglect and her body organs shutting down, is going into remission. All good news and many thanks to all who have helped via twitter and facebook and advertising inc horse trainers Becky, Gay and Sam.  

Everyone is very pleased with my training as I am slowly coming to hand regarding other breed dogs. Also, I am continuing swimming and now on 22 circuits andjim-swim231216 going solo as well. Bit worrying when Chris the instructor said racing greys do about 20 !? Hate it when Alan keeps saying what a great incentive it is to be able to train one or two from home now and to run on provincial tracks. Yvonne also said how fit I look and retired dogs can make a comeback. New Years resolution – MUST slow down the swimming.

rosjim291216acpWe (inc Rosie) have been having a lot of trips to the dogs and horses and consequently lots of new walks and surroundings. Called in to Hartlepool marina the other day and showed Rosie some of the boats we could have when I win the lottery. I pick the numbers with my paws so all those millions will be mine. All mine ! Bet Danni will want to be my friend then. On our first meeting at the kennels, I was very pleased to see her and went into play and ‘zoom’ mode but then after a bit of sniffing me she growled and stood her ground ! Of all things and I was going to teach her all I know about racing. Well she’ll have to do it on her own now. OK she has won 3 from 4 but with my help it would have been 4 from 4. Since heard she was introduced to another dog to share her kennel with but after keep nipping him she had to be moved and Yvonne said she will have to be kept separate. Tough bitch for sure and one I will certainly be keeping my eye on when out walking.

Another resolution – keep blog updated more regular. Next one should be introducing my new walking out with pal.





Long time since I reported in. However, its been pretty hectic of late with trips to the dogs and horses with Rosie in company. Felt sorry for her the other week jrhard1cpwhen a couple who had been to see her previous, arranged to revisit her with a view to re-homing but never turned up on the day. She was all dressed up in her new Christmas Winter warmer to greet them. So sad and unnecessary. Poor Rosie but their loss is my gain ! Talking of Winter warmers, back at the kennels when walking out with Vicky, she started ‘air snapping’ at me for no reason until A&A realised it was my brown Winter coat that she wasn’t keen on (or wanted to take chunks out of) and took it off. Cold it may have been but it was better than Vicky taking pot shots at me.jrhard2cp

Made two very unlikely friends when on a trip out to Hardwick Hall country park and called in for a coffee. Not many at the training class would have believed it that I happily sat just a few feet away while the two dogs played around. Talking of training class, I was ‘expelled’ a couple of weeks ago for unruly behaviour. Not really unruly, just that I get a bit over the top excited (and vocal) with the other dogs. Want their fluffy toys etc. Been invited back in the future when I settle a bit. Still, not too bothered about not being there now, as I can spend more time socialising around town and on days out where we meet up with loads of people. Even dogs are becoming much more acceptable. Also it gives me more time for a new pastime – jimgardcpgardening. Great fun, as all the pots have goodies in them – at least those in the house have. Apparently not all do outside though, as Alan keeps tidying up the garden as I search all and sundry pots for the goodies.

A&A bought me a future new friend called Sup Grainne at the kennels – at least that was the name when she won for Panther on her debut the other night. She is now called ‘Danni’ as in Panthers Dancer. Wasn’t introduced last Sunday as she has been kenneled on her own and is thought might be a bit protective of her space. She must be good as she is a year younger than me and flew home the other night. Faster time than Ana, Vicky, Mandy or me have ever done. We all went to the races just for her race on Wed and there was much (awful) singing on the way home by Alan in the van. Also promised me loads of pressies for Christmas, so imagined had come into some  easy earned cash ! Also, another dog is being searched for by Yvonne for Panther. Will shortly have 2 more dogs to walk out with alongside Ana, Mandy and Vicky. Then it was off to Sunderland again a couple of days later to see Ana make her comeback following season break and then poor trials. Downgraded and flew home. Cue more bad singing on way home. Then yesterday a much longer trip to Southwell for VROOM and DEEP RESOLVE. You’ve guessed. Lots more singing ! Thankfully only Vroom won ! Ear muffs for Christmas please




On a beautiful warm Halloween day it was off to Whitby with Rosie for a bit more socialising. Loved it and I met some brilliant and friendly people as we walked around the town. Pictured above with 2 new friends who took a real shine to both myself and Rosie. Might have looked a bit sparse on crowds from the pic but believe me, therrosie311016cpe were plenty of dogs in attendance. Maybe the weather but I was in a very happy frame of mind and happily bypassed quite a lot of dogs. A & A think I’m getting much better. Hopefully not as many dismissals from class tomorrow night. This was Rosie’s first trip out to Whitby and she certainly enjoyed herself. On leaving Whitby, it was off to the GRINKLE PARK HOTEL for coffee. We are both very welcome there and they have such brilliant grounds. Don’t mind the pheasants (although Rosie a bit keen) but the squirrels just do something for me. Loads of them and they vanish up trees which I cannot get the grasp of and cry for them to come back ? Only sad part of the day was when we arrived back at SARA and Rosie (pictured left), who suddenly realised that getting out of the van meant it was time to go back to her kennel, took a desperate lunge to return to the van. It was not to be and she accepted the situation. PLEASE, if you can help her, or know someone who could give her a permanent home, just get in touch with Anne 07775 743 885.



