Lots going on and just back having been away all day to meet new trainer and horse. Full details just as soon as time allows plus  details of Doc’s race will be on the Quest. Looks as if some got burnt fingers but all members of Quest told Alan not backing. Price in from 6/1 to 2/1. Off to Sunderland tomorrow and site updates as I get time.


Doc out at Southwell today and news on The Quest website

Heaven went down by a neck in a power packed finish last night making it a hat trick of 2nds in 3 runs ! 5 dogs today with more news on updates page.

Last month was another very good one regarding the dogs when beforehand we had thought they might be graded / rated too high. All kennels had their dogs racing well though and to finish with 14 winners was great for all concerned. Again, this month fearing the worst as dogs really must be at the top of their ratings. Still, hoping for the best with Kissy just starting out and injured dogs coming back. Also for Alberta who will be challenging for The Ladbrokes Golden Jacket. A competition on Sky. Alberta is a dog in The Quest syndicate and very good but hasn’t had the rb of the green in the big ones to date. Slow away in The Oaks meant she was eliminated in her heat and then injured in the Christmas St Leger when 6/4 fav. Back from that injury now but had only 1 trial to date and heats start Sat. Fingers crossed for good draws as she is a railer.


Deep Resolve back at Southwell again tomorrow and news in morning. Several dogs expected out this week.


RUM MAKES IT 14 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rum did one of his better traps last night and won in convincing style. Owners more than happy with their 7/2 early price. Ended up 9/4 fav. To quote Alan in message to owners ” Trap well and the race is his ”. He did and it was ! However, owners probably not so happy as Alan also pointed out his thoughts on Maso !

Unfortunately, the little cutie you can see pictured below on yesterday’s update failed to run any sort of race in his event. Trapping on the slow side he seemed indecisive of where he wanted to be and settled for a run around not making or losing much ground ! Was backed in to evens and cost Alan any winnings on the night off Rum and plenty more as well apparently. Not to worry, Maso is one of Alan’s favourite’s – or was !  At least members in Quest told Alan not backing Shendus Star who also ran yesterday and although running a good race was only 2nd. Very good run from new pup Kissy who came a close third last night – full brother won his event at the same meeting. Shares in her available at only £50 and full brother @ £100. Just give a ring 07775 743 885.

This coming week sees horses and dogs running but it is getting harder with the dogs as they are all now getting graded to max. Still, same thing was said last month and it has turned out brilliant. 14 WINNERS  ! Alberta will face some hard competition for The Ladbroke’s Golden Jacket (£17,500 race) and it all kicks off next week. Good luck to all Quest members.

Hope to have news on a new horse to come into Panther this week. Will post details as soon as.


Some very good racing on both dog and horse front this weekend. Cheltenham and Donny for horses today and a good and interesting card at Sedgefield tomorrow. Hoping Alan’s account balances don’t suffer as 5 dogs also out today including one of Alan’s favourites –Greyhound_Droopys_Maso-big DROOPYS MASO (pictured). Not one of the most graceful dogs to hit the tracks but definitely one of the biggest. Bit like Alan himself I suppose. Shendus Star (for The Quest) also back out having been 2nd btn a neck last time after a slow start. Won previous 2 races.

Latest pup KELVA KISSY another to run tonight and makes her racing debut. An Oct ’14 bitch, she has been graded in at A7. 5% shares are available and full details of her ownership group are on her own page. More news on the dog updates page regarding the dogs.

Once again spending a bit of time in bringing this site back up to date as well as the Quest site ( If all goes well, I’m hoping to be involved in a new horse for Panther this coming week and news will be posted as soon as.




Doc, (pictured going to post yesterday), finished a staying on 2nd and the mile trip has helped him to become more competitive. His price was available at 20’s but ended up being 8/1 sp so somebody more optimistic than myself ! He is expected to return to Southwell next week with 2 entries now in. If you would like to become involved with Doc and come racing with him – he’ll be running on the all weather until the start of the turf when he will transfer over to catch soft ground – then just get in touch 07775 743 885. Cost only £165 for 6 months. Nobody from his ownership group there yesterday so need somebody to pick up the future trophies !


Pictured at Catterick, he looked as if he had just been washed as he gleamed in coat and is certainly an eye catcher – imposing stature and totally white. However, Sam again disappointed on Wed and it seems he has fallen out of love with the game, as Brian said he wasn’t enthusiastic within the race. As it seems there is noSAM280116cp wind problem having been fixed over the Summer, then the correct decision has been made to retire him. Panther took the chance to be involved with him in the Autumn of last year as he was only 9, on the assumption that if the wind problem had been holding him back, then it was most likely he would be a very well handicapped horse for this season. He may well have been ‘well in’ but unfortunately if a horse isn’t in love with the game then it wont make any difference. It didn’t ! When he came in after the race, he was happily looking around him and not blowing one iota ! As Becky said, he will be more than happy the following morning out in the field. It is intended he will be retiring to Mary’s place and she knows all about Sam as she works at the yard so it’s great for all parties.

KITE 1cropPeople in Sam’s ownership group also had the involvement of greyhound BALLYMAC KITE who kept the flag flying with  7 wins from 16 races all A1 events or D3 sprints during the ownership period. Some even covered their group fees with profit, so having a dog involvement also gives more entertainment – especially if things not going right with a horse. Kite (Snowie to friends) is still staying on in Panther and indeed she has reached the stage of another open race being looked for.



Deep Resolve out today in the 3.50 at Southwell  and is dropped to a mile. Bit of an experiment as he has won over 7f previous – but also over 2 miles at Hexham on heavy and hurdles ! Can only see what transpires. Entered back up next week in another mile contest incase all goes well today. Not sure what to expect ! Sam disappointed again yesterday but main thing is he is sound and without problem – bar it would seem he has fallen out of love with the game. Decisions to be made on future.




Busy day yesterday and things off to a brilliant start as Ganya pounced late to win her sprint. Jayne’s dogs really are back with a bang this month. Then followed a flying finish by Shani after a slow start to be an unlucky 2nd. Showtime Star for the Quest Syndicate then came 3rd with a gutsy run over an inadequate trip to land any ew bets with 20/1 odds available (12/1 sp). Further dog news / runners on the updates page.

Today sees Samson Collonges at Catterick 1.50 but its a bit of hoping Becky’s influence on him pays dividends. Alan can’t back today but many will think that’s a positive to Sam’s chances !

Deep Resolve back out at Southwell tomorrow with new agenda.


3 dogs out today and Showtime Star (for The Quest Syndicate) at Southwell. Star is in a good quality race with a £19,000 guarantee pot but the big neg is that it is over 5f when he is ideally suited to further. However, on the plus side, the surface suits and the draw is fine. The hood to keep him settled comes off and blinkers go on to wake him up ! On the drift with 20’s available. Hope he is running strong at finish over this trip. Also for The Quest today is Jimmy at Sunderland. Just had first winner of day with Ganya at Perry Barr details on yesterday’s updates page. Also a flying finish by Shani to be 2nd after bad start.

Big White Flash Samson Collonges runs tomorrow at Catterick and his ownership group have been having a lot of success this term with the Little White Flash BALLYMAC KITE. Great to have a greyhound and Horse combo for owners, as when a horse isn’t running, the dog generally is. In this case, Kite has run 14 times, winning 6, 2 x 2nd and 2 x 3rd – plus 4 runs over a 6 week period of being unplaced when the kennel was under a bad gastro bug. Not bad going and training by Jayne ! Sam has been disappointing to date for the new group having been pulled up and unseated in his two races to date but Becky been trying new approach out – will things change ? Further news on that race tomorrow.




Quoted to owners of Kite in a pre race dispatch yesterday morning, ”goes with excellent claims” and on dog updates page that both have realistic claims, it made aKITE 1crop great double last night as it now makes it a dozen for the month to date. Not bad as several ‘big guns’ were resting at Jim’s. Pleased to see one of Alan’s favourite dogs – Droopys Maso (left) – back on winning trail having been knocked over last race. He is a big dog by Westmead Hawk whom Alan believes has lots of potential. Individual shares are available in him, just get in touch. Possible discount !

Off to sales on Tuesday at Donny and further news later on possible horse runners this week. More dogs racing this week also. Meanwhile, off to kennels.


Another 2nd and Shendus Star went down by a neck for The Quest last night. 2 more dogs out today (dog updates page for more details) including one of Alan’s favourite’s Droopys Maso. Big dog by Westmead Hawk whom he is convinced the best is yet to come. Knocked over last race but making (yet another) return to the track. Seems to keep having set-backs.

Horses come to the fore next week and a trip to the sales at Doncaster on the agenda ! Also plenty going on behind the scene. If you haven’t joined The Quest, now is definitely the time.

Asuncion was well after her 2nd the other day. With half the field falling, she had looked the winner even though doing her best to throw the race away on the top bends (stable and horses box bends). Still looking the winner at the last but then went straight through it allowing herself to be caught on the run in. Main thing is she (and apparently the fence) is none the worse and blinkers may next be on the agenda.


JIMMY MAKES IT 10 !!!!!!!!!!



Pictured last Sunday (above) both Mandy and Jimmy must like having their pics taken as both ended up in photo finishes in their respective races last night. Jimmy stayed on well to win a short head, Mandy nip and tuck to the line and went down by the same distance. All dogs are running very well at present (Ana badly hampered though last night) and Jimmy progressing very well. He is now 2 from 3 and a second and you can be part of this success story by joining The Quest syndicate. Includes 2 more dogs and 3 horses. All for £165. What more can I say ? Join up now !


2 runners and no winners yesterday. What’s happened ? Main thing as always is that all dogs and horses keep sound and well. It’s been a quiet spell on the horse front but Alan’s charity share buy Asuncion trained by Becky and owned by EPDS Racing runs at Musselburgh today and different tactics being tried in the hope it brings better results. Hoping Doc and Dancer will have more entries shortly. Sam expected to be entered Catterick next week and Dan awaiting better ground. Longer term forecast not looking too bad so may have horses back on track soon. Showtime Star has bypassed the chance of a quick return to Lingfield this weekend. Dogs not so weather dependent and have provided plenty of action of late. Tonight no exception with Jimmy running for The Quest Syndicate and Ana and Mandy for their respective owners. All at Sunderland. More wins they get the harder it gets !





Heaven looked as if she had a hard task on against the favourite last night but although she has a tendency to miss the break consistently, she also has that will to win which sees her in good stead. She is the full sister to Panther’s very good Destiny and from a very good litter of homebreds by Jim Daly. Last night she missed the break badly but a clear run through on the rails saw her make ground hand over fist to win cosily and in from 6/1 ! Charity auction horse Asuncion runs Muss. tomorrow if meeting gets go ahead.


MAN&JIM170116cpCalled in at Yvonne’s yesterday and all three dogs based there were well in themselves. Mandy and Ana playful inANA170116cp the freezing (-5) weather. Jimmy still having a culture shock coming to Spennymoor. Snow, mud and now a waterlogged frozen field ! Walked Mandy and Jimmy together and both got on great. Mandy a very strong puller and Jimmy the total opposite. Bit of a little and large act, although Jimmy allowed Mandy to boss. He is a very laid back dog who never pulls and happy to just do whatever you – and Mandy – want him to. Ana was full of beans as she posed for pics and mucked about. Always has that mischievous glint in her eye. It has been very interesting watching Mandy and Ana’s natures develop (since they joined Panther) on and off the track. Jimmy is just starting to show his.

When Alan produced, out of the blue, a share in a greyhound for me about 18 months ago (in place of intentions of my own German Shepherd), not for one second did I imagine how it would change the face of Panther. The fun and enjoyment that can be obtained from greyhound racing is something I never envisaged. It has been an incredibly successful time with Jim, Yvonne and Jayne, which I suppose helps and as Alan has gained more knowledge very quickly by translating horses form and basics to dog racing, it is now becoming profitable on the betting front also. I’m not naive enough to believe it will all continue to be a fairy tale, as I’m sure there are bites on the a**e always in the shadows, but I’ll continue to enjoy everything while we can. Just as well as Ana, Mandy & Jimmy all out Wed. 2 up in grades so plenty of fingernail biting next couple of days !

The horses have been very quiet of late but the weather just hasn’t helped and meetings called off when we have had declared runners. Showtime is an exception and Gay tends to run her horses as greyhounds – once a week – so no resting on his laurels and he is expected out again this week for Quest members. Sam could also return to action, plus the horse Alan had a successful bid for in a charity auction Asuncion.



KITE 1cropOwners in the Horse ‘n Hound Group 2 incorporating SAMSON COLLONGES  with Becky and BALLYMAC KITE ganyawith Jayne saw their dog in the group win again last night. Kite (Snowie or little white flash to friends) is now back to her best. Sam is the big white flash and presently struggling to get the right race when a meeting isn’t abandoned ! He is well and Becky herself riding him out everyday. For the dog and horse it cost members of the group only £385 to join last Sept. all in until May 1st. BALLYMAC GANYA presently has no shares available (or a good pic !) and was beaten a few days ago by Quest dog Shendus Star. However, he is another from the kennel who is coming back to his best after a gastro bug laid several dogs low. Some were very seriously ill. Ganya has been a dog who gets away slow, shows a lot of pace to generally take the lead and then lack of stamina sees her lose the race on the run in. Over the sprint trip yesterday she came good. More runners expected out this week and Showtime Star could run Lingfield Frid or Sat.




Really must get Jayne to send through the promised new pic of Shendus. Shendus old pic not very complimentary to say the least ! This race shows Shendus (Star) is getting back to her best after being ill. This is now her second win on the trot and looks destined to again face a rise in grade back to the top. She did as was hoped, quick break, went back and then ran on very strong to win by 2l. @5/1

Same couldn’t be said about Showtime (Star) who missed the break and was then running wide all the way and when Luke looked for a gap on the approach to the final bend it never opened and he had to take a pull, losing momentum, before Showtime started to run on again strong. May have a step up next time. Unlucky race.

More runners expected next week.


Both Showtime Star and Shendus Star race for the Quest Syndicate today and badges booked for those requesting them. Showtime is in a claimer @£14,000 which is a realistic price / weight considering he is high in the ratings and 12 pound above his turf rating which looks very lenient for the start of the turf when it comes. Especially as he likes cut. However, back to today, hoping he breaks quick and can lead. Shendus tonight will be probably higher odds to complete her double but she should be running strong at the finish.




A very confident Alan yesterday morning told owners in Mandy ”race is hers to lose…..been offered good opportunity……can’t see a negative …” The early 3/1 price surprisingly stayed for a while but by race time she went off 5/4. A great result for owners and a great run by Mandy on a track that took some getting. She was out and away and never looked likely to be caught. You can be part of the syndicate – there is a 10% share remaining – and I would imagine most already in Mandy’s ownership have covered their costs and well into the future already as she has now won 6 from 15 since joining Yvonne. Mandy has been a great purchase by Yvonne as has Ana and also new pup Jimmy who won last week on debut and then 2nd under wrong conditions the other day. Interested in a share ? please just get in touch.

Showtime Star and Shendus Star both out tomorrow for The Quest syndicate.




Ana last night flew from the traps and led all the way making it her fastest time to date and highest rating. Pictured at the kennels this morning, she was totally unfazed with having raced last night. No doubt a hike in grade will now follow ?



Also at the kennels, Jimmy not quite understanding why he has to get his fur muddy when he has just done all members in the Quest syndicate proud when winning on his debut on Wed. If its not snow its mud !

