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Frid 31/05/’13

Yesterday’s predictions proved spot on with Bridge Valley running as well as could be expected and the race set up for a 3 y. old. Obviously someone expected Frag doing better than we did, with his price tumbling from the morning 33’s to 13/2. Should have read the blog ! Frag’s time will come but he does need his conditions.

Today, Ypes (Stu) ran a cracking race for his seasonal debut to come a staying on 3rd after a slow start from a poor draw and on ground that wouldn’t have been ideal. Another similar race will be found, before possibly a better race looked for. It is felt there is a good race in the horse later this season.

Sleep In First runs at Hexham tomorrow and more news in the morning.

Page updates + more pics of Frag / Ypres on Sunday as well as a rundown on all horses.

Thurs 30/05/’13

If only Hamilton had the rain we had at Redcar overnight, it would have helped Frag’s cause today. Although race conditions suit Frag better than his previous 2 races, they still aren’t ideal (trip / ground + allowances) and Alan believes it is a race set up for an improving 3 y. old. Tomorrow, such a lot will depend upon the ground for Ypres at Catterick. No update from the track as I write but he is a horse who wants top of the ground. Whatever Ypres does, he should improve upon as Jason’s horses do tend to improve for a race.

Wed 29/05/’13

Frag off to Hamilton tomorrow and Ypres declared to run Catterick Friday. More news tomorrow.

Tues 28/5/’13

Bridge Valley runs at Hamilton on Thursday and Jason’s Eastward Ho ran well today at Redcar from a poor draw and leading most of the way – a hard thing to do at Redcar in a 9f race. The visit to the Thatchmire Stud visit on June 16th kicks off at 11.00 am and bookings are being taken now. Just email or give a ring on 07775 743 885. Ground no good for Sleepy at Cartmel tomorrow, next up for him Hexham.

Mon 27/5/’13

Very quiet this past week but plenty of entries (as you will see from the home page) going in. Such a lot depends upon the ground for runners. Good to see Magic Present win the bumper at Kelso yesterday for Malcolm Jefferson. The dam of Magic Present is the 9 time winner Magic Bloom, the dam of Annies Gift who is the dam of our horse with Malcolm Anne’s Valentine (reserved name). All from the same very good family and it shouldn’t be too long before an outing on the flat beckons for The Black Cats and Annie. Chevalgris (a horse to follow) was a non runner at Redcar today.

Wed 22/5/’13

Sleepy bypasses Wetherby but holds an entry at Uttoxeter on Sunday. Ypres bypasses the race entry at Carlisle.

Sun 19/5/’13 07.45

Ypres wont ruOn at Ripon today due to the ground following heavy rain yesterday and more races will be looked for inc. Carlisle a week on Monday. Still chance to join his ownership group @£425 ALL IN for the season. Also share available in Sleep In First. The Black Cats can be joined in 4 horses with JAMES EWART / JASON WARD / MALCOLM JEFFERSON and ALAN SWINBANK. Alan is having a great run at the moment and with James intending running 18 horses over the Summer, it should be an interesting time. All goes well on the stud and pictured is the Malinas foal out of Madam Jolie. This is the colt foal pictured previously at 6 hours, he was pictured here in his 7th week. Incredible how they develop so quick. We will be organising a stud visit on June 16th at The Thatchmire Stud and you can book places now. It is based mid way between Guisborough and Whitby on the moor road. Full directions on request. All foals and mares plus all the youngstock will be able to be seen.

Sat 18/5/’13

All happened as predicted with Chevalgris drifting, opening 7/1 going 15/2 before dropping to 9/2 and winning ! The 2 horses given from Alan S’s yard have now won. Normally, Alan stops backing a horse once profit has been made but in both cases – especially Lady Artiste – they can be backed on a selective basis as Alan (husband) believes both have every chance of improving.

Ypres runs tomorrow at Ripon on his seasonal debut.

Frid 17/5/’13

YPRES runs Thirsk on Sunday

SLEEP IN FIRST entered Wetherby Thursday

CHEVALGRIS given as a horse to follow runs at Hamilton 6.15 tonight. Present price 6/1. Drift a bit then come in ?

Wed 15/5/’13

A lot of changes have been made of late with some horses going out and new horses coming into Panther. As a summary :

  • ANNE’S VALENTINO (proposed name) 3 y. old comes into THE BLACK CATS group and is in training with MALCOLM JEFFERSON.
  • SLEEP IN FIRST the 7 y. old 4 time chase winner last season with James comes in and is syndicated as 10% or 25% shares. PLUS there are 4 only shares available as equivalent to a 1% lease. Cost of such a share is £625 ALL IN until May 1st 2014. Please just get in touch 07775 743 885. These shares give a great insight into racehorse ownership at a very reasonable cost in a very nice young horse. Ready to race now and possible entries are Wetherby / Hexham and Aintree.
  • By KALANISI a 4 y. old by the dual purpose sire and sire of excellent KATCHIT and EUROPEAN DREAM. He comes into the BLACK CATS group and is in training with James. Been schooled and will run in bumpers then nov. hurdles.


  • BORIS THE BLADE. He was a great horse to have been involved with and whilst he may still run on the tracks next season – was in the Doncaster sales but withdrawn yesterday, Panther’s involvement has now ceased.
  • FRONTIER BOY. Just when it looked as if he was regaining his form (2nd latest for The BLACK CATS) he has had a problem which will keep him out of action until January so he has been replaced in the BLACK CATS by the horse by Kalanisi.


SLEEP IN FIRST – 4 ONLY shares @ £625 ALL IN until May 1st 2014. Entries now.

THE BLACK CATS – 4 horses with James Ewart / Jason Ward / Alan Swinbank / Malcolm Jefferson. £500 ALL IN 12 months. Runners now.

YPRES – Last chance to own a share for the turf season @ £425 ALL IN. Entries now.

Lexi will be race ready in approx 2 to 3 weeks and Gay needs to sell shares in the horse. Also needs officially naming. If there was sufficient interest in the shares equivalent to a 1% lease, we would go ahead. Otherwise 10% shares are available.

Tues 14/5/’13 08.00

Pauline has just phoned and has to get vet to see to Boris who has been cast in his box overnight. He has to miss his date at the sales. We wont be going to the sales ourselves now.

Mon 13/5/’13

Frag (pictured before the race at Thirsk along with Jason and Teresa) has come out of his race without problem and there were no great shocks as to the race’s outcome. Kieran, who looks after Frag at home and rode him, did nothing wrong. Just need FRAG THIRSK 11/5/'13the right race to come along but in the meantime, races need to be run. Another race will be looked for shortly.

Ypres has his first entry for Panther on Sunday at Ripon. Jason’s horses are all improving for their first runs but we will see. The yard has just had two seconds with the last 2 runners and had it not been for the draw at Thirsk when almost 20 lengths had to be made up, it would have been a win on the board. Hopefully the handicapper doesn’t overact. This is now your last chance to join Ypres’s ownership group. Please just get in touch on 07775 743 885.

We have another new horse about to join Panther and details in a couple of days time.

Boris goes to Doncaster tomorrow and goes through the ring as Lot 3. Certainly not ideal to get the best price, so if you want to buy him you need to get there early doors ! He is very well in himself and it is sad to see him go, as Alan still believes Boris is well capable of winning races on the track. However, as stated before, he has to go for Pauline to put more youngstock into training. The latest broodmare on the stud has just been covered by Malinas at the weekend and all youngstock / foals and horses to go into training in July / Aug time will be on show at the stud visit on June 16th. Details of visit shortly.

Sat 11/5/’13

Trainers have horses all over today but our interest features with Bridge Valley (Frag to friends – of which I doubt there will be many in the betting) at Thirsk this evening in the 6.45. Kieran (who rides Frag at home) takes the ride. The draw might be fine but one of Frag’s problems is leaving the stalls and getting behind. If he does tonight, any advantage will be lost. The obvious big disadvantage in tonight’s race is that this is a stakes race and being low rated he is totally wrong at the weights with most of the other runners. Ground doesn’t particularly bother him but a cut would help by slowing down others, so any rain is appreciated. His present price of 66’s doesn’t look exactly inviting. A better opportunity will be coming his way in the not too distant future. However, in these sort of races you just never know and both Frag and Kieran are there doing their best and good luck to both.

Thurs 9/5/’13

WOW 25/1 WINNER (was 33/1) with UNEX CANALETTO !!!!

Certainly did improve.

Frag (Bridge Valley) runs at Thirsk on Sat.

Wed 8/5/’13

This past fortnight has been a disaster regarding anything to do with technology. It started with the email account being ‘hijacked’ sending out supposed emails from myself regarding cheap mobiles and laptops for sale – sorry if you have received one. Updating the website has had setbacks with info uploading being lost and now our home phone line system remains down (repairs next weekend earliest !). At least the broadband service is working for now. I will hopefully get the site updated while things are O.K. I will do so in small increments with … ”more to follow shortly ” indicating that hopefully there is !

We have another new horse for Panther and it is SLEEP IN FIRST with James Ewart.

Rated 81 early last season, he is now 120 rated and has won 4 chases last season. His 92 hurdle rating may leave a little leaway depending upon handicapper but better class races will be on the agenda inc. Aintree coming up. Sleepy will be kept on the go over the Summer as he wants decent ground. He is one of 18 intended runners this Summer from the yard, which is a first for James who hasn’t had very many runners at all from May to Sept / Oct time. Another is our own Frontier Boy who came 2nd last week for The Black Cats. At present, I haven’t decided on how Sleepy will be syndicated but if anyone would be interested in a small share (equivalent to a 1% lease) please get in touch (book a share now) as there will only be a very few like that, as the remainder of the horse will be in 25% shares or possibly 10%. Details will be posted shortly.

Just a reminder, the last shares are now selling in YPRES in training with Jason Ward. All in cost for the turf season is only £425

Also, THE BLACK CATS GROUP has 4 horses with trainers JAMES EWART / MALCOLM JEFFERSON / ALAN SWINBANK / JASON WARD. These are FRONTIER BOY / ANNE’S VALENTINO / TEO’S GOLD / BRIDGE VALLEY. Cost to join is £500 for 12 months. Runners now. Just waiting for photograph of Anne’s Valentino.