It’s been a hectic week or so but first of all my apologies in print for a big mistake yesterday when out socialising around Redcar. You see, Tracy, Anne’s hairdresser, has always wanted to meet up with me, so when the shop was closing I popped in. Got a great fuss from all the staff and then it came time to lock up. That’s when the biggest rabbit I have ever seen appeared. However, it wasn’t a rabbit but fellow hairdresser Claire wearing a big bushy fur coat ! It was kibble time and the prospect of a tasty big fur rabbit was just too much as I tried my best to catch it. Much hilarity all round as I was dragged out of the shop by Alan and still looking backwards for that monster lunch. A&A hoping fur not in fashion this Winter !

Also been on trips out to the Lake District to see Alan’s fishing boat as well as other days away ‘socialising’. Dismissed from class on several occasions last week and never did anything wrong ! Apparently a way of keeping me relaxed when the small dogs ‘do their tricks’. I’m allowed in when the big dogs show their ability but those small white one’s still just get the better of me. However, I got plenty of ‘good boy’s’ when it was my turn to show off, so must be doing something right.

rosie271016cpRosie came back to my house after the dog racing the other day and it was her first time at sharing my abode. It was a bit awkward when she first came in, as she stayed in a corner fascinated by the fish tank. Didn’t mind sharing the jimmy-leaves-cpgarden with her but thankfully Anne took her away when she seemed to be heading for my bed. It was then off to the vets as Rosie was booked in for a check up for her diabetes. She is doing really well and stabilised so we then called in to Gisborough Hall for coffee. Very impressive place and dog friendly as long as we stay outside. Didn’t want to go inside in any case and staff who came out with coffee very friendly. Think Rosie sees herself as Lady of the Manor. To be honest she really just wants her ‘forever home’, so please if you do know of one just get in touch with Anne – 07775 743 885. She really is a very loving dog with no quirks like myself. Also, although having diabetes, SARA cover her vet fees for life for anything connected with her problems. Anyhow, to finish on a light note, here is me camouflaged in the Winter leaves.

Oh, before I go, have just received another Winter warmer to model plus expecting delivery of another Waterproof coat being especially made for me to model. Life’s a bitch !




About those keys. We had arrived at the reservoir and to a massed shoal of large trout close to the dam wall. Great watching them but Rosie a bit too keen on catching her own food than I am. Think she would happily dive in whereas I’m happy taking a step back from the water. Mind you would happily share the spoils. Off we then went for our walk and come the end in one direction, Alan said he had lost the keys to van and house. Not what I wanted to here myself as it is a long walk back to Redcar. Panic stations and even myself and Rosie became very quiet as we sensed the happy atmosphere change. Plans were for a return over hopefully the same ground but in the woods and lots of dead leaf and foliage it was a pin in a haystack scenario – even with 2 of the very best sight and sniffer hounds in the business on the job. Mind you I’m much more sight / sniffer over food than a set of keys. Anne was blaming Alan for the loss (totally agree) and then he blamed ME. Ok I did jump up when on holiday and pull his jacket off the back of the door on smelling some chicken in a plastic bag in his pocket. This I then decided, as they were meant for me in the first place, no harm in having them earlier than intended. I did but to get the bag out of the jacket it needed the pocket tearing open – quite a bit. On hearing Alan shouting and charging at me I swallowed the lot, plastic bag plus chicken. I felt ok but was shocked on hearing that the plastic bag could form a blockage in the gut if it wasn’t passed in 24 hours. Suddenly the chicken didn’t seem worth it. However, I digress, as with a bit of straining, out popped the bag exactly 24 hours later to a lot of relief all round. Shame Alan’s flippant response was that it’s a pity the poo didn’t come out 24 hours later wrapped up in the bag. Anyhow, you will see how Alan blames me now. Keys went into the torn pocket, keys dropped out of said torn pocket. Well believe it or not but Anne leading the search with Rosie actually saw the keys in the undergrowth about half way back. Great rejoicing all round and I even got lots of ‘pats and good dog’s’ for doing nothing.

Must admit prospects didn’t look good of finding those keys and with the spare van key in the van in Anne’s pocket, (should also share the blame ?) no phone number of breakdown cover, and no spare keys for the house except in the house it was lessons learnt all round. Plus I learnt not to swallow plastic bags – until no doubt, the food urge gets the better of me once again. Well I’m off for a bit of socialising with friends at the dog class tonight and have been swimming earlier today. The intention of matching both together is to tire me out so wont be so boisterous in class and I wont be ‘dismissed from class’ once again this week. Will keep you updated.




Sorry I missed yesterday’s blog but had to go to the vets with Rosie (moral support – although I happily stayed in the van) on a check up and just no time. However, a bit of exciting news is that before my hols, I was asked to forward some pics of myself modelling my new MILGI coat. Sorry another plug but Alan said I have to earn my kibble since I’m no longer racing. Mind you the weather was bitter and I really did need it. Actually, think I look quite smart ? Several are being forwarded ofhols-5cp myself at different locations we went to. Alan has this idea of cliff tops and bitter winds being suitable locations but Ravenscar (have you seen the height of those b****y cliffs !) left a lot to be desired. Too right I didn’t stay long up there. This was me well away from the edge at that point but Anne taking her time getting my change of clothes and look at the way Alan togged up. Freezing and just no sympathy for me in those winds. Another idea is that I will next have a PANTHER RACING LOGO attached to my flanks. Such indignity but if you do see me out and about just say hello.