On the horse front, Sam has had to miss his engagement at Ayr with the track abandoning tomorrow’s meeting. Showtime Star holds 2 entries this week Lingfield and Wolverhampton. Looking at a gallop watch at Lucy’s for The Quest syndicate but ideally want better weather than present.

Still catching up on web updates but getting there ! Next up prize money payments and the dreaded yearly accounts. Hate sorting out all paperwork.




STAR got back to winning ways tonight beating kennel mate (and Panther) Ballymac Ganya into 2nd. Really have to push Jayne to get those promised updated pics of dogs at kennels ! Great result. Keep saying it, THE QUEST IS A GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY GROUP TO JOIN. WHY WAIT ? Just get in touch for £165 ALL IN 6 MONTHS !

Memberships also available in racehorse PHANTOM DANCER in training with ALAN SWINBANK who (the horse !) is having entries made now AND the horse ownership group comes with a FREE INVOLVEMENT in greyhound DROOPYS RUM ! All FOR £285 FULLY INC ! AGAIN JUST GET IN TOUCH.




Jimmy ran a very nice race last night – full of promise. Not a lot of conditions in his favour but he did members of The Quest proud and should continue to do so. You can be a part of this young pup’s future by joining the Quest. He is a lovely happy dog to be involved with and as Yvonne said he came off the track last night thinking he had won the Derby ! From not many dog runners at present (quite a few on breaks), it’s good to have 2 winners on the board so early in the month. Droopys Alberta another dog in The Quest will be having another couple of weeks off before being prepared for the £17,500 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket. in Feb. Exciting times as also new horse(s) possibly in pipeline.


Mandy used as a reserve last night – more news on the dog updates page. Jimmy makes his track debut for the Quest Syndicate tonight. In at A3 grade – higher than would really have wanted. Also in last race and for a young pup – youngest in race – not ideal under lights for first race and so much going on with all the races going on before his race. Not ideal conditions but hope he has a good experience as he will come on for whatever he does. Membership to the Quest still only £165 / 6 months for now. Don’t miss out !



KITE 1crop

Kite got the year off to a flyer when leading all the way last night for THE HORSE ‘n HOUND GROUP 2. She has been fine but management just never put her in a race for a while. Kennel mate Ganya has been looking like the winner the last 2 races after slow starts, catching up, getting the lead then just not staying on in the home straight. Today she is in a sprint and the question is, can she trap sufficiently fast enough to get the lead by the line ?

Runners expected this week are The Big White Flash – Sam – and with Tony injured, Brain Hughes is expected to take the ride. Nice double if the two white flashes do it ! Jimmy could make his debut for The Quest but with meetings not being on over the Christmas period, there are quite a few dogs ready to race. Dancer doesn’t go to Lingfield.

At Yvonne’s kennels this morning and all 3 dogs fine. Mandy more friendly than normal which prompted a jealous streak in Ana who then was demanding attention ! Jimmy his normal laid back self !


No surprises with Doc who was well wrong at the weights yesterday and new plans probable. The dogs take over today and looking forward to possibly new pup Jimmy running this week on racetrack and Quest debut. Horse news is Dancer, Sam and Showtime Star all entered up.



First day of the New Year and first runner with Doc at Southwell and more news on his chances on

Plenty of possibilities coming up for dogs and horses this coming week, although most with Jim on breaks for now in preparation for races. 2 runners tomorrow.

Last month’s haul of 10 dog winners more than I expected as quite a few ran in good open races. Hard to imagine will beat that tally this month as some changes about to be made but never know.

THURS 31/12/’15


At this time of year, most organisations etc. give a rundown on what has happened over the previous 12 months. I’ll make it quick. Absolutely Everything ! Trainers in, trainers out, horses in, horses out but the biggest change has been THE DOGS. Certainly a positive as they race so regular and we have had so much success and enjoyment in such a short space of time. It has to go down to the three trainers – Jim Daly who has just been named champion trainer at Harlow. This with him being based at Sittingbourne early in the year, then off to Peterborough and now at Yarmouth. Jim changes tracks faster than we have changed bloodstock and trainers ! Yvonne has also been named champion trainer at Sunderland. Jayne also has plenty of winners at Perry Barr and I must get down to meet up !

For the next 12 months ? THE QUEST SYNDICATE is an idea I intend taking further. Ideally I would like to build it up in numbers of horses and dogs. The bets ? On a personal basis, it has been – as normal for Alan – a rollercoaster. Can’t see it ever being any different as its part and parcel of the game. Main thing is it ends in profit – it did ! Helped along with the results of Aug 12th ! Sure many joined in on ”the night of the acca” ! At least the Yankee part did. If only the 5th came in ! I wouldn’t be sat here writing this. Or maybe I would ! Have never syndicated dogs previous and only started with our own dogs at Yvonnes. Yvonne had – still has – a lot to put up with all the ‘daft questions’ she gets thrown at her. Very patient lady. To date we have Ana who has won 3 and Mandy winning 5 since Oct. New pup Jimmy will start racing very soon for The Quest. Talking of The Quest, it’s many thanks to Vicky who has also been very patient and helpful in setting the website away – and  putting up with Alan in the process. It’s still ongoing and twitter and videos next on agenda. A sad point in the year was in leaving James & Briony Ewart’s yard, as we had a lot of success over the years from when James only had a handful of horses and Briony was a great person to meet up with at the races and talk to.

I really have lost the plot with the ‘I’ll make it quick’ theme, so to wrap it up all thanks to horse trainers, dog trainers and above all, members and owners within Panther. There I’ve done it !

Well nearly, Doc declared tomorrow, Sam next week, Star next week, Dancer next week. Dogs just about most days. Plans for new horses / dogs (one already arrived) being worked on and details as soon as. It’s all go, so hear’s to a Great New Year – and another Acca to remember !

Further news on Doc on Quest site in morn.

Wed 30/12/’15

Alberta has been checked over and needs 4 weeks off for a shoulder injury. There had to have been something amiss to have run as disappointing. Her action just wasn’t right. At least it fits in with plans as she was having Jan off before being brought back in Feb for THE GOLDEN JACKET in Feb. That is still the aim.

Deep Resolve has been declared at Southwell on Friday. News on Doc on the quest website

Ganya has now run last 2 races looking all over the winner before stopping short just before the line !

More dogs still running but many at Jim’s having a break and some changes possible at Jayne’s

Tues 29/12/’15

DAN281215cpDan non the worse for yesterday and he did look well (pictured) but the size of those feet tells its own story of his ability to handle the tacky ground. Still can only drop again for the run and it wont always be tacky ground !

Dancer appears to be prone to niggles at moment ! Cast before a race last time and now gravel. Still only a few days problem and will be entered up again.

Mon 28/12/’15

Dream over ! It was a race ”too bad to be true” but Alberta came off sound but will be checked over. Next up a short break and then prepared for The Golden Jacket in Feb.

Odds On Dan in 1.oo at Catterick today and news on The Quest site.

Becky’s yard getting back to routine again but lot of damage to gallop remains. Will be fully assessed this week. So much intact so horses can work and stronger work on local trainers gallops of Easterby & Walford where Becky has taken horses previous.

Sun 27/12/’15

Alberta runs tonight in the Final of the RPGTV CHRISTMAS ST LEGER with a pot of £3,000 and live on RPGTV plus bookies, Sky, live streaming. Memebers of The Quest Syndicate holding vouchers for the event at odds of upwards to 14/1 so hopefully all goes well tonight. Has a good shout if trapping well. Fingers crossed. Shendus Star also runs today but has been disappointing of late for no apparent reason. Odds On Dan runs for The Quest tomorrow at Catterick and Phantom Dancer makes her racecourse debut at Southwell on Tues. Meanwhile, Deep Resolve holds an entry also at Southwell on New Years Day. More news on Quest dogs / horses on


Overnight the yard was hit with 75mm of rain in a short space of time, this caused quite severe flash flooding within the fields surrounding the yard and the gallop. As the rain fell more heavily we dug deep trenches overnight to divert the water away from the stables themselves and managed to keep the water under some degree of control.

This morning the rain continued to fall (approx. another 25 mm) and the main yard had about two inches of standing water in front of the horses stables – John, Danielle and Sarah spent the morning diverting water and sweeping away from the horses to keep them dry.

Our gallop has been damaged, I dread to estimate, in tonnes, how much surface we have lost, but in places eight inches of fibresand has been washed away down to the base stone.  We haven’t been in danger and our horses are very safe (a couple had wet hooves) – I cannot begin to imagine the devastation and threat to life caused by the serious recent flooding in Cumbria and we are no way in that sort of situation. Our house is dry and we aren’t in danger of being swept away by a river, but still, the damage caused today is very hard for me to stomach. I have an amazing team of people here , who go above and beyond the call of duty – it’s a horrible team building exercise but one which has seen these people go way beyond what I would ever expect of them. The next couple of weeks are going to be challenging for all of us, especially coming in to the New Year. I hope the frost stays away and the weather is kind to us while we get back on track.

As far as having a plan going forward; the clean up operation has started today and we will be shuttling horses to nearby gallops as soon as the roads re – open.  I’m confident running plans will not be disrupted. Any updates I have will be posted immediately to those involved. I have organised for someone to look at the gallop at home on Monday to estimate the quantities of new surface required and the re-build for this will start immediately. Part of our gallop (the back straight) is unaffected so some exercise will be able to continue at home and on the grass until the gallop is fully restored.

Sat 26/12/’15

Well, hoping all had a good day yesterday and it’s back to racing again today. Not often we have never had a runner on Boxing Day so it’s a bit of a 2 day holiday as such. Alan’s 2 bankers for the day both at Wetherby (Jefferson’s) so its a day of no betting for him with the track now flooded. Good luck to Lucy who travels to Wolverhampton and Alan S. at Sedgefield.

Meanwhile Phantom Dancer holds an entry at Southwell on Tues with no ideal juvenile bumper on the horizon and the horse ready for his debut. He will then run on the turf at the start of the season after the all weather. That is latest plan so will see. Don’t forget if you have a couple of hundred to spare after today there is a share available in this horse. Dan entered at Catterick on Mon but weather hasn’t been kind.

Have a profitable day if backing. Back to runners tomorrow with the dogs.

Thurs 24/12/’15


Have a great time and enjoy your greyhound and horse racing on Boxing Day

Tues 22/12/’15



(Just say it’s a special present for your partner)

Membership to THE QUEST SYNDICATE (see details of horses trainers & dogs on £165 ALL IN

SHARE IN PHANTOM DANCER (with free involvement in greyhound DROOPYS RUM) £285 FOR 6 MONTHS

Share in A1 dog LEEVIEW MANDY racing at Sunderland with Yvonne Bell

Share in Open grade dog DROOPYS SCION  in training with Jim Daly

PHONE ANNE 07775 743 885


Congrats to those who backed DROOPYS ALBERTA to win the CHRISTMAS ST LEGER outright on Sunday @ odds up to 14/1 !! All sitting happy on their Christmas Bonus tickets if she wins this Sunday – now 11/4 and a much better draw. Join in the fun with Alberta who is one of the dogs in The Quest Syndicate.

Sun – just after 7.30 pm  !!

ALBERTA MAKES IT 10 !!!!!!!!!!





Sun 20/12/’15

JIMb201215cpDogs all fine at Yvonne’s today with Mandy pulling very hard so non the worse for her race on Frid. She ran very well and although 3rd set good split and final times and was beaten by a very useful previous open dog (Havana Grandee) also from the sameANAMANDY201215cp kennel who had some probs since the Summer and then bounced back (typical !) against Mandy. Still, couldn’t be more than pleased with Mandy and Anna also who won on Wed and was also well in coat and herself today. In fact both Ana and Mandy were (hopefully) passing on some useful tips – just stand like this, see the bunny, run like hell and you’ll get plenty of attention and black pudding at the kennels on a Sunday ! – to new pup Jimmy (Letsgo James) who was introduced to the two of them today. All got on well pleased to say ! 

Thurs 17/12/’15

ANA MAKES IT 9 !!!!!!!!!


Ana was really well in herself and enjoying the snow last Sunday and last night she ran to the line coming from behind adding another bow to her repertoire. She is a clever dog developing well under a clever trainer ! Meanwhile life getting tougher for Mandy who is now up in grade once again to A1. She has now won 5 races from 10 since coming over without a win from Ireland and has progressed through A5, A4, A3, TWO A2’S and now takes on A1 dogs. All since Oct 8th. Hopefully Ana continues to progress likewise. Both bitches were purchased from Yvonne on the same day and they now have won 8 races for their owners. STILL A SHARE REMAINS IN MANDY – JUST GET IN TOUCH. A Christmas present with a difference as everyone advertises. Well this really is. A personal share in a proven dog – what more could anyone want ? Well ok £165 one off payment for 3 horses & 3 dogs plus another horse shortly. Transfer your pennies today and be involved immediately !

Wed 16/12/’15

Dan ran a very nice race yesterday coming (out of the fog !) a staying on 3rd making up a lot of ground. He was outpaced and well behind down the back straight – according to commentary – but for a winning DAN151215cppointer running over 2 miles at Catterick, his stamina was always going to come into play. It was a great 2nd and 3rd race result for Lucy who also had Bolin Line in the race as well. Dan will give members of the Quest Syndicate plenty of enjoyment and racing over the Winter months and Lucy (Egerton, trainer) is very much ‘syndicate friendly’ and planning a Malton Gallop Watch for the Quest Syndicate in January followed by breakfast at the yard. Why not become part of this new syndicate now – introductory offer is only £165 for 6 months membership. Can’t be bad for 3 horses & 3 greyhounds (6 trainers) !! Another trainer plus new horse due to enter soon and Droopys Alberta with greyhound trainer of the moment Jim Daly has already won 2 races for members – and advised at 11/2. Plans for her are now the Christmas St Leger then a short break before The Golden Jacket. Once new horses ( Becky also looking for replacement for Uncle Brit whom we will be retiring) and possibly dog enter the Quest, the price will increase from this opening offer. To join in the enjoyment just email myself You could be in the syndicate from today. £50 bet to be won monthly ! The sooner you join, the sooner you will be eligible !

Tues 15/12/’15

ODDS ON DAN runs at Catterick today but he is a horse who wants better ground. However, he is also a big horse who needs plenty of racing to keep him right and so he takes his chance today as he would then probably need the race if missing today when he next runs over the Christmas period.

Mon 14/12/’15


Start off with a couple of pics in snow at the kennels yesterday. Nothing like the snow to buzz the dogs up.