Just before I go, a horse from the yard who could improve over the Summer is Unex Canaletto. He is only young, quite big and hasn’t appeared to see his races out after travelling well. He runs at Kelso today at 2.35

Sat 4/5/’13

Again more info lost to the ether ! However, I will endeavour to update the site over the weekend.

Second horse given as a horse to follow ( CHEVALGRIS ) from Alan’s yard runs in the 3.20 at Thirsk and the 7’s have gone but 11/2 available. Hopefully it is a horse to make profit for followers over the season.

Changes being made to the site include a new section for horses with a share available or for sale from trainer’s yards. Presently there are 2 with James Ewart – a FREE 5% in FRONTIER BOY and a 25% in SLEEP IN FIRST. You will be invoiced directly from the yard for training fees. I will include more details shortly – problem is the more I write at present, ‘it’ isn’t accepting it !

Frid 3/5/’13

The earlier message (the 2 hour job !) hasn’t been able to have been retrieved and I haven’t time to get all the info back on site this evening. However, here comes some more news on the TED at Sedgefield yesterdayhorses. Frontier Boy (pictured yesterday), came out of yesterday’s race at Sedgefield without problem and he was turned out in the paddocks this morning for a break. He will return to training in the next few days and more races looked for. Still can’t understand why he likes Sedgefield so much, as he is a big long striding horse but he does handle the undulating track well (touchwood).

We have a new horse for The Black Cats racing group within Panther and she is a 3 y. old by PRIMO VALENTINO who is a dual purpose stallion. In training with Malcolm Jefferson who describes her as a very tough filly who has come to hand quite quick, shows speed to run on the flat and should be race ready in about 6 weeks. She will run on the turf at first.

Joining the BLACK CATS GROUP COSTS £500 FOR 12 MONTHS and there are 4 horses with 4 trainers at present and another horse hopefully coming shortly. See separate pages on FRONTIER BOY / BRIDGE VALLEY / By PRIMO VALENTINO / TEO’S GOLD for more details on present horses.

Also in the mix is a another new horse who may be joining the Black Cats group shortly. The present cost of membership is held at present. However, at only £125 per horse it offers excellent value for money. I will hopefully be able to upload pictures of the new horse with Malcolm over the weekend and have more news on another horse soon. It has become a busy time these last couple of days and YPRES will be race ready very soon. There are individual shares available in him @ £425 for the whole of the turf season. He is in training with Jason Ward at Middleham. PLEASE JUST GET IN TOUCH IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A SHARE. They are very limited in number – honest !

Of the other horses, Bridge Valley (Frag) has 2 possible races chosen for him. Boris is well but has his bags packed for the May sales at Doncaster. Unfortunately, he has the dreaded early lot number of 3 which buyers can easily miss. Not good for a decent price to be obtained.

More updates to the horses and news on another new horse will be made over the weekend.

Frid 3/5/’13

Ted has come out of his race without problem and after a couple of days in the field will be back in work and more races looked for. Apologies but having spent over 2 hours updating this page, all info has been wiped out ! I will endeavour to replace it this evening but in the next 30 mins, Lady Artiste runs in the 3.30 at Musselburgh. On the drift at 4’s with continued support for the two market rivals, she never-the-less remains a horse on the upgrade. Again, I will hopefully update later with news on the new horse and another new one to come.

Thurs 2/5/’13

Just back in and a nice run today by Frontier Boy (Ted) to be 2nd. He almost gave in on Brian Hughes at the finish but hearing another horse coming up, he picked up again and ran on. The watered ground probably wasn’t ideal for him if wanting any excuse and he will probably come on again for the run. With 18’s available later on this morning, hopefully readers took advantage and followed Alan. Ted will be a good nfun horse over the Summer months for members of the Black Cats.

There is ONE 5% share available in Frontier Boy. It is free and you would be invoiced monthly at cost price from the yard. Interested, please just get in touch. 07775 743 885

Also a 10% share for purchase in SLEEP IN FIRST also in training with James Ewart. Again you would be invoiced monthly directly from the yard. Please just give me a call.

The first new horse for Panther is in training with MALCOLM JEFFERSON based in Malton. It is a very forward horse and is expected to run in about 6 weeks.

I will be updating the site hopefully tomorrow with full details .

Thurs 2/5/’13

Ted runs in the 3.10 at Sedg today. The track, ground and trip are all pluses and he should be on a winning mark. 14/1 odds at present make him look a decent e.w. bet. However, the big negative is the recent form of his last two races where he has been soundly beaten with the only excuse being the tacky ground at Sedgefield on his penultimate start. No such excuse last time at Hexham though. No excuse at all in fact. If the yard in general had been in good form of late rather than patchy, then it would help confidence. Just hoping he bounces back to his form as he must surely have a winning chance if he did so. Problem is, other horses are in form and a good case can be made for those. Fingers crossed, as Alan is having a little bit on as he believes Ted and the yard in general will regain the thread at some point. Just a matter of time.

News tonight on the new horse scene.

Wed 1/5/’13 16.00

Frontier Boy takes his chance at Sedgefield tomorrow and more news in the morning on him. Things hotting up once again on a new horse – possibly horses ! News as it happens as they say ! If you are not a member of the Black Cats, you should join now if plans come to fruition. Just get in touch – 07775 743 885.

Mon 29/4/’13

Well, it enpacked stands at Perthded up as a very profitable week or so with Alan (husband) seemingly being able to do no wrong betting wise, with horses going in left right and centre over the jumps at Ayr and then the three days at Perth whilst Naburn (mentioned on Thursday) also happily obliging at Newcastle. And there was me doubting ! As always, the Perth Festival meeting is a great venue to visit and this year was no exception. It is very well attended and has a great atmosphere. TheLaertes leading and winning the field in the Highland National management go out of their way to make it a fun occasion for all. Although having no runners this year it was thoroughly enjoyable time, bringing back memories of when Laertes won the Highland National two years on the trot – 2008 & 2009. Never know, the Cup may return for Panther again. Staying on the campsite adjacent to the track also has a great atmosphere with racegoers and owners converging year after year and it was great to meet up with people we tend to see on a yearly basis. Only the Irish contingent who are normally there were mostly absent, no doubt due to the clash with Punchestown. A horse Alan has taken from the meeting to follow up is Aneyeforaneye (another of his winners !) and one the trainer said in an interview afterwards that could return here later on, possibly for the Perth Gold Cup. Interesting to see what the handicapper does. Well that again is my annual Perth promotion and all I can add is if you have never been to this meeting, go !

On the home front, Lucy has been in touch and Dancing Dik continues to go the right way. He is being long reined to get his muscle shape right again before being turned away for the Summer break. Time seems to have flown since he sustained the injury. There is still a long way to go but touchwood he continues going the right way. A further scan will be performed on Harry The Lemmon (expected to be today) and of our other walking wounded, No Lady has been retired to the paddocks as it would be a year before she could race. She is expected to be covered quite soon by Malinas and is the new broodmare at the Thatchmire stud. It has been decided that the two from the stud who we had hoped would be running on track last season (Manyshadesofblack & Hitman Harry) to be let down and turned away for the Summer. It has been disappointing neither got a run but a combination of greenness and weather (now ground a likely problem) got the upper hand. It is thought both will benefit from an early turn out and grass then back in again, rather than trying to just get a run onto them. Boris is in rude health but bags getting packed ready for the sales in 2 weeks. He is making way for young stock from the stud coming through and expected going into training next season. At present, it looks as if the two mentioned will be joined by another four. Six horses will need plenty of monetry support ! Thatchmire will need to get the wins on the board and sell. Which way, the siblings or the winners ?

Frontier Boy is entered at Sedgefield on Thursday and at present, a likely runner. The turf horses are also well and entries wont be too far away. Don’t forget, joining the Black Cats is £500 all in for a year. This price could change if another horse / trainer joins. Ypres remains at £425 for the full turf season and entries aren’t expected to be too far away.

PLEASE NOTE I have a new email address –

Thurs 25/4/’13

Flushed with going through a purple patch of all of 6 days, the first day of the Scottish National meeting, yesterday’s first day of the Perth Festival meeting plus the form of trainer Tracy Waggott, Alan shares his wisdom in more horses (at your peril !). Alan S.’s Hail Bold Chief looks on paper to be well fancied and also on the betting but it isn’t this one Alan has opted for from the yard but Naburn presently at 11/2 in the 7.20 at Newcastle. Keeping away from Perth (he has backed 4 here 7/1 / 7/1 / 15/2 & 8/1 – I will spare his blushes but Napinda in the 6.30 at Lingfield now at 5’s following a reformed market, is a horse he has been told about. Becoming flushed with success generally leads in one direction ! Be Warned.

Wed 24/4/’13

Whilst some of James’s horses are running well enough, the yard isn’t as good as it could be – although you couldn’t complain about Sleep In First at Hexham nor its incredible starting price (7/2). The horse is for sale and also has races mapped out at Kelso on Monday and Perth on May 15th. Meanwhile, Frontier Boy hasd come out of his race without problem and James’s main concern was that Ted ran on at finish. This he did. He now has a race coming up at Sedgefield ground depending. Brian had allowed Ted to get a blow in and then asked him again. Although beaten well, there were definite positives to be taken as James was happy to see him finish. Several just aren’t.

Sun 21/4/’13

Hitman Harry wasn’t declared for Newcastle or Hexham and with the next M. Rasen meeting’s bumper being for amateur / conditional riders, he may wait for the one after in 3 weeks which is for professional riders. Boris is now to be let down and will go to Doncaster’s Spring Sales in 3 weeks. He has been a great horse for his owners and made an excellent start and finish to the season. Unfortunately, the 4 pulled ups in between plus his 2 major races at Haydock and The Eider at Newcastle both being lost to the weather, blotted what could have been an excellent season. Circumstances dictated the pulled ups with very quick returns to the track not suiting and getting knocked out of the last Haydock race in the Tim Moloney at the first fence. Boris has had a distinguished racing career, winning 5, 2nd x 5 and 3rd x 3, winning over £38,000 in prize money. He is sound and without any physical problem, has never fallen in his racing career and would suit someone for a season or two pointing / hunter chasing. Please get in touch if interested.