Sorry again but running out of time, mealtime beckons and Vicky and Bruce about to race shortly so will update you about Alan’s loss of the van keys tomorrow. Believe it or not I got the blame !




Not quite sure where to start as we have been away on a week’s holiday. Mean’t to be a week of relaxing apparently, in a cottage on the banks of the River Esk just outside of Whitby (Chainbridge Riverside Retreats – www.chainbridgeriverside.com) but who can relax with so much going on ? After that plug I should be able to blag a few bonios for myself and Rosie next time we are down Whitby for a coffee. Well, I’ll start with my Celeb moment ! We were out and about one day at Robin Hood’s Bay, when posing for a picture on my own I heard the above words. It was from A FAN ! Gary from Manchester had recognised me from my blog page. Can understand Gary, especially when he said he didn’t recognise A or A. Guess some dogs have it, some people don’t ! Well I’ve done my bit and Alan couldn’t even sell a share in one of Panther’s horses or dogs as Gary and his wife race their own. Still, great to meet up with 2 of my genuine fans and blog readers. Should also mention a lot of people came to Whitby last week as Jeremy Clarkson and team were filming there on Thursday and Friday. Worth a bit of money to Whitby’s economy apparently. Maybe I should contact the toursist board next time I’m calling in ? My presence should really boost the economy ? Sorry Jeremy (Mr Clarkson to you) we never met up as I had such a busy schedule. Will set some time aside next time.

Setting off for races now so more news and pics of myself ”on location” tomorrow




First of all, just like to state that these last 4 months of not being able to detail my injustices have got to be an infringement on my doggie rights. However, I wont dwell (too much) on the past and concentrate on today. Well last Wed actually. I’m going to a socialising class with trainer Chris and on average about 12 new doggie friends to help me integrate with other breed dogs. Left Yvonne’s about 6 months ago now and as I hear A&A say, I tick most boxes except I point blank refuse to accept other dogs in MY space. So this is where Chris comes in. I like Chris as she makes a big fuss of me, as do many of the other dog owners going to class and she just thinks I’m a confused dog (?) who wants to be friends with other dogs and play but just don’t know how to go about it. Suppose its as good a way of saying it. Well all was going well last Wed and I had been doing a lot of practice at home with training but the temptation of stealing one of Chris’s training traffic type cones was just too much. Having completed my ‘find the treats hidden behind various cones’ exercise, I made off with the cone itself. Mistake and a reprimand. Then I made the big mistake. Next up was a comp where we had to pick our own ‘toy’ (mines a squeaky bone) from a jumble of other dog’s toys. I went straight for my own but then the temptation of other dogs toys was just too much and I made off with someone else’s and refused to give it back. Dismissed from class and on letting the other toy go back to its rightful owner (and being allowed back in) I then got worked up a bit too much at watching other dogs trying to find theirs and was banished into the darkness until next week. Must keep my calm !

lock5Helping me to do so is still ROSIE whom I walk out with about 4 times a week. We are now going out to coffee shops as well as part of my integration to the doggie world. Love all people but just can’t get my head around why other dogs want to come up to me. Larger breeds I tend to be more accepting but small white fluffy dogs bring out my previous chase instincts Alan believes. Rosie is totally bomb (and Jimmy) proof and the only other breed dog I acceptrj210916cp fully. Mind you I get on great with all other greys when back at the kennels.  I’m hoping Rosie gets her ‘forever’ home soon and although I will miss her when she does, she really does deserve it. Must admit, I have fallen very lucky in that respect and would urge anybody who would like a dog of their own to take a look at Rosie. If she accepts me and my tantrums, she will love you unconditionally. Just get in touch with Anne 07775 743 885.

It’s been quite a Summer and Alan got his way with me going swimming regular now. Never thought I would like it (greys not natural swimmers) but I’m now going solo ! Mind you it is very tiring work. Keeps me very fit and I’m exactly the same weight today as I was when racing. Still think in retirement though I should be getting a few more treats ? On the walks around the reservoir have seen so much wild life with deer and some massive trout (Rosie has a great interest in these !) and yesterday an Osprey. At least Alan said it was – looked like a big seagull to me.

Loads of stories to tell but no time to dwell on the past as I saw my first pig on a farm today. Not sure what to make of it but decided on a wide berth and left well alone. Likewise a cow or 5. Well it’s great to be back giving my thoughts and will keep updated with all of the latest. Just hoping the other dogs in Panther buck up their ideas in October as I’m mindful of Alan keeping me fully fit and at peak racing weight. Hope no ulterior motive – racing recalls can’t happen can they ? Always said he wanted to train a grey. What’s flapping ? S*** Help !