Jimmy seemed to take it more in his stride albeit with a few pounces off all fours onto the snow to see if anything happened. When it didn’t he just looked on wondering what to do next. Ana was the opposite, and was totally took up with her new surroundings, closely followed by Mandy who you certainly wouldn’t have known had just run – and won – aANMAN131215acp race 12 hours earlier. All in all it has been quite a weekend with 2 open race winners and Mandy making it a treble of dog winners. A few 2nds as well inc Alan’s bets with Kite and Scion. Our dogs with Jayne not having much luck and a new unraced pup had its first trial and broke a bone in a foot. Few weeks on the sidelines. Regarding the horses, it was a case of being ‘at least the horses seem ok’. Showtime Star couldn’t go the pace on the tapeta but does hold an entry back at Southwell on Friday – as does Deep Resolve. Samson was outpaced at Carlisle yesterday and unseated the rider when out of contention. He seems fine this morning but it was a disappointing run. Alan’s auction share in Asuncion fared a little better in the same race but was still out of contention. Main thing is that they all come away without problem. A fit horse (or dog) can always run again. Regarding Uncle Brit, a decision was made after the race on Saturday to retire him. He has done well for Becky and Panther winning on the all weather and turf as well as being placed several times. Nobody wishes to see a good servant go backwards and Becky will find him a good retirement home. Bit of an ‘end of an era’ experience as Pistol and Brit were the first two horses owned by Panther with Becky from the start of her training career and Pistol provided Becky with her first N. Hunt winner making her the youngest female trainer in Britain to train a winner at only 24 years of age. Brit gave Becky her first flat winner. The best part is that both retired without problem and latest on Pistol is that he is being prepared for a season pointing. BECKY WILL BE LOOKING FOR A NEW HORSE AS A REPLACEMENT FOR BRIT IN THE QUEST SYNDICATE.


AND RUM MAKES IT 8 !!!!!!!!


Everything looked perfect for Rum last night. Following a very nice trial here and the trip looking exactly what he needed the only neg was the trap draw but members in the Horse ‘n Hound group were told he was ” worth taking a pop at at 11/4 possibly higher ” HE WAS ! (3/1 at least available before 9/4 sp). Jim certainly has his dogs running very well.




Jim Daly’s decision to target Harlow the past week certainly paid dividends as his collection of open wins proved. From Panther’s point of view with Jim’s dogs, within a week, Des made it a double as did Rum – and Alberta was just foiled last night in her double attempt.

Following Saturdays snow, Ana, Mandy and Jimmy had a shock to their systems when going out for their walks. Ana was especially excitable as she continuously took off on all 4’s spinning around in mid air. Quite a performance !  Shame Alan’s efforts to get a mid air snap never materialised.



Mandy ran her best ever time on Sat to win another A2 and now looking as if it will be A1 next. She is learning all the time and came from behind a good dog to win going away. Great training performance by Yvonne who has brought Mandy along well to have now won 5 from 10 races since coming over from Ireland without a win to her name. The wins have seen her progress from A5 / A4 / A3 / A2 twice. The next day she would have won even quicker judging by how full of beans she was when out in yesterday’s snow. Share available in this tough bitch just two and at original cost. Details on own page.

Sat 12/12/’15

Best news yesterday was that Maso appeared non the worse for being knocked over last night. He got up and ran to the pick up. Just hope he isn’t too sore over next few days. Great communication from Jim who texted info immediately after race. Another dog who Alan took a shine to – probably being similar to himself, big and backward – Maso is by Westmead Hawk and a big dog who is only just coming to himself and has needed time. Its a shame he was knocked over. Hope it doesn’t affect any confidence.

Today sees 4 runners at Perry Barr, Kite, Shani, Ganya and Star while at Sunderland Mandy re-appears in another tough looking contest and at Yarmouth both Pumpkin and Scion take each other on. On the horse front, Showtime Star tries the tapeta surface at Wolverhampton again in a good prize money race and Uncle Brit returns to Southwell. After last night’s shock, settle for all to return in one piece. Jim (Daly) has targeted Harlow this week doing well a couple of days ago and hopefully the kennel form continues today and tomorrow at the venue where we will have runners tomorrow. For today, want to know which ones not to back ? i.e. Alan having a flutter, It’s Kite and Scion. You’ve been warned.

Frid 11/12/’15







DEEP RESOLVE’S (Doc) ownership group reforms on Jan 1st and there will be an introductory share available as of Jan 1st. Doc is a dual purpose horse and only 4 years of age and has already won 4 races for Panther. However, it is as a chaser we see his future and he could even go chasing in his next race. Likes the present ground but still a bit weak as he is still growing and filling out but is an excellent horse to be involved with. DONT MISS OUT !  

Dogs Mac at Perry Barr and Heaven and Maso at Yarmouth to get the ball rolling for the weekend. Nice if we could get a winner from them. Brit, Showtime Star and Shendus Star run for The Quest Syndicate tomorrow and Sam goes to Carlisle on Sunday for his owners. Plus lots of dogs out Sat & Sun. Busy time now and also getting to grips with the new website being set up for the Quest Syndicate by Vicky. It will have its own members section for private news on the horses and greyhounds. Very competitively priced at £165 all in for 6 months for 3 dogs and 3 horses.

Thurs 10/12/’15

Not a runner today ! Not often that happens nowadays. However, things building up with possibly up to 15 dogs & horses over the weekend. Acca Time for Christmas ??

The new website for THE QUEST SYNDICATE now almost complete and members will soon have private access to information. Of the horses involved, both Showtime Star and Uncle Brit are out on Saturday and Odds On Dan holds an entry at Catterick on Wed but wont run if the ground soft, as it was too soft at Newcastle last time. Next up then expected to be Sedgefield Boxing Day.

Of the greyhounds involved, Shendus Star expected out and Letsgo James will be trialling. Alberta has just made it 2 wins for The Quest, the last race being on 8th Dec in an open in a very good time. Now has a greyhound data rating of 131. WOW ! Jim’s dogs doing very well and 3 open race wins on Tues and back to Harlow on Sun hopefully for more. All live on Sky / RPGTV.


PLUS NEW HORSE TRAINER possibly to join soon. 

(price would rise at this point)

Wed 9/12/’15




Members informed ” 769m thought ideal has good claims ”. A marathon dog and only a Sept ’13 bitch. Half sister to the top class but ill fated TOUCH TACKLE – winner of this year’s Regency – also trained by Jim Daly. Big race plans this coming 12 months for Alberta. Don’t miss out on this exciting bitch who is well capable of going all the way. Be with her when she does ! Introductory offer still only £165 to join the QUEST SYNDICATE. 3 horses & 3 dogs – more in pipeline but price would increase. Get in touch with Anne today on 07775 743 885  /



4 RUNNERS YESTERDAY AND 2 WINNERS – EVEN THOUGHT WE COULD HAVE HAD 4 ! Better still, have 4 sound dogs ready to go again. Plenty runners coming very soon with dogs and horses. Hopefully more winners. When talking to Jim Daly the other day, he did say he hoped we couln nick a couple of Opens at Harlow and it happened with both Alberta and Destiny. More opens to come this weekend on RPGTV ?? kENNEL FLYING WITH 3 OPENS ALTOGETHER YESTERDAY.

Christmas plans starting to be made for horses and dogs with Dan possibly going Sedgefield Boxing Day for members of THE QUEST SYNDICATE.

Tues 8/12/’15

Internet connection down until now but Brit not raced today. Should be ok Sat.

Mon 7/11/’15

DOC061215cpDoc finished 5th yesterday having led but never got home in the heavy ground under top weight. He looked in very rude health (and a budding chaser in the making) and it is a case of where to go next, with both Alan’s having similar thoughts for the future but quite different as well ! Should be interesting with Alan S. telling Alan (husband) to do it his way. The end of a very long friendship on the horizon if things don’t work out I fear ! Doc seems to have been around for years and it is easy to forget he is only 4 and already won 4 races for us. He is growing and filling out all the time and it is possible he is still just a bit weak for what he is being asked – leading on heavy and carrying top weight. Got to give Tom (Scudamore) his due, the first thing he did on dismounting was to apologise and say to Alan it was his own fault for making too much use of the horse. However, I think he was being a bit too self critical. Main thing is Doc is non the worse and a look at the calendar shortly.

With Hexham abandoned, Sam now holds an entry at Carlisle. Brit runs tomorrow at Southwell and has also been entered for Southwell again on Sat. He is running more frequent than a greyhound – think Becky taking this greyhound ownership a step further !  Talking of which Ana goes to Sunderland tomorrow and Jim Daly is having a Blitz at Henlow tomorrow (trials) and Sunday with 17 entries in open races ! On RPGTV  and Jim with about 30 guests there for another Christmas Do. Accas at dawn ! In the meantime working as much as possible on our new website for THE QUEST SYNDICATE – although getting behind schedule through no fault of the designer Vicky who is being very patient. Feet not touching ground at present. I’m off.

Sun 6/11/’15



Rum made his customary slow break but stays on well and won nicely ”carrying plenty of kennel confidence”.

Today sees Deep Resolve at Kelso and he is presently on the drift. Top weight and heavy ground at Kelso always means he will be up against it but he does like the heavy at least.

Sat 5/11/’15

Well Alan WAS wrong – but we didn’t have the 6 timer ! Scion went down very unluckily (didn’t see race but reported had stumbled / been clipped when going to go clear). Of the other dogs Mandy did break well but just wasn’t good enough on the night and came 3rd. However, a nice surprise (although not for others as she was fav !) was



Nice to have a winner even if not backed as she hasn’t been breaking the best of late.

DOGDO3cpLast night’s Christmas Do at Sunderland dogs was a full house affair – unfortunately only the 1 kennel winner ( ELDOGDO7cp CLASICO owned by Gordon Walker who was to say the least ‘a true racing character’ on our table !) A VERY good time had by all. Becky sponsored the Trophy Open race ( won by Poolie Andy (1) trained by Peter Wood) and panther sponsored the Trophy won by Deerpark Youngin (4) trained by Graham Strike – who was telling Alan that the dog would stay all day and night getting rubbed on the podium ! All monies raised were to the greyhound welfare which Lewis, Yvonne’s grandson does a lot of money raising for. As I don’t have a gallery page any longer since Alan ”made amendments ” to the site here are a few below. Thankfully DOGDO5cpthere was an official photographer present as Alan’s not exactly perfect who relies on taking lots of pics in the hope one turns out. With flash on, the camera only allows single shots ! Still,DOGDO4cp pictured are Yvonne, Becky, myself, Lucy (H) and Lucy (E) – not sure where Gordon had got himself when this was taken as I’m sure he would have been in !

The action continues on for tonight, with 3 dogs at Perry Barr – Star, Kite and Shani plus Rum and Destiny at Yarmouth. Another winner would be nice, plus we have DEP RESOLVE out tomorrow at Kelso.


Frid 4/11/’15

Lots of runners this weekend. Showtime Star attempts to make it a debut win at Wolverhampton tonight on the quicker Tapeta surface. Then follows the dogs Scion and Pumpkin at Towcester, Maso and Heaven at Yarmouth and Mandy at Sunderland. The latter meeting as mentioned yesterday is Yvonne’s kennel Christmas Do for owners and staff and promises to be a ‘jovial’ affair. Horse trainers for the new QUEST SYNDICATE Lucy Egerton and Becky Menzies plus jockeys Lucy Horner and Tony Kelly who are all keen on the dogs will also be there. Love to say the accas are on and riches just around the corner but Alan hasn’t and has marked only Scion 5/2 as the best bet of all Panther’s horses and dogs today. Hope he is wrong and we have a 6 timer !

Thurs 3/12/’15

Busy times coming up with the dogs. 2 from Jim’s out tomorrow at Yarmouth, 2 at the Intertracks at Towcester, 2 out at Yarm Sat and Quest Syndicate dog Alberta trialling in at Harlow Sat for Christmas St Leger. Jayne will possibly also have runners while Yvonne has Mandy out for Panther tomorrow on her Christmas owners night and we look forward to meeting up with all going. Becky (Rebecca Menzies) has sponsored an Open race on the card @ 19.54 and Panther sponsors the 22.03 race. Ana was last today with problems in running as predicted by Alan who advised owners with a no bet even though she was a clear fav.

Tomorrow also sees Star try Wolverhampton’s Tapeta surface for the first time.

Tues 1/12/’15


I knew I was popular and look forward to meeting my new owners. Apparently there are no more 10% purchase shares available in me but if you would like a TOMAINshare at 10% in Yvonne’s kennels there are a couple remaining in my (hopefully) new friend LEEVIEW MANDY – better not be too familiar and call her Mandy just yet. Been told she is a tough young bitch presently running in A2 grade. Think I’ve got a lot to live up to in these kennels. One of my new owners is Champion Lady Amateur Jockey LUCY HORNER, who is pictured riding Aintree winner Tom’s Toybox for Panther. Even more to live up to !

Don’t worry if you can’t buy a share in me though as you can still get involved in my ownership via THE QUEST SYNDICATE – opening offer still standing at £165 ALL IN.

We have been running several dogs of late and although getting second places, there have been no winners since DESTINY won a week ago yesterday. Today saw THE QUEST greyhound SHENDUS STAR  come 2nd as she continues to improve having had a bug. However, it was



I have used a pic of his sire HOMETOWN BOY (courtesy of Greyhound Data), as the pic we have of Mac certainly doesn’t do himself justice. Awaiting new pics of Shendus Star as well from Jayne. Must admit Jayne is worse than Alan at pics ! Anyhow pic or no pic, it was great to see the oldest dog we have at 4y 8 mths win going away in a sprint today after having been very ill over the Summer. Loves his racing.


Sun 29/11/’15



Posh name for a posh dog is what I say – although Anne kept calling me Jimmy ! Well I arrived at my new home atJIM291115dcp Yvonne’s on Thursday and have been called lots of nice things already. Everyone thinks I am bonny and friendly and the two bitches next door can’t get enough of me, keep jumping up and down to peak over the dividing wall. One of them won last night so I must be in good company. Also can’t wait to meet up for Sunday walks with Ana & Mandy. Everything new to me but settling in well and was very friendly to new friends Anne & Alan today who are looking for new owners for me. I’m a June ’14 pup and weigh 33.5 k already and won all 3 of my trials in Ireland. So if you’re lucky,

                           It could be you !

Full details posted on own page.

To take up a 10% share or join the Quest syndicate, please get in touch on 07775 743 885 or email

DAN281115cpOur first runner with Lucy (Egerton) ODDS ON DAN ran at Newcastle yesterday. Had been thought he would get away with the conditions and by waiting with would be able to pick horses off as they fell back. It didn’t happen until he started to stay on much too late. Still, had a blow, finished sound and Lucy looking for a quickish return to the track for him. Good day out at the Fighting Fifth meeting and after her two runners (Safari hated the ground) it was off to Wolverhampton for Lucy who had a runner there. It looked as if the long trip was going to pay off, until Sparky lost the lead just near the line to come 3rd. It’s a long way to Wolverhampton – and even further back at that time of night after a long day taking in Newcastle as well. Lucy put a lot of effort into meeting members of The Quest syndicate and hopefully there will be many more days at the races to come. For £165 for 3 horses and 3 dogs it has to be worth it !

On the betting front, not a good night yesterday when Alan couldn’t see Alberta getting beat for the second time in a week for the Quest Syndicate. It was not to be ! Thankfully she won at 11/2 last time so still plenty of profit there but she was beaten into 3rd by kennel mate Barefoot Beauty (a very astute purchase) who has done extremely well, rising throughout the grades to now winning A1 event. However, might be more to it than meets the eye, as 10 races won by traps 5 or 6 (inc Beauty), 1 race by 4 and 1 race by 2. Track Bias again in the bad weather ?? Maybe good reasonJIM291115bcp Alberta lost.  Just a last word from Jimmy, ” look forward to meeting new owners shortly at kennels or races ”. Now its time for a Sunday kip.