Today is an important day’s racing at Newcastle for James as the yard has had a much slower time this Winter than normal. Ideally, it would be good to see some positive results before our own Frontier Boy runs at Hexham tomorrow. He also needs to bounce back to form. An open looking 20 runner chase, will also need plenty of luck in running. Fingers crossed for Ted and members in The Black Cats racing group. Don’t forget, 3 horses / 3 trainers at a present cost of £500 for 12 months.

Shares in Ypres with Jason are selling and the horse is well and entries wont be too long in coming. Please note, to be involved with the horse, cheques would need to be cleared prior to the horse running. A share costs only £425 for the full turf season and you can visit your horse at Jason’s yard in the centre of Middleham as well as see him on the gallops once a member of his ownership group. Details can be seen on Ypres’s horse page.

As you will have been aware, we had hoped to have announced a new horse / trainer but this hasn’t come to fruition as yet and details will be posted if it does happen.

Apologies if you have tried to get in touch on the mobile this past week as we have been having a lot of problems with the phone. Hopefully, it has now been sorted.

Thurs 18/4/’13

Hitman eliminated at present from both Hexham and Newcastle and most likely to be watered ground. Doubts if he will get a run. Frontier Boy has entries at Hexham and Sedgefield. Still quiet on the new horse front for now. Change of plans with Boris. Being kept ticking over. Not hooves up for now ! (again).

Tues 16/4/’13

Boris well after his race and now goes to Doncaster sales to make way for the youngstock coming through from the Thatchmire stud. The first entries for Panther’s Thatchmire Stud Racing & Breeding Group are in for Hitman Harry at Newcastle on their additional fixture and for Hexham. Problem with the weather and ground improving, there are lots of entries and no doubt eliminations. Other races are also picked out. Frontier Boy also has an entry at Hexham for the Black Cats Group. Alan said Teo’s Gold continues to come to hand. No more news on a possible new horse as yet.

Sun 14/4/’13


Boris is well after his race and by all accounts buzzing and ready to go again. However, for now intentions are for the sales in May. He would make someone a nice pointer / hunter chaser for a couple of seasons. He appreciated Samantha Drake’s tender riding at Wetherby on Friday and he has never fallen in his career. Anyone interested in purchasing Boris, please just get in touch. He is definitely not the sort of horse to stand in a field and loves being active. He stays all day and jumps well.

No Lady, one of the Thatchmire stud horses developed heat in a leg and a scan showed a small hole. She is to be let down and return to the stud. She will stay at the stud until Hitman Harry hopefully shows potential on track (races planned very soon) and she could then be covered, as she is his half sister. Manyshadesofblack is back on the gallops having had heat in a foot due to a badly fitted shoe. It has cost us a couple of weeks but again things are going forward !

Frontier Boy has his races mapped out for the Black Cats and Frag and Ypres are both in strong work. Although entered up for the Ayr Festival meeting, Harry The Lemmon has suffered an overreach and wont run again this season.

Nothing ever runs smooth with horses ! Still, more runs like Boris the other day (Alan’s voice returning to normal ) and you know why you take part in racing.

Heard some whispers in racing yesterday, hope they aren’t right. Can’t say anymore at present – libel I cannot afford.

Sat 13/4/’13

Apologies for not being able to update this page sooner. However, Boris did indeed get his run at Wetherby with overnight rain easing the ground sufficiently, albeit not as soft as what would have been thought to be ideal. He ran a cracker to finish 2nd in what was a decent field. Sam Drake was given the ride yesterday with instructions to not jump Boris straight out but to let him do things in his own way. The ladies touch worked, as Boris jumped his way to the front and happily went about his business. Only once did he start to drop back and Sam said she talked to him with a few pats and off he went again ! 40’s on the morning, 50’s at places on track and not a penny on ! However, that was of no consequence as it was great to see Boris back on song and entering the winners enclosure once again (pictured). Alan’s photography knows no bounds, as he thought it would make a good photo of Boris walking past the ”WINNER” sign in the parade ring on his way out to go to post. Unfortunately, it looks as if someone has stuck a large bouquet of flowers into Sam’s face !

More news on other horses tomorrow.

Wed 10/4/’13

Followers of Alan’s yard have had a good spell of late and our own horse with Alan is doing well on the gallops. Harry The Lemmon with James is entered up at Uttoxeter and other possibles are Cheltenham and Ayr. There is a small share now available in him. Just give a ring on 07775 743 885 if you are interested. He is potentially a top class prospect. Been 2nd x2 and F when going very well for us over hurdles but it is as a chaser we bought him for. This is a very good opportunity to be involved in a class prospect.

For the turf, we have YPRES available at £425 ALL IN for the full season. In training with Jason Ward in Middleham, you can visit your horse and watch him on the gallops when you wish. It is a very small ownership group and only 6 shares remain. He is only 4 and been placed or won in 5 of last 6 starts. Only btn 3l when out of the frame. Again, please just get in touch.

The latest general newsletter for members in Panther was posted yesterday and everyone involved in any of the groups or horses in Panther should receive a copy.

Boris holds an entry on Frid at Wetherby but a lot depends upon the ground if he runs or not.

Sun 7/4/’13

Followers of one of Alan’s ‘horses to follow’ Lady Artiste, will have had little to worry about yesterday as she won well. The only suprising thing was that she drifted on the morning and opened at 9/2. At least it made Alan put more on than he expected, as he backed her outwards ! Most people back a horse in. The second horse to follow from the yard shouldn’t be long away.

As a matter of interest, Tina hasn’t had a lot of runners of late but runs Miss Sunflower today at Hexham. She is 11 now and a former pointer with Tina. It is hoped she can pick up some form as Tina would like to breed from her. The horse had been working alongside Hitman Harry on the gallops (pictured leading) and is expected to be race ready.

Entries are coming up shortly for Frontier Boy who has a choice of engagements and all other horses are also just about there. Touchwood, all wheels stay on !


  • THE BLACK CATS – 3 HORSES 3 TRAINERS. Running now. £500 12 months.
  • YPRES – Share in a numerically very small ownership group. £425 fully inc. turf season. All ownership benefits inc. see your horse on gallops.
  • THE THATCHMIRE STUD RACING & BREEDING GROUP. – Come racing as an owner with 3 horses in training. Get involved in following the breeding operation itself and all the happenings at the stud. Come to the sales etc. £299 ALL IN COST. ALL OWNERSHIP BENEFITS WHEN HORSES RUN.
  • HARRY THE LEMMON – A share has become available. Please get in touch for full details.

Sat 6/4/’13

I wont attempt to recommend a horse for the National, as I’m sure all will have their own thoughts on the race. Lady Artiste, one of Alan’s 2 horses to follow from Alan Swinbank’s yard runs at Newcastle today. Form of the family isn’t reported to be brilliant but Alan still thinks the horse will turn a profit over the season. She is a lean, leggy horse and the mile at Newcastle should also suit. On the negative side, she is on the drift and 7/2 available at present.

James has given me a list of possible races coming up for Frontier Boy and Harry The lemmon, now the ground is improving and they will be on the Black Cats and Harry’s phonelines when next updated.

Plans had been to let Boris down now and retirement was on the agenda. However, in true Frank Sinatra style, he has just made his first comeback and he is entered at Wetherby on Friday. Just when he expected putting his hooves up !

Tues 2/4/’13 p.m.

The Thatchmire horses are back on the gallops again and all three are expected to be ready for a bumper around the same time. James reported that all is well with Frontier Boy and Harry the Lemmon and with ground now drying, races will be looked for. Alan S. is pleased with the progress of Teo’s Gold and said he needs to decide on going the bumper route or straight to the flat. There is another race in a couple of weeks for Bridge Valley and Ypres will also be ready shortly. Fingers crossed it will become a busy time soon ? Not to mention Alan’s horse to follow is being entered up now. Time to get the wheel barrow out to bring the cash home !

Tues 2/4/’13 a.m.

Apologies but the site couldn’t be updated yesterday as the website server was down and out of our control. Typically everything goes down on a Bank Holiday and nobody can be reached. Not only was the server down but all our horse phone lines also went down. Fortunately we managed to get in touch with all members of the Black Cats and owners in Boris prior to their races. Again my apologies to those logging in for news yesterday.

Both results were probably predictable, with Boris having had a circuit + of scrubbing along at Haydock before his quick return at Newcastle (on ground drying out) and Frag very much up against it and over 30 pounds wrong with two of those that beat him.

I haven’t spoken to the trainers this morning but will update the blog later today with news of other horses – now everything is back up and running inc. all our phonelines once more !

Sun 31/3/’13

Things didn’t exactly go to plan yesterday with Boris and Richie defying gravity at the first. It was a remarkable recovery as a horse cut across the pair and it put the race beyond reach at that very early stage. Although chasing the pack, on the quicker ground than he is used to, he was never able to make inroads to be a challenger and Richie pulled him up. Boris was fine afterwards and ate up last night and he has shown no stiffness this morning and so Tina declared him for Newcastle again tomorrow. This time he is off top weight in a lower grade race. More news in the morning. He is pictured yesterday and was in rude health.

Bridge Valley takes his chance at Redcar tomorrow and it is his debut for The Black Cats. Again more news tomorrow.

Sat 30/3/’13

Boris runs at Haydock today in the Tim Molony, a race he has won previous.This is a very open handicap today. On the plus side, Boris certainly loves a trip and Alan is convinced the horse has retained enough ability to win. Tina has had him down to the beach to freshen him up as he runs best when fresh. He is buzzing at home. Unfortunately, there are also negatives. Boris loves a slog from the front in heavy ground. He will not have his ideal ground and there are plenty of horses who also like to lead or be prominant. The biggest negative is whether or not Boris gives his all, as he can, when he wants, down tools and throw in the towel. He has a mind of his own and nothing can make him change. Richie knows his quirks well and also conjured a run from way out the back when Boris ran his last race last year at Carlisle and that was on decent ground in a hurdle. Only Boris knows which one will turn up today but if the right one does, he will have a good chance – even on this ground. His price is generally 20’s but when 25’s show, it disappears quickly.