Thurs 2/6/’16



Went back to the kennels last Sunday and was greeted straight away by my No 1 fan Abby who is Yvonne’s granddaughter and lives at the kennels. All those dogs and she likes me ! Met up with Vicky (who is proving to be a very good replacement for me in The Quest after winning again – now 3 from 5), Ana and Mandy. Mandy really is a crazy one as she leaps around and tangles the leads continuously. Although I like visiting and seeing all my mates again, it’s still reassuring to get back into the van and I still make a beeline for it when leaving the field instead of the right turn towards my old kennel. Just incase !

Gave A&A a bit of a fright the other night. I know greys aren’t supposed to be guard dogs but Alan had wanted a German Shepherd so I’m doing my bit. It was just before midnight when I heard this noise and dived for the bedroom window barking as deep and loud as I can and in full attack mode. At least Alan believed me and also jumped up and it was off as quick as we could down the stairs to check things out. By this time, my bravery was wavering a little so I allowed Alan to go through the door first. As it transpired nothing was amiss inside or outside the house but A&A still gave me plenty of ‘good boy’s’. Not sure the neighbours will have done though. On going back upstairs, there it was – the culprit, a bucket. Placed earlier on a cupboard by Alan and fallen from its precarious perch. Still, I gained a few brownie points for my actions.

However, my endeavours still didn’t get me any special treats on my Birthday yesterday. I was 2 and not a single Happy Birthday was sung. Anne kept saying my birthday was the 10th but Alan (correctly) believed it was the 1st. Why didn’t she listen ? My identity card was checked this morning (2nd) and there it was, officially the 1st. They have missed my Birthday ! Not a single pressie and I’m no longer classed as a pup any more. What a life !

JIM300516cpMy new human friends at SARA are being tested to their limits. One day I’m very well behaved as I walk near some new ‘other breed’ friends. The next I’m way over the top. With a German Shepherd one day and a small dog not from the centre the next. Thankfully I’m still welcome back – they are very patient as their whole schedule is disrupted for me. Must try harder in my daily training sessions. It’s thought I’m trying the alpha male job again. Pictured is me on a good day with Rosie (who apparently had me under her domination as she led me) causing no prob at all. JIM BECKO516cp

Had a day off last week and went to Lockwood Beck reservoir. Brilliant ! Not a dog in sight and was able to relax the whole way round and take in the scenery. Thankfully bathing isn’t allowed so Alan no chance of getting me in there. Seemed more interested in planning a day out fishing anyhow. Must admit, don’t mind the idea myself, lazing on the grass strikes me as fine. Loads of geese and ducks but not a problem to me. In fact neither was a rabbit that popped up only 20 yards away and shot off. Just a cursory glance nowadays. Just those damned other breed dogs that irritate me !

Thurs 26/5/’16



If you have come here from the normal blog page, you will have seen me sneaking a quick ear nibble on Rosie (couldn’t resist !) whilst out on our first walk together. I was a bit excited on going to the farm today to meet up with Rosie for our first walk and maybe the diarrhoea was not exactly what would impress a lady on a first date but it is all a bit new to me. No shouting, yelping or barking from me today, just a straight intro and then off  on the walk – the macho approach ! Rosie was with Tom who works JIMc260516cpat Foxrush Farm with the rescue animals and who kindly put in his own time after work to walk out with us. Rosie JIMb260516cp was a stray who is 5 years of age and found in very poor shape with organ failure due to neglect. This has left her diabetic and in need of injections twice daily and a strict diet. She is looking for a permanent home and I can vouch she is very loving and gentle. Please give Anne or the Centre a ring. Anne will be putting up further details of the rescue centre based at Foxrush Farm, Redcar but in the meantime, their website is s-a-r-a.org.uk if you would like to see how they came to be.

Having been out with Rosie, it was time to say goodbye for today before I was given my first taste of freedom off the lead since retiring. Great to stretch the legs a bit without a lead. Mind you, not too sure about this agility lark, trying to work out if you are meant to go forward or backwards through the JIMd260516cppoles or just cock a leg at all of them ? If it’s the latter I have cracked it already. Still, I’ll try anything – the hanging hoops look a doddle to jump through. Well, it’s been a brilliant day and I have been invited back tomorrow (I think they like me) to go out with Nat and Rosie (Tom on day off) and both Tom and Nat (pictured) have offered to take me down the beach with Rosie to meet up with a few other dogs unknown to ourselves who will be off their leads no doubt ! Hopefully, Rosie will keep me under control !


Both myself and Alan cannot thank Tom and Nat from SARA, centre manager Steven and all other staff we have met for their kindness and willingness to help ourselves and Jimmy to overcome his behaviour problem on meeting with other breed dogs. Tom and Nat have given up their own time after work. We have seen a vast improvement in Jimmy in such a short period of time. I will be putting further details of the Rescue Centre up shortly but please do take a look at their website which details how they have come about and the work that they do.

www. s-a-r-a.org.uk

Wed 25/5/’16


The early morning walk went better than A&A expected. I set off behind the other dogs and gradually got closer with a fair bit of yelping and over excitement but by the end of the walk I was much better (worn out ?). I accepted the presence of  the other dogs albeit not too fussed with the walking alongside them – even though on opposite sides of the road. Still it was a start and I still had all the rest of the day to reflect and keep A&A on their toes. At least I was invited back in a couple of weeks for another walk. No walk this week so hopefully may have a chance to visit the kennels to see Ana, Mandy & Vicky again.