Frid 27/11/’15

BRIT261115cpBrit, who looked great in coat on his quick (2 day) return to the track broke quick enough but was unable to maintain a place up the front from the 1 stall and consequently was facing lots of sand. PJ took him sideways across the track to the outside to get out of it but by doing so he was in last place. He made up ground in the home straight and then when no chance, wasn’t given a hard time – had a hard enough time with all the kick back in any case. Non the worse for his very quick return to the track and he must be dropped a couple of pounds. Mandy lost all chance when trapping slow but did run on. Busy times coming up this weekend with the dogs and Christmas get together at Yarmouth. We wont be there with Newcastle on the agenda and Odds On Dan making his debut for Panther. He is also our first runner with Lucy.

Thurs 26/11/’15

Ana ran an excellent race to be 2nd at Sunderland last night but everything panned out as Alan predicted. Lots of plans for the dogs and Mandy also out today. Brit back out on a quick return to Southwell. New dog LETSGO JAMES expected in the country today. Working on a new website as well as trying to get this one updated. All go ! JOIN IN THE FUN WITH FULL RACE PREDICTIONS.



Get in touch

Wed 25/11/’15

Getting days all mixed up now. No sleep / no brains. In fact no winners yesterday either ! New dog arriving Thursday not today. Brit ran a nice race yesterday but was unable to peg back the front two and wasn’t hard knocked about when any chance had gone. However, he did land the e.w. odds suggested. Was 12/1 early doors then down the prices to finish 7/1 sp. Not a bad start to the Quest Syndicate with first two recommended bets being Alberta 11/2 and now Brit. Shendus Star made her debut for the Quest syndicate when 2nd at 5/2 – but recommended NOT to be backed. 3 correct results from 3 so far ! Brit could go again tomorrow at Southwell and if ok today he will. Doc on the other hand came in for heavy market support when the recommended 10’s on the night previous (although Alan had hoped to have got a little bit more – didn’t !) fell on the day to 7/2 fav. Doc ran a solid enough race but he never quickened and came 4th. He could possibly turn out again quickly over hurdles at Carlisle. He is a horse both Alan’s like very much but he is under achieving the potential they both believe he has. However, he is still only a very young horse who is growing / developing and has such a lot of scope. Can’t wait for chasing !

Tues 24/11/’15



Destiny continues to run well when winning again last night. He is a big dog at 36k and one of Alan’s favourites (definitely shouldn’t have favourites !) as Des is always ‘waggy tailed’ before and generally after a race. A friendly dog who loves life. Just imagine if Des was retired. Alan not exactly small and a massive greyhound sharing a settee and me on the pet mattress on the floor. No way ! Remember only too well my position in the household (for 12 years) when we had a massive – very massive ! – one man German Shepherd and not exactly friendly with anyone else when Alan around.

On the horse front, UNCLE BRIT makes his debut for THE QUEST SYNDICATE and DEEP RESOLVE goes to Southwell today. Owners and members of their respective groups informed of chances. On the dog front of late its been a case of ”Who let the dogs out” as they are running left right and centre and another 3 are unleashed today. Trying to get website updated with details of greyhounds not yet on and of the new pup arriving from Ireland tomorrow. He is going into the Quest syndicate but 5 x 10% shares have been made available for purchase also. 3 now remain with one reserved by Lucy Horner and the other being held by Yvonne. Interested ? you’ll need to be sharp ! Give a ring on 07775 743 885 to reserve.



News on the new dog tomorrow and last Sunday’s visit to Yvonne’s. One of those times when more than 24 hours a day required.

Mon 23/11/’15


Message received from Jim 2 mins after ALBERTA won 9.15 last night at Henlow.



11/2 ADVISED   9/2 SP

Alberta now to be aimed for Christmas St Leger. News on a new dog hopefully arriving from Ireland Thursday. Brit and Doc both runners tomorrow Southwell. Dan bypasses Sedg due to ground and redirects to Newcastle Sat. Be there as an owner when you join the QUEST SYNDICATE

Sun 22/11/’15



Ganya won last night but unfortunately no time to have her details posted on site previous.

It’s very much all go at present and Alberta (in The Quest syndicate) and Rum both running on RPGTV and SKY live tonight as well as bookies / live streaming. Both dogs beaten a short head in latest races.

Decisions to be made later this morning re the running of Brit and Doc at Southwell on Tuesday.

Frid 20/11/’15



Please email me with your name address & mobile no. (incase of needing to text) if you would like to join. Runners expected early next week. Be involved from day one and you can also apply for owners badges for next week’s runners.


COST £165 ALL IN JUNE 2016

Any questions / apply for membership, just email

Thurs 19/11/’15 – Later



Once again have to say Alan right – ok on this occasion very right ! This was his quote to Ana’s owners last night about Ana’s chances today.  ”If she traps as she can, she should clear all dogs and get the lead on the bend and then it should be a case of hopefully staying on as opposed to hanging on this time as the 2 dog can stay on strong from generally a slow start. I really can’t see Ana getting beat tomorrow even now upped in grade to A4.” – Even gave the forecast !   7/2 sp  /  15.70 forecast.

Sorry no shares remain in Ana but more shares are on the way in a new dog being sourced by Yvonne. Don’t miss out, Ana cost only £100 inclusive of all group formation costs for a 10% share. Ana (not forgetting Mandy who has done extremely well for Panther also) is a nice bitch and both very well sourced by Yvonne.

Dogs and horses expected out next week and new horses / dogs syndicate unveiled tomorrow. Sounds posh doesn’t it – unveiled !

Thurs 19/11/’15


It has taken longer than expected to be up and running and we are expecting entries / runners next week ! Its been a tight schedule but the pieces of the jigsaw are coming together. There are 3 trainers of 3 horses and 3 trainers of 3 dogs and the cost is set at a one off payment of

ONLY £165 

Everyone can afford to come racing with Panther or watch the action from the comfort of your own home / bookies.

For now its off to Sunderland again and the 11.03 !

Wed 18/11/’15


It was a very good run yesterday as Showtime Star just went down on the line. He is a horse who gets 6f very well and lack of a recent outing just meant he was lacking the race fitness required. It was thought likely to be the case previous to the race and so it proved but it was a good pot to aim for. He will be out again shortly. Thought suited to both Lingfield and Southwell better than other AW tracks but have to go where right races are.

Shendus ran as expected but not by others who helped his price in from 4’s to 11/4.

More dog runners today and more horse entries expected.

Tues 17/11/’15

2 Stars out today – Showtime Ling and Shendus Perry Barr. Former highest in ratings it has been and needs to continue improvement. Hope can dominate out of this ideal stall. Nice pot so worth trying for but price probably realistic of chances. Shendus dropping in grade but is a dog ear-marked for the new syndicate soon to be formed and should be ideal dog when she starts to run for it when everything set up.

Updates on dog page.

Mon 16/11/’15

4 dogs out today, hoping for the best. A winner would be nice, a yankee would be nicer still ! 4 dogs returning sound better than anything. More news on updates page.

Star out at Lingfield tomorrow

Target races all chosen for Doc, Dancer, Sam, Brit & Dan. It’s all go as I’m trying to get site pages updated as well as working on the proposed new group. Ideally looking for log in section for members on the site. I’m sure it will all come together. Sometime !

Sun 15/11/’15 – LATER !

Further news from last night, race report sent separate to owners of Ana but it was great to see her get her head in front. The betting was ‘framed’ by bookmakers present to 5/4,   5/4,   6/4,  6/4,  6/4. Work that out but it was apparently due to there being a dispute which I believe had been impacted on by the previous race and betting. Hence Ana went off 6/4 and not a realistic 3 or 4/1. Interesting to see what the fall out of this is. Still Ana none the wiser and she is glowing in her new celebrity role as Rocketdog since being ”twittered” around the community by chuffed owner Becky !

RAYCOL2cpToday’s stable visit took place at Alan’s and there were barn after barn of horses, some ready to run now and others????????????????????????????????????

2 y. olds that had just come in to be trained up to be Spring 3 y. olds. The horses looked very well and full of shine to their coats. Among visitors was Lucy (Horner), former champion lady amateur jockey whom Panther had a lot of success with some very nice horses. Lucy, intending having a good day, ended up being conscripted by Alan S. to ride out 5 lots a day on days she had free and also knowing nothing about greyhounds was signed up to purchasing a share in a new dog to come into Yvonne’s kennel. Probably wont be rushing back DANCER151115cpto another of our stable visits ! Also at the visit, Ray & Colin two ‘dog men’ who got into the swing of the visit taking the opportunity to be pictured with our own DEEP RESOLVE & PHANTOM DANCER – albeit a bit gingerly with Deep Resolve pawing the ground in search of an unwary foot !

Both our horses looked in peak form (Doc pictured above, Dancer below) and will be on the tracks in the very near future – rain permitting.

Plans for ODDS ON DAN with Lucy E. include Sedgefield and Newcastle and BRIT (Becky) at Southwell. STAR (Gay) already has entries. Work with the new syndicate continues to progress and full details soon. Dogs continue to race regular and Alberta is out again tonight.

The draw for £25 free bets this month took place at Southwell and were chosen by Becky out of the hat. Winners were Lawrence for the Horse ‘n Hound Group 1 and Sarah for the Horse ‘n Hound Group 2. Congrats !






Sun 15/11/’15 – EARLY !



Destiny continued his comeback from injury when destroying the field in the last at Yarmouth last night. Great to see him in such form.

Sat 14/11/’15 – LATE !


ANNA 1head cp

Not much time to tell you the story of my first victory as it’s getting a bit late and I’m heading back to the kennels. More time tomorrow after dry off, grub and a kip ! You might have been surprised at my price but look at all the dogs prices ! Story behind that one me thinks !

The stable visit at Alan’s goes ahead as planned tomorrow and update later on tomorrow.




Frid 13/11/’15


BRIT121115This was a very nice run by Brit and a good ride by Danielle. Brit outpaced but Danielle kept pushing away in a hands & heels race and from being last and outpaced from a bad draw, Brit fairly flew at the finish to be 4th. He is a very nice looking horse but the blanket didn’t hide the tummy !


It will take the format of a syndicate involving horse trainers BECKY, LUCY & GAY plus greyhound trainers YVONNE, JAYNE & JIM. I’m hoping it will start from Dec 1st if I can get everything organised in time but we are expecting to have horses / dogs running before then and anyone joining will be welcome to come along for their races also. Trying to get a log in section on the website for members of the new syndicate, as it will be impossible to keep emailing out info. as so much will be happening. Another option would have to be a new website just for that group depending upon cost. Also getting dragged into the next century with use of Twitter – and probably a little (lot) of help from Becky ! I believe the mix of trainers will be ideal in order to provide racetrack action as well as a ‘fun’ approach. As soon as more details available, they will be posted.

Thurs 12/11/’15



Mandy won an A2 last night (3/1)  in good style, leading from the off and staying on strong by 2.25 lengths. Great to see her progress through the grades. There is still a share available in Mandy – what are you waiting for ! 10% £125 – see dog pages for full details.

Back to the horses today with UNCLE BRIT and Southwell on the agenda. As all readers will know, Brit is known as ‘The Tank’ and with good cause, as he hoovers up anything available and carries plenty of ‘condition’ ! Consequently I think he will improve for this run as he hasn’t raced for a while as ground and right race conspired against us.

Better point out that all places on the Sunderland Christmas Do have been sold out as several have lately tried to book. Moral of the story is …. ! Which reminds me, last chance to book on Alan’s stable visit is 6pm today. Due to H&S factors, we cannot allow entry to anyone just turning up on the day.

Lots of dogs due to run these next few days but Ana off card today in favour of run on Sat.

Wed 11/11/’15


New trainer / horse for Panther


Full details on both horse and trainer on their own individual pages. Also details on the ”GROUPS” pages of THE REASSURINGLY RACY CLUB which is run by Lucy. Horse SAFARI JOURNEY (details on his own horse page) is part of that club.

Lucy will be ideal for members of Panther’s new group to start soon as she has only received her full licence this Summer and is very keen and ‘syndicate friendly’. Based in the training complex of MALTON she has use of all the local gallops and facilities.

We are to start up very shortly a new racing syndicate to involve horses and greyhounds and DAN will be part of that new group. Still working on details presently regarding which horses / dogs will be involved but a new dog to be trained by Yvonne is presently being sourced in Ireland. I will post details of the new group just as soon as possible as we will be racing with horses and dogs this month. EXCITING TIMES AHEAD !!


Sorry but due to H&S factors, NO entry on day without a booking.

Mon 9/11/’15



As normal, needing more than 24 hours in a day once again !

Sat 7/11/’15

Just back from meeting a new trainer today whom we will have a new horse with to run under Panther. Details will be posted shortly as have to do quick turn-around to go to Sunderland dogs.

Sat 7/11/’15


Sam (pictured yesterday) looked the part at Hexham but was another from the yard to run disappointing. Showtime Star and Brit both hold entries at Southwell on Thursday.

No greyhound winners winners so far this month – getting withdrawl symptoms ! Hopefully wont be too long with runners at Yarmouth and then inter track championships again coming up.

Frid 6/11/’15

Ana ran another improved race and a win wont (hopefully !) be far away. Today sees SAM make his debut for Panther at Hexham. Hoping for a good run on his seasonal debut and any rain / softening of ground will help the cause. 8’s last night now best 7’s.


Tues 3/11/’15

Off to Sunderland to watch Ana race in 14.37. She missed the break when stumbling out of the traps last week but she previously had a sectional time faster than any other dog on the card including the A1’s in her previous race. Ana is still very inexperienced and improvement will come as she races. There are a couple of places remaining on the Yvonne Bell’s Christmas Do – Frid 4th Dec – at Sunderland Greyhound Stadium if anyone is interested. Cost is £10 which includes entry and a 3 course dinner in the restaurant with reserved seating for the meeting. Panther has sponsored a race on the card and so has Rebecca Menzies who is coming along with Tony Kelly after racing at Sedgefield. All proceeds will be going to the greyhound welfare trust. Just get in touch regarding places as this event will definitely sell out. 07775 743 885

Mon 2/11/’15




Places are limited on all these visits but we do have some places remaining for this one. All people in Panther have been invited but If you aren’t involved in Panther and would still like to come along, you are more than welcome to do so. As I said, places are limited and early booking is certainly recommended as once the limit is reached then no places will be available. Alan S. always puts on a very interesting visit and has plenty of news and views which he shares to all. If you have been on a visit previous you will know what I mean, if you haven’t it is well worth coming along. It is a big yard with many horses. If you would like to come, please get in  touch on 07775 743 885 or email

All I can say regarding yesterday’s news – Jumping wasn’t fluent. Not exactly the race anticipated !

13 greyhound winners last month was way beyond expectations and it’s a figure I cannot envisage being anywhere near to being beaten this month – but you never know ! Runners this week.

Brit missed the cut by 2 for tomorrows race and Samson entered Hexham (one of his favoured tracks) but ground not looking as if its going to be ideal.

Sun 1/11/’15

The horse – Down The Line – 5’s steady Alan  just hoping might get bit more if support for others which is likely. Decent bumper form, unsold at sales but one Alan (husband) didn’t think would have speed for turf. Today, has his trip ground and track. Just needs to jump fluently to have strong claims.

Sat 31/10/’15


WHO MAKES IT 13 FOR THE MONTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scion coasted to an impressive and predicted third win on the bounce last night in the inter track championships. She is the full sister to the top class Droopys Buick and she is now starting to come to herself. She came from Ireland with impressive credentials and was earmarked for the puppy Oaks but she has taken a while to settle in. Touchwood, the future looks good and she could prove to be a top class bitch as she is still only 2 years of age on her birthday tomorrow. Many Happy Returns !