Frid 29/3/’13


The draw took place at Jason Ward’s yard today at the Open morning at Middleham and Jason pulled out John’s name from the hat. Many thanks for all who participated in the free draw and although you didn’t win, the good thing is you can still join the fun with Bridge Valley (Frag) with Jason, Teo’s Gold (Teo) with Alan Swinbank and Frontier Boy (Ted) with James Ewart. It only costs £150 plus £30 per month by joining The Black Cats ! Horses are entered now both turf and N. Hunt. I hope everyone enjoyed their visit to Jason’s yard. It is a small yard as such but the numbers of horses have increased this year to 16 and there are 40 boxes in total. Jason did very well with low cost horses last year – his first at Middleham – and he is an enthusiastic trainer who offers all owners and members open visiting and to see their horse(s) on the gallops. If you fancy a share in a single horse with Jason, their is also YPRES who has been placed and won in 5 of his last 6 races. He is a sprinter and nicknamed Stu as in Stuart (psycho) Pearce. Psycho being the connection ! He is a horse with fire in his belly and I will tell a story about him when there is time. A share in him is only £425 ALL IN for the full turf season. It is a very small membership group and ideal for anyone new to racing to dip their toe in the water – as well as old hands ! Please just give me a ring on 07775 743 885 if you are interested. There really are only a very limited number of shares available in Stu and Jason is the ideal trainer, as he spends time with all his owners and is very accomodating regardless of the amount a person has in a horse.

Now back to racing ! BORIS THE BLADE runs tomorrow at Haydock in the Tim Moloney @ 2.05 a televised race on CH4 racing. It is a race he has won previous. Scrolling down this page, you will see photographs of him as he has been getting freshened up for tomorrow’s race at Redcar beach. More news on his chances in the morning. Late decisions before declaration time whether Frontier Boy or Bridge Valley run on Monday.

Thurs 28/3/’13

Middleham Open Morning 9am to 13.00 at Jason’s yard tomorrow.

Don’t forget to pop into Jason’s yard ( Dante Yard near the Castle in the centre of Middleham) where a coffee awaits ! If you are interested in joining The Black Cats or taking a share in Ypres, please just ask us any questions you have. Weather looking to be a deciding factor for Easter runners with frost now becoming the major threat.

Lucy phoned with an update on Dancing Dik. He has been scanned again and given the all clear. He will be long reined before Summer (whenever it comes) and then will be on 24/7 turnout. Amazing how fast things get around. He is still a young horse and he had an awful lot of potential, so fingers crossed he continues his progress, as he should be back in work at the end of August / beginning of Sept (weather dependent).

Look forward to meeting anyone coming to Middleham.

Wed 27/3/’13

Took one of my own photographs yesterday at the beach and it is one to put the hearts of all owners in Boris in their mouths – not to mention Pauline from The Thatchmire Stud ! Alan ”in charge” (?) of Boris at the beach. Perhaps the threat of strangulation (or getting on his back) worked, as Boris was a perfect gent.

There haven’t been a lot of plusses since the turn of the year regarding racing but one turn up for the books was with Redcar changing their 7f race on Easter Monday (due to waterlogging in that area) to a 6f race. Not as ideal but still offers Black Cat horse Bridge Valley a racing opportunity.

A horse James has always spoke highly of is UEUETEOTL. It runs at Wetherby today and has a 25% share for sale. See before you buy ! Drifting, presently 11/4 but should give good account. Bred by James’s brother and by the sire Tikkanen – same as our own Manyshadesofblack.

Tues 26/3/’13

Spare time doesn’t get any easier. Details of the latest horse to join Panther are now posted – finally ! YPRES is a winning 4 y. old sprinter trained in Middleham by Jason Ward. In the frame in 5 of his last 6 races, he is almost ready to race and should be a horse to get his owners to the track regular over the coming turf season. Touchwood ! He will be on show ( and sale ! ) at the forthcoming Middleham Open Day. There are only a very limited number of shares available as equivalent to a 1% lease in a numerically small ownership group. Jason welcomes owners to watch horses on the gallops and being based in the centre of Middleham, the experience of owning a horse in the large training centre, gives you the chance to also make a stay in the area and enjoy all it offers.


Please give a ring on 07775 743 885 if you are interested in one of the shares.

Boris the Blade is well and entered at Haydock on Saturday and Newcastle on Monday. Low weight at Haydock, big at Newcastle. Weather looks as if it will be the determining factor. Frontier Boy also entered Newcastle but ground and hurdles not looking ideal. Went to Redcar beach today and met up with Boris (pictured below) who was having a freshener. Howard Johnson and Ferdy Murphy have long been visitors to Redcar beach to give horses a freshener before some big festival races – hopefully the magic works for Boris at Haydock.

Mon 25/3/’13

Apologies but details of new horse will be posted tomorrow. Meanwhile pic of TROOPER MIDDLEHAM who will be at Jason’s yard on the Open Day on Friday. Entries starting again with Boris at Haydock.

Sat 23/3/’13

Tale of two horses

Yesterday lunchtime, we received a call from Dennis who was very upset. Deep Decision had to be humanely destroyed yesterday morning. He was 27. The day previous, D.D. as we had always called him, Dippy as Sam and Dennis affectionately called him after they took him on his retirement from racing, had been in top form. The next morning, he was found collapsed in his box and the vet said there was nothing that could be done to save him. Retiring a racehorse out of racing isn’t always easy. Fortunately, we have always managed it when necessary and every horse has had a very good home and active life after racing. All our horses are given away free of charge – but to a home that will give a horse an active a life as possible. Before D.D. became Dippy, he had been purchased by ourselves as a 4 y. old from Arthur Stephenson – who trained him also until he died. D.D. was the first of several horses purchased from Arthur, all winners. He was then in training with Arthur’s nephew Peter Cheesbrough and finally with Chris Grant who tried to get him to the Foxhunter with wife Sue as jockey. D.D. was a typical horse trained by Arthur, showing little in the way of form in bumpers and hurdles but won his first two chases. In total, he ran in 37 chases, suffered injuries, won 6, placed 2nd x 10, 3rd x 9, and 3 x 4th. He fell only once. He jumped the National fences in the John Hughes but his race was effectively over from being baulked at the first. He was a distance horse, was a brilliant jumper who took lengths out of opponents but lacked that extra bit of pace that would have made him top class. Arthritis in a foot took its toll and he was retired as a 12 y. old. Many came to view him at Chris’s and several offered homes but none were ideal until Dennis and Sam (daughter) turned up. D.D. wasn’t your loveable cuddly pet, he wouldn’t let Peter Cheesbrough in the box and didn’t particularly like people of any description. However, it was love at first sight as they say, as Sam and D.D. clicked from that first attempted bite. Sam took it all in her stride, rode D.D. out and with ourselves standing, fingers crossed she would want him permanently as she seemed the ideal owner, watched as she popped him over an obstacle. Sam wasn’t an experienced rider, had never had a racehorse previous but everything just seemed right. Coming back, Sam just wanted the horse so bad and would have walked him to his new home if she could there and then. Chris took him the next day. And so it was, D.D. became Dippy and an active riding and jumping life followed until late in his life, he could no longer be ridden and he saw out his days as a pet and turned out with another of our retired horses – Sparkling Harry from trainer Lynn Siddall – and an old mare that Dippy was smitten with and highly protective of. Dippy will be sadly missed by Sam and Dennis but no better life could a racehorse have had after his racing days were over. He was a horse big in stature and big in heart.


I don’t have a photograph as yet – probably just as well, as you might have got the wrong impression and thought it was our new sprinter ! The horse called Middleham is a cavalry horse and is to be stalled at Jason’s yard (Dante yard) on the Middleham Open morning. Tom Maples, the officer in charge of Middleham has emailed (from his hols !) some information I had requested. Although nothing to do with racing, if you like horses in general which I’m sure most will, pop along and see Middleham and Tom at Jason’s. Some background to Middleham is as emailed from Tom :-

Middleham Progress

Middleham was taken on by LCoH McGrath as his Competition Horse in January this year. The idea behind doing this with some of our horses is to help train them into more rounded mounts whilst still maintaining their usefulness as ceremonial horses.

LCoH McGrath’s plan was to build up Middleham’s weight and muscle as well as his jumping discipline. He has begun doing this by using cross-poles, grid pole jumps and general trotting poles. He also schools Middleham’s flatwork daily.

However, this is not infringing on the time Middleham gets to spend on ceremonial duty. He continues to take part in Queen’s Life Guard and will be used on every major ceremonial parade this season, starting with the Major General’s Inspection in Hyde Park on the 22nd March.

LCoH McGrath plans to progress Middleham’s training by taking him to a number of civilian shows over the next few months. This will help Middleham gain some experience before the military jumping season begins with events like the Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Royal Military Tournament at Melton Mowbray.

From his enthusiasm it is clear Middleham is relishing the opportunity to be involved in his stimulating new training and it does certainly provide him with a change to normal Cavalry Black life!

On Good Friday (29th March) Middleham will be travelling to the Middleham Horse Review. He will be stalled in Dante’s Yard, Manor House Stables and we encourage members of the public to come and say hello.

And Finally

A reminder that the stud and stable visit has been postponed due to the weather. The biggest problem at present isn’t the yards themselves – although the weather isn’t exactly ideal, but locations from where people are travelling from being under inches of snow and poor driving conditions. A new date will be arranged. With Redcar’s 7f and mile shoot being waterlogged, it looks to have scuppered Bridge Valley’s first race for The Black Cats – a 7f straight race on Easter Monday ! Bad weather for some means good prospects for others and Boris is on target for Haydock next Saturday. All other horses are well and ticking over but crying out for better ground. There will be an avalanche of entries around the country when it finally arrives !