On the way back, A&A had an idea to call in at an animal  rescue centre who were hosting a sponsored dog walk. The idea being to see if I could walk out with some of the rescue dogs sometime. Today was the agreed meet up and having walked in front and behind them (ok a fair bit in front and behind) I did settle a bit better gradually. Then it was love at first sight ! Rosie came to see me at the end of the walk. Well, she hasn’t had the best of experiences of life to date and ended up at the rescue centre – and then (apparently being bomb proof) she was introduced to me. According to Alan her luck still hasn’t changed ! Not sure what he meant ? Anyhow, she was very inquisitive and friendly and I responded with loads of tail wagging and sniffing and not a yelp or nasty bit of behaviour. 10 mins stood introducing ourselves and then it was time to leave and as Rosie disappeared into the house I gave her one goodbye yelp with a date for a walk between the two of us tomorrow.  MUST be on best behaviour then. Will give you an update in next couple of days and maybe a pic of Rosie if I’m well enough behaved for Alan to relax and take one.

Frid 20/5/’16

Another fairly quiet week and took in the Greyhound Racing at Sunderland yesterday to give support and advice to Vicky. Had a walk around when I got out of the van on arriving and all the noises and atmosphere came flooding back. Couldn’t stop sniffing the air and was on my toes according to A&A. TOPSTAR VIXEN was unlucky when getting sideswiped out of her race but luckily was none the worse. Must admit I enjoyed the atmosphere once again but remember all too well the injury. Happy to get back in the van for the return journey home.

JIM200516cpI have been booked on a private dog walk on Sunday so wont be at the kennels this week. Intentions are that I will be walking with 3 other dogs who have behaviour problems. Goodness know what to expect. However, I must be on my best behaviour regarding being pleasant to the other breed of dogs. Greys I am happy with but the others I just get over excited with. Actually got a bit too excited on seeing one of the neighbours yesterday when getting back after the races. Went to greet him with my muzzle on and in my excitement gave him a nudge in the lower regions. Think his reaction of grabbing his privates with both hands and bending over sharply a bit of an over reaction. However, seemed to humour A&A and the neighbour’s wife as they watched him limping away. No treat from Harry today. Still, will try my ‘sorry, please give me a treat’ look next time I see him.

Wish me luck on Sunday !

Frid 13/5/’16

Bit of an up and down week or so really, with not a great deal happening. Well by my standards.

With the black van now on its 7th week in for repairs (going to take longer as new chassis now ordered), I’m travelling around in  my old (very) blue van which I am happy lying in while A&A do their work. Actually, don’t want to get out just in case I’m being left. More bad news though is it has failed its MOT and requires plenty of welding. It could be the courtesy car again, not a happy thought !

Tried to make friends with Tilly last Sat. She is a spaniel used by the Durham Greyhound trust to introduce greys to other breeds of dog before being let loose on their new owners when retiring from racing. Good job A&A took me on trust ! Ron who has the kennels (where Chris Grant and Sue have their bottom stables and where A&A had their horses with when turned out over the Summer). Ron is himself a greyhound trainer based at Pelaw and who has a thriving breeding operation. Although I wasn’t invited into the kennel area, A&A were very impressed with the operation and lots of pups in enclosures on 24/7 turn out. In fact saw 2 pups who were about to be going to Jim Daly for rearing down there in Jim’s very large runs. Anyhow, I digress. Muzzled up I was introduced immediately with Tilly and a game with a fluffy ensued. Ron ran around kicking it with Tilly and myself until excitement got the better of me and I snapped at Tilly. Wrong move and game over. Thankfully Ron gave me a 2nd chance after I had settled and stood happily with Tilly once the excitement had gone. Once again the game started with myself off the leash and although not snapping, I was becoming too boisterous and Tilly seemed happy to leave the enclosure and go into the house and never came to say goodbye. Ron did say there might be hope for me and I could return sometime (no date though) to have a walk out with Tilly.

JIMb090516cpNext day was to Yvonne’s kennels again in much better weather to see Ana, Mandy and Vicky. Vicky getting a bit too good a replacement for me as she had just won very nicely last night in a sub 28 time. Now has 2 from 3. Couldn’t exactly give advice to Vicky so concentrated on Ana who bounced back to form on Tues and Mandy who won on Tues.

Next on the agenda was a trip to Sedgefield races to watch Dan come 2nd. The kind parking attendant allowed Alan to park up in a very nice spot where I could have a stretch of the legs before and after the race. He seemed quite taken by me and at least I know I am welcome back there. Just as well if my Meet and Greet job comes off.