2 more dog chances to increase winners total for the month. Dog news on updates page.

Hoping to run Brit and Samson this week and Dancer and Doc wont be far behind from Alan S. ‘s yard. Looking at other changes to bloodstock in the near future.

Don’t look in tomorrow if you don’t want to see what Alan will have backed tomorrow ! Albeit price dependent.

Frid 30/10/’15

asun291015cpEnjoyed the ‘Busman’s’ yesterday. She certainly looked the part but the race obviously didn’t go as expected, although she will be out again shortly.

The dogs take over again today with Rum, Scion & Pumpkin out at Peterborough tonight in the Championship races.

Wed – a bit later

Just to fill you in with news on the surprise runner. It is ASUNCION trained by Rebecca and runs in the 1.30 at Sedgefield tomorrow – a race involving Fly Home Harry for those who remember our involvement in him. Asuncion is owned by EPDS Racing Partnerships and managed by Ellie and John. Whilst at the stables for Rebecca’s owners day, we were talking to John and Ellie and were sat next to them for the BBQ. There was an auction for Jack Berry’s charity and John had put a share in Asuncion up as a lot and yes you have no doubt guessed the rest of the story ! Alan successfully bid for our ‘Busman’s’ interest in Asuncion and this is her first race with our small involvement. All I can say is that we have been made very welcome by John & Ellie in EPDS partnerships and invited us over recent weeks to all of their own stable visits. There are I believe shares available in Asuncion and I know Becky is optimistic about the horse over the coming Winter months. Tell you more about our ‘Busman’s tomorrow evening.

Wed 28/10/’15


FOR OCT. SO FAR !!!!!!!!!!!!


Upped to an A3 yesterday, Mandy again made the race hers from the traps opening. She led from start to finish and has now raced 4 times in 20 days, winning 3 and 2nd beaten a head in her other. Her times show she is improving with every race and she has been a real money spinner for owners who have followed her improvement.


AND this includes all group formation / advertising costs


DOC271015cpDoc returned none the worse from Catterick yesterday (where he had looked in tip top shape) but the several negatives did indeed prove to be too much for him. He is a very nice horse but the likelihood is he will now revert to the N. Hunt game. Really needs the soft / heavy ground to be effective, something we never got on the turf unfortunately – although he did win !


Tues 27/10/’15

Doc runs at Catterick today but there are several negs to overcome. Hopefully he does !

Sun 25/10/’15

The Leger dream burst with the traps opening as Alberta fell out and never recovered. However,  doubt if a fast break would have seen her challenge in anycase although a better position would have helped for that 3rd qualifying spot. Not to be this year but she remains a top class dog and will be aimed for distance competitions at a variety of tracks.

Too early regarding definite news on decs for Tues. at Catterick.

Dog runners on updates page.

Sat 24/10/’15

Weather looking nice for Star and Doc on Tues at Catterick ! Hope forecasts are right.

50% Mandy now been sold. Get in touch if you are interested in a share in this very progressive dog at Sunderland.

Plans for Brit and Samson now finalised and races earmarked 7 / 10 days.

The ST. LEGER DREAM starts today with Alberta ! She is fast improving but this is a big ask. In fact 100/1 (could get bigger) big ask ! Still, main aim is to qualify through tonight’s first round. Never know, she is young for this competition but improving and deserves to take a seat at the top table this year and next year with another year’s experience on her back who knows ?

More dog news on updates page.

Frid 23/10/’15




ANNE 07775 743 885 OR

Thurs 22/10/’15

MANDY MAKES IT 11 !!!!!!!!!!!


Both Ana & Mandy (Mandy nearside, Ana farside) ran today at Sunderland. Owners in Ana advised better to wait for a bet. She broke very fast to take the lead at the first bend but then tied up on the run in as expected. She is a very nice pup who will be progressive. No shares remain in Ana. Mandy also broke very fast and held her lead all the way to win very convincingly. She is a very progressive dog WANTING OWNERS !





Tues 20/10/’15



Pumpkin continued her progress by winning again last night (3/1 backed and recommended). She is thriving at present as indeed is the kennel in general.

Shendus Star was 2nd today and other runners this week.

Deep Resolve fine after the other day and with the weather forecast to be unsettled, its possible we will have runners before the end of the month regarding horses.


Sun 18/10/’15



Rum stayed on winning ways last night to win over the 6 bends following his 4 bend win only a few days ago. He was well backed ending at evens (some reporting DOC171015cpgetting 9/4) which at least covered losses on Doc who just never got away with the pace yesterday, being all out most of the way. Doc looked immaculate yesterday and a confident Alan (husband) was quoted as saying ”Can’t see him out of the first three and good price with odds of 10/1”. Came 4th ! Doc is a very nice horse but we haven’t seen him reach anywhere near his potential. Only 4 and a winner of 4, he hasn’t exactly done poor but there is an awful lot more to come especially in the N. Hunt sphere (already won 2 hurdles) and has the scope for chasing. A decision will be made on his next objective with several options available.

Sat 17/10/’15

Deep Resolve runs today at Catterick in 4.00 and although usual +ve’s & -ve’s it would be nice to see him bounce back to winning ways. Plenty on plate I suspect but 10/1 odds offer ew value. Full details have been given to all owners. EW odds landed Redcar yesterday with Virnon (even drifted 11’s before coming back in).

Frid 16/10/’15


Up in grade, Mandy ran an improved race again to just go down by a head as she came strong at the finish. Ran a bit wide which cost her but she is learning and improving nicely. Went down to her kennel mate ! Yard after line had the win.

Today at Redcar, Virnon is Alan’s choice from the card but the 9’s have now gone. Deep Resolve had been in this race but goes to Catterick tomorrow for a bit less distance. More dogs racing tonight and more news later on dog updates page.

ALAN WAS RIGHT ! – OK had to say it again but his assessment of Star’s race yesterday proved spot on and he was never in the race.

Thurs 15/10/’15



Rum is a notoriously slow breaker and it was no different last night as he came out last and having a lot to do flew in the home straight to snatch a victory on the line. He really would be a serious dog if he knew the art of trapping. Still, isn’t too bad in any case !

Star – the horse – runs today at Brighton and whilst he is doing well and is well handicapped on turf as opposed to the AW, Alan’s big fear is that the trip is less than ideal. Has dropped in price overnight with several firms but still prices vary from 7’s to 11’s. Hopefully Alan is wrong. Doc bypassed Redcar tomorrow but holds entry at Catterick on Sat at present.

Several dogs have races planned next few days and news on dog updates page.

Tues 13/10/’15

SCION MAKES IT 7 !!!!!!!


DROOPYS SCION stayed on strong to take the lead at the line and add to her own and Panther’s tally of wins. It has been all about the dogs of late with the weather holding up proceedings but things could soon be about to change with Star and Doc both possible runners this week. Details shortlywhen decisions have been made.


2 x 25% share available in LEEVIEW MANDY – YVONNE BELL – SUNDERLAND

10% shares available in RABBITS ROVER – JAYNE MEEK PERRY – BARR


1 x 12.5 % share available SAMSON COLLONGES – REBECCA MENZIES – YORK

JUST GET IN TOUCH 07775 743 885 / for more details

Sun 11/10/’15


RABBITS ROVER a nice young dog got off the mark last night. He is improving nicely and should continue improving as he races.




Another short head second but a very nice run and staying on strong

While we are (touchwood) having a good time of late with the dogs, the weather is stopping us having runners on the horse front. However, Showtime Star and Deep Resolve both hold entries this week – Doc in at Wetherby and Redcar in the hope of finding some suitable ground. Brit is desperate for a run as he is very ‘boisterous’ at home. He eats as much as he sees and piles weight on and he is much better when running very regular. However, he is also another who needs the rain. Also wanting soft / heavy is Samson who is stripped much lighter than he was at this time last year and it will be interesting to see him make his Panther debut.

Sat 10/10/’15


SHENDUS STAR just didn’t quite get there last night and went down by a short head. Still a great run. News on tonight’s runers on updates page. Still very little rain in forecast and so our horses remain on gallops ! Wetherby’s first meeting kicks off on Wed and it is a meeting we have always thought of as heralding ‘the start’ of the N. Hunt season. Soon followed by the Charlie Hall meeting itself.

Thurs  – A BIT LATER !



Just back from Sunderland where LEEVIEW MANDY (Mandy to friends) made her Sunderland debut and Panther’s debut when WINNING nicely – albeit by a neck. She is only coming out of season and hopefully more improvement will be coming as she races. She broke from the trap 6 well enough except just missed it very slightly but was in control at the first bend where she showed plenty of courage. At one point it looked down the back she would get passed but then pulled out more and the same happened again in the home straight but she stayed on well.This was a brilliant first run for us and the first run for a Panther dog with Yvonne who was very happy at the result.

Thurs 8/10/’15



Last night Scion ran as predicted (won 3/1) to members in the Horse ‘n Hound Group which involved Rum in the same race. Pumpkin also in the same race qualified for the Bags Championships. This win now makes it 5 wins in a week ! Love to keep this sort of run going but after so long in racing just know that there is always something ready to bite you on the a**e. Other good news is that Maso, although suffering a sprain to a wrist in his last race, only needs one month of rest. Cavalli was to have his pot removed and has also been castrated ( maybe not such good news for him !) as he prepares for a new life and home away from racing. Dog welfare is a major issue with greyhounds and the Yarmouth rehoming process, plus the fact that they cover dogs on their card for all operation costs if injured at the track, is a big way forward. Congrats to the track and management for such an enterprising scheme.

Today sees Mandy make her Sunderland and Panther’s debut live on the bags at 11.34 She is just coming out of season (was meant to have been suppressed before leaving from Ireland but afterwards the seller admitted it was the first time he had performed the task – needs more practice !). Coming out of season, it will be nice to see her improve as she races in these next few weeks.

Plenty also going on behind the scenes re-horses and I am looking at making more changes shortly. In and out. We have had a very good time of things with plenty of winners from the group of horses we had but need to make changes in order to progress. Dancer has needed more time than expected since she replaced John Dory who was destroyed on track on only his second run for us having been a very promising 4th on his Panther debut. However, she is coming along well and is held in high regard by Alan S. Just can’t rush a good young horse – or any horse come to that. Deep Resolve always seems to run either very well or disappointing but he has won 4 from only 14 races and is only 4 years of age. Just possibly needs a bit more time between races as he is still only young. Also looking forward to seeing Samson Collonges (Rebecca Menzies) run for Panther’s Horse ‘n Hound Group 2. GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR ANYONE TO BECOME INVOLVED IN THIS VERY MUCH UPWARDLY MOBILE DUAL PURPOSE YARD. £385 ALL IN COST UNTIL MAY 1ST – JUST GET IN TOUCH. 07775 743 885. The hound involvement comes via Snowie who has done members proud with 2 wins from 2 runs to date 7/4 & 7/1

Tues 6/10/’15


KITE 1crop

SNOWIE is doing brilliant of late and seems to be improving all the time. Yesterday saw her win at Monmore in a BAGS championship race making it 11 wins from 36 races and 4 from 6 since Panther became involved. Members of the Horse & Hound Group 2 (which Snowie is part of along with Samson Collonges with Becky) were advised to back and she WON @ 7/1. There are still 2 places available in this Group – just get in touch.


ALBERTAWe had 5 runners at Yarmouth on Sat night and to have 2 winners was a sound result. Alan never backed as there PUMP150615cpwere too many negs. Maso was a bit sore after his race and Rum was disappointing but had missed 3 weeks since his last race and possibly fitness edge. More runners coming up this week and news on the dog updates page.

ALBERTA ran a cracking race and time and is a serious contender for 6 bend (plus?) races for the future. She set the highest time of the year on Sat and some big races beckon for her. She is still a very young dog with a massive future . Just need to keep in one piece.

Have just got home after a busy few days which has taken in an invitation from John and Ellie from EPDS Racing to go on their stable visit to Becky’s. More about that shortly when a bit more time – it involves a new horse but not for Panther.

Went to the greyhound auctions at Pelaw yesterday and was unable to go to Monmore (loved to have gone there) to watch Snowie. This time Alan kept his hands down – didn’t when he bid for a horse with EPDS Racing ! Will tell that story later this week !

On the horse front, Sleepy ran as Alan had feared possible – although it should be competitive in these sort of races. However, a combination of negatives were just too much. Important thing is that Sleepy is fine after the race.

Brit wasn’t declared for Ayr on Thursday as firmness still in ground today and no appreciable rain in forecast to make a lot of difference. More races will be looked for, likewise Deep Resolve.

Sun 4/10/’15


Full news Tues. Plus news on Sleep In First who runs today (certainly has claims in a race like this but negs also !) Snowie goes up in class at Monmore tomorrow.

Round up on all news Tues inc. runners this week. Good luck to Tony (Kelly) who has one of the most difficult rides in training today – albeit solid fav. for Becky.

Thurs 1/10/’15




Having won only once in 20 races, Alan decided this was the next dog for Panther ! Now have to admit and say HE WAS RIGHT (in capitals) ! (Hate having to do that – no more silly bets like that). HEAVEN won on her debut for Panther and won really well from the onset to the finish where she was running on well and still going away. It was also her first run at this track and one that Alan believed would suit her well. It did and Alan backed his own judgement.

The weather is very nice but not what our horses are wanting at present, as pretty much to a fault, they all want cut and in most cases plenty. Consequently they are either not being entered for races or bypassing those that have been entered for. We still have a share in Sleep In First and he holds an entry at Kelso on Sunday and this ground is what he wants.

Busy day coming up on Saturday for the dogs at Jim’s and more news on Dog Updates page.

Tues 29/9/’15

More entries going in for horses and dogs. Ana did a nice first trial for her new group of owners and will trial again shortly. All shares in Ana were sold  but still places for 2 in the latest Horse & Hound group. Greyhound auctions take place at Pelaw next Mon.

Sat 26/9/’15


Disappointing run by Doc but he is fine and without problem. Could be stepped up in trip or go N.Hunt route. Really want soft / heavy. Doc looked the part but not the expected comeback ride Kieren would have wanted. Dog info on Updates page.


Please get in touch on 07775 743 885

Thurs 24/9/’15

Deep Resolve should have decent claims tomorrow in what is now a split race. Fingers crossed he does the same as last time here – without the added tension of the photo !

Wed 23/9/’15


SNOWIE stormed home yesterday to win by 3.25 lengths, staying on strong. She is an exciting bitch to be involved with and has now won 3 from 5 since Panther became involved and 10 from 35 in total. Not bad stats ! A great advert for Jayne’s training. ”Easiest and fastest money I’ve won for a while” was Alan’s quote ! Its not all about money but it does add to the excitement for owners and hopefully there is plenty more to come from the horse and greyhound groups in Panther over the coming months. Don’t forget, SNOWIE forms part of a double act in the new Horse ‘n Hound Group 2 for which there are limited memberships and details are on the groups own page under the main GROUP heading on this site.

I believe we have an exciting group of horses and greyhounds at present within Panther (plus the trainers also have % shares available in their own horses &  dogs) but I am also always happy to increase numbers when the right opportunity presents. A winner is a winner regardless of what grade of race, whether it be horses or dogs and winners are what owners want. As you may be new to reading this Blog from new advertising, it must also be pointed out that injuries and problems are also part and parcel of the equation and cannot be avoided. However, what I can promise is a roller coaster experience of emotions by becoming involved in one of the groups, horses or dogs available within Panther. What I also promise is a commitment to providing owners with a genuine service and at a cost for most pockets.