Details of the new horse should be posted on Monday latest.

Frid 22/3/’13

I have been making a few adjustments to the site layout to hopefully make some things a little more less confusing (?) for readers of the blog. The new ‘History’ page and ‘Cast’ page are now under the main ‘About’ page. Hopefully it will help new readers get to know names of horses and people mentioned in the blog. Also, I am looking towards making more changes to the site, with possible contributors (could you be one ?) writing for us, as well as other ideas we have. You are welcome now to submit photographs (racing related) anytime for inclusion onto the ‘Misc’ gallery page. Don’t forget, the competition closes for a free draw to the Black Cats next Wed. See comp page for details. Also, the offer of a free year’s sub to the Racing Ahead mag closes at the end of the month for anyone joing the Black Cats. Small individual shares will be available for the turf season. The stud and stable visit has had to be postponed due to the forecast weather. Not just where the stud and stable are situated but due to where people live who have booked. Some already have 2 inches of snow and much more forecast. Another date will be set.

When registrations are complete, details of the new horse will be posted

Thurs 21/3/’13

Registrations are just being finalised for a new horse to join Panther for the turf season. He is a 4 y. old WINNING sprinter and in the frame for almost 50 % of occasions. Full details wiil be posted shortly.


Sun 17/3/’13

Cheltenham over for another year and a meeting of mixed emotions, with excellent racing offset with the injury to jockey JT McNamara. John Francome’s article in yesterday’s Sun newspaper summed it up well. Alan had few bets but came out just up – good for Alan ! Both Frontier Boy and Harry The Lemmon both were intended omissions before Hexham was called off as the ground still isn’t ideal. Harry could maybe get away with it – hasn’t really done bad on it – but James wants him tried on decent. Ted, however, definitely wants decent. Called in at Jason’s yard – what is it with Middleham and ourselves for snow ? Got stranded overnight on one occasion. However, it made a great backdrop, as Bridge Valley (Frag pictured) enthusiastically went up the gallop. It was very interesting listening to Jason as he explained his training methods for Frag. Jason very much has the eye of the tiger and hopefully his enthusiasm for the job is rewarded. Jason had a good season last year and has also welcomed members in the Black Cats to visit the yard independantly and see Frag on the gallops. There is a possible race for him on Easter Monday at Redcar. Boris had a freshener at Redcar beach last Thursday – sorry no photographs, Tina forgot to let me know !

The stud and stable visit goes ahead next Sunday but whereas the intention had been to meet at Pauline’s first, we will now be going to Tina’s first, as some horses are giving the odd cough at the stud following the youngstock having their injections and we dont need to ask for problems with cross contamination. Enough problems without asking for them. Now is the last chance to book a place on the visit if you haven’t already done so. Also, the Special Offer of a year’s free sub to the Racing Ahead racing & betting mag on joining the Black Cats will close on March 31st. Yet another opportunity coming to a close is to enter the draw for a free year’s membership to The Black Cats. To enter see the comp page under Black Cats on this site. All members who have joined will have their names automatically put in the draw. Harry entered Newcastle this week but Frontier Boy not entered Sedg as ground just not right.

Tues 12/3/’13

Well, that time of year is hear again ! I’m sure everyone has already picked out their own winning bets for the next few days, so I will leave all in peace on that score. It looks unlikely Frontier Boy will run at Hexham if the meeting gets the nod, as ideally he needs a lot better ground than it would be if racing takes place. It looks as if it could be a busy week for Panther next week – weather & ground depending ! Good Luck at Cheltenham to all and if you have a nice win, don’t forget, we have some nice horses and they aren’t expensive !

Sat 9/3/’13

A good Sat racing before next week. James runs Rackawango in the Imperial Cup at Sandown today. It is a horse who came to James with high expectations but seems to have taken time to settle. Form is on the up but price not moving at 33’s and a place would be an excellent run. At Ayr, possibly James’s best chance is with Wilde Pastures even though he is up 21 pounds since the start of the season. As stated previous, he had a wind op before the season started and has reaped the rewards for his followers since. However, at 5/4 you have to ask if the value is still there now he is up to a 124 rating. Also, he can ”scratch his belly” on fences – although in his last two races he has been good. Wishing the yard all the success today. Our own horses with James remain well but Frontier Boy’s chances of running in the 4 miler at Hexham look slimmer by the hour with snow now covering the track !

Frid 8/3/’13

Harry again bypasses Ayr, as James believed the ground would be unsuitable. Not a lot of possible races in the short term but Newcastle could be on the agenda. The ground will come for those who wait ! Talking of which, Frontier Boy (Ted) has been waited with and is entered in the 4 mile chase at Hexham, as well as a hurdle but the ground is looking as if it will become a problem also. James believes that ideally, both horses want decent ground. The 4 miler looks just the job otherwise. Ted is a big horse who just gallops all day. Hard to understand why he does so well at a track like Sedegefield, except the races were 3m 3f. He is a Spring horse and part of the Black Cats racing group, so will hopefully have plenty to give for members – once Spring does arrive !

The 4 miler had been on the agenda for Boris also but a decision has been made to bypass that race in favour of a race at Haydock – a track he has run very well on in the past. He loves heavy ground and in the Haydock race he will carry a lot less weight than he would at Hexham, so in some ways we want the Spring to be on hold for a bit longer for him !

Keep those bookings coming in for the stud visit as well as entries for the competition !

Thurs 7/3/’13

Harry is well but by-passes Ayr tomorrow. The Sat race is still possible.

Madam Jolie one of the mares from the Thatchmire stud gave birth to a well formed colt foal by the fairly new and well thought of MALINAS. He is having a lot of early and quite impressive success as a N. Hunt sire and Madam Jolie will be covered again by him shortly. The foal is pictured at only 6 hrs old. Don’t forget, the Thatchmire Racing & Breeding group is open for membership and the next stud and stable visit will take place on Sunday 24th March followed by a carvery lunch. If you haven’t met up with us and would like to come along, please just get in touch on 07775 743 885. Several possible bumpers have been picked out for the group’s first runner shortly.

Even though Cheltenham is looming, attention is also on the turf with ‘Frag’ doing some fast work with the 2 y. olds and Lexi with Gay also expected to be an early sort. She is by LUCKY STORY and 10% shares are available. Again, please just get in touch.

Mon 4/3/’13

Good news and bad news as they say. Harry not as bad as had been thought and he was back into normal work today. No drugs given, so the Ayr race is back on the agenda. More good news, this time for Alan S. – Lady Artiste has been sold. Bad news for us ! Unfortunately, no way are we in the market to purchase a horse of this class. More good news – for those liking a bet, follow the horse as she is definitely a potential star. Alan has offered us another horse but staying with the three Black Cats horses at present. We have a Spring 3m chaser and an early one for the turf. Followed closely by a bumper / turf horse. Cost for a membership is £500 for 12 months. Or you could be lucky and win a membership. Just email your name / address / phone number. Details of the competition on the Competition page under Black Cats. Someone will win !

Sun 3/3/’13

It was thought Harry had been cast in his box overnight and so he had to be withdrawn today. He had been cold hosed but he couldn’t run. He holds an entry at Ayr next Friday but in all probability he will not run, as if any drugs (bute ?) are administered they will need time to come out of the system. Typical when owners had been told last night 6’s had just gone but 11/2 available before he dropped to 4’s this morning. It summed up his chances, as owners were told he was a recommended bet. As one owner put it, you have to keep smiling !

Over at Tina’s, Boris has been doped (would kill the poor man otherwise !) and the backman has done his tricks. There are races at Hexham and Haydock coming up. No Lady gradually increasing her work again and Bridget (Manyshadesofblack) has had 2 fast pieces of work in prep for a bumper but it has been a shock to her system. Hitman Harry has also done fast work and taken it well and goes to Malton gallops this week. There are several possibilities for races in the next couple of weeks.

At Jason’s, Fraggle (Bridge Valley), normally a quiet ride, is happily carting off with his riders. He is certainly in the buzz of higher octane grub and faster work. On the home betting front, the bank account stayed intact yesterday – saved by Sue Smith’s Mwaleshi, the only winner but at 16’s it was sufficient to cover the losers – just !

Keep them entries coming for the competition to be in with a chance of winning a membership to the Black Cats – worth £500.

Don’t forget the double header stud and stable visit on Sun 24th March. Bookings being taken now (it’s free) and open to all who haven’t met up with us and would be interested in knowing more about all the horses.

Sun 3/3/’13

Unfortunately, Harry The Lemmon doesn’t run today – more news later on.

Sat 2/3/’13

It’s a very important day for James’s yard with Lord Wishes needing to run well in order to confirm the regard he is held in – although long term his future is that of a chaser. He is presently fluctuating around 11/2 and Alan believes these odds seem fair enough. The negative, however, is that several of the yard horses are not doing as well as could be expected – inc. 3 yesterday. Our own Frontier Boy stopped well out last time also and although it was believed to have been due to the sticky ground it still has to make you think. With runners today at both Donny & Kelso and looking to have chances, it is a day of real interest, especially with the ground now drying out. At Kelso, Unex Canaletto presently 14’s and with the very capable Dale Irving taking off 10 pounds should also have e.w. claims. All in all, it is a very interesting Saturday’s racing which also sees Bold Sir Brian (10/3 ) make his comeback from a bad fall at a track he does well on. With Alan also looking at Dianne Sayer’s and Sue Smith’s horses, it could be a make or break day for our bank account ! News tomorrow on Harry The Lemmon who runs at Sedgefield.



Rules apply as per competition page.

Frid 1/3/’13

Frontier Boy bypasses Sedgefield due to the ground. Harry The Lemmon runs.

Mon 25/2/’13

Details of the free competition to win a 12 month membership to The Black Cats on the competition page under ‘Black Cats’. Harry The lemmon bypassed tomorrow’s race at Catterick but Frontier Boy entered back up at Sedgefield along with Harry. Fingers crossed for a dry week ahead – and no sticky ground !

