This is a major issue within greyhound racing and rehoming all our dogs when their racing careers are over is Panthers main aim. To date every single dog has been rehomed and in the event of a serious injury ending a racing career then any necessary operations / vet fees are covered until a dog has been able to go to a rehoming centre.  

Rather than myself explain the whole process, the DURHAM DISTRICT RETIRED GREYHOUND has an excellent website which explains the whole process and rehomes dogs from Sunderland stadium 

Please take time to look at the site as it is through this centre – formerly known as Hollin Hall – that our retired greys will find their new homes. However, we also are happy if a syndicate owner would like to retire their own dog. As many will know we have our own retired grey – JIMMY (formerly LETSGO JAMES) happily ensconced in our home and whilst he probably has bucked the trend as regards being the typical retired grey (had quite a few quirks to say the least – still has a couple !) we wouldn’t be without him. He has brought so much pleasure into our lives – well most of the time ! We were very fortunate in the fact that staff at a local dog and cat rescue charity – SARA – have helped us enormously and still do. Please take a look at their website also. Whilst it isn’t a greyhound specific centre, in fact in the 2 years plus we have been going there, we haven’t seen another single greyhound, it explains all the good that is being done to rescue any dog and cat that have met with a lot of abuse in their lives. Their site is


In order to fascilitate the process, when a share in a greyhound is purchased a cost equivalent to £60 per 10% share is asked for. This can be paid in 2 amounts. It is ‘ring fenced’ money for rehoming only and what is not used at the end of a dog’s racing career is returned to the owner.