DEEP RESOLVE goes to Haydock Frid.

Hopefully he does the same as he did last time here !

Tues 22/9/’15




Samson is coming along in his work but he wants soft ground while Kite (Snowie) will be running now. In fact he runs today and news on updates page.


£385 ALL IN UNTIL MAY 1ST 2016

If you are interested, I will have a brochure available via a pdf file and for a copy, please just email

Places in the group will be limited

Meanwhile it is UNCLE BRIT who runs today at Beverley and whilst on form he would have every chance, the ground is a big worry. He has won on good previous but it is thought he is a lot better horse on soft / heavy ground. Under the circumstances, happy to see him handle the track and wide berth today and come home in one piece !

Decision made on DEEP RESOLVE tomorrow as to where he heads – Perth or Haydock.

Sun 20/9/’15



Everything clicked yesterday for Maso (left) and Pumpkin and they seem to now be taking to the Yarmouth track. Pumpkin previously pictured in the red jacket is now running out of the wide berths which seem to suit. More PUMP150615cprunners this week at Nottingham and Perry Barr. Details on Dog Updates site.

On the horse front, Star was eliminated from the Bronze Cup at Ayr and new racing plans will now be made. Sleep In First has a slight infection and will bypass Perth this week. Deep Resolve had to miss Kelso due to the ground and Brit also misses tomorrow due to the ground. Bev also looking unlikely. Both ideally handle heavy but both ready to race. Deep Resolve in at Perth Thurs. Other horses all coming along without problem.



Thurs 17/9/’15



Not into his coat as yet but coming to hand all the time now, RABBITS ROVER with Jayne should start to improve on track also and (touchwood !) will be a dog to follow over the next few weeks. 10% shares are available and his own page will be updated shortly.

Two nice runs from Alberta and Scion last night on Sky and more details on Dog Update page.

Still needing rain ! Next rain dance for Brit at Hamilton as looking unlikely Star will get the cut for the Bronze at Ayr – although as I write (11.00) confirmed decs not yet up.

Wed 16/9/’15

Had really been hoping the ground would be ok for Doc (Deep Resolve) at Kelso, as we had thought he would have a good chance of a nice prize money race. It wasn’t to be and so he was withdrawn and other entries will be looked for.

Meanwhile it is over to the dogs Alberta & Scion at Yarmouth’s Derby meeting live on sky tonight. Details on dog update page.

Mon 14/9/’15



BALLYMAC KITE in training with Jayne made it 2 wins from 4 runs since Panther became involved. In total, (Kite is only 2yrs 4 mths.) she has now won 9 from 34 races to date. An excellent strike rate. Panther was represented by 6 runners on Sat night and hats off to Alan whose predictions were spot on – inc. stating Kite had our best chance of giving us a winner. Didn’t expect odds better than 3/1 but can only be a bonus at 4’s !!! A very detailed account was sent to members of the Horse & Hound Group who had Rum running.

Over to Becky and The Big White Flash once the Winter ground comes !!



Ana looked in fine health yesterday when we called in the kennels. We had hoped to have had a trial with her last week but she was still showing signs of coming out of season. Hopefully we may be able to trial later on this week. All shares in her have been sold – in fact all shares went a week gone Thursday by 6pm on the first day of an advert in the Racing Post greyhound section. Wished a horse could sell as fast !

Interesting week coming up this week with the horses but all depends upon eliminations and ground. Brit has had to bypass Carlisle with the ground having been forecast good / firm and watering. Deep Resolve holds entries in the big race at Kelso as well as at Ayr’s Western Meeting along with Star. Will keep updated as we know more.


Frid 11/9/’15




Message from Becky. ” I’ve dropped Pistol off at Fionn’s house tonight on a trial basis . They’ve got on well at my house, so this is the next step. He looked very happy to see his massive stable and extensive turnout – he will have the perfect life if he settles in ok. I think it says something that I’m not sad at all leaving him there, he’s going to be very spoiled and Fionn is a really good rider. The ideal situation is that in February we can all meet up at the p2p and watch him ! I’ll keep everyone posted. Fingers crossed pistol is nice to her !!!!!! ”

Pistol was a brilliant horse for Panther to have been involved with. He was our first horse with Becky and won on his debut for us (Nov ’13) which was also Becky’s first winner as a trainer and in the process making Becky the youngest female trainer to train a winner in Britain at the ripe old age of 24. He ran 20 races, winning 3, 2nd x 2 and 3rd x 5.  A 50% ratio of being in the first 3. Not too bad !!! In fact including 4th spots which most tracks give entrance to the winners enclosure, he took his owners into the hallowed area 70% of racing occasions (14 times). Also can’t not mention Tony (Kelly) who had a great rapport with Pistol and rode him in all races except when he was off injured for two races. Hopefully our other horses with Becky run as well. Brit has already done so and Sam is to make a debut for Panther this N. Hunt season. Both horses offer a very cost effective way to become involved in Becky’s yard – based North of York – and details on their own pages or just give me a ring 07775 743 885


Wed 9/9/’15


was a quote received yesterday. Funny enough, our highest ever number of hits (bar one day) on the blog page since we started the present site and not a single horse running. 

As it was we read in the R. Post yesterday morning that Sleepy was withdrawn on a self cert the day before. This was the first news we had had on Sleepy. Later yesterday morning received an email from yard secretary apologizing for not keeping myself updated and a reason for the horse not running. Better not say here why, as not too sure if things would tally. However, Sleepy is apparently doing really well and next entry expected to be 24th at Perth. Another email from Briony received later with a more full explanation.

As things stand, in order that Corrie’s ratings can now once again pick up, we will keep owners of Sleepy via Panther fully up to date but wont now have details of Sleepy on the Panther site and although Panther still owns a small share I doubt if the name will now appear on the racecard. Mind you, may still pop a quick update on the blog if number of hits start to fall off !

Fun and games over, back to the real business of horses and dogs. Deep Resolve went up by 3 pounds for his win and needs rain softened ground before another race. Brit is another who needs rain but holds an entry at Carlisle next week. Star entered at Ayr for the Western Meeting. On the dog front, news is on the dog updates page.

Tues 8/9/’15

Another day, another request for information on Sleep In First regarding why he was withdrawn at Perth yesterday ! Sleepy’s page taken down temporary until some further news.

Mon 7/9/’15   14.45

Have been trying to find out why Sleepy not running today (own a share in the horse after all !) only to be told I have to wait for an email that will be sent later – still nothing forthcoming ! WHY ! Surely an owner is entitled to be told the reason ? However, just discovered by looking on a racing club website that they are now involved in the horse so imagine it possibly has something to do with that / registration etc. However, I had been wondering if there may have been a problem with the horse as he had to have a lot of fluid removed from a hock last week. What a shame we couldn’t have been told yesterday when informed the horse would be a non runner (no reason given) but still saw it declared as a runner after 11 am today when betting (8 runner handicap) was taking place. The removal of Sleepy would surely have had an impact on the e.w. market. That’s when I phoned the yard (about 11 a.m. ) and was told again that Sleepy wouldn’t be running but that I had to await an email later to explain. Having got that off my chest in public, probably wont now be an owner in the yard for much longer ! In fact taking horses bar Sleepy down now. All good fun. Meanwhile patiently awaiting an email ……………………………………….z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z

Mon 7/9/’15

Sleepy, although still declared to run today (Alan thought had an excellent chance) will not now be running.

Details on new horse Samson Collonges with Becky on own page. Not a Cheltenham prospect but a horse we believe will win races for Panther. I am working on a new racing group that will involve horses and dogs and just when all looked to be coming together, one horse has been sold and now doubts about another ! However, yet another could be coming in but that wont be until October. I’m sure all will be in place soon.

Frid 4/9/’15


DOC030915bcpDoc is a lovely horse who is going the right way. Hard to believe he is only 4 as he seems to have been in Panther forDOC030915ccp ages. Great horse to be involved with for all connections as he has a brilliant laid back nature and happy to please in all respects. Plus he has a winning ratio of over 30% (Flat / N. Hunt) ! I said I would have been happy to finish in the frame yesterday as he is still coming to hand and at the finish I was (I’m afraid ) shouting oblivious to all around ! Alan pointed out he believed I got Doc over the line and not Simon. Not so sure about that, as it was a determined ride by Simon and a horse who never gives in. Doc has always been a horse destined to go places but has always just needed a bit of time. Whilst he continues to improve on the track once more, he could well win another on the turf but Alan sees his future in N. Hunt. Already rated 120 hurdles he has a massive future ahead. Surprised if no offers (big !) come in for this horse as he has all the attributes of a top class horse in the making. I’m not getting carried away after a win in an amateur rider handicap – it is the truth. Get your cheque books at the ready !



ANNA 1head cp

CALL ANNE NOW ON 07775 743 885


This is the time of year when we have always tended to make changes to the horses within Panther and this year will be no different. It is important to have what you believe is a horse who is capable of winning races regardless of grade of race. Once told by Arthur Stephenson – You can own a racehorse but you want a winning racehorse ! Very true and every one he sold me won races ! Racing is becoming squeezed tighter and tighter regarding cash flow and almost daily you hear or read of owners or trainers feeling the pinch – some deciding to leave the sport they love. To avoid this happening to Panther, it is necessary to be prudent with horse / dog involvement and to get winners on a budget. Take a look on the horse page on the site. 9 horses, Dancer presently young and unraced to date but being readied to run. ALL 8 OTHERS HAVE WON IN THE PAST YEAR ! Now for the coming year.

Details of the new horse will be posted over the weekend. Others are being actively sourced to be involved in Panther.

With the dogs no new ones on the horizon bar saying to Jim we would be happy to go along with a share in a proposed £20,000 dog if the idea becomes reality. Anyone up for a small share in a dog like that ? If so just get in touch.

Thurs 3/9/’15

Doc runs in the 5.10 at Haydock today. Good, G/S places better than it could have been but Doc loves the real cut – heavy certainly no problem. Any further heavy showers would be appreciated. His real future is seen in the N. Hunt sphere now but it would be nice to pick up a race on the turf (or two ….) on the way to resuming the hurdles. Would be happy if he makes the frame today. Main thing he is getting back into the swing of things and returns well.

No further news so far this morning (although early) about Destiny’s horrendous fall last night (updated on dog updates page). Seen the race and it looked very bad but he got up and ran to pick up. Last conversation with Jim late last night was that Destiny seemed fine physically but hard to imagine he wont be stiff today. If that is the worst, he has been a very lucky dog to have survived. Derby dreams gone but who cares ! He may have been an outsider but had the race gone as it looked it might, I’m sure he would have been through to the next stages as he was running very well when knocked out of the race through no fault of his own.

Wed 2/9/’15

Interesting day at Donny and news over the weekend !

News on Deep Resolve in morning for Haydock.

Wed 2/9/’15

Off to Donny and see what happens !

Tues 1/9/’15

Pistol fine but with not a lot of pace he was outpaced on the final circuit down the woodside at Cartmel on Sat. It may now be the time to retire him to the pointing field. He has a good home to go to only 2 miles from Becky’s and will be qualified for the local points. It is good to see horses like Pistol who have done so well for Panther and who are real characters go out sound and in rude health. No final decision has been made but 99% and Fionn is coming to sit on him this week to see how Pistol reacts !

ANNA 1head cpHave been looking at replacing Harry The Lemmon and Be My Present at James’s yard but now it’s possible we will make more changes to the bloodstock we already have as we try to get a Winter team together. Have already tried to get another horse with Alan but it has just been sold ! Nothing stays unsold at Alan’s for long ! Will keep all updated as plans take shape. Doncaster sales this week so you never know what may turn up !

On the dog front, we are selling 10% shares in HAVANA BLACKBIRD with Yvonne Bell (based Sunderland Stadium). Only 1 race in Ireland and now being graded in at Sunderland and trials soon. Advert goes into Racing Post GREYHOUND SECTION on Thursday. Cost only £100 per share plus approx £5 per week kennel fees. Prize money is deducted from this. This is a unique opportunity to own your own dog with Yvonne who has a 25% strike rate and has been a top trainer at Sunderland for many years. Details on Ana’s own page.



Sat 29/9/’15

Pistol runs at Cartmel today and he is very well at home and hopefully should go with every chance. Off these weights (Pistol never came down for his last race and remains on a high 91) Cara has a chance but I’m hoping the ever young Pistol with his own mind can enjoy the atmosphere of the big occasion today. A year ago you (at least Becky and Tony !) would have baulked at the suggestion of Pistol running here. Seems he is happy at the funfair nowadays. Noticed Bayfirth has been supported from 33/1 with Paddy earlier to b.p. 10’s now but I still prefer Pistol’s 7/2 although Alan still thinks he could drift a bit more. For some reason, Pistol always tends to drift. Being pensioned off to the pointing scene keeps getting delayed as Pistol is loving life on the tracks at present. He continues to be trained out of the fields and it suits him fine. Hopefully all goes well today and pointing is still a thing of the future !

With no appreciable rain in the short term, both Deep Resolve and Uncle Brit bypass their respective races at Newcastle on Monday.

Destiny did make it through to the heat stages of the East Anglian Derby and will run in his heat at Yarmouth on Wed. He is a lovely looking big (36k) dog but will have to be at his sharpest and hold no fear on Wed from the 3 trap.

Frid 28/8/’15

Sleepy goes down by just over 0.5L

SLEEPY270815bcpSleepy looked absolutely brilliant last night at Sedgefield and a real credit to James and the staff. Unfortunately,SLEEPY270815cp looks don’t win races and Sleepy lost his race by one of the ngatives he has – jumping out to the right. In an ideal world he would be going right handed but the races just aren’t there at the moment, so he took his chance. Last time at Uttoxeter, Richard Johnson was able to steer Sleepy wide to get a rail but at Sedgefield it wasn’t possible and Dale sat and suffered as Sleepy went his own way at just about every fence losing lengths in the process. Sleepy stayed on after a last fence error again cost ground and only went down by just over half a length to be 3rd in a very tight finish and staying on. Deserved the win on looks itself !

PISTOL at Cartmel tomorrow and any rain appreciated from now until Monday for Brit and Doc at Newcastle.

Thurs 27/8/’15

Sleepy back out today at Sedg. Not a lot of opportunities for Sleepy at present and really there are plenty of negs for today’s race inc. Sleepy tends to always put in a mistake somewhere along the line. Richard Johnson’s advice was quite right after the Uttox race but getting races to fit in with that advice hasn’t been possible as yet. I’m sure that advice is exactly what Sleepy wants and when we get the race conditions, Sleepy will be much the better for it. However, there are also several pluses today and I’m just hoping Sleepy can add to this month’s tally of winners this month. Tight betting with the first 3 in the market at present and Sleepy at 3’s.

Wed 26/8/’15



???????????????????????????????Star was quickly away  from the stalls and never looked back and off his 80 mark won with a little bit left. As I said earlier I would have really fancied his chances if the race was on the turf course off his 74 mark but he didn’t make too hard a job of it off this mark on the AW ! Well done to those who took the 11/2 odds earlier.