Sun 24/2/’13

All horses well and other races being planned for Boris & Frontier Boy. No decision yet on Harry for Catterick. He is another who will ideally be suited by some decent ground. The Thatchmire Stud’s racing & breeding group horses are progressing and bumpers being looked for two of the horses shortly. With Cheltenham fast approaching, it wont wont be too long for the turf also and Lady Artiste is an exciting early season prospect for members of the Black Cats. I will get the competition details up this week for a chance to win a memebrship. Please note, present members plus anyone joining now before the competition is drawn on the Middleham Open Day will have their names included in the draw. If their name is picked out, they will receive a 12 month membership and their monies already paid re-imbursed. No need to wait for the draw, horses are running now ! Frontier Boy, although disappointing at Sedgefield on Thursday due to the tacky ground, has already been placed 3rd (33’s to 9’s) and another race aimed for shortly (on better ground !). Bridge Valley (Frag) is reported by Jason as becoming very fresh as he increases his normal work. Normally a quiet horse at home for his rider, he is finding his feet again having been a lead horse for the youngsters. He is now cheekily carting them off. Frag will be another early runner for The Black Cats. Touchwood, exciting times approaching ! Alan S. had another bumper winner on Thursday so hopefully that same vein will continue with Teo’s Gold (named last week by members).


Carvery lunch afterwards if you like. The visit is open to family and friends and if you are not presently involved in Panther, but would be interested in meeting ourselves you are more than welcome to come along.

Sat 23/2/’13

Newcastle abandoned so Boris misses The Eider but with top weight Master Overseer running it wasdn’t ideal for him and not too disappointed. Another race shortly. Details of the free competition for a membership to The Black Cats will be posted this week – plus full details on our new horse by Teofilo – to be named TEO’S GOLD.

Frid 22/2/’13

Ted (pictured) looked immaculate (as always) in the paddock yesterday and it is a shame having waited for the better ground, although it had dried out, it was just too tacky. He has returned without problem and another race will be looked for with the longer weather forecast for dry conditions. Even Cheltenham are considering watering ! Talking of Cheltenham, is the horse pictured on the right a Festival winner – Cheltenham or Aintree ? It was a stroll in the park at Wetherby the other day for WHISPERING GALLERY but his jumping left a lot to be desired. However the ground was again very tacky and the better conditions expected for the Festivals is expected to improve him in this department. Shows the class of horse to still win easily with underfoot conditions wrong. Wished Ted could have had that class yesterday ! However, I’m sure he will win his races when he does get the right conditions – just everything has to be right on the day. Top class horses such as W. Gallery can get away with a lot.

Mentioned yesterday in the blog was the fact that a good day could be had by Panther’s trainers and so it was – except our own horse let the job down ! James had ROCKAWANGO come 2nd @ 11/1 and Alan S. had a nice bumper winner in MASTER RAJEEM at 10/1 (16/1 on the morning). When was the last time you remember Alan’s bumper winners going off in double figures ? It is a tight yard when it comes to information but one horse Alan was singing the praises of yesterday to ourselves was our own Black Cats horse LADY ARTISTE. You may well think he would do but I really do believe this is a top class horse in the making – and you can be part of it for only £150 plus £30 a month (at present). Joining the yards of Alan Swinbank, Jason Ward and James Ewart with 4 horses now and you still get a year’s free sub to the Racing Ahead monthly racing & betting mag. Had to get the plug in !

It is over to Tina tomorrow as Boris is to be declared for The Eider – just hope the present top weight Master Overseer isn’t declared so the weights go up, as we are well adrift in the weights. Putting this blog on early so don’t know the decs. at this point.

Thurs 21/2/’13

Ted runs at Sedgefield today for The Black Cats and it’s back over fences with Dale riding (depending possibly upon what happens at Ayr) and claiming 10 pounds. This has the look of a very open handicap on paper but Ted has several factors in his favour – plus one negative. He has been 5’s from last night and these are fair odds for his chances. A new competition is being set up worth £500 and details will be announced shortly, along with details of the new bumper horse – once I get time ! Harry The Lemmon is now enered up again with ground drying out and the Thatchmire horses are readining for entries in about 2 weeks or so. Don’t forget membershipto the Black Cats is presently only £150 plus £30 per month to join. It could be a good day today for Panther’s trainers.

Wed 20/2/’13

Just run out of time these last couple of days and I will get the latest details of the new bumper horse with Alan updated soon. Meanwhile, members of the Black Cats group are sending in name suggestions for him and he will be formally named soon. Tomorrow sees one of the Black Cats horses – FRONTIER BOY – go to Sedgefield (weather permitting). More tomorrow. Boris also holds his entry at Newcastle in the £50,000 Eider but at present he would ideally like the top weight out.

Sun 17/02/’13

Went to Tina’s yesterday to take photographs of the Thatchmire Stud’s Racing & Breeding group’s horses on the gallops. A different day to earlier on in the week when the snow once again came. The yearlings Dan & Dominic still enjoyed being out in the snow but Dan certainly doesn’t mind a bit of TLC in his box. All horses are progressing well and both Bridget and Freddy are about 3 weeks off their bumper runs. Everything is starting to come together after the bad weather has restricted work. It was an ideal day for photography and even Alan managed to get some good shots. This week, there is plenty of racing taking place, starting locally with Wetherby and lots of opportunities for Alan’s betting to go wrong. The last time at Wetherby, I trusted him with my money (plus more of his own) in the first on Billy Twyford, who was on the drift and 7’s. However, he was hanging on for 15/2 and managed to miss any price at all, as they set off. Result a lost winner at 7/1 ! There are possibly 3 of our runners with Frontier Boy for the Black Cats at Sedgefield, Harry The Lemmon at Doncaster and Boris at Newcastle in the Eider. So much depends upon ground and weather.

Members of the Black Cats have been invited to name the Teofilo horse with Alan S. as he has to be registered shortly and a date has been set for a double header stable vist at Tina’s yard and Paulines’s stud with The Thatchmire Racing & Breeding group. Hopefully, the weather will be better this time – it couldn’t get any worse than last time with the floods. The date for the diary is March 24th. It is a great opportunity to see the horses racing for the group as well as the siblings also coming through on the stud. Last years foals have certainly grown a lot in a year but as you can see in the pic. with Dan, they still like a lot of fuss and attention and are totally relaxed with myself in their boxes. Anyone not in the Thatchmire group but are with Panther can come along and anyone not involved at all but interested in joining please just give me a ring – 07775 743 885.

We will be sending out a full update of all horses in the Thatchmire group to members and with photographs of every horse involved – bar the mares who are presently away to give birth and be covered again. Full mating details also.

More photographs will be placed onto the Thatchmire page this week for all to view.

Frid 15/02/’13


The 4 y. old by TEOFILO will now join the Black Cats – couldn’t resist !





Wed 13/2/’13

Pages up to date with details of the new horse LADY ARTISTE with Alan S. As the saying goes, it was a hard choice to make between horses that Alan offered Panther. They included a 2 y. old, a bumper horse, Lady herself and a previous winning horse with form. It was narrowed down to two, Lady and a 4 y. old bumper horse by TEOFILO out of a 3 x winning dam by Mountain Cat (USA). Both were put on the gallops alongside each other and both are pictured alongside each other coming back from the gallop- Lady nearside. Alan (husband) had taken on his new role by imitating Quentin Tarantino (new hero since he started making westerns), as he took up position to film the gallop and so we don’t have a pic. as the horses went past and at present he is seeing how to upload the video to the site. Help would be most grateful on how to do so (it might just save a computer screen), any suggestions ? Please just get in touch if you are technically minded as Alan isn’t ! Also, many thanks to Joe and Teresa’s patience (riders of Lady and Teo) who were unfortunate enough to have Alan directing the photo shoot.

Tues 12/2/’13


Unfortunately, BTP is again needing more time on the sidelines and the likelihood is that he will now go out of racing. His ownership group has been disbanded and members paid back pro rata to their time remaining. It is a shame, as the horse had a lot of natural ability but injuries are something that (as all readers will know) go hand in hand with racehorse ownership. Just watch the Racing Post from now to Cheltenham to see how many horses have to miss their engagements from a relatively very small number of horses.

On the plus front, however, we went to Alan’s yard today and were shown a choice of horse with a chance to see them on the gallops. We have taken an involvement in an unraced 3 y. old by EXCELLENT ART, who is a leading 2nd crop sire of 2012 along with Dutch Art and Teofilo. The dam was unraced but is the dam of a horse placed 2nd in a Listed race as well as dam of a 2 y. old winner and a horse placed x3 at 2 & 3yrs from only the 3 runners at the time of pedigree print. The 2nd dam is the dam of ORATORIO, the Champion 2 y. old colt in France in 2004. Basically the pedigree is full of black type and full details including photo tomorrow when I have chance to update the site and relevant pages. The horse is very forward and expected to be one of the early runners from the yard on the turf. A 25 % share is also available in the horse and it can run under your name and colours (as with all our horses). Harry The Lemmon now runs under another owner’s colours as opposed to the black and yellow diamonds of Panther in his previous races. We are happy for any horse in Panther to run under an individual’s own colours and it gives everyone the chance to see their own colours on track.

The horse is having its racing name registered now and it will be the third horse in the Black Cats racing group. The cost at present is being held at £150 plus £30 per month and will include a FREE 12 month subscription to the Racing Ahead monthly betting and Racing mag. Intentions are for the Black Cats to remain a small membership group, in order that you are not one of a crowd and can experience the full ownership experience at a very realistic cost. Trainers at present (Alan, James & Jason) are all approachable at the races and members are welcome to visit the yards on organised vists when all yard horses are shown or as individuals to see your own horse if you cannot make a stable vist. If we do take on more horses, and that is the intention, the cost may have to increase, as I would rather do that than to increase membership to a point that people dont become individuals. However, joining at a set fee means your monthly cost will be guaranteed for at least 12 months. Presently, joining now means a new member is guaranteed to pay only £30 per month for 12 months at least.