Rest of days been taken up at the Gare with no probs to report. Nice weather earlier in the week but freezing wind when I woke A&A up at 5am this morning wanting to go there. Two German shepherds also there running loose but watched from a distance and held my council.  Never said I was brave or stupid ! Well its been a busy morning so far, with breakfast after the walk and now time for a bit of shut eye. Well it is only 8.30 am. Alan a bit grumpy though ?JIMa090516cp

Wed 4/5/’16

Called in at Yvonne’s kennels on Sunday to meet up with Ana, Mandy and Vicky (pictured, who replaced me in THE QUEST SYNDICATE). Must admit thought we were off O10516Ccpto the Gare on first getting in the van and a bit (lot !) apprehensive on getting out in the rain at the old kennels. Apparently I had a grump on all the time when walking around with Ana and Mandy who were full of the joys at seeing A&A again. They were certainly happy, rain or no rain twizzling and jumping about. Not my scene any more – especially in the rain and mud. Forgot to show them my wound, although doubt it would have made a lot of difference. Showed it to Caroline who was totally non plussed and said it would heal with a scar. Think I’ve used up the sympathy on that one. Went out with Vicky (last time I saw her I gave a bit of a growl) and was determined to be on better behaviour. Well good job I was, as she has apparently been bullied by her kennel mate (and full brother TOPSTAR FOX whom she had never been apart from since day 1 in Ireland and here). Has now had to move kennel to share with another kinder dog. Can understand it a bit as Vicky is very shy and wouldn’t say baa to a sheep – or something like that ! Mind you, I’ll probably keep away from Fox myself, as he seems a bit of a bruiser. He has done a slightly bit better than Vicky on the racing front but VICKY has WON & BEEN 2ND FROM ONLY 2 RACES TO DATE so isn’t a bad replacement for me for members. Mind you I must have been difficult to replace even if I say so myself. Come on Vicky (reserve this week), stick it to the Fox (just don’t tell him I said so).

010516AcpWell, as you will have gathered, A&A did bring me home – always a bit of a worry on looking back at the last couple ofO10516Bcp months. Mind you I did make sure when sensing we were leaving the dog walk and I made a sharp diversion left towards the van (taking Alan totally by surprise) as opposed to the right turn to my old kennel. Just had supper when a call from Les (member of The Quest and owner in Ana & Mandy etc…) came through. With A&A occupied, thought I’d answer the phone on the tray myself. Well Les must have been deaf as he kept shouting Hello (I had the paws free button on). He is confusing as I knew he was talking but couldn’t find him under the tray or anywhere. Clever trick mind.

Found out my new proposed job. I’m to be an Ambassador for Panther. Sounds posh, just hope things work out, as presently I’m happy (a bit over the top with strangers apparently) with people but can be totally fazed out with dogs of any description except greyhounds. I will be getting a special jacket and will be at racetracks to meet and greet you all ! Please not too many choccies as I need to keep in shape. Have held my condition well to date and nobody wants to see a fat grey lumbering around. Look forward to meeting up with you at the dogs, horses kennels and Stables in the not too distant future. Apparently just need to settle down a bit first. It’s hard with everything so new and exciting though. Just awaiting the old van (the hire car is no good with myself jumping all over whoever drove) for a trip to the Gare and whatever next on the wild life agenda.

Frid 29/4/’16

Been a while since penning my thoughts of late but so much has been happening at home. However, still managing to get out every day – mostly to the Gare. Now seen a deer (apparently) which bounded along near the steel works and about 50 yards away from me. It was fast and jumping off all 4 legs. I froze ! Totally fazed out for next 10 mins. Happy if I don’t see any more of those. First of all though I just want to tell you about my new injury. Alan’s fault definitely. He left his push bike in the van and I got a bit worked up when being left in the van at the races when Deep Resolve ran at Catterick. Think its the tannoy that does it ? Anyhow I must have JIM BLOG4cpcaught the pedal on the bike with its sharp edges. Didn’t think much of it at first and even went for a walk by the river after Doc had run. However, by night time there was a lot of swelling and heat which even had Alan worried (which then got me a bit panicky !). Cold hankies applied overnight and trip to vets on opening next morning. Ok might not look too bad on the picture from a distance and a few days later but I guarantee it was. Very friendly at the vets and they make sure the waiting room is cleared for my boisterous entrance – injury or no injury. Not a dog in sight as they still present a problem for me. Well the vet did say it looked bad but should settle down. I remembered not to lift the leg in hope of some pity, as the last time she said I was a typical greyhound. Brave front this time, even when she said I’d probably (possibly – Alan !)  fractured a bone in the joint. Just when I was about to leave with a new play toy in the shape of a cone and antibiotics those dreadful words ”Might as well check his rear end again”. Well let me tell you, with legs spread, there was no way of escape and I challenge any breed of dog not to shriek out with that procedure. I did – very loudly. The new play toy (cone) on returning home turned out not to be for playing withJIM BLOG6cp but to be strapped on my head to stop me licking the wound. Well no way was that going on my head. I firmly (and successfully) refused Alan’s attempts to strap it on but then I nearly fell victim to my own greed. As you can see from the pic, my collar was strapped on the cone and Alan dropped a chocholate button into it. The intention being I stuck my own head in the noose before it was tightened up. I did – briefly. Very briefly. Alan has nowhere near the speed of me and I took off throwing my head aJIMMY BROLLYcpnd dislodged the cone onto the fishtank. I froze and Alan froze (happy I suspect no real damage done to fish or tank). It was stand off time. Pleased to inform you I WON ! No further attempts to attach the cone to my head. Returned to the vets keeping a low profile 4 days later to have the wound checked. Thankful to get out of there without any more rear end checks. Alan said I owed him another 100 quid (apparently he has a new job in mind coming up for me). Can’t believe it, he left the bike there in the first place. It is now removed and I have a cage in the back of the van now. Why didn’t he do that before ?