Wed 26/8/’15

Star runs at Lingfield today but the snag is that the turf races have switched to the AW and he is 6 pounds worse off between the two surfaces. Not winning but not dropping too much either as he is running well without winning. Had it been a turf race on soft / heavy ground would have really fancied his chances. Whilst he has obvious claims still on AW, not as strong as I thought they would be before the switch. Odds touched 11/2

Building up for a new group to start up in Sept to include greyhounds with top trainers YVONNE BELL (Sunderland), JIM DALY (Yarmouth) & JAYNE MEEK (Perry Barr) plus potentially one more greyhound trainer. Horses will also be involved and it is this part of the new group that I am presently working on. 

SLEEPY runs tomorrow at Sedgefield. News tomorrow.

Tues 25/8/’15

Brilliant Owners Day at Becky’s


This was an extremely well put together visit and the team involvement deserve a massive thank you. Becky even found the time to pick Ray Readman’s name from the hat for August’s £25 bet – part of the package in the Horse & Hound group. Arrival Pimms was followed by a parade of all the horses and all did look well and in full bloom in the full sunshine. Our own Pistol was quite the show off and Brit perked up when being paraded, as a couple of days before he had been kicked on the head by another horse in the paddock and he was very doleful in his box before the parade. Next up was lunch in the marquee followed by an auction for the Jack Berry House which raised more than £3000. Part of that is another story (which I will relate in a couple of days) and Alan’s impetuous behaviour !

BRIT230815cpI must update the gallery pages and will do so as soon as time allows, as so much going on at present. Alan managedPISTOL230815cp plenty of pics of the day and I have continuously tried today to put some up here but have met nothing but problems. So far only managed to upload Brit on the left and Pistol. It would have been quicker to have updated the gallery pages from scratch !  I should also mention we also now have a small share in ”THE BEST HANDICAPPED HORSE IN THE NORTH” as was Becky’s description and  I will give further news in a few days. Needs some cut so wont be running just yet but is going novice chasing. There are 5% shares available to purchase in the horse and I shall update full details shortly.


2 New Greyhounds Join Panther


These two bitches HAVANNA BLACKBIRD  and LEEVIEW MANDY are both getting ready to trial at Sunderland before being race ready which should be in about 2 or 3 weeks. Alan has taken a real shine to Anna from only a short bonding walk ! Couldn’t get over the way Anna couldn’t understand where the ‘bunny ‘ went. It was actually the head and shoulders of a cyclist in luminous red jacket riding along a path behind a hedge ! Will again get full details of the dogs on their own pages very soon. They are in training with Yvonne, one of the top trainers for many years at Sunderland stadium.

Word of pup Scion who seems to be coming to herself as she ran the fastest trial time of 44 dogs at Romford. Dreams on the up !

News tomorrow on Star who runs at Lingfield. Entries now also include DEEP RESOLVE and UNCLE BRIT at Newcastle on Monday. Pistol is a likely runner at Cartmel on Sat. It’s certainly all go !

Mon 24/8/’15

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours and it needs a book rather than a blog page but will kick off tomorrow. Meanwhile 3 dogs run in the trial stakes for the East Anglian Derby tonight at Yarmouth and really just keeping fingers crossed they qualify for the heat stages as these races a lot harder than previous. Still, nothing ventured ……. more on dog updates page.

Of the horses, Pistol holds an entry at Cartmel next weekend but Brit had been kicked by another horse in the paddock and although a cut below the eye looks superficial, he has been quiet. Has had antibiotics to prevent infection so has had to miss the perfect race this week at Newcastle. However, the antibiotics will have cleared the system in time for Newcastle’s next meeting. Doc has bypassed the Catterick engagement but more entries coming. Everything at James’s picking up pace and he will be hosting the next owners day.


Sun 23/8/’15

Just back (7pm) from a brilliant owners day at Becky’s and with Alan to sort plenty of pics out, I will update this page tomorrow night – or possibly Tuesday as going to look at 2 more greyhounds tomorrow and not sure what time I’ll be getting back.

Frid 21/8/’15

It was a nice run by Doc yesterday and he now holds an entry over 2 miles at Catterick next week. 6 dogs running today. More entries now going in for horses and dogs and it promises to be a very busy few days around the tracks. Still have more dogs to put onto site when time allows.

Thurs 20/8/’15

Deep Resolve makes his comeback today at Hamilton. He has been off track for over 200 days and with a fine day forecast the ground can only dry out from the latest going description of good with g/s places in the loop. It would be nice to see him have a nice run without any problems first and foremost and worry about finishing position after that. He remains a very good horse with hopefully a top class future and he is only young with lots of scope for both flat and N. Hunt.

The dogs all have new targets again and entries are in. If you are interested in a share in any of the dogs so far listed, please just get in touch.

Tues 18/8/’15


As the jigsaw starts to come together, Yvonne Bell, who is the top trainer at Sunderland greyhound stadium, has joined in the new concept within Panther. I first met Yvonne just over a year ago and she was very helpful (and patient !) when we were first trying to start up in greyhounds. She has a tremendous amount of success at Sunderland and her kennels have about 80 dogs in. I will be going to the kennels next Monday to see a couple of dogs which we can be involved in and in the meantime will add Yvonne’s profile to the list of Panther’s trainers. There is one more trainer who has also agreed to join in with us but is awaiting dogs coming over from Ireland and I will post full details as soon as everything has been sorted.

One of the reasons for becoming so heavily involved with the greyhounds, is that they run much more regular than horses and are cheaper. Injury rate appears to be the same as with horses but they tend to be muscle probs that can heal quicker. As Jim said, the biggest plus regards dogs to horse injuries is that a dog is much lighter and so not putting as much strain on an injury. The sport is widely noted as being in decline and needing much needed funding. However, I’m convinced it can turn around given not only funding but by following some of the things taken for granted in horse racing. An owners room for example (already being discussed by some trainers and stadiums). There is coverage of every horse race now, provided you pay suppliers and that would be the big way forward for the dogs. However, having said that, there is now Racing Post Greyhound Racing on every night Wed to Sunday, plus full BAGS coverage every day via the bookmaker shops, sky coverage of the big meetings, plus live streaming from the betting firms. As we have gone to some of the big kennels and trainers in different parts of the country where the stadiums are covered by the above viewing mentioned, there will be a lot of daily action taking place for Panther.

It is not all about dogs as we are also actively looking for more horses and I’m hoping by next month the full jigsaw picture will have emerged.

Deep Resolve has races entered for but he does need the right ground. He is declared at Hamilton on Thursday and we want as much rain as possible. He will be racing over hurdles over the Winter as he could be a very decent horse and already rated 120 in that sphere. More entries for our other horses expected shortly.

Mon 17/8/’15




Yesterday, a dog we have only had an involvement in for a couple of days with Jayne and earmarked for the proposed new group, BALLYMAC KITE, got things off to a brilliant start when winning a sprint at Perry Barr. She had a groin injury which meant a couple of months or so off track and then ran a trial last week. Normally she is a 480m dog but for a comeback to sharpen her up she ran over 275 in a sprint. No sharpening up needed, as she flew the traps and the win was never in doubt as she extended her lead and won well. Our other dog with Jayne has 10% shares available and I will get details up just as soon as time allows. He will make his debut shortly and if you would be interested in owning a 10% share yourself, the cost would only be in the region of £100 before he runs plus a 10% of the kennel bill (about £5 / £6 per week). You will receive 10% of prize money. If you are interested, please get in touch but full details will be posted shortly.

Sun 16/8/’15

As you will have read, we are setting up new ideas and plans which I am expecting to start away next month. Part of one plan is for involvement of greyhounds around the country’s stadiums. We have had a lot of success and some very good times since joining Jim (Daly) late last year and of an involvement in 7 dogs, all have won at least one race but most have won several inc. Alberta who has now won 4 opens. All our dogs with Jim are pups at present and avoiding injuries look set for top class futures. We have agreed to purchase into a share of a dog with Jim in the region of £20,000 which will be a pup when a suitable one becomes available. Jim is presently based at the Peterborough Stadium but will be moving next month to Yarmouth Stadium. His kennels are at Wisbech. Shares are available in dogs with Jim inc. Scion who I hope will continue to improve. Joining the Horse & Hound Group within Panther gives you involvement with Rum. Great ways to start off in greyhound involvement.

JAYNEA trainer who has agreed to join into Panther’s new idea is JAYNE MEEK (pictured leading up) who is based at Perry Barr Stadium Birmingham. She has a very high winning strike rate of around 25% and a kennel capacity of 50 dogs with presently around 40 in. Jayne has an excellent website and it is worth taking a look at as it gives a great insight to her kennels. Although I haven’t met up personally with Jayne as yet, she has been very helpful and very open regards the dogs. Her kennels are at Carterspiece in Gloucestershire in the Forest of Dean. Like at Jim’s kennels, all are welcome to visit their dogs on a Sunday morning to ”walk the dogs”. We have taken up with a dog at the kennels and I will post details shortly, as he has been graded in at Perry Barr and will race soon. He is a pup who I would anticipate will move up the grades as he races – hopefully like Cavalli did from when we became involved and he has now won his last three races on the bounce. I will post more details on Jayne shortly under her own profile.

BEDI have also agreed with another trainer to become involved in their kennels but presently I am awaiting a suitable dog coming overPOOL from Ireland and will publish details as soon as everything is organised. Also, the search for another trainer at another stadium is underway !

Since Alan bought me a share in a greyhound pup only a year gone July – to stop me going on about wanting a dog (meaning a German Shepherd pup at home) – everything has snowballed massively to the tune of involvement in 16 greyhounds and counting (inc. private dogs not listed on the site). At one of the first greyhound meetings we went to at Sunderland I was talking to a retired trainer who said once you are bitten by ‘the bug’ you will always have it. How right that lady was.

On becoming involved, my main concern was that of the dogs welfare and we have gone (and will only go to) trainers who have the best interests of the dog in mind whilst racing and after their racing careers are over. Both Jim and Jayne are very much those type of trainers. Pictured above is one of the kennels at Jayne’s and the kennels also house a hydrotherapy pool. No expense is spared.

I will stop rabbiting on now and get some updating done !

Before signing off, however, just want to say we are still very much into the horses as well ! Deep Resolve now also has an entry in at Wolverhampton on Frid. Also looking forward to the stable owners days at Becky’s and James’s yards coming up shortly where all owners in horses with Panther in those yards are invited – and still looking at replacing horses that were sold on in the Spring. They would be for the N. Hunt over the Winter.

Sat 15/8/’15


DES120815cpAn incredible night at Yarmouth last Wed when 4 of the pups ran in opens and all won. A good night to have made theALBERTAc120815cp journey down and then an impromptu stop over for a few days in the Broads courtesy of some of the profits ! ‘Scion’ got the ball rolling followed by Horse & Hound dog ‘Rum’ who although breaking slow and losing about 5 lengths showed blistering acceleration to get the inside at the first bend. Next up ‘Destiny’ (pictured left) – a big imposing dog who always has a ‘waggy tail’ and is very relaxed, followed by ‘Alberta’ winning her 4th open already. Not sure she deserved my attention and strangulation on the podium  though – I was a bit carried away by the 4th winner ! Many in the Horse & Hound group took Alan’s advice to do the multiples and had Pumpkin won at Peterborough it would have been a nap hand and a massive pay out. Unfortunately it didn’t happen but there were some big winning multi bets off the Yankee. Prices in the regions of 3/1  /  3/1  /  4/1  /  3/1 earlier doors as all came in for obvious reasons !

Back to horses, Deep Resolve holds an entry next week but he does need cut in the ground. I will get info on individual dogs updated on site asap as well as info on the proposed new group as well as new trainers / dogs / horses. All horses doing as expected and entries coming up for the runners.

Tues 11/8/’15

Star 2nd again !!

It was a good run by Star off an 80 mark and although Alan right in his assessment that Star was too high in the ratings, it looked as if it could have been an egg on the face job at one point ! Reaching 12’s Star’s price came in to 8/1 and I know several did take the odds e.w. so well done. It’s over top the pups tomorrow at Yarmouth and Peterborough and hopefully we have a winner from 5 that are running.

Tues 11/8/’15

Star running in the 3.35 at Lingfield today but it has the look of a very open race and Alan said he could make a case for several including big priced horses. Another prob is that he is rated 80 on the all weather which could be too high. Due to the negatives, Alan not backing as he believes easier betting options will be available. Overnight 6’s and 7’s now replaced by 11’s at present but still not tempted. Don’t want to put anyone off if they fancy Star as egg and face have been known before !

Mon 10/8/’15

Went to Pelaw yesterday and saw previous dog Bella win her 18th race (has also been 2nd 12 times). She is very clever in running and has been a remarkable dog for trainer Lisa (Fieldson). On return, spoke to another trainer who will now be joining Panther as I am trying to build up ‘fire-power’ for the Autumn / Winter – both dogs and horses within Panther. I have an idea for a new group which I am hoping to set away next month. I will be uploading details of new trainers / horses & dogs plus the new group shortly. Back to needing more than 24 hours in a day !

Star runs at Lingfield tomorrow and details in the morning.

Looking forward to the two owners days coming up shortly with Becky (24th) & James (6th Sept). Both trainers have kindly invited owners within Panther who have a share in horses in the respective yards to come along. These are different to any stable open days Panther puts on and are organised by the yards themselves.

The 4 pups still intended runners at Yarmouth Wed.

Sat 8/8/’15

Gamble Landed – Well part of !


Alberta won her third open event, last night’s race being at Romford in fine style being backed to 2/1 fav from touching 7/2 earlier. Unfortunately Rum (4/1 sp touched 5’s earlier) whom Alan had believed would be part of a double came 2nd after another slow break and then played catch up from last to 2nd but couldn’t get there in time. Still, there was still a bit of profit left over. Better than losing and both dogs fine after race. Both are very nice improving pups. Still shares within the Horse & Hound group which includes Phantom Dancer with Alan Swinbank and Rum with Jim Daly. All shares in Alberta are now sold. Although full news on all greyhounds on the dog updates page, we are expecting Rum, Alberta, Scion and Destiny to run on Wed at Yarmouth. Rum steps up in trip.

Good luck to Alan Swinbank today as his horses travel far and wide to Ascot, Haydock & Redcar in search of the cash !

Thurs 6/8/’15

With the ground turning against Brit, he was withdrawn yesterday. Scion was also withdrawn from her intended race at Peterborough due to the framing of the race. Pumpkin did run and although expected to have had every chance could only finish 2nd having been unable to get past the dog on the inside which was trying to run wide whilst Pumpkin was trying to get to the rails ! Wrong placement of dogs in the traps by management ? Yes and it is costing ! Looks as if it is becoming a bit of a stand-off with Jim and management at Peterborough. Hopefully common sense prevails and our pups get better trap positions soon. Meanwhile Rum heads off to Romford on Frid !

Wed 5/8/’15

Brit in the 6.50 at Newcastle today. He is a horse whom it has always been believed needs cut in the ground and at present Newcastle are good g/s places but a shower is possible and the weather is being monitored. Price on the drift (as expected) and now 10’s.

Tues 4/8/’15

With now firmness in the going description, Doc has been declared a non runner today at Catterick. More entries will be looked for and news on Brit running at Newcastle tomorrow morning.

Mon 3/8/’15

STAR 2nd yesterday

Star ran a much improved race yesterday to finish 2nd and the yard seems back on track once again with 4 2nd’s and 2 winners in 9 days now. The quick ground wasn’t ideal but the main thing is that he is fine this morning and more entries shortly. No horse rests on its laurels with Gay !