Sun 10/2/’13

Unfortunately, the wide berth proved the undoing for Romanticize, who just couldn’t get inside and raced wide throughout but stayed on to be 3rd. It was a decent run but a better draw next time should see him do better in a similar race.

On the home front, it is the jumpers who are at the fore at present and Boris is now to go straight for The Eider on the 23rd. – all being well conditions wise. Frontier Boy holds an entry at Musselburgh on Wed but no decision has been made as yet, as other possible races are coming up shortly as well. Both he and Harry really could do with some respite from the weather. The Thatchmire horses, if all goes without hitch, should be on track and bumpers for the three in gallop work is the aim. It has been a frustrating time of late for horses at Tina’s and as she said, she just cannot get consistent work into them due to the weather since Christmas.

Another horse and trainer for The Black Cats racing group expected this week and details will be posted in the next couple of days.

Today’s cost to join the group is £150 plus £30 per month. Joining today also qualifies you for a year’s FREE sub to the Racing Ahead monthly betting and racing mag.

Frid 8/2/’13

New horse page for BRIDGE VALLEY (Fraggle to his friends and pictured), our new horse with Jason Ward now up to date. Likewise the Black Cats page. We did have a choice of horse inc. Ypres who has won and been placed in 5 of his last 6 races. It would have been a horse who could have run consistently for the Black Cats but the option of taking on Fraggle was too tempting. He has been rated 81 previous and Jason hasn’t raced him seriously, as he has used Fraggle as a lead horse at home on the gallops and to give people connected to the yard a race ride. Campaigned to race seriously, he could (hopefully will) show form well above what he has achieved over his latest races. Jason has done very well with lowly rated horses who have shown significant improvement and we have pinned our faith in Fraggle for this season’s turf. A big priced winner is something special !!! …….talking of which, Romanticize, who was Jason’s first runner and winner of 2013 returns to Wolverhampton after popping up at 33/1 last time. This time he is presently on the drift and at 5/1 now but although the draw isn’t ideal (it wasn’t last time), he has decent claims for making it 2 out of 2 having gone up only 3 pounds and in reality the 5’s are reasonable value – or so Alan believes. Hopefully everything goes to plan.

Thurs 7/2/’13

Finally managed to get Jason’s ‘trainer’s page’ updated but I’m afraid the horse page and updates to the Black Cats pages will have to be done tomorrow. We did have a choice of horse yesterday and I will explain tomorrow why we have done what we have done ! Don’t forget, if you join the Black Cats racing group now, you will also receive a 12 month sub FREE of charge to the Racing Ahead monthly racing & betting mag. Feb’s mag has been posted to members yesterday. To join, please just give me a ring on 07775 743 885.

Wed 6/2/’13

Been to Middleham today and arranged to have a horse in training with JASON WARD who is fast making a name for himself. I have just lost all data / photographs of the new horse with two ”crashes” so will have to put info back online later tomorrow. The new horse will be the second one to join The Black Cats racing group.

Mon 4/2/’13

Boris didn’t get to the beach as the snow had cleared quickly from the gallops and the walker had been dug out so normal service resumed on Tina’s gallops. We are hoping to see a horse this week with a view to it becoming the second horse in the Black Cats. Called in at Chris Grant’s yesterday before he was off to the point and he is the only trainer we know whose yard is full to the brim and overspilling to more boxes. Frontier Boy and Harry wern’t declared for their entries but more entries will be made shortly – although it is looking as if the weather isn’t set to be kind again this weeek. More news Thurs. regarding possible new horse.

Thurs 31/1/’13

Presently looking as if racing about to start again in earnest in the North with Catterick tomorrow, Wetherby Sat, Musselburgh Sun & Ayr Mon all looking likely to race. Plenty of opportunities for Alan to win / lose back on the agenda. Harry holds three entries at Muss, Ayr & Sedgefield. Frontier Boy holds the entries at Doncaster Mon & Sedgefield Tues.

We are also looking towards a new recruit for the flat (turf) to join the Black Cats – present cost is £150 plus £30 per month. Don’t forget by joining now, you will also receive a year’s FREE subscription to the RACING AHEAD monthly racing & betting mag. which has just issued its 100th edition. I am hoping to become involved with a new horse shortly, with a trainer Panther hasn’t had any horses with previous. News as it happens as they say !

Mon 28/1/’13

Change of plan. Harry entered at Musselburgh on Sunday but the race may come a bit too soon. However, horse well. All horses well and with the thaw, the gallops will soon be back on the agenda at Tina’s. However, Boris may be taking a trip to Redcar beach this week for a couple of canters. At Thatchmire, the snow is thawing fast and now there is water everywhere plus gales and driving rain ! All horses well on the stud.

Talked to Lucy yesterday and the good news is that Tommy is recovering from his injury and will be able to be saved. The girl who leased Tommy and was to have ridden him in the points this season wants to keep him herself. He will remain at Davey Phelan’s yard in livery and has a guaranteed good home for his future. It is good news, as finding a good home for a horse is never easy and especially one who still needs time to recuperate. More good news is that Dancing Dik remains on the up and will stay on Lucy’s farm for now while Lucy is off with the army again shortly for a few months. Plans regarding her future within racing had always been dependant upon army commitments.

Frid 25/1/’13

Harry none the worse. He ate up all given to him and walked and trotted out sound yesterday morning. Another race will be looked for after a couple of weeks or so and hopefully the weather will have relented by then. Frontier Boy also none the worse and the same applies to him. Ideally, he will go chasing next.

Wed 23/1/’13 – 17.30

Harry was travelling well in the race when he stood off from a hurdle and paid the price. It was a heavy fall but he seemed fine afterwards. However it will be tomorrow when we know for sure, as any stiffness or lumps and bumps will have time to show. What could have been, in truth, we will never know, as it happened too far out – and knowing the ground wouldn’t have been ideal. On the plus side, it was an excellent run from Frontier Boy who came 3rd. He doesn’t tire at the end of a race but has a tendency to hold his head up and plug on at one pace. Again underfoot conditions wern’t ideal as he is thought to need decent ground more so than Harry. The fact his price dropped from 33’s to 9’s probably had a lot to do with James stating on RUK that Ted would have the better claims today – and the fact Harry was vying for favourtism ! Frontier Boy’s wind op. seems to have worked and he must be capable of winning races again when he gets his ideal conditions – at least 3 miles, good ground & fences. Don’t forget, he is part of the ”BLACK CATS” racing group within Panther and can be joined for £150 plus £30 per month. Intentions are to build up the number of horses within the group. Join now and you will receive a year’s free subscription to the RACING AHEAD racing and betting monthly magazine. Presently, he holds an entry at Sedgefield on Sunday (inspection tomorrow).

As a footnote to the race, owners told last night about the race winner who was being backed from 33’s (went to 7’s then out again to 12’s).

Wed 23/1/’13 – 10.00am

Latest is a 10.45 inspection. Hopefully, it gets the nod. Harry again will not be suited by the ground and we have said it many times now but you either wait for races with ideal conditions or take a chance (provided it is safe for the horse). Waiting could be forever and who knows what can happen ? Harry didn’t like the ground last time and Brian was always niggling away on Harry. However, that last race will also have brought him along as well. Rated 110 for his first race in a handicap, you couldn’t exactly say he is thrown in at the weights on what has been achieved to date but hopefully, there is more improvement to come. There are no shares now presently available in Harry and he looks a very good potential decent ground chaser in the making. Today’s track and trip suit. He touched 5’s last night and is b.p. 9/2 at this point and the 5’s probably was a realistic assessment. Hopefully, he gets his first win on the board if racing gets the go ahead but whatever the result, he will improve again as he gains more experience. Also in the same race, Panther has an involvement in Frontier Boy and on his best form would also hold a decent chance. However, he did have a wind problem at the end of last year and has had an op. to cure it. We weren’t disappointed with his first run back (not ideal conditions) but again, he is probably better for chasing and definitely for better ground. James wants to give him a run and he is there doing his best with stable claimer Dale getting the ride. Fingers crossed racing goes ahead.

Tues 22/1/’13

Both Ted and Harry take their chances tomorrow at Ayr – in the same race . The meeting have an inspection planned at 7.30 in the morning but at present, they are expecting racing to get the go ahead. More news in the morning.

Sun 20/1/’13

Ted & Harry hold more entries at the additional Ayr meeting on Wed where they presently believe racing will take place.

Sat 19/1/’12

Pictured above is HITMAN HARRY as photographed by Beki, Pauline’s daughter. No chance it would be Alan. It is a previous shot of him enjoying himself in the snow on the stud last year. He probably wishes he was back there now, as he is kept in trotting work only in the large indoor arena at Tina’s. Snow and frozen ground means all the horses at the yard are restricted in their work. It may mean any decision regarding Boris running once more before the Eider or not will be made for us. Health wise, all the horses at Tina’s are fine but stopping gallop work with youngsters isn’t ideal as there is no continuity in their learning. It wont affect No Lady as she still has a couple of weeks more to do in light work in any case. As Tina said, the horse wont lose too much and will vie for a run alongside Bridget and Hitman who has been coming along faster as the penny starts to drop about how to go about things on the gallop – and go round bends as opposed to flat out in straight lines. Although handy if there was a track with a 2 mile straight, as he seems to have speed and natural ability – although not fully harnessed at present. Just greeness and has the looks of a nice horse in the making.