Weather-wise it has been warm in the sun on the patio for lazing out which is sheltered from the North Easterlies and JIM BLOG1cpthen freezing mostly when out and about. Alan still has that fascination about me entering water. IDSC_0088-storm cp‘m happy for him to go in so what’s all the fuss. The waves have been quite big recently (pictured left)  and I’m not quite sure it’s a good idea to be so close when I’ve seen pics of what they can be like up the Gare. Thankfully Anne is of the same opinion.




Sat 9/4/’16

JIM080426CcpWell it’s The National day and just to let you know I have one bonio on The Last Samuri. Probably should have beenJIM080416Acp Black Thunder as that is what the weather was the other day ‘Up the Gare’. Anyhow, hope mine beats Anne’s Saint Are and Alan’s Silviniaco. Apart from the weather, enjoy my daily trips to the Gare. However, it was freezing and blowing a gale in a squall and my coat was in the van (not A&A’s though !). You can see my reaction left whilst standing on a rocky outcrop during a squall. They call it fun ? Not too many people around (especially towards the ore terminal right) although its not the people that remain a problem, just the dogs that run loose who are with them. Got a shock yesterday when walking towards the terminal when out of the dunes came a charging cocker spaniel. Well, he charged at me, I backed off pretty sharpish then realiseing he was a lot smaller, made a full frontal assault (between Alan’s legs for a bit of moral support). My lunge finished the job as he wasn’t seen again JIM080416Ebut I must admit I remained on full alert and yelping for the next 20 mins. Way over the top as A&A said. I must settle down a bit ! No visits to a coffee shop on the beach until I do apparently. Next on Alan’s agenda is getting me into the water. I might have lost the alpha male battle but no way am I going in there. It certainly looks way too deep for starters and I’m quite deep enough where I am pictured left. Hearing that Shad, a previous dog (German Shepherd) of Alan’s used to swim at least 2 miles every single day regardless of weather and massive waves, I am as they say, slightly apprehensive. Far better like the idea of sitting on the soft sand in the sun whilst they both fish near the ore terminal for flatties. Seems more like it.

Watched Anna race last night and she was very lucky to survive a nasty incident on the first bend and she is certainly having a run of bad luck in A2 races but doing nothing particularly wrong. Her luck will change. Must admit, I was pretty impressed with Scion who may well be joining The Quest Syndicate. She is a dog who continues to improve and is already an Open class competition dog. Wonder how far I would have got in grade ? Mind you I don’t dwell on it that much as being retired does have its compensations – even though I need some excuse not to be going skinny dipping. Will keep in touch.

Mon 4/4/’16


Great to be back out again and I was determined to be friendly with everyone – dogs included. I mustered just a few excitable yelps as we passed a rottweiler who seemed non plussed at my attention (thankfully in hindsight) and then I ignored a couple of smaller dogs who passed. Great to get lots of ‘good boy’s’ from A & A. Things seemed to be looking up – but it all went downhill shortly after. I drew first blood – DEFINITELY not my fault. You see, Anne went and put her hand inside my fluffy squawking duck hand puppet, playfully teasing me to grab it. I did – I’m very fast, take a look at my winning race videos. How was I to know her hand was inside ? Well it soon came out -by now minus some blood. I now have a new fluffy toy pheasant that hands don’t fit into. £4.50 for an artificial one. Just let me off the lead in the near by field and I’d get as many of the real one’s as A & A wanted.

The next blood incident was probably my fault – just a bit excited. Well it was just breaking light and it seemed a shame to be sleeping in so I was playing with my duck – still like him the best. Unfortunately I threw it onto A&A’s bed and dived up after it. If I could have frozen in mid air I would have done but the inevitable happened. My body landed smack on top of Alan with my right front striking that fateful blow. Claws down the nose and a very fast swollen lip plus a fair amount of blood to boot. In fact the damage looked worse the following day but thankfully by then the swearing and shouting had stopped.



It really hasn’t been a good time of late as the next incident was (I’m claiming innocence again) really not my fault as I was only protecting a friend’s property as a small dog walked past and peed on the gate post. Taking objection to this, I jumped at the window again (really do hate glass) and once again got tangled in blinds – only this time snapped all the plastic hanging clips and brought the lot down. Well I’ve heard Alan swear but not like this (probably not since yesterday) and rather than try the leg in the air job again looking for sympathy, I took it like a dog and put ears back and slunk off to a corner. My Alpha male ambitions have taken a real pummeling this last week.

And finally, my last bit of bad luck occurred yesterday when with the usual van going into the garage for accident assessment, the big old one has been brought back into service. Loads of room and I was happy at first until trying to get out of the back and into the cab section when I was left alone at the shops. It resulted in my head becoming lodged in the framework of the seat and I was caught red handed (headed really) when A&A returned. At least Anne showed compassion as she held my head gently trying (unsuccessfully) to remove it with panic in her voice. Inevitably Alan took over with the ‘if it got there it will get back’ approach. It did but I’m sure it could have got back less painfully.