Deep Resolve runs at Catterick tomorrow and Uncle Brit at Newcastle on Wed. More news in morning.

Sun 2/8/’15

Star runs in the 4.15 at Chepstow today and present odds 14’s pretty much across the board having been 16/1 earlier but there are now 2 horses pulled out leaving 8. Ground is now good g/f places which isn’t what Gay has believed the horse wants, although he does have form previous on quick ground. The yard have had several disappointing runners of late inc. Star but it has been thought a virus has been the cause. Just hoping things work out today and Star bounces back to previous form when he was running well and he is now 2 pounds less than a winning mark. Hood back on.

Deep Resolve (Doc) re-enters the fray at Catterick on Tuesday and more news Tues.

Quiet on the dog front at present and news on new trainer when we a have something to run. Looking at all options for a start in September when the Autumn / Winter N. Hunt season gets underway. Meanwhile Brit, Pistol, Sleepy and Doc will be carrying the flag now, with Dancer about to enter the fray shortly. Sa Suffit and Snuker both heavy ground horses but getting into work, as James said he believes this season the ground may be softer than usual early season and if it is then he wants to take advantage.

Frid 31/7/’15

Pistol fine after race just seems as if handicapper had too much of a say for his win. Another race will be looked for in about 3 weeks. Star declared for Chepstow on Sun and news Sun morning.

Thurs 30/7/’15

Pistol runs in the 2.45 at Stratford today and hopefully runs as well as he did last time here – albeit with a rise in the weights. Becky has done a very good job with Pistol since getting him to settle at first and now to getting him geed up ! It is paying off as Pistol continues to respond to differing training techniques. Not a lot of likely pace in the race but wasn’t last time and he got a nice lead then and always looked the winner – bar for dawdling a bit at the end. That is him ! Fingers crossed he runs well and gets home safe.

Wed 29/7/’15

Pistol declared for Stratford tomorrow and more news in morning.

Three of our pups have been selected to represent the kennels in the Bags championships shortly – although they will also be running before the championships start. They are Scion, Rum and Destiny in a team of 6 forwarded. Alberta has already won 2 opens and couldn’t be put forward.

More very good trials by pups and looking forward to them running races when the dietary changes effect kicks (hopefully !) in.

Insufficient space for all entries to be on home page but stand as

Pistol declared Strat.    /   Deep Resolve @Hamilton Sat / Carlisle Mon / Catterick Tues. Star entered Lingfield Sat and Chepstow Tues.

Tues 28/7/’15

The rain came in time for Brit yesterday but unfortunately he never quickened at the end but was still only beaten a couple of lengths into 4th. As always, the main thing is that he finished without problem and other races can be looked for.

With the rain around, Deep Resolve has been readied for a race and entries are now going in. The jumpers at James’s are on the walkers and the dogs are running trials this week as they have had their diets tweaked. Meanwhile Cav remains King of his turf !

Mon 27/7/’15

CAV WINS 3 FROM 3 @ 3/1 !!!



Will have to get another pic of Cavalli if he keeps on winning ! He may be grading but has now won last 3 races going up in grade each time. This race he was in front at all bends and won by a neck staying on in determined fashion on ground that was considered unsuitable. He has the right nature as he digs deep and shows intelligence and bravery in races and continues to improve. He may be our lowest class pup but you can’t fault a winner who continues to improve and has a very good win to run ratio. He is giving his owners a lot of pleasure and there are 5% shares available – just get in touch. His full sister could be one of the other pups we have going for a tilt at Yarmouth shortly.

Today sees Brit travel to Ayr for the 5.40 and it is a race Alan intends to be investing a little of Cav’s winnings on. From the betting, it is a close affair with the first 4 in the market and present odds are 7/2 for Brit which would be nice if the ground was soft.  It certainly looks a winnable race but the neg is there has been less rain than that forecast with only 2 mm until 6.30 this morning, although it is forecast for more until midday. The more rain the better Brit’s chances. Ideally he goes on soft / heavy so good probably not ideal.

I will post news of the new trainer to join Panther when we have everything in place but we were very pleased at meeting up yesterday. I have a new idea for a group which I am looking at introducing in the not too distant future. We have been offered 2 new horses plus more dogs of late and when plans are finalised it will hopefully be winners galore ! Will just need Alan to back them when they do.

Sun 26/7/’15


Plenty going on. Cav won again last night making it 3 wins so far this month. Brit runs tomorrow at Ayr and a new trainer will be joining Panther soon. As I have just got back home, will update here tomorrow regarding all latest news.

Sat 25/7/’15

SLEEPY240715cpSleepy looked the part yesterday and picked up yet another best turned out award – with the help of Briony ! Unfortunately, he lost any chance of beating the fav. with a lot of sloppy jumping. He just never got into a rhythm or the race at all and his jumping only picked up on the back straight when Richard Johnson took the horse wide to be near the rail which he said kept him straighter as he was tending to go right. Sleepy had a troubled long journey to the track arriving about an hour before the race but he hadn’t fretted or got worked up so can’t really put the blame on this for the run. Really just the jumping. Still handicapper should help out again on Tuesday ? It is the first time Richard Johnson has ridden a horse under Panther and he was very pleasant to talk to in the ring and gave plenty of advice after the race also.  He will no doubt be Barney Woof’s fav jockey for now as Richard picked Barney’s name from the hat for the free monthly (July) bet of £25 drawn between members of the Horse ‘n Hound group.

These last 10 days we have been stuck in nothing but traffic chaos whether going or returning from the dogs and horses. Hate to think how many lost hours sat in traffic queues ! Even travelling late at night back from the dogs the motorways have diversions taking you many miles off course. Whinge over !

Next runners are at the dogs tonight (Pumpkin and Cavalli) and news on updates page. On the horse front, Brit is declared for Ayr on Monday – hopefully not another 3 hour each way trip that takes 6 each way. Whinging again !

Going to meet up with a potential new trainer for Panther tomorrow and will keep blog updated with any news.

Frid 24/7/’15

Sleepy has a task on his hands to beat the odds on fav today at Uttoxeter (4.25). Walden Prince is a much improved horse for a change of yard and lay off. Sleepy reverts to fences and cheekpieces and hopefully he doesn’t clout one and puts in a good round to give him a claim. Don’t need the rain but it is forecast from late morning and too much is not what James wants. Still conditions same for all and shouldn’t be afraid of one horse. Touchwood Sleepy returns safe above all else.

Thurs 23/7/’15

Sleepy runs Uttoxeter tomorrow and more news in morning.

Mon 20/7/’15

Latest updates with the horses are that Deep Resolve is ready to race but needs plenty of cut and wont be entered up until there is consistent soft ground. He looks in absolute brilliant condition. He is a genuine dual purpose prospect and winner under both codes and still only 4 years of age. Phantom Dancer continues doing all the right things on the gallops and members in the Horse ‘n Hound group looking forward to seeing their replacement horse for John Dory (who was fatally injured) on track. At Becky’s, both Pistol Basc and Uncle Brit are well after their races and will be back on track – ground permitting – shortly. Star is non the worse for his latest run at Newmarket and also has an entry this week. At James’s yard, the operation is starting to get back into full swing with horses who spent the Summer at grass off the yard in the process of being ’rounded up’ and 3 box loads of horses have been taken down to have their ‘MOT’s ‘ at Clevedale Vets with Phil Dyson and Geoffrey Lane. New horses are also being brought into the yard and with a new season comes new hopes and dreams. Of our own horses in the yard, Sleep In First has been on the go this Summer whilst Civil Unrest, is being left until the Autumn. Sa Suffit and Snuker have been on their Summer hols and it will soon be a case of being back in work. As both Harry The Lemon and Be My Present both suffered career ending injuries towards the end of last season, replacement horses have been offered.

We are also working on a formula for a new racing group and although in its infancy, the different aspects are taking shape and will be brought together. My aim this year is to be able to offer a choice of groups as well as shares in individual horses and dogs. The greyhounds is a side to Panther that I wish to expand upon.

Sat 18/7/’15

Yesterday’s retirement multiple dreams shattered once again ! Alan called it a ‘blip’.

Frid 17/7/’15

Lots of action for Panther today with Brit in the 6.05 Hamilton & Star at Newmarket 7.50. Also at Romford, the pups are out in force again and details on updates page. The rain came in time for Brit as he needs it soft and in an open race he holds sound claims on a track that is thought will suit. His price touched 7’s but is still 13/2 all over. Star now at 25’s and on drift a bit. Still, he is in a race that take the top two in the market out and it looks pretty open. He wasn’t beaten far last time and a good clear run could (hopefully) see him in the shake up. With the horses and dogs, keeping fingers crossed we have a winner ….or two ….or three ………..or ? To be honest, would be happy to see all home in one piece.

Sleepy has bypassed racing tomorrow and now next possible race Cartmel Mon.

Thurs 16/7/’15



Angel face did it again ! Alan held back from a bet as Cav had gone up in grade and a fast breaking dog who was down in grade was on his inside. However, Cav put in a very good race, trapping well, using his brain well throughout the race and showed a lot of determination and bravery to win going away. He certainly doesn’t look a sprinter on that showing (although he can trap well), as he was running strong at the finish and may well be going the way of his breeding as a stayer ! Certainly a well related dog in that sphere. Just need his full sister Alberta to do the biz now !

Uncle Brit to be withdrawn today at Hamilton as the ground continues to dry out but still holds his dec for tomorrow with 15 mm forecast overnight and into tomorrow. Star declared Newmarket Frid.


Tues 14/7/’15

Brit, Star and Sleepy all entered (plus at least 2 dogs !) over the coming days but lot hinges on ground, hence weather. Brit wants cut and will be declared to run Thurs and Frid and see what transpires. Sleepy has the choice of 2 engagements on Sat – hurdle Cartmel (looks tough at entry stage) and chase at M. Rasen. More definite news with the dogs as at least 2 are runners – touchwood. News on dog updates page.

Mon 13/7/’15




please contact Les direct for orders and selection of other photographs of Pistol

Great to see Pistol win again as he is enjoying himself to the max as well as winning with what appeared a bit in hand, as with ears pricked he popped the last and then made Tony work hard on the run in. Plenty of life and cunning in the old dog yet ! Has showcased Becky’s talents as a trainer as he first needed settling with a hood and was trained pretty much from the field when Becky first took out her licence. He then became Becky’s first winner as a trainer and after winning another then started running a bit hit and miss. Each time retirement was discussed, he ran a blinder ! Instead of trying to get him to settle, it was then decided to liven him up, so the hood came off and he has even been to Cartmel – fun fair and all ! He is certainly a character who has a mind set of his own – as well as being well capable on his day. Great horse for Panther to have had the chance to be with in Becky’s yard. Our other horse Uncle Brit in the yard has now won  2 races (inc. being Becky’s first flat winner) so from Becky’s 17 winners to date, 5 have been with Panther. Becky is a young and enthusiastic trainer who is based at Peter Beaumont’s yard near York (made famous by the exploits of Jodami). It runs on an open house policy to see your horses and taking a share in Panther in the yard costs only £299 ALL IN – GUARANTEED NOTHING MORE TO PAY. Excellent value for money in choice of 2 winning horses who are both running (and winning ) now. Interested in joining this relatively new and very much progressive yard ? Just get in touch with  myself Anne 07775 743 885   /

Should also mention great to see Alan’s betting recover dramatically courtesy of Pistol from Friday night’s mauling at the dogs !! Owners of Pistol also received a very positive message from Alan regarding the backing of Pistol on the night prior to the race. 

Sun 12/7/’15

Pistol runs in the 2.50 at Stratford today. He is running well of late and although beaten a long way last time, the winner was a much improved horse and take him out of the race then it was a decent result. Pistol is thought to be ‘maturing’ in his nature of late and settling down (to an extent). Hope it is more of the same today as he has a long enough journey. However, he has the form to win a race like this and I am hoping he will add to his list of wins. Present odds 9/1

Panther’s latest Summer newsletter will be out shortly and if you would like a copy sent and aren’t on our mailing list, please just send an email to

Sat 11/7/’15

Destiny finished 2nd last night to qualify for the final next week. It was a good run and he must have excellent claims in the final – just need the red jacket.

Max no. of intro shares in Deep Resolve is 20 and only 8 presently remain @£500 all in until May 1st 2016. This horse is well capable of getting you into the winners enclosure on the turf and in quality N. Hunt races this Winter. Just get in touch with myself (Anne) on 07775 743 885 or email

Droopys Maso was due to run tonight but has had to be withdrawn with an upset stomach.

News on Pistol’s race at Stratford in the morning.

 Frid 10/7/’15

Pistol runs on Sunday at Stratford. 5 of the greyhound pups running tonight at Romford and Peterborough and news on dog updates page. Brit intended going to Hamilton next Thurs / Frid. Races for him on both days. Rain forecast so touchwood …..

DOC280615cpA limited number of shares are available in Deep Resolve (Doc) pictured left, who pleased Alan S. very much last Saturday in a full work out. Cost is £500 until May 1st 2016. He is a winning flat horse rated only 67 and a dual winning hurdler rated 120. Both marks are considered well capable of being improved upon and Doc is still only 4 years of age. Just get in touch on 07775 743 885 if you are interested and the intention is for the turf shortly (ground depending).

Mon 6/7/’15

Both Star and Sleepy bypass their engagements. Possible entry for Pistol on Sun at Stratford.

All will have read the sad news about Kauto recently and field accidents are not uncommon. Civil Unrest met with his own this weekend. While putting Cyril out in the field at the weekend he also had an accident.  He was going onto the hill with two other horses but when they all met, Cyril went cantering down the field and slid into a fence.  He cut his shoulder badly and had to be taken to Glasgow to allow a specialist vet in skin graft to clean the cut and stitch it back up.  James was there and very pleased with the vets work and Cyril is coming back to the yard today. The injury is not serious and will not affect the way he performs on track. Apart from his shoulder he is a little bumped and bruised but thankfully nothing to worry about. Probably been lucky as such. So easy for things to go wrong.

Sun 5/7/’15



Just knew from the start that this face of an angel would be one to cause problems ! Ran a very promising 2nd on his first race at Peterborough before we became involved and then disappointed when well backed the next twice. Yesterday Alan left alone and he led from start to finish ! Still it’s great to get a win onto him as he is a young pup with a profile to improve given his solid pedigree. He is putting weight on and more improvement is likely – as long as Alan keeps his money in the pocket ! It was thought he may not be staying (although it is a staying pedigree) and sprints were to be tried – may still be as he is due a sprint trial this week. Times should be interesting. Queer old game this dog racing – but very enthralling and exciting. One of the differences I see with horse racing and dogs is that dogs run much more frequent so more things can be tried. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the horse racing but £ for £ there is a lot more racetrack action in the dogs. Or in Alan’s case a lot more chances to lose money !

I have now taken Uphold off the site as we haven’t been involved for a while now. Shares are, however, still available directly with Gay.

I have started this new Blog page and archived the previous news pages for anyone wanting to look back at what has happened previous. I know quite a few new people looking into the site have said it is an interesting feature to the site, as they can follow the progress made by Panther over the years. Unfortunately in doing so, I managed to lose all archived material before getting it back but as you can see it is no longer in  chronological order. Will work on it but for now just relieved haven’t lost the lot ! To see archived pages, just hover over BLOG heading.

Runners on the horse front this week could be Sleepy, Star and Pistol. Dogs being worked on.