It has been a week for hibernating with the weather as it is and so I have taken the opportunity of doing the accounts. Seems to be taking forever. Also finalising Panther’s monthly diary column for the ”Racing Ahead” mag which deals with all aspects of betting and racing. This month will be their 100th edition. It can be purchased from High Street shops or via a subscription and they have their own website if anyone wants to look in. With no Northern Racing having been on lately, interest lies mostly on the all weather. Just can’t believe in this age we don’t have an all weather track in the North which would be guaranteed to be very well supported by trainers. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Alan has been a keen follower now for the past few years. When the tipping line was run two years ago and concentrated a lot on the all weather, it was very successful and he still has several bets now over the Winter on horses running on the surface. We have only BTP to run on the surface this year and in reality it was meant to be a means to an end for hurdling. However, jumping will be on hold until he shows something on the all weather. He shows plenty at home to suggest he retains ability and the last run was just too bad to be true. Harry meanwhile holds an entry at Catterick on Wed but the chances are the meeting will be abandoned. Frontier Boy will continue to have entries made and will run when the ground and race are suitable. Gay has been allocated stabling facilities for the Winter season’s flat (just short of 6 weeks) at Cagnes-sur-Mere. She has always been a strong advocate of the racing here as the prize money is so good. Whilst I’m all in favour obviously for the money on offer, I just don’t think owners and members within Panther would embrace the travelling involved and time off work needed. However, I must admit I have missed not having an out-and-out all weather involvement this year within Panther, as I still believe with the right horse(s) that takes to the surface, a lot of enjoyment can be gained and the prize money isn’t as bad as many make out. Just compare what is on offer for risking a horse over jumps in some maiden and novice events.

Sun 13/1/’13

Summary of the last couple of months

It has been a rollercoaster couple of months or so, with horses either doing very well or totally the opposite. Boris kick-started everything with a solid winning seasonal debut at Newcastle and then followed that up with two dismal performances way below his ability and standard. Nothing physically amiss, just Boris being Boris. Harry The Lemmon was thought of as being a horse with real potential before he ran and so it has proven, with two seconds from two runs and neither under ideal conditions. Touchwood, his star is still in the ascendency ! Ground has been a problem regarding running Frontier Boy but entries are being made and he is a handicapper who should give plenty of fun for The Black Cats’s small membership. He will run in hurdles and over fences. Groups like the Black Cats need experienced handicappers, as they provide regular racecourse action – when conditions allow. Youngsters take more time and are prone to niggling problems and lack of maturity. Thatchmire’s horses are proving how true this is, with all having had a bout of ringworm, as well as showing immaturity in their gallop work. The stud group was set up as a long term project (couldn’t be anything else with all the youngsters about the place), to give members interest not only with horses on the track but also with the breeding side and the mares and foals. The next two foals are due this Spring and there are now 3 more 4 y. olds to either be sold (depends upon how the horses expected to run in the next few months do) or to also go into training alongside the others. As has always been maintained, so much depends upon how No Lady, Manyshadesofblack and Hitman Harry do this year. The success of the stud depends obviously on horses being sold on the back of racetrack success. Another stud visit is being planned once the weather clears up, as the foals wont be too long away from making their own appearance. Last year’s foals will now remain on the stud for 2 more years at least, as they were unsold at the Doncaster bloodstock sales in December. Pauline, who owns the stud, has been very patient over the past years since she built it up from a derelict farm to today’s establishment (still expanding). It is just some racetrack form that is needed. Hopefully, the first runner wont be too far off. Another who has been very patient is Alan Swinbank, who has given Born To Perform almost 1,000 days off before he made his racetrack appearance the other day. The patience wasn’t rewarded as BTP failed to read the script. He was basically pulled up 3f out. It was a disappointing run and too bad to be true, so the vet examined him at the track. He was given a totally clean bill of health. Yes he would have come on for the run but he wasn’t as unfit as the run may have suggested. It is a case of going back to the track again, as he is well in himself at home after the run. Just no answer to the reason for such a poor race. We have stopped selling shares in him until he produces form. Last year’s yearlings now classed as 2 y. olds and getting pushed on harder. Gay has stepped Lexi up and is expecting her to be an early sort. Only 10% shares are now available and once sold she will race in an owner’s name and colours. If you are interested in a share – it could run under your colours – please get in touch.

Called in at Wetherby on the way home from Wolverhampton and it was great to see former Panther trainer Lynn Siddall have a 100/1 winner. We had been talking to Lynn quite a while in the owners room prior to the race and she had many doubts about running the horse – Prizefighter (pictured returning to winners enclosure with Tom onboard) – as he was 11 pounds wrong plus other negatives. However, with doubts about Newcastle due to the weather predicted the horse ran, got the breaks when he needed them and landed the spoils to a very good reception from a partisan Yorkshire crowd for a locally trained horse.

Plans this week are now either a quick return to Wolverhampton for BTP – although the race may come too soon (albeit not particularly overstretched) and Frontier Boy (Ted) could go to Musselburgh depending upon ground. Boris well but no immediate plans at present.

Please note, there are now no small lease shares available in either Harry The Lemmon or Lexi. Site horse section will be updated shortly.

However, the ”Black Cats” and Thatchmire’s Stud Racing and Breeding group are both open for membership @ £150 + £30 per month and £299 ALL IN respectively. See individual pages.

Thurs 10/1/’13

Boris was clear on all testing, so options to run again when next race crops up, or to wait for The Eider (23rd Feb) and run fresh. Trouble is, what will the ground / weather be like ? All eggs in one basket if going down that route. Over to Tina !

BTP is declared to run at Wolv. tomorrow. He has been off the track well over two and a half years (983 days to be precise) and the one guarantee is that whatever he does tomorrow, he will improve upon. Hardly words of wisdom – but fact nevertheless. There are also other negatives / unknowns, in as much that he hasn’t raced on this surface previous and the track is sharp. On the plus side, he was very much considered an improving horse with good prospects when injury intervened. Alan has been very patient with BTP knowing the potential the horse had. Panther has become involved and see BTP as a dual purpose prospect. The cost to join his ownership group has been at £165 all in until May 1st. It is made up of a small group of people who took a gamble on the horse coming good. Hopefully, their faith will be rewarded. Regarding the race itself, it has a lot of interest, as Full Speed was a good horse previous who ran in Panther ownership (placed & won) when with Alan and Stetson was a very good horse who before he ran on his debut (also for Alan) was thought to be a horse capable of doing well in the Aintree bumper. He just never seemed to get the bumper trip in those days. Both horses could still retain plenty of ability and the front of the market contains horses which have present form. It could be quite a tight race. Whatever BTP does tomorrow, primarily all want to see him return in one piece.

Sun 6/1/’13

Although it was a quick return to the track, it was a disappointing run again yesterday, with Richie pulling him up a long way out. Too far to have an obvious explanation. Tests to be done on Boris to see if anything amiss physically.

Possible runners this week are :- BTP. Wolv. & Frontier Boy (Ted) Sedgefield – typically both Friday !

Come as a owner in either horse £165 BTP all in until May / £150 + £30 per month Ted (other horses to join the Black Cats group). There is also a lease share of 5% available.

Talking to Lucy today and Tommy proving to be an excellent patient. He is a gentle giant which is just as well as he needs to give himself chance to allow things to settle down. He is still bandaged up and not out of the woods as yet but all is being done to save him to be a hack or a companion horse (he has a very sweet nature albeit at around 18 hands). There is excellent news on Dancing Dik whose leg is hardening off well, which the vets didn’t believe would happen. Not the best looking legs in the world but touchwood, all going in the right direction. He is on the walker daily to keep his interest in and also out in a paddock. Meanwhile for Lucy, it is more army training coming up !

Talking to Briony at the races yesterday (just before Zaru romped to success) and she said how well Harry has come out of his race. It took nothing out of him and he is a very exciting horse for the yard both now and especially the future when he goes chasing. He is still a ‘raw’ horse who will improve for racing and especially on better ground. Don’t forget, the remaining share is still available. For the money, £625 all in for N. Hunt season, an excellent opportunity be be involved in a horse to be a potential top class prospect in an exciting & progressive yard. You can renew for the next season also at the end of this season. Just get in touch.

Sat 5/1/’13

Boris does a quick return to Newcastle today following his disappointing run at Ayr on Wed. No real need to spell things out, as the positives and negatives of all horses are laid open. It is a tight affair and a lot will be down to jockeyship, with 4 of the 5 runners happy to make it inc. Boris. Alan not backing him today but would be more than happy to see him win !

Frid 4/1/’13

BTP misses his race at Wolverhampton today. Boris does a quick return to the track tomorrow at Newcastle. Harry well after yesterday’s race.

Thurs 3/1/’13 – 17.30

Harry ran a very good race today. James has always maintained Harry works and acts like a horse who wants decent ground and so it proved. Harry was just never travelling on the heavy today with Brian niggling away on him during the race. He did drop out of contention from a prominant position to go about 8 to 9 lengths down and looked to be down and out and was still in that position turning for home. However, he showed real determination, as did Brian, to get back into the race coming to the second last and was just off the leader and at one point looking as if he could possibly win before staying on at the one pace. All in all, it was a very good performance and Harry looks a really nice future prospect, especially once he gets over fences. Don’t forget, you can own him now by getting in touch on 07775 743 885. Details on his own horse page. Owners informed last night there would be better opportunities for backing Harry in the future due to the uncertainties of today’s conditions. Even so, he went off at short enough odds.

Wolverhampton next on the agenda tomorrow with Born To Perform.

Thurs 3/1/’13

Boris well after yesterday’s race. No excuses for a disappointing run but reason put forward for it. No harm done. Remains on target for Eider but will be out again in about 3 weeks.

Harry takes his chance today at Ayr. James has always maintained Harry is a horse who works like a horse who will prefer decent ground. Heavy today. With little racecourse form to go on – most form points – it is a case of suck and see and we will learn from today’s race regardless. If you don’t try the different grounds, you will never know. Last small share available in Harry – please get in touch if interested.

Wed 2/1/’13

Boris runs at Ayr but this time it is hurdles. Ideally it would have been fences – and ideally the race lost to the weather at Haydock when he had so much in his favour ! However, today’s conditions are also ideal. On last night’s info given to owners, there was the the opportunity of 8’s but this now 9/2. He has been very well at home and it would be disappointing if he didn’t run well. However, it should also be noted Boris can throw in a ‘sulky’ run on occasions, (just Boris being Boris) but Richie has bonded well with him in the last two races. Fingers crossed !

Harry The Lemmon declared Ayr tomorrow and Born To Perform is declared for ‘Southwell @ Wolverhampton’ on Friday.