Just been told with the rain stopping, we are off out and it will be in the new courtesy car in place of the usual van. Haven’t seen it yet but sounds like luxury and no problems anticipated with my head. Things seem to be picking up again but just hoping we don’t meet up with any dogs, cats etc etc etc and I will be ‘a good boy’ once again.

Wed 30/3/’16

A pretty boring past week as I served my week of rest confined to the garden – although Anne & Alan (A&A) can’t believe how a muscle injury can possibly heal when I’m flying around the house with energy levels soaring. Watched some live streaming and saw Heaven look as if she was going to win but backed off on the third bend instead of pushing her way through. Will have a word with her as I’ve been invited down to Jim’s kennels in a couple of months. Will be good to meet up with Alberta and Scion. Classy bitches. Although I’m ”All There” doubt if my services will be needed though. Someone suggested ‘castration’ to help me calm down a bit. How the hell will that keep me calm – totally worried now. Pleased when someone else said it could have the opposite effect. Even more pleased when A&A agreed with them. Today is the first day I’m off out again, so must remember to be on my best behaviour. I’ll let you know !

Wed 23/3/’16



I have now been officially retired for over 2 weeks and it has certainly been an eye opening experience. From JIM ASLEEP cpthe picture on the left to the one on the right. Started off ok with my new bed at the bottom of the stairs but in the dark on that first night, I preferred to try dragging it upstairs to spend the night with Anne & Alan in their room. Gave them quite a shock as I snuggled down on their bed – my own was too heavy to drag all the way. Anyhow, that was the start of the ‘getoffs’, ‘No’s’, ‘out’, ‘leave alone’ – plus other words better not mention. Result was a compromise, my bed in their bedroom. The stairs never been a problem, in fact I can get up or down in 2 leaps when the excitement gets the better of me.

Talking of excitement, the days start at 5 am by waking up A&A (great fun that) and all I have to do is scratch at the door and I’m let out into the garden. The past 2 weeks have been a mixture of new experiences – good and bad. Bad was straight away when investigating the rubbish swing bin and ended up getting the lid firmly stuck on my head. Panicked and took off and  smashed it on the side of a door. In the dog house for that. Same place when on my first trip to the pet shop for a harness – apparently need one, as I may get off the main lead with my ducking, weaving, yanking and pulling when any dogs around. Love greyhounds but not those other breeds of dog. As it happened, the supposed ‘no other dog in the pet shop’ scenario turned out not to be true – just as my muzzle was removed to try on the harness. I was approached at my rear end (what a liberty !) by a Scottie and with the shock of it all, I soon had him off the ground with his ear and collar firmly in my mouth. Much shouting, yelling and more reprimands. Can’t understand why, if a human had done the same to another unexpectantly, it would be a court case. Haven’t been invited back to the pet shop.

Enjoy the trips to ‘The Gare’ where there’s plenty going on – seals and more of those dogs running loose but the trip to the barrage to watch for salmon proved interesting. Another run in with 2 spaniels (loose indeed) was followed this time by the owner taking them away but returning to pet and talk to me. People seem to be getting better. However, the cat opposite brings out the devil in me. Had the audacity to strut  up my drive the other day and it was me that suffered. A leap at the window saw me hit the glass, get tangled in the blind ropes which resulted in me falling to the floor with the blinds apparently knackered – that’s another new word I keep hearing a lot. Worse was, however, the pain ! Had to hold my leg up and with being unable to weight bear on it and with plenty of yelping from me, the next port of call was the vets. A phone call saw us have the van able to pull up directly outside the main door, a cleared waiting room (they had been warned about my ‘temperament’ – yet another new word) and I was greeted by a very nice young lady vet who seemed to take a shine to me. In fact I forgot to hold my leg up by now. Mistake. The nice lady turned a bit nasty as she said ”typical greyhound”. Didn’t dare yelp any more as she examined me and discovered it was a recurrence of my shoulder injury which stopped me racing. ‘Might as well give him a once over while he is here’ is not an expression I want to hear again in a hurry and on went the gloves followed by a ‘spread em’ kind of position of my back end. A repeat of the Scottie dog episode didn’t happen as I put up with my lot – but I hate that bloody cat !

Presently on a week of confinement to the garden with no exercise for a week and then only light build up work for next 3 weeks to let my shoulder settle down again. However, it was good to see both Ana and Mandy win their latest races. Looking forward to seeing them both again soon when we next visit the kennels. Also it will be good to meet up again with The Quest’s new dog who has replaced me – TOPSTAR VIXEN – Vicky. Mind you she has some big boots to fill and I’m afraid I did a bit of growling on our first meet up, so I will be better behaved next time when we go for a walk. I put the last meeting down to shock of discovering the journey in the van was back to the kennels and not The Gare. Thought I had pushed A&A too far and they’d taken me back. Very relieved to get back in the van that Sunday and return home. Yvonne put it down to jealousy at watching Alan patting Vicky and taking her pics.

Sun shining and lovely day to create some mayhem in the garden, so must be off for now.